Saotome-san wants to gift a truckload of flowers


It’s been an hour since we started playing UNO.

Inside the Saotome household, where the fragrance of milk tea is left over, Murasaki is sitting straight and staring at the desk with an icy face.

Mio-san is dazed with tears brimming in her eyes and I am lost, unsure of how to react to Murasaki’s abilities which has far exceeded my expectations.

「Murasaki, you…..」

Uuh, Geugh

「…..What’s the matter」

Krikkrik, Murasaki turned around like a clockwork automaton to face me.

I looked at her and then said,

「Aren’t you too weak…….?」

「Sorry, I am so sorry Murasaki-san. It is definitely not enjoyable to lose every single round. Sorry.」

「I never thought that there would come a day where UNO could make a person cry」

1st Place: Me

2nd Place: Mio-san

3rd Place: Murasaki

In all the 10 skirmishes we had, the order/ranking remained the same. Even though Mio-san tried her hardest in this battle of wits she was still unable to win. Actually, she tried too hard, so hard that it resulted in her loss.

It is tragic that she’s crying with a face similar to that of kids who wanted to help the butterfly out of the cocoon and in the end made it die.


And so Mio-san, who shed tears for a short while, held Murasaki’s hands with a determined face.

「Murasaki-san this is the last measure」

「Yes, Saotome-san」

Guessing something, Murasaki is also nodding with great zeal.

「We will team up and let Matsutomo-san」1

「Yes, let’s crush him」

「Hey, that’s playing dirty!!」

These women have formed a sisterhood alliance.

I remember reading somewhere that there was nothing scarier than women colluding against you, perhaps it was talking of a situation similar to this.

「Then I will also start playing seriously from now on」

「……. I thought of not using it today, but looks like I have to lift the ban」

Mio-san who stood up from her seat goes towards the corner of the living room where Fuu-chan and the rest have been seated obediently on the chair.

「Matsutomo senpai, what does Saotome-san mean by playing seriously…..?」

「Mio-san is going to summon her guardian」


「That’s right, guardian」

「Can you please explain to me in English?」2

「She will be playing UNO while hugging the plush toy」

She has told me before that it’s very important to choose whom to hug depending on their condition.

Most likely today too, she might shake her butt while asking to God, “Whom do I C-H-O-O-S-E”

「….. Does it even matter, doing that?」

「Yes, it does」

It does have the effect of calming her mind, actually speaking it also increases her victory by over 3 percent, and it isn’t something that can be made light of.

She must have wanted to refrain from showing this side to Murasaki. But it looks like she decided that it isn’t the time to be fussing over such things

「Matsutomo-san, it’s fine if you want to go home and bring Akai-san or Tennosuke」

「I don’t have such special powers, so I am fine」

I can somehow understand who she is referring to as Akai-san, but who is this Tennosuke?

「Matsutomo-senpai also has plush toys. It is very unexpected of you or……EH?」

Mio-san who is in the living room making sure the plush toys are well accommodated. And looking at her figure Murasaki’s expression fluttered about.

「Why is Shitora here?」


「That purple coloured cat plush toy」

I see. It’s Shitora because it’s a purple coloured tiger. 3 Though it’s just a cat.

I wonder if it is normal nowadays to name your plush toys.

「I caught one for you too right. Feels like it’s been forever, but has it been a little over a month now」

「What do you mean by you “too”」

「I got mine from Matsutomo-san too」

「That day was really hard wasn’t it…..」

「To Saotome-san as well, the same thing as mine…..」

「What happened Murasaki?」

She is brooding over something. Don’t tell me, is she the type to mind about things like gifting the similar things to different people?

「The same as Saotome-san」

「Is that so」

「Let’s take a picture together next time」

「A two-shot while hugging matching plush toys…….」

She is holding her arms together. She should be thinking of hugging Shitora.



「Thanks a lot」

「U, Uhh?」

What are you saying, with such a serious face, Wh, why are you staring at me with stars in your eyes?

「If it’s alright with you, should I lend one to you, Murasaki-san?」

「Hmm, that’s right since you are asking that much, then I want senpai’s Tennosuke, it sounds like a cool name」

「Wellll, I wonder if his appearance is good enough」

「That’s fine, I am not the person to particularly care about appearances」

「Aaa, Ah, well I guess looking at it yourself would be better than listening to me」

And hence round two started off in a smooth manner. The sweet fragrance of the refilled milk tea stimulates your brain.

Each of us holding our trump camps on our knees, namely myself with Koro-chan, whom I borrowed from Mio-san, Mio-san with Fuu-chan and Murasaki with Tennosuke signalled the outbreak of war.

「Murasaki-san, let’s join hands and defeat Matsutomo-san. It’s the Oath of the Peach Garden 4

「Oath of the…… Ah isn’t this Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Eh? Then that makes us sworn sisters」

「Yup, Let’s go my sweet little sister」

「Yes, Onee-sama」


「Mio-san, did you calculate this beforehand….!?」

Mio-san has such a smug expression right now.

Did you want to call someone your younger sister that badly. That face says it all, you really wanted to do it huh. Then again, I think Murasaki is Murasaki for falling for something like this.

「……by the way Matsutomo-senpai」

Speaking of which, Murasaki is holding Tennosuke on her knees with a stiff expression on her face.


「I feel bad putting forth a request after declaring war but…」

「What’s it about?」

「In the end, is it fine if change him with Akai-san?」

「Ahh, Akai-san feels good to touch you know」

「Compared to Tennosuke then yes, definitely」

Akai-san is just as the name states, a red octopus plush toy. I took him in when I went to that specialised shop with Mio-san. The texture feels very nice.

On the other hand, Tennosuke is a veteran in my house.

His full name is Sabohara Tennosuke.

Before changing my job to Mio-san’s place, he was the one that took care of my house. It’s a potted cactus.

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