Saotome-san’s Reflection Meeting in her House

「Please listen, Mio-san.」


What a voice. Sounds like her throat is crushed with a sorrow that runs really deep.

「This kind of crane game you see. It’s rigged to always be “So close yet so far.” It’s made so that you’d always fail when it gets really close. Like missing only for a small bit, or even if you get it the stuff falls off halfway, those kinds of things always happen.」

「Eeeh!? Then how much do I need to put in so I can get it?」

Such an innocent question by Mio-san. But, this case is a little different.

「Probably, the necessary amount of payment was already paid. Considering its beaten up state, I don’t think they’d put this in just to get rid of it.」

「Then why.」

「There’s only one reason for it, Mio-san.」

「And that’s?」

And that is.

「It’s because Mio-san is so bad that you always make it harder to yourself.」

「Matsutomo-san, do you know the word “oblate?”」

「It’s a thin paper made from dried pregelatinized starch. It was invented in Europe and was spread around the world. Japanese people used Agar to improve it to a shape that is close to that of today.」

「Yes, it’s good that you know that much. Then, what are we going to do?」

「Well, just watch.」

I asked Mio-san to move aside and put my hand on the lever of the crane game.

「The money…」

「Don’t worry about it, since it won’t take that much.」

Mio-san already put considerable amount of money, like a lot.
After all of that, I should just be able to get it by catching it.

The seasoned lever fits on my hand. The joints are little loose, but this shouldn’t be a problem.

Crane Game Maker Co., Ltd. Seisakusho-san is a long-established store founded in Osaka, it is a fierce battle zone in business. A machine that is packed of know-hows will not hinder its operation due to this degree of aging.

The winning line was, visible.

「I will prove you that fate is not something you meet by chance, but rather something you grab.」




That evening.

Mio-san got off the elevator on the sixth floor of the apartment building, taking care of two bags dearly. One is a cream colored paper bag and other is a plastic bag with a game maker’s logo.

「Thank you for today~. Thank you for your holiday work~.」

「I completely forgot this was a holiday work. You brought me back to reality.」

A boss who doesn’t allow something to rust, and someone that treats things properly.

Eating pasta at a cafe, going to Sunshine Aquarium to see starfish, such memories became related to business, but that’s okay.

「These ones too, are saying thank you.」

「Is that so? Though I think it was not the right timing for it.」

「Not the right timing?」

「Mio-san, you don’t have to worry about it.」

Maybe she was more tired than I expected, as she was getting into the night mode earlier. It wouldn’t have been good if we had stayed on the road even longer.

A 28-year-old child version of an onee-san with E-cup with proportionately good features would be released on the roads of Tokyo.

Haaaai~ These ones are saying that they understand tooo~」

「You’re too close Mio-san. Too close.」

Also, please stop stuffing my face with your stuffed toy with such a good smile. It’s too close. Also, it smells like game center.

「Oh, please take care of them, okay? Specially the cat, you should treat it with some care.」

「I will doo iit~」

「What a good girl.」

Going along the hallway, Mio-san goes to the front of room 603 and I go to room 605.


「Yes, good work. Sweets are only until 9 o’clock, and please brush your teeth properly.」


Seeing her like this makes me concerned, but she was living just fine even like that before meeting me. I don’t know how she manages it, but it should be okay.

Well then, since we haven’t made any promise of eating together, and considering that the lunch was light. I think it should be okay to make something heavy for dinner.

「….No, maybe just an instant ramen.」

After all, today’s balance is -17,000 Yen.

「I wasn’t expecting such a hard battle… No, I won’t regret it. Yes, I won’t.」

This is the money I received today from Mio-san.

I won’t regret using this for Mio-san. Won’t regret even using more than what I have received.


That word tickled my intuition.

Mio-san usually regress to being child when she feels any kind of psychological stress.

Considering she regressed that much today means she was really feeling stressed.

「We went to look for stuffed toy, ate what we wanted, roamed around aquarium, that should have caused her to refresh….?」

It was because she played at the game center that she wasn’t used to.

I don’t think it’s that simple, that’s what I think.


「Mio-Sa~n? Are you okay?」

I pressed the doorbell. no reply.

「I will go in~.」

Maybe she’s taking a shower? If that’s the case then I should go back quietly.

But what the situation was not the one I was thinking of.

I opened the door with the spare key that I received. I opened the door quietly.


Well then. Was my premonition right?



「Fuu-chan, dyu knou, I got hated by Matsutomo-san….」

「At the store right, I forgot about Matsutomo-san and left him alone, I also talked boring things to him. I even splashed some pasta sauce on him. Not to mention I said some embarrassing things to him too.」

「I am shure, 10,000 was not enough right? I don’t think he will go with me anymore right?」

「Even dou my fwends increased by two, now one is no more.」

Ue, u, Ueeeeeeeen…..2

She is wrapping herself with a cat and a dog stuffed toy while confessing the mishaps that she did today. She’s doing all of that while crying.

This is a Sabbath.

It’s a sabbath called reflection meeting is underway.

「This is not good.」

Seriously, this is not good.

Even though she paid money to make this a work, she was still able to care for trivial things and then regret about it.

Why did God filled her entirely with regret?

「No, I don’t care what God knows. It’s okay, I’ll show you. Fate is a something, that is born when two people collide with each other.」

Mio-san, who noticed my voice, shivered and then slowly turned to look towards me.

「….Matsutomo-san? Wai are you here? It’s break time now? U don’t hab to be with me?」

There isn’t much I can do for this person right now.

No, there is one thing.


Ue, Aba, Hai!?

「Let’s play Uno!!」

After that, we played Uno for four hours, thereafter I ate ramen with eggs and went home.

We used the rule that allows us to stack draw twos because it was more fun.

TL: Tet
ED: Gecko/Filip

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Going along the hallway, Mio-san to the front of room 633 and I go to room 655.

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