Chapter 85: That time when a dwarf found out about the distilled liquor

TL: kizen
PR: Filip/Gecko

The following day after the meat party, all of the islanders gathered to peel the fruit and put the seeds on some kind of drying rack. I had those rakes they used in baseball fields made to help in evenly laying out the seeds then once it was suitably dried, we roasted them in a large pot. Once they were done, we packed them in empty barrels.

This time, I tried going for a medium roast. I think it had a few different names after it was roasted. I don’t remember any of them though.

It was troublesome to harvest the fruit but might be a bit easier once we get more islanders. It might also be a good idea to recruit solely for that position.

「Well then, I should go and deliver the coffee」

After all the processing, we were left with a barrel and a half so I prepared that and then transported it to the shop.

It would be nice if we could use the ship to transport it but there’s not a lot of it yet so this will have to do.

「Hey guys, good work」

I opened the storage room door and entered the shop floor.

「Thank you」

「How is it? Did you have enough beans?」

「Yes. If we didn’t get any more in three days, we were going to close the shop and have a break」

「See? I told you it would be enough. If you think it’s not roasted enough, please roast it even more before using it」

「Understood. Also, um, how do I say this」

The man who worked behind the counter said that while looking apologetic.

「Go on. What wrong?」

「It’s about that strong liquor……」

「Did you use it all?」

「No, there’s still some left but we’ve had a dwarven customer who had been pressing us really hard about it」

「Oh, a dwarf huh……?」

「I told them I don’t know what to tell them since the manager isn’t here but they come here every day to ask」

「That person, when do they usually come by?」

「Just a bit past lunch」

「……got it. I’ll stay here today so that I can help deal with them tomorrow. It would be strange if I came out of the storage room all of a sudden after all」

「I’m sorry for not being able to deal with them」

「Don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault. Is the blanket I used before still in the back?」

After that conversation, I began preparing for my stay.

The next day, the couple arrived in the shop just as I got up so we worked together to get ready to open the store. Once the opening time came, as per usual, the clothing store lady and the staff member lady working at the port arrived to have a drink while gossiping and sharing information.

「Ohー, the demonkin lad is here today huh? It’s been a while since I saw you」

「It has. It seems like there was a customer who wanted to talk with me no matter what so I came today to settle that」

「Youre the most important person in this place after all. You weren’t here long so I had a misunderstanding」

「I was busy taking care of stuff」

「Haha. Don’t work hard so much that you collapse alright? I wouldn’t want to stop drinking this drink after all」

「Thank you for your patronage」

It was just past noon and Nils-san, who probably just had lunch, came by as usual. As soon as he saw me, he immediately made his way to the counter then took a seat right in front of me.

「It’s been a while. Ah, one coffee, please. I have something I have to tell you actually……」

I started brewing his coffee while waiting for him to continue.

「There was a dwarf that came to this shop and they also came to my company. I’ve heard that they’ve also been going around the other companies but it looks like they’re desperately looking for the source of that liquor that’s being served in this shop. I have two bottles of it myself but I didn’t know what to say to them」

「I’ve heard about it from the clerks. It seems like they usually come to this shop later in the afternoon so I’m going to discuss it will them at that time」

「I see. That’s great. I don’t know where Caam-san’s hometown is after all」

While we were talking, I served him his coffee then we proceeded to chat as we waited for the said dwarf to arrive.

A bit later, together with a loud clanking of the bell by the door, a small-statured but well-built man entered.

He glanced in my direction then shuffled across the room and took a seat in front of me.

「Coffee, the one with liquor」

「Certainly, coming right up」

After taking his order, I began to brew him his coffee but he started talking about something else as I had expected.

「Are you the manager?」

「Yes, that’s pretty much my role here」

「I’ll cut to the chase, tell me where you get that liquor you use」

He put his thick arms on the table as if to intimidate me while he said that.

「It’s from my hometown. This liquor is a special product of our village. It even has our village’s name」

「I’m asking you where that is!」


He hit the table which caused all of the customers to turn their attention to us.

I placed the dwarf’s coffee together with the container for the liquor in front of him but he only touched the liquor and ignored the coffee altogether.

「I see. Well, from this town, you go to the demonkin continent then take a fifteen-day carriage ride to a village in the outskirts. I guess it would take you thirty days at most to get there」

After saying that, I heard him click his tongue.

「That’s pretty far」

That was the only thing he said in reply. He contemplated for a while then started speaking again.

「Gimme an introduction. I can stay in the village if I tell them your name right? While you’re at it, tell me the village’s name as well」

「Sir, it’s not appropriate to have this conversation here since we’ll be bothering the other guests. Do you mind if we take this somewhere else?」

「Sure, hurry it up」

「Sorry but I’ll leave the rest to you guys. Dear guests, I apologize for the disturbance. To make up for it, I will pay for your drinks so please take your time to enjoy it」

As I said that, I took out the money to pay for the drinks of the customers at the counter then told the clerk that I’m leaving things there to him.

「So, where are we going?」

「I’ll leave it to you. Lead the way」

「You sound kinda different from earlier」

「That’s because I was serving customers earlier. Since you are no longer one, I stopped doing that」

「That’s true. Alright, let’s go to my favorite tavern」

After saying that, I followed him to a tavern he seemed to frequent.

The dwarf picked a table with vacant seats then asked for liquor. As for me, I just ordered water.

「We’re in a tavern, order liquor」

「We’re going to talk about something important so I don’t get why you’d want to drink liquor」

I have poison resistance so I can’t get drunk but I still didn’t order any alcoholic drinks. It’s probably something that remained from my previous life.

「Alright, now tell me more about that liquor」

「I also want to ask you for more details. Do you just want to drink my village’s liquor or do you want to know how to make it?」

「Either way works」

Well, he’s a dwarf and I can only see them as a race that loves their liquor so that’s understandable.

「I could tell you but what’s in it for me? Would you be willing to accept my conditions?」

「You want money? If so then I can pay」

「Rather than money, I want manpower. I hear that dwarves have skillful hands and are good at smithing, casting, and forging. If you manage to learn how to make it, would you be willing to work on my island?」

「An island? Just who the heck are you?」

「It’s not something I can say here. Please just answer the question. If you learn the way of making that liquor, would you be willing to work for me?」

「What if I refuse?」

「I only asked for water so I can just go back right now」

After I said that, I heard him click his tongue again.

He also began to contemplate for a while.

「I want to share the technique with my comrades before going to the island. Is that fine?」

「It’s fine. The processing method itself isn’t being kept secret you know? Rather, the dragonkin who’s managing it says he wants that information to be more widespread. The dragonkin also like their liquor after all」

「Dragonkin you say? You’re telling me that you’re also associated with them!?」

「Have you decided?」

「Give me a moment……」

He put down his drink as he said that then put his on his chin and started thinking.

He was being quiet thinking to himself so I just waited while drinking my water when he suddenly spoke.

「The name’s Van. What’s yours?」

「It’s Caam」

「Caam, I will work for you so please teach me how to make that liquor」

His attitude suddenly changed. It seemed like his tone had become more polite.

「Alright. Please come by the shop this evening after it closes. Bring all of your luggage with you. Ah, do you have work in this town?」

「No, I’m in the middle of a journey. I’ll definitely be there」

After that, since I only asked for water, I stood up then immediately went back to the shop.

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Caam is a very sensible negotiator. He knows he has what people want,, and exercises respectable caution when dealing with unknowns. Of course, having more skilled artisans for Aquamarine is a huge plus too! Thanks for your efforts translating this I greatly appreciate it!


Thanks for the chapter


The dwarf sure was rude. Hopefully he turns out to be an okay guy, or at least someone who isn’t an annoyance.

Thanks for the chapter

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