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Saying Okaerinasai to Saotome-san

The next day.

「Ah right! Damn.」

I overslept.
The phone that I forgot to charge yesterday has been ringing alarms for a while, and when I looked at it the battery was already drained down to 8%. The time is 10:24 AM, and by the way, the starting hour of my work is 9AM. So, I am completely late.

In my incoming calls history, I saw section manager Hayakawa’s name. He is a guy who doesn’t remember my last name.

Maybe he is thinking that his job is to get mad, so from the start of the day to the end he just keeps getting mad at every little thing, not to mention he’s the kind of a person who pushes his works to somebody else and gets mad when they can’t do it. Since he is bald and behaves like a cuckoo, everyone in the department calls him “bald cuckoo”.

I tapped on the screen where “bald cuckoo’s” name is written, I then reduced the volume as low as possible and brought it to my ear.

It’s been ten attempts, oh and by the way, he usually calls his subordinates society’s scum when they don’t answer his call asap. That aside, the call went to an automatic answering machine.

「Ahh, Matsumoto-kun, it’s you. You don’t have to come anymore today.」

I almost lost my composure after getting cut off with such words.

“You don’t have to come anymore”

In Japan, there is only one thing you’re getting after being told such words.

「Actually never come back. I do have a family to feed, so never ever, set your feet in our premises.」


Something is wrong. It doesn’t sound like I’m getting fired, and section manager’s voice sounds like he’s under pressure. Like someone who got on a train and then started to feel that he wants to fart.1

「What does that mean, manager?」

「Let me explain.」

The voice from the telephone changed. I remember this wastefully proud voice.



Every morning they play a recording of him giving gratitude for our work, so I knew it was him easily.
Our company’s representative, President Kuchiki. He is the kind of person that prefers tapes over CDs.

「Why is the president,」

「I was going to leave it to Hayakawa-kun because my stomach was hurting and I had to stay in the bathroom.」

How painful was it that you had to stay in the bathroom.
I wanted to question him that, but that is not the important thing right now.

「So, what will happen to me?」

「It’s just as Hayakawa-kun said. You were scouted by another company, so from now on you will be hired there.」

“Hired there.”
Where was my agreement in this?

「I don’t really understand what you mean.」

「Don’t worry about it, even I don’t know what is happening myself. But one thing is for sure, in compensation for you, we got the very best deal since we’ve started. So thanks for that, Matsumoto-kun.」

Human trafficking. Slave trade. Human sacrifice.
Such words started to swirl inside my mind.

「So, where will my new workplace be?」

「As for that they will contact you. And because of this, you’re not in our company anymore. We don’t want to cause any problems, so don’t get near or around our company. Well then, farewell Matsumoto-kun. I won’t forget you.」


I tried to ask but what came back was just the screen of my smartphone showing I only have 5% left.

「Also, just like I said, my name isn’t Matsumoto but Matsutomo….」

You can’t not forget something that you haven’t remembered yet…. I think there was only one time someone called my name properly, and it was my junior.

Somehow my strength vanished from my whole body, and I slid off the wall.

「There can only be one cause.」

I recalled the conversation that I had with my neighbor. I thought it was just me mishearing or it was just my dream.

But after seeing the rolling bar on the floor I realized that it was indeed real. And then, suddenly the doorbell rang.


「Ohh, ohayougosaimasu…. Wait, I know this was your doing, Saotome-san!」

「Didn’t I tell you? You don’t have to worry about anything.」

In such a huge contrast to yesterday, today’s Saotome-san is wearing a business suit that suits her.3 I think this is Saotome-san’s business mode.

「Did you really plan to hire me?」

「I said so yesterday. Of course, the employment contract will be dealt with accordingly. My company will bear all the paperwork. So please bear with me. 4

After getting told so with such a smug face by Saotome-san,

「I can’t get angry anymore…….」

「And so, how about we go give it a shot? Ah, from now on, please call me Mio. My name is Saotome Mio.」5

I was dragged out of my house and towards Saotome-san’s house.
After making me go inside her house, she locked the door, went down the stairs6 and out of the building, then went in again, rode the elevator, walked to the front of the door, and pressed the doorbell. I kinda knew she did that as I heard her leaving and not coming back for a long time.

Tadaima, Matsumoto-San!」7

「……Okaerinasai, Mio-san.」

Thus, I finished my new job after just 1 minute….

New job destination: Saotome Mio-san.
Job description: Say “okaerinasai” to Mio-san who just came home.

The monthly contract fee is 300,000 yen. Also, my office is the house next my home.

I have no complains about the job, and it’s a rare job that everyone would like.
But there is one thing that I must complain.

「My name is Matsutomo!」8

TL: tetsumoto. 9 10 11
ED: Gecko/Filip

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Lol interesting small joke of author to have MC being named Matsutomo. It’s kinda true that there could be variances to classic names like Matsumoto.


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Thanks for the chapter. Kinda want a job like this, so much free time and money to put in your hobbies.


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