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Saotome-san Wants to Taste

Mio-san, let’s take a deep breath. Although we can’t restart a human being, we can calm ourselves down by breathing deeply. Now inhale.

Suuuuuuu Geho Geho1

Oops, I haven’t ventilated the R◯id out yet.

From Mio-san, who inhaled air full of the poison, tears started to drip down from her eyes.

「We can’t even calm ourselves properly….」

Ue, Ueeeeeeen2

「Aaah, please don’t cry. Look, I have some Purin3.」


「You like Purin right?」

「I like it…… But it’s a no no to eat dessert before dinner. I will eat dinner first」


I noticed quite early that every time she gets tired due to work, her mental age drops down. It appears to be caused by psychological stress.

She was naked, running from that black devil who got really close to her, about 3cm away from her eyes. The despair and fear caused by this event pushed Mio-san to further drop her mental age to a point I’ve never seen before.

「I’m hungry……」

「Well then, let’s start with the meal. We’ll take care of the room after dinner.」

The living room turned into a place where some sort of war happened. Ironically, the place where the G came from, the kitchen, was completely safe. There were no problems in that area.

To Mio-san, who was wearing a chocolate colored sweater while sitting on a chair near the table, I gave her the Miso soup and the white rice, then I started to work in the kitchen as I talked to her.

「After all, freshly fried is the best for fried foods.」

「I know right~」

The meat I used for this dinner is a piece of lean pork. Not only can it soak all the juices of the marinate, it also goes well with the white rice and it’s easy to cook. One more plus is that it has this glistening bit of fat that makes everything appetizing. Basically that is something that’s hard to miss.

To this freshly fried pork that is full of Umami, there is only one answer.

「Prepare the table quickly! So we can eat the freshly fried pork as soon as possible!」

Juwawawawa 5

Special sauce with a hint of sake, plus that secret ingredient, the mayonnaise. Put the marinated pork into the frying pan with oil on it. At that moment, the meat pieces that were lined up started sizzling while leaking some juices.

The heat acts fast for lean pork, so I went and flipped the pork.
And then.

「Final Blow!」

I added the marinate onto it.

The ventilator couldn’t handle the fragrance emitted by the fried soy sauce and salt. Because of that, around the kitchen, there was this unbearable appetizing fragrance that started to swirl.


I heard Mio-san’s voice that seemed to start melting at any moment.

「Okay, now!」

I removed the pan from the heat and went to the table.
I put the freshly fried oily pork onto a round plate at the center.

「Ha, hurry up! hurry up! hurry up!!」


I rushed to the kitchen without having to be told again by Mio-san. I left the now emptied pan in there.

I went back to the table with the speed of Accel Turn7. Thereafter I placed my palms together at the same time as Mio-san.


Fried at its most optimal temperature and removed with the right timing. I learned how to make this ultimate fried pork when I was still a student.

According to my senpai from one of my part-time jobs in the past,

「You don’t know what the true fried pork is.」

He said it like he’s some sort of manga protagonist, then he made it like he actually was some sort of manga protagonist. When I ate it, it was really good.

Just from one bite, I said 「So goood!」, a reaction like I was some sort of manga character. After that, I made myself an apprentice for that senpai to learn how to make one.

There are no special ingredients or tools required. It just needs careful weighing and precise time management.

That’s all, that’s all you need to make the true fried pork. For all I know, there’s nothing that can surpass this.

「Uhn, though it’s been a while since I made one, it’s still good.」

Of course, every person has their own preferences. Even if it’s good for my taste, I don’t know about Mio-s-「 Soo Goooood~~~!!」and it looks like she likes it.

「It’s tasty, it’s really tasty Matsutomo-san!」8

「Carefully chew and eat properly okay?」

「It’s good, it’s tasty, it’s tasty good.」9

「Look, it’s a bad behavior if you eat all at once.」

「It’s good it’s tasty.」

Not good, Mio-san’s vocabulary died.

「it’s tasfy」

It’s true that the fried pork of today seems to be better than before, even I, myself think so. Maybe due to the time gap caused by my previous workplace, and by overcoming that my fried pork became better. Although it’s something that shouldn’t actually happen in real life, but it DID happen, so that’s that. 10

It is said that reality can be stranger than a mystery novel by itself.11

「But after all, dinner is tastier when you eat it with someone. Within this one week, I learned that it is indeed the case.」


Though Mio-san has a small body, she eats a lot. While making Haa Fuu Haa Fuu noises, she chows down the fried pork that I’ve made. It’s really worth making it if I’m able to see her doing this.

「This is the first week of me making dinner. Which one did you like most Mio-san?」


She pointed to the fried pork.

「Is that so, that’s good then.」

Oh by the way, she told me the same thing about every meal I made whenever I asked her.
I wonder what is this routine.

Mio-san already finished her dinner and has shifted her point of interest to the kitchen, while I was still deciding whether to be happy or not.

Nee Nee~ After dinner and after purin, wanna play Uno~?」12

「Uno is it, another nostalgic game.」

Looks like she bought a game that you can’t play by yourself.

「Matsutomo-san did you know~? That you can’t really stack draw two onto another draw two to escape from it~」13

Hee~ Is that so.」

Speaking of that, I heard something similar back then, when I was in my past workplace. Because we were interrupted back then, I didn’t get to hear the entire thing, so maybe he was talking about this?

「Let play with that kind of rule~」

「Even though I am interested, weren’t you supposed to wake up early tomorrow? Look, you said the same yesterday. Because of Go…. no, because of that black devil situation, our dinner was late, so please enter the bath and after that, go to sleep.」


「Your answer is not supposed to be Eeehh~


「Your answer is not supposed to be Oooh~ either.」






「Okay, because you laughed it’s your loss Mio-san. Please behave, and go to the bath now.」

Though there’s actually no such silly game, for a situation like this, this kind of rules are useful. Mio-san, who was not content but couldn’t say anything about it, thought of something and then raised her hand.

「Then let’s get in together!」20

「No, we can’t.」21

I can’t let my guard down. 22
If I let my guard down to the current Mio-san, I feel like I’m bound to develop a sexual preference that won’t go for a lifetime. 23


「Please don’t turn into a pig just because you ate pork. Now then, since we’re done, let’s clean up.」


Most likely she’s about to say let’s sleep together after suggesting to go in the bath together. To avoid that, I went back inside my room, then went onto my bed as soon as possible. Since I have to do lots of cleaning tomorrow, it’s better for me to replenish my stamina.

And so, my day of work has ended, completing my first week at this new job of mine.

Tomorrow is a holiday. Well then, what am I going do?

ED: Gecko/Filip

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