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Saotome-san is spicy1


Hora, Mio-san, hurry up, remove your hands and let me take a look」

「But, it is really embarrassing……」

「No, you can’t escape. I will definitely have you show it to me today」


I think I am being too forceful, but this is a path that the two of us must cross someday. I have to harden my heart and get it done today.

「Now, don’t hide」


Urged by me, Mio-san, opened up her hands which tightly held it together.


「Finally done!!!」

「Unpacking luggage, complete!」

It’s already been four weeks since I started working for Mio-san.

The unpacking which I steadily kept working on during these four weeks has finally come to an end. The sea of cardboard boxes that covered the floor are now nowhere to be seen. The calm, peaceful afternoon sunlight is brightly shining upon the grains of the wooden flooring.

「Wow! This house is actually really spacious! This reminds me of the house at the time of preliminary inspection before moving in」

「I don’t think living alone in a 2 LDK and barely having enough living space is normal」

I already cleaned up the boxes containing things like dishware, cutlery, books etc.

The problem was the boxes containing Mio-san’s personal things.

「She doesn’t have time during weekdays, and during holidays she doesn’t have the drive to tidy things up, if I’m not there. Look here, this box looks like it’s been left untouched after you moved in. The tape has become all sticky」

「……….I can’t help it. I mean, things like old albums, diaries and stuff like that are embarrassing even if you open it up by yourself……」

「It’s because you kept procrastinating that you are now stuck with having to let them see the daylight in my presence」


As Mio-san said, only the box with the albums and diary was left.


I told her that it was fine to leave it be if she doesn’t want others to open it. Mio-san didn’t want to stow it away like that as it would feel awkward. That’s what she said, but there were no signs of her opening it.

Inevitably it devolved into a situation where I had to pressure her into it.

「It’s because you kept hiding it with your hands until the end, putting up a futile resistance. Even though it would have been fine had you tidied it up some day when I wasn’t present」

「I wa, was preparing myself to face it」

「As I was saying, leaving it untouched for more than two years is just too much」


Somehow, I managed to get her to open the box and until now we were in the midst of putting it away on bookshelves.

With this, the unpacking which has been going on for over two years, from the time Mio-san moved in, is now complete.

「But, I didn’t think that you would have brought even the graduation anthology along with your yearbook」

「Somehow. I mean, it would be a hindrance to leave it at my parent’s home, in Kanagawa」

「That’s right, whenever a yearbook is mentioned, you get this urge to see it, don’t you?」

「……..Don’t see mine, okay?」

「I won’t do it. Ah, right. Speaking of memories, there was this thing」

「What is it?」

Finding something odd with what Mio-san was saying, I realised that it was because of what occurred when she was being nursed by me.

「Who is ”Aa-chan”」

「…. How do you know about that?」

「Even if you ask me how, it was you yourself who told me about it. I happened back when you turned the entire room upside down while saying “Aa-chan is missing” with a deadpan expression」

「I guess I might have done something like that」

Something that I realised after Mio-san recovered from her fever is that she only has faint and indistinct memories of whatever happens when her fever is high.

Returning home, eating egg porridge and tamagozake, my friend Tsuchiya buying Okusu**metane for us, …. and that’s about it.

She has no memories whatsoever of her turning the room upside down.

「From what I heard, I would think it is a plush toy or something similar

Yes, it is a talking plush toy that I treasured till the autumn of elementary 4th grade」

「Ahh! So that’s it. The type that shouts “Konnichiwa” when you press its stomach, right?」

「Yes, yes, that’s the one. It looks a bit like Fubuki 4

Rather, isn’t it that you bought Fuu-chan, the white fox as it resembled Aa-chan?

Did you throw it away?」

「I think I lost it at some point. I don’t remember clearly as it has been so long」

「I guess a lot toys that we played with as a kid end up that way…..」

That summer day, we weren’t able to return together from the sea, my Chiba Red doll from Senkousentai chibashiga saga 5

I guess my hero is still protecting the waters of Ishigawa island.

Just as the atmosphere changed into one of nostalgia, Mio-san suddenly slapped her hands together and stood up.

「It’s already late noon now, why don’t we grab something to eat」

Looking at the watch I realise that it’s already 2:30 pm. Even though we started working early in the morning, time just passed too quickly as we were concentrating on negotiation and tidying things up.

「Why don’t we cook something?」

「It’s already late, let’s also eat out and commemorate this. There are cafes nearby that serve lunch till 3, I will treat you there」

「No, no it’s fine」

「Come on now, don’t worry, okay?」


「I will definitely pay 20,000 yen as your holiday work allowance」


Somehow in the end it reached a situation where I received a holiday work allowance and got treated to lunch. Having to negotiate it with Mio-san every time we go out, I think it might be better to decide on the company measures soon.

Though it will become something like: 『4th clause “Clause governing the rules of dining in a café”』


Two hours later, 5 p.m.

I returned home taking the elevator up the mansion when the sun had already started to set.

……… dragging along with me night mode Mio-san.

「It was delicious∼. I like prawn fryyyy」

「Twat’s wright. I enjwoyed wit woo」


「Wreally, Wreally」

「……Sorry. I am really sorry.」

「Wit’s fwine. I won’t be killed by something like a death god」

『Carolina’s Death god』6

A capsicum that boasts a value of 2,200,000 Scoville Heat Units, and the sauce with the name of death that was made using it.

It was declared the hottest pepper in the 2013 Guinness World Records.

「Bwy in the world dwid twat café habe such a twing」


With the café having it there, it’s just my luck that Mio-san decided to challenge it’s spiciness saying “It’s not going to be that spicy” and put a little in the pasta.

There was one idiot who offered Mio-san to exchange plates after she couldn’t stomach it because of the stimulus of large amounts of volatilised capsaicin and the intense pain it brought.

Yes, that idiot was me.

「The prawn fry lunch that Matsutomo-san gave me was delicious! Truly so!」

「The pasta thwat Mio-san gabe me was awlso really deliwious. Hahaha」

For the time being, what must be done from now has been decided.

「Do you bwant to blay UNO?」


If I don’t stay together then Mio-san will start the Sabbath again. And I don’t have the mood to do anything other than UNO today.


Well, should we do a 『no stacking』rule with the remaining two sheets today?

While I was thinking about such things the elevator arrived at the 6th floor. When the silver doors opened, a familiar corridor app…….


「You are, ……!」

Dark violet coloured, ordinarily put together hair. Sporting a similar violet coloured one piece dress on her short stature [TL: Guess it’s something like this], a woman was standing in front of my door holding a paper bag.


「Senpai, who is this person?」

Questions similar to that time are being thrown at me.

「Could this person be your girlfriend? Girlfriend right? If you were in the middle of your date, I am sorry. However I also have something to do coming here」

「U, Umm…….」

「I am sorry for the late greetings. I am Murasaki, the person who was taught by Matsutomo-senpai.」

Standing before room no. 605 was Murasaki, my comrade in the previous company who joined a year later.

But this is tense.

The pressure is too strong.

Even though the content is polite, every single word is bitingly cold. The floor of the corridor is getting frozen from all that talking.


Mio-san who should be used to confronting experienced senior workers is now trembling from the invisible pressure.

Facing that junior I…


I couldn’t pronounce her name.


「N, no, this is」

「Senpai, don’t tell me, even your tongue got pulled out by this person? Is it thiopental7, senpai?」


「It’s true that this is my fault…..」

「And t-that’s what she says, senpai」

「No, as I wam baying」

「Senpai, as usual, for the sake of others you are whittling down your own body aren’t you. But to think that you will physically cut your tongue….」

That’s right. She was this type of a person.

She is smart but also an airhead.

「Noo. Twahts not it.」

I bit my tongue before this.

「To think that it was this bad….. Tsuchiya-senpai told me that you became something like a nurse or a host, but to find that you have even started selling your body..」



In order to bring the extremely confusing situation under control, I…

「Wait 5 minutes」

Rush inside my house.

「Electricity! ON!」

Boil water to 70in the kettle.


Drank it. I have washed away whatever capsaicin was left on my tongue. With this I will be able to participate in the conversation.


The problem is that the capsaicin will resurface, and I will have to suffer the extremely spicy hell for one more hour or so.

I should buy milk as a backup.

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Hey, I love reading your work, just a heads up, I think your trying to write capsicum, not capsacin, which is similar to a chilli, such as the Carolina Reaper I believe they are talking about earlier. Could be the translation itself or just differences between languages, just a friendly heads up. Thank you for your work.


Nevermind, I ended up googling Capsaicin, I didn’t realise it was the chemical compound for heat within chilli, so I guess I learned something today, don’t mind me, just being an ignoramus.


— Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

Great as usual!! XD
So Murasaki is a girl? haha.


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