I’m being paid ¥ 300,000 a month to say ‘okaeri, kyo mo ganbatta ne’ to a hardworking neighbor oneesan who earns ¥500,000 a month but doesn’t have a use for the money, which is really fun – chapter 1

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Tsuki 50 man moratte mo ikigai no nai tonarinōnēsan ni 30 man de yatowa rete `okaeri. Kyō mo ganbatta ne’ tte iu oshigoto ga totemo tanoshī


When the company slave Yuji Matsumoto came back home late due to late-night overtime work, Saotome Mio, who was next door, was stuck outside without a key. After jumping from veranda to veranda, Matsutomo opened the door and accidentally said “okaerinasai.”
「I thought no one would say that to me for the rest of my life. If you could, please tell that to me again tomorrow.」
「Though I come back home late due to overtime…..」
「I’ll hire you for $3000 a month!」1
Matsumoto was pulled out from a black company by the power of someone elite that works in a leading company.
My next job destination is Saotome-san.
As for the contents of the work is to say “Okaerinasai” to the lonely Saotome-san. 2

Saotome-san Can’t Go Home

A long dark-haired woman stood in the corridor of the apartment on a rainy night.

I was honestly startled. I was about to scream for the first time in a few years at a scene that was too intense for two o’clock in the middle of the night after work overtime, but I was familiar with the suit she was wearing.

「You’re my neighbor, Saotome-san right?」

「Eh, Abah, neighbor…. Sorry, yes, I’m Saotome.」

After a short jolt, while moving her hair that was stuck on her face after getting soaked by the rain, she turned towards me. Yup, she was indeed my neighbor Saotome-san.

There was nothing in between us more than being neighbors, but it looked like she remembered my face.

Though I understood「Eh」but「Abah」was something new.

「Were you coming back from work? You work late too?」

「Well, yes, once in a while.」

Once in a while?

Standing while soaked completely was one thing, and there were many other things that I was curious about, but I didn’t think I should stick my nose into. I decided to go home, there was work tomorrow too.

「Well then, good night.」

「Ahm, yes, good night to you too.」

I grabbed my key, then inserted it into the keyhole. After twisting it, the door opened. From there, what welcomed me was a minimalistic room with a laptop and cactus potted plants.

This was the flow of action that all of the tenants in this apartment did, but it looks like Saotome-san wasn’t trying to do it, as she was just standing in front of the door and stared at it.

Maybe, it’s that.

「Have you lost the key?」

「Ahm, no, I have not lost it.」

I thought it was a common scenario, but it seemed I was wrong.

「I left it at my workplace, which is three hours away from here…..」

「Isn’t that similar? So, were you standing here without trying to do anything?」


「Even if you apologize to me….. Have you tried calling the place where you left your keys?」

So I asked in the spur of the moment, though it was already 2 am. Excluding a corporate slave like me, everyone was already sleeping.

「Both my smartphone and my wallet are in the bag that I left…. So I can’t use the public phone, and even if I were able to use it no one will answer it….」

「Well, even if someone does answer, it’s not like you can get the bag in this instance.」


Saotome-san nodded while trembling. She had an expression that made her look like a lost kid in a mall.

I met Saotome-san for the first time when I moved into this apartment this spring. I was happy that my neighbor was this beautiful woman, but due to a strict schedule at work I was unable to go home when everyone was still active. But after actually talking to her, to know that she was someone like this…..

「For the time being, if you stay like that you will catch a cold. I will lend you some money, so please spend the night at some business hotel.」

「B, but I can’t accept that.」

「I can’t just ignore you. I will go get a towel, so while we wait for a taxi can you at least wipe your hair? Is that all right?」

「Yes. Thank you, so much.」

I usually don’t lend out money, but in this case, it couldn’t be helped.

After I was entered my house to get a towel, I looked back at Saotome-san, and she looked like she wanted to say something but couldn’t.[ED: Original line is “She kept on closing and opening her mouth.”]

I thought that maybe she was thinking that she had not expressed enough gratitude, but it looked like that was not the case.


「Abah, Yes!」





「Inhale largely~」


「Exhale largely~」


Deep breathing is great. It can calm people in a short time.
And it’s free.

「Well then, go ahead.」

「Well, I have an important job tomorrow.」


「Required materials are in the house.」


「If I don’t have that, our company, might collapse.」

「Aren’t you in a great pinch?!」

I said that in a loud voice after realizing the situation was more serious than I thought, then I looked around nervously. I was glad that nobody woke up because of me.

Well, since this is the case, it cannot be helped.

「Saotome-san, have you put anything in your veranda?」

「? No, there shouldn’t be any.」

「I will jump from my veranda to yours, break the window to get inside and then open the door. Is that ok for you?」

「Eh, Ehhh!?」

The surprise for Saotome-san was probably both for breaking the window and for jumping off the sixth floor’s veranda.

However, there was no other way (one week from that day, I learned that key opener stores with 24-hours service exist. When I learned about that, my body lost all it’s power. But that is a story for another time.)

Above all, I absolutely didn’t want to leave people locked out in front of my house.

「For the time being, come in. If you’re the owner of the place, there won’t be anything bothersome later.」

「B, but, it’s dangerous…」

「Well, I just have to slide my hands and feet in between the partition, so there’s no need to be worried. Even if it’s raining it won’t be that hard.」

「If that’s the case then I will.」

「No you won’t.」

I rejected immediately.

I’m sorry but I couldn’t imagine Saotome-san jumping from one veranda to another. If she falls by any chance, a dark haired ghost may appear in my room.

「In addition.」

「Anything else?」

「I have not, cleaned the place…..」

「Anyways, I’m going in. Tadaima

「Wa, wait. Ojamashimasu?」

Though my room is not something that one can boast about, but luckily there were only a few things. From the almost empty room, I grabbed some tools that I will need, then opened the window. A little rain came in from the opened window.

「This is the plan. I will break the window, enter the room, then from inside I will open the door. Is that all right?」

「Y, yes please. But if it looks impossible, please give up immediately.」

I nodded at Saotome-san who had her head lowered, thereafter I stepped out to my veranda. It rained and wind was blowing, and that I made me feel a slight fear, but I gathered my courage, gripped the handles and pushed my body.

「Ah, Abababababah.」3

….. I heard an interesting scream from Saotome-san behind me.

「Then I’m off.」

「Y, Yes!」


Even though it was at the height of the 6th floor, the distance between verandas was not that great. I placed my legs on top, slid towards Saotome-san’s veranda, spun my body then stepped down quickly. All of those happened in three seconds, but I felt like 30 seconds have passed.

To calm my mind I took a deep breath. Just like she said, there was nothing in the veranda except for the air conditioner unit.

「A, are you okay?」

「Yes, I am fine.」

「Wo~w. He’s a young man.」

What kind of evaluation for a man already in the middle of his twenties is that, Saotome-san?

「I will start breaking the windows, could you please wait in front of the door?」

After replying to the voice that I heard from the partition, I grabbed the tools out from my pocket.
Gloves, gum tape, and a crowbar. That’s all.

「Wipe the moisture off the window, stick on the gummed tape, then put on my gloves.」

Cover the area around the keyhole with gum tape. I learned before that doing so will decrease the number of fragments that will fall down. Because it also has the effect of sound suppression, the risk of being noticed will also be reduced.

That’s all for the preparation. What’s left is.

「Like smashing a ball. Smash!」

Well, let’s just say the result. The window glass, it was harder than expected.

「My hand…. My right hand….」4

I supported my numbing hand. I thought it would be easy, that I would break it in an instant. But since I got here and Saotome-san is waiting on the door, giving up is a shame.

「Hoi! Hoi!」

I felt that a crack was formed.


After three hits with full force behind them, the glass that’s made with today’s science — broke down. As expected, and as intended, the fragments didn’t fall down that much and are stuck on the sticky side of the gum tape.

While being cautious of sharp edges, I opened the window. I am glad there was no typhoon that day, or this would have been impossible.

And so, after stepping into Saotome-san’s house, what I saw was a little beyond my imagination.


A bunch of cardboard boxes covered the floor.
Almost empty bookshelves and cupboards.
And a bunch of empty plastic bottles.

Looks like she only unpacked the things that she really needed, and was living in the space that’s still free. As for the plastic bottles, it seems she just left them be after finishing them. Though it didn’t look that bad since they the lids were still in place. But when looking at the whole picture, it was not good.

「Well, yup. Though I don’t mind.」

I thought that the room of a black haired beauty will look modern and elegant. Wait, well this does look modern in another way.


「Ano~, Were you able to get in?」

My mind, that froze after seeing the unexpected scenario, was revived by the sound of the intercom. I completely forgot that Saotome-san, the owner of this unique room, was in front of the door.

「Y, yes I’m inside. I will open the door now.」

Unlocking then opening the door, I saw the restless Saotome-san, who has been waiting impatiently. Seeing at her like this, she really looked small.

「You saw it, right?」

She asked me with upturned look, though I know what she was talking about without having to ask about it.

「Well, I think that you’re living quite efficiently.」

The face of Saotome-san which had a tint of blue, suddenly, up to her ears turned red.

I tried to wrap everything up quickly, but it seems doing that inflicted some extra damage to her.


「For now, please come inside. I will leave after sealing the hole with gum tape.」

I pulled Saotome-san who was pouting. Her small hands were freezing, making me realize that she had been waiting outside for a quite time.

「Go ahead and take a shower or something, if not you will catch a cold. All of it will be for naught if you get a cold.」

「Yes…. Tadaima….」

Okaerinasai. Wasn’t it a tough day today?」


Due to the nonchalant reply of mine, Saotome-san, who was trying to remove her black heels, suddenly stopped moving.

「Ta, Tadaima

「Eh? Okaerinasai?」

For some reason she said it once again, so I answered once again.





Looks like she likes it.

No, I know that here are many things to consider, but the fact that she keeps on repeating it makes me confident that she is liking it.

「It’s been 10 years since someone told me that.」

It looked like she really liked it.

「Well, as expected. If you’re living alone no one would say that to you.」

「C, can we do it again?」

「Well, if it’s something like this I can say it as many times as you want.」


Hmm, why is that, someone like Saotome-san, who was supposed to be older than me, seemed to be reverting to a toddler?

TL: Tet

ED: Gecko/Filip

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Oh.. this is cute.. I like it~ thanks for the start up!


「If I don’t have that, our company, might collapse.」
TROLOLOL ! So funny.

I really hope romance appear and low-to-no drama.


Thanks for the chapter


Thx for the chap!


this looks really interesting and cute start to the story . hope it keep being like this and no drama . anyway thank you so much for picking this up and the great work .


Even if you get a Locksmith to come by, wouldn’t you need some sort of identification for the location being opened?


I never had to call one, so I don’t know. I guess it would depend on the locksmith, the country, region, and more.
You could say this is just a little stunt pulled by the author to make them get close.


She’s so cute~
Thanks for translating and picking up this project!

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