Characters – Can be Read in One Minute

– Matsutomo Yuuji 1
Twenty-four years old guy who’s currently in his second year, living in room 605.
His hometown is in Itoshima City, Fukuoka. He is called Matsumoto by some people. He likes bamboo shoots. 2

– Saotome Mio
Twenty-eight years old onee-san who lives in room 603.
Although she’s super good at her work, in her personal life she is a lonely type of person. Every time she thinks that she’s about to live her whole life alone, she usually starts crying while holding her favorite white fox stuffed toy.
Her height is around 155 cm, and she is an E cup. She likes mushrooms. 3

TL: TetShort
ED: Gecko & Filip

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idk if it’s on purpose but you did write matsumoto in the second note