Saotome-san Wants to go Play

Today is Saturday. No work.

Although at my job the boundary between work and private is somewhat ambiguous, but it’s a proper job where I have to say “okaerinasai” to Mio-san.

Therefore, holidays are provided in accordance to the law. Not to mention, I actually have two-day holidays for the weekends. 1

I started working at my previous job because I was baited by the “two-days rest.” It’s a funny story now that I remember it. 2

The difference between full-rest and non-full-rest. According to the law, the number of holidays in June 2009 should be “ten-days” but the non-full-rest would only get “six-days.” From just there, you can see the huge difference between the two.

「Well, it’s almost time for the “Matsuri”3 to start.」

It is now different from a long time ago, when I was depressed due to not getting enough rest.

Now that I am in a full-rest job, there’s always some idle time. Because I got weekends as holidays in accordance to Mio-san’s schedule, there’s an abundance of free time for me, so that I can start guessing what the contents in T.V. shows would be.

Looks like there are these group of adults arguing about who missed a beat in a rhythm game during today’s contents.

It’s amazing, the actual situation is filled with excuses from this rhythm game mania, and due to that, the contents of the program are no longer clear. This is why I can’t stop trying to guess the show’s contents.

Fuu, I had a fulfilling start for Saturday.」

Even if I have a lot of time to spend on holidays, it still can’t defeat this nuance that I get from working. 4

Moreover, even if Mio-san is prone to loneliness, it should be stressing for her to be with someone who she just met a week ago, every day. 5

I’m sure there are days where she just wants to live her days alone, peacefully.


「Matsutomo-san, are you there?」

But it seems that such days do not exist.

「Mio-san? What’s wrong? It’s quite early in the morning.」

「I’m sorry for intruding on you even though it’s a rest day. I just have something to say.」

In front of the entrance was Mio-san, who was dressed with a tight t-shirt and a pair of short pants. Her thighs are dazzling in the morning sun. 6

「What would that be? Is there something that you’re curious about?」

「Yes, well….. It’s about yesterday’s night.」

「….Indeed, things were hectic yesterday.」

Well, Mio-san.

I am not really sure about this Mio-san.

Do you really want to talk about that Mio-san?



There are some tacit rules between Mio-san and I.



Most adults don’t want other people to see their child regressing mentally and acting spoiled. But at this job, that is something you should always expect to happen.

Also, Mio-san and I are at least working adults.
What happened at night, you shouldn’t talk about it in the morning. Such unwritten rule was settled between Mio-san and I.

However, Mio-san came and started breaking it. This is the very first case of that happening ever since the start of the work.

Well, I guess things such as hugging someone while she is in her underwear should not be something to just skip over.

「Well then, this will be the continuation about the conversation we had yesterday.」

「O, okay.」

Mio-san took something from the pocket of her short pants.
It is a red thing with a yellow logo on it.

「Wanna play Uno?」7

It’s Uno. 8

「So you’re talking about that. Did you want to play Uno with “no stacking of draw twos” rule?」

「….Sorry, I was just kidding.」

I’m sure that was completely serious. Aren’t your eyebrows frowning?
It’s all the same Mio-san even if she’s currently in her Morning-mode Mio-san right now. 9

「I mean, you can’t stop playing Uno when you’ve started playing it. So let’s play it later.」

「Oh is that so, that’s nice of you to consider.」

Although her mouth is saying morning-mode Mio-san’s words, her face is smiling happily like how night-mode Mio-san would do.

「So what is the thing that you’re really here for?」

「Well, about that.」

She took something from the other pocket.

Ah, amazing. It’s a wallet where you can only put bills and cards. It’s my first time seeing someone using it. 10

Mio-san grabbed a 10,000 Yen bill from her elite-looking-elite-only wallet. Then she passed it on to me, elegantly.

「I will pay you 10,000 Yen. So would you consider coming with me to buy some stuffed toys?」

「Although I understand what you’re saying, but at the same time, I don’t understand what you’re saying.」11


Oh, this is something that I need to use my imagination for.

I understand the second half. Even if you’re an adult, I understand that you still would want stuffed toys sometimes. Mio-san herself has a stuffed toy named “Fuu-chan” in her room, I understand if she wanted to get more.

I also somewhat understand that she’d invite an acquaintance to buy that.

But the problem is the first half.
What do you mean “pay 10,000 Yen.”

Wait, what day is it again today? Oh right, it’s Saturday, which is a holiday.

「Maybe that 10,000 Yen is for overtime work in holidays?」

「Eh? Is there anything else for it?」

I was right. This person is trying to apply labor-management contract to go out on Saturday.

「Why should you pay? I could just go out with you for shopping anytime you want.」


I got denied instantly.

「By impossible, you mean?」

「I mean?」

「It’s not like we’re completely strangers, you can always just invite me for shopping, can’t you?」

「I think you don’t have the proper perspective Matsutomo-san. Imagine it. Going for a shopping with me for an hour. 12

Shopping for a stuffed toy with a semi-long black-haired E-cup Onee-san.

Yup. 13

「Well, I find it fun?」

「I know right? You’ll be disgusted.」

She denied me again.

「I would at least think “Oh, he’s getting bored.”」


「I mean, Matsutomo-san would surely continue shopping together with me until the end right?」

「Well, that’s for sure.」

「I think I won’t be able to endure the guilt I’d feel for making you go with me.」

I forgot.

This person, is that kind of a person. Someone who won’t believe anyone would do something for them without a proper reason.

「Working on holidays requires an agreement between the employee and the employer, but since both employee and employer are here already, I think it’s possible to make agreement on that. Isn’t handy?」

「Well, I guess so.」

「Well? What will be your answer?」

A date between us is now decided.

Since it’s too much to explain what is about to happen, I decided to just call it that.

TL: Tet
ED: Filip

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I kept reading his name as Matsumoto the entire time. Is it just me? I can’t seem to make it right.


Not many character even in other novel, manga or anime is named Matsutomo, instead they’re named Matsumoto, a famous family name in Japan….So not just you got his name wrong :)))


Pfft, compensated dating


— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


she is just too adorable , i love her so much , this novel is really great . please give us more chapters soon . thank you so much for all the amazing work you guys do . i will be reading your other novels too .


Thanks for the chapter


I dont really understand why he didnt tell her what he was thinking.?


Most of the time Matsutomo is speaking out his thoughts, but Mio can be… quite dense, or filled with worries that she can’t believe, so Matsutomo might hold back.
Also, there may be plot reasons.

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