Saotome-san wants to aim for the world


「I am off!」


I am not sure if the tofu diet had it’s effect or not, but we have made it to the sea safe and sound. Mio-san is having fun with Murasaki playing beach volleyball. Well, I am not sure if you can call a game that has it’s rallies shorter than two turns as volleyball but, Wow.


「Yes, definitely……..」

It’s bouncing wildly. Whenever Mio-san jumps or dives, I will refrain from stating what, but it bounces around wildly.

To the extent of capturing one’s line of sight along with the ball when she jumps around to hit the ball. Anyways, the sunlight shining on her white skin and the contrasting black leaf-patterned pareo swimsuit she is wearing is a feast for the eyes.

Murasaki, who is also going after the ball, is wearing a light purple shaded one-piece swimsuit that suits her small build. Her dark brown hair unlike usual is not put together with an ordinary scrunchie but is held together by a white frill which accentuates her profile. 

「Hey, Tsuchiya, are you fine with not joining them? You are good at sports aren’t you?」

「Well, me joining in, huh」

The both us are staring at them like dumb fools sitting under the parasol.

「Of course, why would you」

「But, I am waiting」

「For what?」

「For the rogues」

「You want to get hit on?」

Ah, his precious pre-pickup waiting scene is it.

「Oi, Matsuuu, what nonsense are you spouting」

「Sorry, I myself just realised how weird that sounded」

「Isn’t it obvious that I am waiting for Saotome-san and Murasaki to get hit on by rogues!!」

「….. I see, got it」

Summer conversations between men is something that only requires this much to facilitate comprehension.


The wide, free summer sea. Warm sunlight shining through. Beautiful women in swimsuits who bring upon a smile to the face.


Just an imagination, but who knows, considering this situation such an incident might happen.1

「Whoa~~! Are you ladies here by yourselves~?!」

「Wh, what do you people want? Do you people have any business with Saotome-san?」

「We are the young lads who got our hearts struck by the beautiful ladies~!」

「I will be speeeeding on my water bike now! Y’all wanna join?!」

「Umm, we uh, those things……」

「It’s fine, it’s fine, don’t worry, it ain’t scary at all~! You will get addicted to it once you get on one!」

「Wait, forcing us like…!」



I can vividly picture Mio-san and Murasaki getting bewildered at rogues who suddenly appear and start hitting on them in force.

「That kind of a thing was bound happen, wasn’t it?」

「Of course it would happen!」

「And that will be our cue I guess」

「Yes, it would be OUR cue」


I would walk towards those four who are arguing.

「Mio-san, Murasaki, is there a problem?」

「Tch, they came together with men. They look all weak, it shouldn’t be a problem」

「We were only asking them to join us on a ride on our water bike, and the ladies were also interested!」

「Me and Saotome-san never said anything like that….」

「It seems they are saying something different though」

「Oi oi, read the atmosphere a bit, a little bit is fine isn’t it~?」

「Weren’t you taught in primary school that you shouldn’t hog everything to yourself~?!」

「…..Weren’t you people taught in kindergarten that you shouldn’t treat girls like objects?」

「Tch, Shaddap. Just quietly take three steps back」

「Don’t you know that in life it is normal to take two steps forward and then take three steps backward? Eh?!」


「D, Don’t push yourself」

「It’s fine you two. Rather, my work here is nowhere near done」

(With a thud I grab their shoulder)

「Oi, you two, got a problem?!」


「Watanabe Ken2?!」

「I ASKED you if you had any problem」



(The rogues make a run for it)

「Heh, they ran away」

「Seriously, those guys were the absolute worst」

「Senpai is so cool~」




「……. Un, that’s how it would go, it’s obvious!」

「Wait a minute, tell me which part of you even remotely looks like Watanbe Ken. The only common point is the fact that both of you are male homo sapiens!」

「Summer will work it’s charm on me」

「What charm, you will need enough power to coalesce the four major Hawaiian islands for that to happen」

「Well, without being fussy about details, on the whole that’s how it will go. It won’t be too late to join Mio-san afterwards」

Leaving Tsuchiya who is placidly preparing for it aside, Mio-san and Murasaki are playing volleyball enthusiastically, capturing all eyes on the beach. Sweat droplets fall, gleaming like jewels, giving them a refreshing and healthy feeling.

「This time I am going to serve it, Ane-sama」

「Yes, just trust me and drive it in」

I realised that Mio-san had fully entered her elder sister mode, but before I knew it Murasaki had also completely entered into her little sister mode. It was the same during the UNO meet as well, I guess it is human nature to end up saying things you normally never would when the tension dies down.

Summer is incredible.





「Rolling receive」

Murasaki fell into the sand, face first.

It is reckless of an amateur to try a rolling receive.

「Are you alright?」

「I am fine! That aside we have already reached four turn, we maintained the rally for four turns」

「It’s a new record!」

「With this the day we surpass the Witches of the Orient4 is closer」

「Us sisters will have our names remembered by the Gods of Olympics and our fame will resound through eternity」

Their ambition is huge. Terrifyingly huge.

By reflex I was about to utter a retort5. But, in the end I sat down not wanting to be uncouth and intrude upon their sisterly bonding.

Sitting next to such a person, Tsuchiya’s expression underwent a 180 degree change and is now looking pensive with a furrowed forehead.

「What happened, Tsuchiya? Did you eat too much shaved ice or something?」

「Strange. There is something strange about this」


「Japan’s pickup artists are awfully fast. If they spot a beautiful girl then within five minutes their brain compiles a plan to make a move on her」

「Hmm, I think that’s rude towards all the pickup artists out there」

「It’s told that they start choosing their opening line out of 『Hey ladies, are you alone?』or 『Are you the type to put green onions in your natto?』within a minute of spotting a beautiful woman」


「Even with all this to think that there is no voice other than “Say Cheese” being heard around us… strange, something is definitely strange. There is no mistake that something has happened」

「What tha hell are you saying?」

I unconsciously started using dialect, but it is true that something is strange here.

No matter which angle you look at it from Mio-san is a beauty with a great figure, Murasaki as well, though she looks very young she has a very cute face.

When these two are playing around by themselves in the middle summer there is bound to be a voice, two, ten or twenty by this time. Why is it there there hasn’t been a single voice even now?


There are things in this world that you notice only after by being suspicious.

「What’s it Matsu?」

「Well, I was just thinking about the nature of the surrounding gazes」

Mio-san and Murasaki are certainly gathering a lot of eyes on them.

But these are not the predatory gazes that they direct towards other women in swimsuits. These feel much less like glaring and rather warm and pleasant.


「This ball that was connected with my little sister, as an elder sister I will definitely make sure to return it」

「Face down into the sand!? Uh, Ane-sama do you have wet wipes with you?」


「…… So that’s how it is」

「What, did you figure something out using your deduction skills?」

「Hmm, it’s a straightforward conjecture」


「This, they must think that they are siblings who came along with their family」


Hitting on siblings when their parents are somewhere closeby. In other words, it will be a breach of etiquette and a suicidal move.

The sibling setting that came out as a result of the summer atmosphere and Mio-san’s desires has unexpectedly ended up protecting them.

「…… Should we just go and join them」

Honestly speaking I also wanted to try saving the girls from getting hit on. Well this is also fine, they won’t get an unnecessary scary experience this way.


We ended up playing volleyball by the four of us till our stamina ran out at noon.


TL: Umbra

ED: Filip/Gecko

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