Matsutomo-san’s has a stomachache


Last week of June, the day when Matsutomo-san received his first salary. Saotome-san’s perspective



『Men are creatures that can bear most grievances and pains if they are paid a salary that corresponds to their ability』

Riding the elevator, I abruptly remembered that the department head of a client said such a thing. It might be an old-fashioned way of thinking but I too am of the same opinion. If it’s worth doing then people will be able to try and persevere even if it is tough.

The elevator stops with a chime.

This metal box that is now facing towards my room on the sixth floor is a bit narrow and I get a little anxious when I am alone. However, I like the fact that I can think about things meanwhile. Moreover, on this floor there is a person waiting for me.

Ever since meeting him riding on this box has become much more enjoyable.

「It’s already been three weeks since Matsutomo-san came in huh.」

June is almost over. It’s that day, Matsutomo-san’s first payday.

Well the payday policy varies widely between companies but I would like to pay him as soon as possible. After all, 『Wages』are the most important part of the employment contract and forms the foundation of our relationship.

I am giving it to him in an envelope, a practice that is quite rare nowadays. Will he like it?

Or will he get angry as he has to deposit into his bank?

Or will this make him quit his job?1

….. or could it be that has he already come to hate the job and is not waiting home.2

「Yup, let’s stop. This is no good.」

Standing in front of the door my anxiety starts welling up. Wanting to get inside quickly, I pressed the intercom.


I can hear the lock getting opened, looks like he is waiting for me today too.

Tada, Tadaima….?」

Even then I’m unable to get rid of my anxiousness so I slowly open the door and peek inside. Although I already know that he is inside.

I get anxious just for the sake of anxiety, I am a little scared with myself as this is starting to become a habit.

Okaerinasai Mio-san.」

Ta, tadaima!!」

「Yes, welcome back. Good job today as well.」

It’s bright inside the house.

Even without switching the light on the entrance is bright enough. I take off my shoes while saying 「Tadaima

The fragrance of dinner wafting around, the temperature of the bath is just right and a cleanly set up bed welcomes me back.

Above all else there is a person to share your meals with, watch a movie together with and talk about the day while playing UNO.

I am spending more than half my monthly salary for this warmth. I think it’s worth every penny.

And today is the day to pay the compensation for that warmth.

「Ma, Matsutomo-san, today is…..?」

When I was about to take out the brown envelope that had 『Salary』 written on top of it I noticed that something was wrong.

It is strange.

「What’s the matter Mio-san?」

「Matsutomo-san aren’t you slouching a little….?」

How do I put it…. Matsutomo-san is slanting forward.

It’s the type of superficial bow that you do with your neck when you cross an acquaintance who is not close enough for you to stop and converse. Why would he bend forward like that?

「I think I got a sprain while sleeping.」

「Is there such a sprain which occurs all over your body?」

「Within the 100 years of human lifespan, there are quite a lot of things that can occur.」

「Is that so…」

Nope that isn’t it.

「Say, Matsutomo-san.」

「Yes? Mio-san?」

「What have you been looking at….?」

「I am looking at you though.」

「You are looking at the void….?」

But the usual Matsutomo-san isn’t like this. He properly looks at me, listens closely, thinks and then replies.

Today, somehow it seems like he is looking at a different world. Or rather, it is to the extent that he sees a different world in each of his eyes.

「Hahaha, void, you know some difficult words Mio-san.」

「Weird, something’s definitely weird today! What happened Matsutomo-san?」

Crossing the veranda, I grabbed both of Matsutomo-san’s hands.

I didn’t particularly mean to apply a lot of force though.



Crying out weirdly Matsutomo-san collapsed onto the floor.

「Guuuh, Gwaaa……」

「Matsutomo-san, Matsutomo-san grab a hold of yourself!! Where does it hurt?! Is it painful? Tough?! Don’t die on me!!」

「Haah, haa. I won’t die because of something like this….!」

Matsutomo-san tried to stand up. I was trying to help him out and just when he grasped my hands, he immediately squatted down.

「Kuh, Guh.」

「Making noises like a person in a black mask would3…. Matsutomo-san what’s wrong? Please tell me properly!!」

Matsutomo-san who was squatting on the floor breathing with some effort, eeked out a tired voice.

「My stomach. If I am not sitting in that angle then my, stomach….!」

「Your stomach hurts?」

「My stomach feels like it’s being pierced from the inside….」

「What should we do. Do you know the reason?」

「This is the first time this has happened to me….!」


Food poisoning?

Stomach cancer?


Names of diseases that may cause a stomach ache come to mind. But I don’t know which one he is suffering from and even if I knew I don’t know how to cure any of them.

What to do.

What to do?

「Hu, hundred.」

「Yes?! What do you want Matsutomo-san?」

「Hundred and.. nineteen..!」

「Rank of all kinds of animals!4

Rank of all kinds of animals?!

What is “Rank of all kinds of animals”?! Lion?

「Hundred and nineteen…mber… dia…」

One million one hundred and ninety thousand.5

Is this what he wanted to tell?


The words said by the department head flashed through my head.


『Men are creatures that can bear most grievances and pains if they are paid a salary that corresponds to their ability』


That’s it!

There isn’t much that I can do. Then I can at least fulfill Matsutomo-san’s wishes.




「I will pay you 1.19 million, so hang in there!!」

「Alas I would be very glad if you could call 119 for an ambulance!」



Matsutomo-san who was carried off in the ambulance got well as soon as he drank some medicine. It was an illness called duodenal ulcer.

Fortunately it was resolved without a surgery being required. I greeted Matsutomo-san who returned from the hospital in seiza.

「Umm Mio-san? Why are you sitting in seiza?」

「This time I needlessly caused you to suffer by panicking and rushing in such a situation. I am really, sincerely, s…」

「Ah it’s alright, if we look at the root cause it’s because of me neglecting my health. On the contrary, thinking what could have happened if you weren’t here gives me the shivers. Thanks a lot for helping me out.」

「Matsutomo-san…. Still, I am truly sorry for delaying. And also that…」

Preparing it anew, I have replaced the old long envelope with a new shorter type. The thickness is around 1.5cm6

「…. Mio-san this thick brown envelope is?」

「Your initial pay.」

「Initial pay?!!」

「Yes… including solatium of 1.19 million yen.」

「Put together it’s a total of 1.49 million yen…. What….!?」7


After a great fuss and much bargaining, in the end he wouldn’t accept anything more than his salary of 300 thousand yen. Bitter.


I thought of at least taking good care of him from now on.


TL: Umbra

ED: Filip/Gecko

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