Chapter 83: That time when the humans and demonkin were forming relationships even without me

TL: kizen
PR: Filip/Gecko

A few days later, the boats were already being built near the beach.

「Hmmー. I think it’s about time to split the hive. If I see a honeybee, I’ll let them know. I should also have a new hive built」

While I was muttering that to myself, someone called me from behind.

「Caam. The boat you asked for is done」

「Thanks. You completed it faster than I expected. Well then, shall we test out if it floats? Also, should we do a ceremonial launching?」

「Huh? You want to drown a slave in the sea?」

「What are you talking about? That’s completely different from the ceremony I know」

「You offer slaves to the gods as a sacrifice you know?」

「What? That’s terrifying. It’s not just hitting the vessel with a bottle of fruit liquor? Never mind, let’s just stop this conversation. Rather than just cultural differences, I feel like it’s different in a more fundamental level」

「That’s true. Anyway, it’s good enough if the boat floats. Let’s call back the fishing group」


After having that conversation, we called over the fishing group.

「It’s finally done, huh? Ohー, the bottom is flat~. It’s perfect」

The group leader circled the ship while saying that.

「Oi, we haven’t tested if it floats yet so we still don’t know what’s going to happen. This is my first time building something like this after all. I mean, just get a shipwright to build these things for you instead」

「We can’t since they’re still in the middle of training. I apologize for making a strange request」

「……well, it’s fine since I managed to learn something from it. Anyway, let’s see if it floats first. It would be embarrassing if it sinks after all of that」

After saying that, we all pushed the boat to the sea.

「How is it?」

「It’s not taking in water so far. Let’s try adding more weight to it」

「Alright, I’ll get on」

「Ah, me too」

The three of us got on the boat, then tried to shake the hull to see how it would go. I also started adding stones using magic to gradually add more weight.

「Seems fine to me」

「I agree」

「Well, let me know if there’s anything wrong so that I can come and fix it」

「Thank you」

With his role done, Jucob-san went back to his workshop on top of the hill.

「Well then, I guess I should try calling them here」

After saying that, the group leader started rhythmically striking the water.

A short while later, Sheila-san rose from the water’s surface.

「The boat has been completed, huh? Should I start pulling it?」

「Un, I’ll leave it to you」

The group leader tossed the rope to Sheila which she rolled around her torso then she started to swim.

Dolphin kick!? Wait, there’s quite a lot of force to it. What’s this? Why does it feel like she’s not pulling anything at all?

「Uhm, how long do you think it will take you to reach the other side of the island?」

「If I try my best, I can do it in about two suns worth of time」1

「That’s pretty fast, isn’t it?」

「They say that it would be even faster if the mermaid tribe does it」

「Ohー, that’s amazing」

That means this girl can swim at about 40 kilometers per hour…… Aquatic demonkin are amazing! Even just a ten-kilometer round trip journey with a cart full of supplies would take us about seven hours to complete.

Come to think of it, the harpies arrived pretty quickly even though I used my transfer magic to get back. It also didn’t take long for Facile to get back when I asked her to call her parents, did it? I wonder if they’re actually pretty high spec?

Is a simple meal enough in exchange for their services? Can I really just give them sweets?

I-i-i-s this really, REALLY alright?

It seriously hurts my conscience though.

Next time they ask for a favor, I’ll make sure to prioritize it. Ahー, specialization is amazing, isn’t it?


~Idle Talk~
Rock’s adventuring preparations

「One of the summoned people asked to go on a training journey……?」


「What has he done?」

「He subjugated a demon lord on an uninhabited island. Lately, there have been rumors about another Demon Lord appearing on that island so we sent them there again but according to his report, those rumors weren’t true」

「It should be fine since he has already defeated one. Let him do as he likes. If he comes back stronger then it would be even better. Let him do good deeds along his journey in order to improve the people’s impression of our country」

「As you will」

「Takeru, you’ve been given permission to do what you want. While you’re at it, you should assist any troubled individuals you may encounter along the way」


「At any rate, I’m glad they gave you permission」

「That’s great, isn’t it? So? Have you decided where you want to go?」

「It’s going to get warmer soon so it would be great if we go to someplace cold」

「Then let’s head towards the mountains. If we’re going to a cold place, we should buy equipment for cold weather in town」

「That’s true. Stewed meals are really tasty in cold weather right~?」

「Also with liquor to go along with it. It’s great」

「Haha. Anyway, let’s just pay attention to the rumors while looking for the heroes. We’ll be traveling like this for a while so we need to set aside some money. We need enough for lodging and food at the very least so we shouldn’t have less than what we have right now」

「That’s true. Well, it would be good if we could subjugate monsters or catch someone with a bounty on their head while doing merchant escort requests」

「We won’t have any problems if things go according to plan. In the meantime, let’s just see if we can find any merchant escort requests or just hunt monsters along the way to the next town. We still have money but let’s try to avoid using it」

「Right. I guess I’ll stop after this drink then」

「You say that but isn’t that the usual amount?」

「Mason, you should start saving a bit」

「Yeah yeah」

「Well then, let’s begin our preparations. If there’s a merchant escort request, we’ll do that, if not, we’ll just walk to the next town. Everyone agrees to that right?」

「Ou」「No problem」「’kay~」

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Infrastructure is important in manufacturing and transporting goods. Caam’s gotten really lucky with this islands inhabitants! Nice to see Rock’s journey taking form, his party has good chemistry.





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