Hallo Okaerinasai

Saotome-san Won’t Give Up

「It’s the truth. But since it’s already this late, let’s continue this later.」


Please don’t look like an abandoned puppy that’s watching its owner leave by itself. With those upturned eyes coupled with that see-through shirt making me see your cleavage, please don’t, it’s bad for my heart. Saotome-san height is 150 CM, and it’s overly unbalanced with that overpowered weapon that’s located in front of her. I feel like those weapons are destroying my eyes.

While my heart is wavering because of such temptation, I look at the clock and see it’s about three in the morning. Considering I still have work tomorrow, this is kinda bad. Not to mention, at this point, my fatigue and sleepiness are starting to overwhelm me.

「Th, then tomorrow. Could you say it to me again tomorrow?」

Answering “Yes” to slowly approaching Saotome-san, but after remembering how my work goes, I shook my head.

「Ahh~, I don’t think our time of going home matches. Since I usually get home this late.」

I was astonished when I first learned that trains in Tokyo still run until midnight.

This is the first impression that I received when I came to Tokyo from Fukuoka for work. I never thought from the start of the first week of my work that I will have to work until 1 AM. It was during the first month of working when I realized that it will be like this for the rest of the year.

I don’t know what time Saotome-san goes home, but I am sure that it won’t be as late as mine since it’s physically impossible. It’s possible if I’m the one getting told, but being the one who tells will be hard.

「Is that so……」

「I may be able to do it when it’s a day off, though I’m not sure when that day off will come.」

I really don’t know when that day off will come.

「I understand.」

「It’s fine if you understand it. Well then, let’s seal up the broken window and go to sleep.」

「If that is the case then I will hire you. Please become my “Okaeri Manager”」1

We’re not on the same page.
What is she saying? I thought she started to understand but apparently, that is not the case at all.

「Hello, do you Understand2 what you’re saying?」


「I see you Understand. Though even if you say you want to hire me, it’s not that simple…」

「My monthly salary is 530,000 yen.」

What Saotome-san said so nonchalantedly, was something about triple my monthly salary. Salary that came from working until the last train.
I forcefully pulled myself together.

「530,000 Yen?」

「530,000 Yen desu.」

「Face value? In hand?」

「It’s in hand.」

This is something I learned when I became a member of the society. There are two types of income: “Face Value” and “In Hand”. Former is the sum of all including the salary, and it’s also called gross salary. From that point, employee’s pension, social insurance, or taxes are drawn, and the latter is to be sent to you monthly. 3

In most cases, salary income for office workers is about 80% of face value.

That basically means 20% is gone 4.  If you work for five days, you’re basically working for a day for free.

I have a lot to say against this system, but that will make the story go askew. The important thing right now is that, when Saotome-san gets her bonus, her total salary might reach 1,000,000 yen.

「Though I am not saying this proudly, ever since I was born, I did not have any kind of hobbies, no boyfriend, no friends!5

「That’s really not something you can talk about proudly.」

「Even if I go to restaurant and bars, since I am alone it just make me sad. So I usually spend my earnings to eat something healthy. Specifically Tofu.」

「Well they are really tasty. Tofu.」6

「I also like Miso soup.」

「Tofu and Miso are both cheap right?」

「Yes, they turned me healthy and made my savings increase. And what’s more.」

「…….What’s more?」

I asked her frankly because I realized she is breaking my guard down little by little.


「Well, things do look different if you have some friends.」

Apparently, there are some people who hate 4-person board games.

「And so, I can’t take this anymore. Not after having my body carved with your ‘okaerinasai,’ this is something that won’t heal over time. And so, yes. 300,000 yen per month. I will pay you that much to hire you as my ‘Okaeri Manager.’」

What kind of phrasing is that? Well, I really can’t talk sense into that since it’ll be a sexual harassment. 7

If I think about it, if my monthly income will be 300,000. This will be more than 70% of my current income. Not to mention all I have to do is to say ‘okaeri’ to Saotome-san. There should be nothing better than this.

In fact, it’s too good to be true. Or rather it’s scary.

「That said, I still have my current work.」

「Sorry for asking, but where do you work currently?」

「Ah, I’m sorry for being late, I am something like this……」

I pass the business card as it is required. Though the phrase that I just said won’t go away due to my habit that was formed after saying that phrase every time I handed my business card.

「I see.」

「You see what?」

「Thank you for working until this late. As for the broken window, I will have it fixed myself so please don’t worry about it anymore.」


「Well then, good night.」

I was pushed out of her apartment and thrown away into the corridor. It was a blunder to get captivated by the smile of Saotome-san while she was closing the door.

Anyway, I don’t know what’s not to worry about. That thing itself is worrying, but it’s already this late. I will think about this tomorrow.

I thrown my fatigued body into the futon that is located inside my empty apartment.

TL: Tet
ED: Filip/Gecko8



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