Halo Haloo~

Saotome-san Can’t Hold on

It’s been a week since I was head hunted 1 by Mio-san. No, actually it’s been a week since I’ve been physically hunted by Mio-san.

Although it was such a short period of time, I was able to learn few things about her, Mio-san, my employer onee-san.

「For that matter, I’ve left everything to Oshiyama and his crew. Yes, I’ve also looked at the email that I’ve seen on one of the CCs, so I know everything about it without any missing details. Also it was Oshiyama’s crew…. Yes, that project, they are the ones who were responsible. So please rest assured.」

Her name is Saotome Mio-san. She is twenty-eight years old and apparently, she is part of one of the marketing teams in some company. Although the scale is quite small, it is a company that has respectable results. It was also responsible for the marketing of some huge projects that happened this year.

Since she is one of the members of said company, this scene, where she holds a cup of coffee while talking to one of her clients, is familiar to me already.
After talking quite seriously on the phone, she put down her phone and shrugged her shoulders.

「Coffee got cold.」

「Like I thought it would happen, so I’ve already prepared a new one.」

「Wow, thanks!」

She has a light make up beside her thick eye make up. Apparently, it is a “blade” that she uses to avoid getting underestimated by other marketing groups.

She looks like a knight who is receiving a coffee from her subordinate.

「Well then, if I don’t go any time soon I won’t be able to finish my work.」

「Ok, take care. Itterashai!


I sighed, after seeing off Mio-san whose her heels were making noise on the hallway.

It is also part of my job to prepare coffee for Mio-san, who usually doesn’t eat breakfast, beside saying “Itterashai” to her every time she leaves.

After suggesting “Isn’t it weird for me to say ‘Okaerinsasai’ without seeing you off as well?” Mio-san’s face went bright while smiling. I can still remember that face even though it has been a week already.

「Well then! Prepare yourself, floor!」

I put the two cups into the cupboard after washing them, then returned to the living room.

I didn’t expect that I would become a man who’d say “Prepare yourself, floor!” But after last week, I actually became a man who loves a dust-free floor, so I guess I stand corrected now.

「It took me until yesterday to take care of the plastic bottles….. So maybe, today I will be taking care of the books inside the boxes.」

The things I learned about Mio-san, second part: Mio-san’s sense of hygiene is off. 2

The room that I thought to be a room full of garbage had no molds growing anywhere, and no bad smell either. According to Mio-san, she had taken care of unsanitary things such as bento boxes and other food garbage, so there is no smell or molds even though the room looked like a garbage dump.

But, she left things such as empty plastic bottles, opened mails, and unopened packages on the floor.

The reason for that is because “They’re not dirty.”

「But look, the ‘PET’ in the ‘petto bottle’ means Polyethylene Terephthalate! It’s harmless to the human body, and it does not grow molds on the surface, so it’s safe to leave it for a while….」

…or so according to Mio-san. Remembering that cool looking onee-san, and then this kind of onee-san, such a gap is causing my head to scream in pain…

No matter what Mio-san says, it’s not good if the person in cause needs to look for a gap in between clutters of plastic bottles and clumps of boxes just to be able to sleep.

Because I was head hunted by Mio-san, I started to use my long free hours on cleaning the house five days ago.

「I, I feel happy about it, okay Matsutomo-kun? But shouldn’t we share the responsibility? Like isn’t there something that a male wouldn’t like to touch?」

「Look Mio-san. This is indeed your house, but this is also my place of work, okay?」

「Eh? T, that’s right?」

「I am an employee that’s been hired under the employee contract, right?」


「It is both a right and an obligation for employees to improve their work environment.」


The things I learned about Mio-san, part three: that “abababa,” looks like a phrase that the speaker herself doesn’t understand.3

「Fortunately, the moving company wrote about the contents on the boxes. I won’t touch anything that might intrude your privacy.」

「I understand…..」

And so, it was up to my efforts to create a physically open workplace.

The things I learned about Mio-san, part four: well, it may be obvious but I will mention it anyways.

「Hm, it’s about time for her to come home.」


After freeing up the floor, I went back to my home. I usually go to “work” to Saotome-san’s house when it’s almost 5pm. Since Mio-san goes off work at 5pm, I won’t have to wait for her that much if I do this.

If you do it for an entire week, you would notice when she usually goes off work. Since I’m here anyways, I cooked dinner and at around 6pm the doorbell rang.

Tada, ima~…..?


T, tadaima!

Hai, Okaerinasai. Thank you for doing your best today.」

「Your’re here! Matsutomo-san is here!」

「Of course, since this is my job.」

「Of course! Because this is your job! Thankfully you have this job!」


Again, the things I learned about Mio-san, part four, again: Mio-san gets lonely easily, can’t communicate well, and also kind of takes things backwards.

Every time she arrives, she stands at the door thinking “maybe no one is here anymore.” This kind of conversation happened on each day of this past week.

「There are many couples in the world who live together before getting married.」

Also, if she gets tired at work, her mental age drops a little.

「Yes, yes. it’s cohabitation right?」

Though I don’t understand it that much because I don’t have any experience.

「Why is it that you can leave your house when someone said “love” to you?…. Why?….」


「Even though you won’t be able to do anything once you want to go home but you can’t anymore.」

I really do not understand such things well. Also, Mio-san is really strange as well, especially when she suddenly talks about something like this.

「Well it’s something like trust don’t you think?」


「Yes yes, a trusting relationship.」

「Trust, trust you say! Even though you’re the one who tried to get close to me since half a year ago, manager of XX company!」4

Not good, I stepped on a landmine.

「Calm down, calm down, let’s not talk about it on the door step. Why don’t we talk about it while eating dinner?」


「Today’s dinner is ginger grilled pork.」

「Is there Miso soup?」

「It has fried tofu with soy, with soy, and with soy.」


Even if I was away from kitchen for a long time due to my work before, I’m used to cooking some things because I had to cook for myself when I was a student. As long as there’s enough time and budget, I have the skills to make a normal dinner.

Since Mio-san is really looking forward to the dishes that I make, it makes everything worth doing it.

「I’m going to get changed!」

「Ok, ok.」



I need to be alert at all times because such infantile responses come out very often. Even if she’s a kid inside, she has a D or E cup that makes everything hard. Everything will go wrong if I lose my calm.

That said, I won’t completely deny the quote “It’s a man’s shame to deny woman’s offer.”

But if that offering is a kid’s meal, then the guy that eats it is a demon.

「Look, if you don’t hurry up the food will get cold.」


After seeing Mio-san enter her bedroom, I reheated the Miso soup.

I thought that from then on, only a peaceful dinner would happen. I think Mio-san thought so too.

Until that point, when those two black-demons attacked7 the Saotome house simultaneously. 8

TL: TetIsNotAChild
ED: Gecko & Filip


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