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It’s been a while since I posted something. Sorry for the lack of updates last week. I’ve been busy because I recently became unemployed and I was also helping out at home because my mom just got her cataract removed. I feel like I just casually said something that made me depressed me for a bit there… (-ω-、) Oh well.

Anyway, I’m sure there are a lot of mistakes in this chapter but I think it’s probably fine. And also, since the author apparently calls this series MaouMuji for short so I’m using that from now on.

Here’s chapter 9, enjoy.

Chapter 09: That time when we held the end of the year festival

The end of the year…… That is another way of calling the 12th month in Japan. I remember times where I was quite busy during that time in my previous life.
I don’t know if that exists in this world but the village is currently noisy and hectic for an entirely different reason.

Snow has piled up. Everybody is busy removing the piled up snow from the roofs of their animal sheds so there are no particular tasks to be done indoors. Before the snow fell, we were repairing our own animal shed. As for preparing preserved food, we made salty dried meat before the harvest festival. 1
The wheat like plant we produced was taken as tax but since the amount that was taken was small, we would not have to worry about being hungry during winter. But if in case there is actually a person who is starving, because this is a small village, there is an unspoken agreement between everyone that we would help each other out. And since everyone in the village is friendly, they are even kind to strangers.

The school would also have a days-off when there is snowfall but when it stops, a teacher is going to announce at the village square that “there will be school tomorrow”.
I was able to kill time but also earn some extra money while doing side jobs during winter.

I bought scrap cloths with bright colors and made bear and rabbit plushies, rolled roses and knitted mats. This was my mother’s hobby in my past life so I remembered it.
Crap. A few tears came out when I remembered it. I haven’t thought about what happened after my death that much. I probably troubled my family. Since the actual cause of my death was choking on a mochi, I wonder how they would explain this to the neighbors. I’m sorry Tou-san, Kaa-san, Nee-san.

Next, I took some dried-up wood from the forest and carved it using a knife.
That’s right, I was thinking of making those wooden black bears that you can usually find in the houses of ojii-chans and obaa-chans. I can imagine it and I know its shape but because I don’t have the skill, it just became wood scraps.
Famous artists are pretty amazing. And sculptors too.

I also bought some cheap broken glass and tried to make accessories.
Since the glass manufacturing technology hasn’t really been established yet, I just tried to recall a video I saw on TV about making glass beads.
I used fire magic to so that I could properly melt it then use a rod-shaped metal to twirl it around. I was having difficulty slowly cooling it at first but I used a pot that I picked up and filled it with sand as a substitute for an annealing agent.

By the way, I also earned money by hunting prey. I sold the excess meat and skin at the butcher’s and a tanning* shop and it has been steadily accumulating. 2
The second-hand knife that I bought started to become rusty so I picked up a small clay-like stone on a dry river bed and polished it.
I tried making an obsidian knife using magic but I noticed that it disappears after an hour. It seems like stuff made with magic would disappear when magic power is depleted so I can’t sell gold, silver, gems and the like that I made using magic. That’s a shame.

I tried out various thing when I went out hunting but I couldn’t come up with anything. We have been dependant on those tools that we usually use in modern society even though there are a lot of these amazing techniques, huh…
Well, I may be able to use various kinds of magic but it’s a different story when it comes to making things.

As I was thinking about that, snow started to fall and a month slowly passed by.
It seems like we have enough to feed our livestock and we have still have those vegetables that grew healthily during spring. We don’t have anything to worry about.

I just stayed with my family last year but this year it’s going to be different because I became an adult and am already able to drink.

「Caam, you should go to the assembly hall tonight. Since it’s the end of the year festival, we are going to hold an overnight drinking festival. It’s okay to be late but you must absolutely come.」

Just as I was thinking about how I did not want to spend every year relaxing, they said that so I didn’t think about it for a long time.

Until last year, we just spent our time leisurely at home eating a slightly luxurious meal. That didn’t change this year but, it seems like my parents would usually go drinking at the village’s assembly hall. I’m also required to participate this year……
My head hurts when I think about what happened during the harvest festival. Instead of my head aching because of pain, it’s because I’ve got a lot of things I’m anxious about 3

「Caam! Over here!」
Wurst’s voice echoed throughout the place. Now that I look closely, almost all of the boys in our class is here. Or rather, they are already wasted. The girls are also here and they are also drinking.
「Oh, you guys are quick. You weren’t here last year, right?」
「Isn’t it quite early for your old man to bring along some kids who grew big and became a couple but didn’t get married?」
Okay, okay, I’ve somehow figured it out. There is a possibility that these guys probably prepared this end of the year festival.
That’s just my assumptions so I just gave a vague reply.
Speck brought over some beer after that and everyone started to shout ‘kanpai’. How many times are these guys going to do that?
*gulp gulp gulp!* “Ahhh~~~bitter!”
It’s bitter this time, huh. Well, I’m not going to stop drinking it though! You should drink if you can get sake for free!
「Hey, Caam…… Have you been hunting since that time?」
Schinken sat in front of me and started being aggressive. It seems like he gets bolder when he drinks. He is normally easy to get along with but it gets bad as soon as he starts drinking.
Is this a gap moe? It’s okay for a guy to become a gap moe whenever he drinks but as long as he doesn’t become a guy who is only good when he is not drinking. Oh well. He’s the child of those two so he would probably be fine. Violence is bad, okay?
「Aa, I’m starting to get used to it somehow. I’m really thankful for that」
「I see. That’s good, that’s good. Next time let’s go to the forest together」
He nonchalantly replied while drinking. If they are sober, can’t let them accompany those who are drunk.

「Caam, my sake cup is empty! Bring more!」
Speck’s still the same as ever, huh…… Is that how he is when he’s drunk?
As I was bringing over the sake, I skillfully balanced on one leg without spilling the sake and turned around while laughing.
The people nearby saw were in a higher spirits than usual and asked me, “You’re already drunk aren’t you?”. And I replied, “Well, it’s because of Speck”, cleaned up and left.

In addition to that, my classmates who I don’t usually see suddenly turned up on one side of the table…… Sake is scaryー. 4

Speaking of scary, there’s Suzuran. When I tried to look at the girls’ group, they were quiet like usual and drinking while eating meat. They have not gone wild yet.

*Thud!* As I heard that sound, I casually turned around and look and saw that Miiru who was slightly well dressed had fallen down. Her skirt was completely flipped and I did a spit take as expected when I saw her underwear. She immediately fixed her appearance but the people who saw me spit out my drink were glaring at me. Even Suzuran who was chewing on some meat was also scowling at me. Isn’t that a bit unreasonable?

After that, Kuchinashi-san(クチナシ) who’s a ghoul sat next to me and embraced me while saying “Cold feels good”. I was troubled because her chest kept on rubbing on me. The cyclops Granaade-san(グラナーデ) kept saying “It’s hot!” in a manly way as she vanished into the snowy night. As you can imagine, everyone is already quite drunk.

That happened last time so it seems like Suzuran is trying to avoid getting drunk just like me but she got influenced by some of our drunk classmates so she also got drunk. Her face was red and she was stuffing her face with meat while grinning as she kept glancing at me.
There is a chance that she would confront me because of the influence of sake. Would it be better if I change my strategy in that area?
I stopped using a strategy and just increased my drinking pace while eating a salty dried meat and forcibly get myself drunk…

【Skill・Poison Resistance: 2】acquired

Oiiiii! Why now! Why did it come out now! Is sake also a type of poison!? Is god trying to stop me from getting drunk!? Like that certain frank god that I know! Drinking that unappetizing poisonous cocktail until now has finally paid off! 5

The situation got even more chaotic as the date changed……
「Uoi……yuu rrreeeli aren’t dwinking that muchh are yuu!」6
Hey, Wurst. Shouldn’t you stop drinking sake soon? It’s starting to affect the way you speak you know. It’s killing off your brain cells you know.
「That’s right, that’s right! Drink some more!」
Schinken, even though you’re drunk, don’t place your arms over the shoulders of the girl in front of you. Since the girl’s grinning while on glancing at me so I think that she probably doesn’t mind it. I’m just going to ignore them.
Speck, stop rubbing your head on my thighs. Does this mean you want your head patted? You are really like a dog, aren’t you?
「Drink! Drink! Here, you should drink!」He said that while showing me a cup.
「But I’m not drunk」
You too, Miiru-san. Don’t come over here if you’re just going to be annoying!
「That’s right, you knowー」
Kuchinashi-san, don’t take advantage of the situation and climb on my back!
It can’t be helped that I’ve completely grasp the way of drinking because I’ve been drinking a lot as someone who is 30-year-old man inside so my poison resistance went up…… But still……


Then, Suzuran approached me and grabbed my by the collar then everyone suddenly became quiet.
Isn’t this the same thing that happened during the harvest festival? It’s definitely going to happen again, isn’t it?
As I was thinking that, she suddenly started drinking sake. She didn’t swallow and just held it in her mouth as she brought her lips closer to mine.
「P…please calm down, Suzuran-san……」
Yes…… It’s the same pattern as last time.
It’s impossible, I can’t escape. This girl is stronger than me!
「Go ahead, Suzuran」
「Have you already strengthened your resolve?」
Kuchinashi-san, Miiru-san, please don’t restrain me with a headlock. My head is being surrounded by four wonderful things. 7

I can feel the hatred hiding in the men’s eyes when they noticed the situation. At the same time, I could hear the girls shrieking.

「hmmーーー」I’ll stop showing any resistance.
Why is it, I wonder? I feel like I’m that obaa-chan or that deluxe person in that ‘no-laughing’ program at the end of the year…… 8

Ah……sake entered my mouth.

I accepted the sake until she separated her lips from mine. It wasn’t a lot so I was able to take it all.
Are you satisfied, Suzuran-san?

Perhaps, the light in my eyes right has now disappeared……

After 4 hours…… at dawn……
Everyone around me is wasted. I……don’t wanna……think about it…

Influenced by me and Suzuran, several pairs from my class left one by one. I’m looking forward to tonight.

[TN: At this point, I’d like to give those who are squeamish and have a really good imagination a heads up. You’ll encounter disgusting scenes ahead if you have both of these. Anyway, it’s a bit of a SPOILER ALERT but the author doesn’t actually use the term ‘vomit’ but ‘ダムの決壊’ which is probably a slang(?) term for vomiting. It literally means bursting dam or something like that]

「This is terrible…… Uh…how I wish rubber gloves exist in this world」Anyone would understand why I kept on complaining if they could see this vomit hell.

At first, Schinken was laughing as he was talking then, he suddenly became expressionless and let everything loose. I was confused at first then I tried to evade it but a bit of debris still splashed on my feet.
When Wurst saw that, he also decided to join in and puked.
Speck who was near Wurst ran away but his feet got entangled and he fell down. Because of his fall, he couldn’t hold it in and let it all out.
Miiru and Kuchinashi were laughing while they were pointing at us. Didn’t your parents ever teach you that pointing at others is bad?

What about the adults! Don’t just laugh while you’re looking at me, damn it!

Suzuran-san who is chewing on some dried meat, please save me.

And also, am I supposed to take care of you guys? I’ll cry you know.

【Skill・Danger Perception: 1】acquired

Eh? Yes, I certainly felt in danger but… I just learned that skill just because I avoided someone’s vomit……

Anyway, for now I’m just going to clean up. I’ll lay these guys down on their side just in case they need to vomit again. Suzuran is asleep and she’s leaning on Miiru and Kuchinashi so I’ll just leave them alone. They will be fine because there is only two hours left until dawn and there are still adults who are drinking.

Next year. Oh, I guess it’s already this year…… Even though there are still 300 plus days until this year’s end of the year festival, even though I don’t know the god of this world, I’m going to start praying right away so that the same thing won’t happen again.
And thus, I went to sleep.

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