MaouMuji SS 3: Shield
(Spoiler warning: This story happened during chapter 81 of the main story)

TL: kizen
PR: Filip/Gecko

「Speckー! Lend me a shieldー!」

「Sure. What are you going to use it for?」

「What else can you use a shield for?」

「This is you, who doesn’t follow common sense, we’re talking about so I thought you were going to use it as a shovel or something」

「I already have a shovel though. Well, I guess it can be used to dig a hole. It could be used as a frying pan as well if it was made completely out of iron」

「……this is the first time I’ve been glad that I had a wooden shield」

「Don’t worry, I already have a frying pan after all」

「Kuchinashiー! Lend me your shieldー!」

「Sure but what are you going to use it for? Don’t use it for something strange okay?」

「I’ll use it as a shield so it’ll be fine」

「……you’re the one asking Caam-kun so you might use it for something strange」

「I will only use it as a shield. I promise」

「Then here you go」

Is there really that strong of an impression of me using all things differently from their intended usage?

I was standing in front of Lily and Miel as we were about to start training.

「I’ve managed to borrow shields so this time, I’m going to show you how terrifying this equipment actually is」

「It’s just to block attacks right? Why is it terrifying?」

「I also don’t know. What is so scary about it?」

「You’ll understand if it’s used in combat. Well then, shall we give it a try?」

After saying that, I put the buckler I borrowed from Speck on my left hand then a short stick on my right in place of my machete.

「Alright. I’m not going to use my magic this time. We can start whenever you’re ready」

After saying that, I readied the shield in front of me then Lily also did the same with her practice spear. Once she was ready, she leaned forward then lunged towards me.

It’s the usual straightforward attack so I just deflected the spear outwards then I used the stick to lightly touch the place where the gap would have been if she was wearing armor.


「I’ve already said this before but your movements are too predictable. Instead of just thrusting attacks, you could take advantage of your reach by just swinging your weapon downwards, aiming for the body, or swiping the feet as you gradually close the distance. Alright, one more time」


After that, Lily tried out all sorts of attacks but the ones aimed at the upper body were repelled by the shield while the attacks to the feet were evaded.

「You inherited your mother’s strength so you could either put a bit more strength into your attacks to blow off your enemy with the shield or learn how to do feints. Well then, time for your break. Next up is Miel. Come」

After saying that, he came over and swapped places with Lily.

「We’re not going to have a battle with magic today. Think about how you’ll deal against someone that’s armed as we go」


「Alright. Lily, you can just clap whenever you want but we’ll use that as a signal to start」

With that said, I put on a serious expression, slightly lowered my hips, and took on a stance that would let me move immediately.

As for Miel, he seemed like he was thinking about how I was going to move. I didn’t know if Lily was thinking about something else but the signal I asked her to do didn’t come. Even though we were trying our best to maintain our concentration, it was only once we were starting to get a bit restless that she clapped her hands.


I’m facing a magician this time so I won’t just wait and see while maintaining my distance. I rushed towards Miel but he started shooting fireballs at me. His attacks were going straight at me so I was able to easily block them with the shield while advancing. Once I reached him, I pressed the stick directly against his neck.

「Listen up. A vanguard can easily face a magician as long as they have a shield. That’s one of the reasons why an enemy with a shield is scary. Without shields, they would have to slowly advance while avoiding attacks. In that situation, the magician’s vanguard that they would typically have would come to help then I’ll be at a disadvantage. That’s why victory is decided even before the fight has started」

「Since that was only one of the reasons, you mean there’s more?」


「How scary~」


「Then, for the next round, I will only be holding this stick and won’t be using it. Miel, this time you give us the signal, same as what lily did earlier」『*clap*』

Woah. What the heck? So quick! We haven’t even gotten into position yet.

Lily was able to react to that immediately by thrusting her spear but I managed to twist my body to avoid it. I may have dodged it but my beautifully twisted body’s side received a strong punch which caused me to faint in agony.

「Wait, time out!」

After saying that, I fell to the ground then kept groaning as I held my side for about five minutes. If she hit my ribs, then they’re most certainly broken.


「It was certainly father’s fault for being careless but I won’t be able to teach you about shields if you do that」12

I said that while dripping cold sweat. Once I recovered, we restarted. This time, it quickly ended in my victory since I was able to slip in attacking range while being assaulted by her spear, then lightly hit her chest area with the shield. Lily looked a bit surprised at the sudden outcome.


「Shields can also be used to attack. Just think about what would have happened if I hit you as hard as you did to me or if I aimed at your face. In my opinion, aside from aiding to evading or deflecting attacks, small shields like this one can also be used to deal damage to the enemy. That’s the second reason.

Next up will be the large round shield which I think is mainly used for actual defensive purposes. Well then, I guess it’s Miel’s turn next. This stick wouldn’t be a fit for this shield since it’s just the length of a dagger so I’ll try finding another one that’s the length of a longsword」

After saying that, I had the children take a short break as I searched for the stick.


Once I found it, I had Lily start us off like before.

Miel started launching fireballs at me just like last time but I firmly held my shield then rushed towards him while peeking through the small notch on the upper right side. He tried flanking me to my left side that didn’t have a weapon but there was a significant difference in speed of him going all the way around and me just turning in place so it was futile.

I was also wary of magic coming from behind but it seems like it was difficult to concentrate or aim it while moving.

It would be great if they experienced the fear of the threat of a shield with this. I slowly approached him while patiently waiting for Miel to exhaust himself. Once I saw an opening, I immediately rushed forward to close the distance then stopped at the last moment to finish the match.

「To be honest, this one’s more effective when you’re moving in a group but even alone, it’s a large shield that’s pretty difficult to take down. By the way, this can also be used to attack. You hold it with both hands then thrust forward while putting your weight into it to blow the enemy away. You can also thrust it towards the ground to crush their feet then finish them off while they’re down. Lily, we’re going at it again so pay attention to the things I just said. Start us off again, Miel」


During our bout, Lily couldn’t break through my shield and was slowly cornered until she gave up.

「Well then, I guess that’s it for the shield. I really wanted to make full use of this opportunity and try throwing it or do a running tackle with the shield but you guys might get hurt so we’ll just leave that for next time. That’s why you need to be careful with the ones who have shields」



「However, I have one more thing to teach Miel」

「Eh? What is it?」

「When fighting against someone with a shield, it’s much more effective to use impact or striking attacks. The fireball you kept using can be easily deflected so hurling stones using magic would have been better since it’s difficult to deflect using a shield and if they try to do so, it would cause their hands to go numb. That’s why you should stop only using the ones that you’re good at and try using other attributes. However, an attack big enough that it can’t be blocked by a shield would also work since they’ll just end up being caught up in it. I’ll leave it to you to decide whether you’re going to strengthen what you’re already good at or to eliminate your weaknesses」


「All that’s left is a weapon. It’s probably a good idea to have one after all so even something small is fine. It would be best for you to decide what fits you so try thinking about that. Well then, that’s it for the lessons on the shield. Let’s take a bath then have dinner」


Idle Talk

「Caam! Why is my shield kinda burnt?」

「Sorry. I used it to repel a fireball while I was training with the kids」

「Eh!? Hey, you should have told me you’re going to use it like that first!」


「Caam-kun! My shield is all beat up!」

「Sorry. It was hit a lot while I was training with the kids」

「Muー. Well, you did use it as a shield but you should have told me about that first」


I guess I should have used the bathroom floorboards instead.3

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Thanks for the chapter
LOL, Caam being famous for using equipments not for what they were intended for


It’s also nice to see Caam can be done in by two children if he lets his guard down. Just like a normal human! :3


“It was certainly father’s fault for being careless but I won’t be able to teach you about shields if you do that”

Caam is such a good dad. He doesn’t scold the kids for their cheeky actions and instead diverts it back to the original purpose he was trying to make. The kids don’t have to feel bad and get to remain proud for managing to gain a victory over their dad.




Caam’s kids are so precious! If he manages to pass down his innovative thinking into them, they’ll be quite the team! Thanks so much for your continued efforts!

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