Saotome-san has become weak again

「How are you feeling, Mio-san?」

「I think I am feeling a little better now」

After sending Tsuchiya off, I placed the bottle of『Dassai』that was out of my reach in the kitchen and went to Mio-san’s bedroom.

She was wrapped up in a blanket and letting out a shallow breath.

「Looks like moving your body might have turned out for the better」


「Your physical health is important, but I am really glad that you didn’t collapse mentally. I thought you would definitely worry about every little mistake that you made whilst meeting with Tsuchiya which in turn might have exacerbated your illness」

Before, when we went shopping together she criticised herself for not being able to hold an interesting conversation and for spilling a drop of napolitana sauce. She considered such things to be grave enough to warrant a Sabbath1. I was convinced that something similar would occur.

「Tsuchiya-san? That’s because I won’t be meeting him anytime soon. So……」

「……. How does it matter?」

「Well, after seeing Matsutomo-san today, I will be seeing you again tomorrow right?」

「Yes, naturally」

「That’s why, if you come to hate me today, then tomorrow you would still be forced to meet me. I am hungry….」

Mio-san answered my question with 「Isn’t it a given」

「I won’t come to hate you. Even if, in the smallest chance that I do come to hate you then I will not push myself and just quit.」

「I don’t want that…….」


「Even though I have Fuu-chan and the rest, I still don’t want it to happen. It’s a definite no-no」

「Then what do you want me to do?」

「I have no clue…..」

Somehow I think I got the gist of what she is trying to tell.

「Well, to sum it up you don’t have to worry and can rest easy as you won’t be meeting with Tsuchiya. Is that it?」

「…… I will make sure to take him out to convey my thanks.」

「Commendable, commendable」


She remains carefree and won’t get depressed if there is enough time between successive meetings. Even if it is simply postponing the inevitable.

「By the way, Mio-san, you were the type that put off doing your holiday homework, right?」

Eek, Aba, I tur, turned it in time?」

「Good grief, you must at least make it a point to do it systematically this year.」

「We don’t have homework anymore…… Eh, we don’t, right?」

In any case she seems to have improved enough to hold a conversation. If she stays like this then it is possible to make her eat something before giving her the medicine.

「Then, I will go and make food. I am taking away the egg porridge」

Though she has become a bit better, I don’t want to force it and have her consume solid food. It’s really wasteful, but let’s just look over it this time.

While I was clearing the plate with the porridge, Mio-san grabbed the spoon from the side.

「I can still eat」

「It’s fine. If you force yourself to eat, then you may end up vomiting and subsequently delay your recovery」

「I will be fine」

She refuses to let go. She is weirdly obstinate in some places.

「Cold porridge is not really palatable you know」

「That’s okay」

Even from the nutritional perspective, starch that has started the process of retrogradation is difficult to digest and might even burden the already weak digestive organs.

That is the case, but I guess you can’t help it if she is determined to eat it.

「In that case, only a spoonful」


Splosh, Mio-san put her spoon in the porridge that is starting to resemble a dumpling and retrieved a spoonful. Putting it in her mouth she gulped down the porridge.


Osomatsusama2. It’s good that you don’t want to waste food but you shouldn’t do it at the cost of your health. Then you will be losing both the principal as well as the interest.」

「I ate it because I couldn’t taste anything」

Ah, that was it.

Ensuring that Mio-san doesn’t realise, I quietly closed the plate which still had eight tenths of the porridge left.

「If you get better, then I will make it as a late night snack for you. It’s really delicious when made with an earthenware pot. Let’s have it together.」

「Okay, it’s a promise.」

Please get well even if it’s only for the sake of eating the late night snack.

Fortunately the fever has gone down a bit and she is able to eat light food. The ingredients that Tsuchiya bought can be put to use.

Let’s whip something up before the fever recurs. I moved to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator which has already become completely familiar to me.

「It’s good that she stocked up on eggs」

The ingredients required this time are much simpler than before.

「Egg, sake, sugar, honey….., I also have soy milk at hand, huh. Let’s use that too.」

This time we will be making a dish that stands on par with egg porridge. A typical go to food for those afflicted with fever.

Moreover, there are even a lot of people who have come across this dish in an anime or manga but were unable to make it themselves. Before learning how to cook, I too was one amongst them.

「Scramble the eggs and then use a tea filter to strain it. Add sugar and honey to the egg and mix it well.」

First job at hand is to process the eggs.

Ensuring that no lumps are formed at this stage is important as it affects the final outcome.

Now gently beat the eggs until it becomes a uniform yellow coloured liquid. Set it aside.

「Take half a cup of 『Dassai』and boil it in the stove to reduce its alcohol content」

Add a little hot water to the sake and stir it well.

「Now pour this into the beaten eggs while stirring and blend it thoroughly to a single homogenous mixture.」

If you pour it in a hurried manner the egg will harden and it will become similar to an egg soup. Pour it slowly in order to get a yellow liquid that gleams like a custard pudding.

「At last, add just a little soy milk.」

If you want to soften the flavour it’s better to use cow’s milk. In my case it should be fine to use soymilk since Mio-san loves soy beans. It’s also a great choice as it is good for the stomach.

「All right, it tastes good. Isn’t it great that it is also high in nutrients」

A few decades ago, the dietary supplements and jelly type products that people use nowadays didn’t exist. The famed technique that Japanese people have been using for hundreds of years together is “Liquid Dietary Supplement”.


This is Tamagozake

The viscous yellow liquid rolled around the mug, letting out a sweet aroma.

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