Chapter 82: That time when Keith arrived on the island

TL: kizen
PR: Filip/Gecko

Lunchtime the next day.

「Well then, I’ll be going back to the island so I’ll leave things here to you」

「Take care」

「’kay~. Take care~」

Latte, who looked glossy for some reason, was energetically waving me goodbye. Meanwhile, Suzuran, who was also in the same glossy state, just gave me a short one. The children were also there to see me off.

I waved back at them with a smile, then, with the barrel of sake by my feet, I activated the transfer magic to return to the island.

「I’m back」

「Ou, a guest is waiting for you」

As he said that, the cat-eared old man went to the forest while carrying an axe over his shoulder.

It would have been great if you also told me who it was though.

「Yo, Caam. It’s been a while」

「Ohー, Keith! What’s up? Why have you come to this island?」1

「I came all the way here after hearing rumors about you, you know? I heard that there was a dark-skinned demonkin who became the demon lord and was pioneering an island. There aren’t a lot of demonkin with dark skin after all. Good thing it was you who became a Demon Lord or else I would have wasted my time coming here」

「Are you serious? It hasn’t been that long since I became one you know? Just where were you back in the main continent?」

「Huh? You thought that rumors about you were already spreading all over the continent? I just heard about it in the port town you know? It was when I was looking for a subjugation or escort job in the guild. I boarded a ship going to the human’s continent and they dropped me off here. Did you know? The rumors have been calling this island “the island that the dark-skinned guy lives on” since it has no name」

That’s understandable since I only wrote the name on the paperwork for the church.

「Sorry ’bout that. I didn’t think it was necessary since we haven’t completely established our trading yet」

「Try to come up with one. It’s a pain in the ass for the people who want to visit」

「If it’s a name then there is one you know……?」

「What is it then?」

「It’s Aquamarine」

「Ha! That’s a pretty nice name」

「Well yeah. I picked that since it matches the name of my home town」

Aquamarine is just beryl with iron mixed into it after all. It’s a shoal island that’s surrounded by a beautiful ocean so I think that name fits it perfectly.

「So? Was that the only reason you came all the way here?」

「That was the plan but I changed my mind, I’m going to live here for a while. Is that alright?」

「Well, I don’t mind but why all of a sudden?」

「I just thought of taking a little break from the dangerous adventurer’s life」

「I’m not going to pay you you know?」

「Do you even use currency on this island?」

「No, we can’t use it yet」

We both laughed after that, then I invited him to my house and brewed him some coffee.

「This is a substitute for tea that can only be found on the island right now. I opened a shop in the human’s port town to advertise it. It’s bitter so just add as much sugar as you’d like, stir it then wait for the beans to sink first before you drink it」

After saying that, I placed the cup of coffee in front of Keith then started drinking my own.


People’s reaction to drinking coffee for the first time is always interesting.

After that, Keith added some sugar to his drink then stirred it.

「It looks like muddy water but it doesn’t smell bad」

He had his eyes closed and his nose was twitching as he said that. Does he have a good sense of smell because he’s a canine type of beastkin?

「Yeah, the beans also smell pretty good when they’re being ground after all. It would be great if this becomes popular in town and sells well」

「I don’t know anything about business but I do know that you won’t get any money if it doesn’t sell」

「That’s right. That’s what I’m worried about. If this doesn’t sell, we won’t have any source of income aside from hunting pirates. If that happens, we won’t be able to buy things that we need on the island. I’m not completely sure about this but unless the population increases, I don’t think we’ll have any problems with food. However, we won’t be able to buy iron to fix the tools and other supplies. We can make money by increasing the yield of wheat and potatoes and selling them but we’ll need to reclaim the forest and expand the fields to do that. Even if we go with that, it will take a long time and it’s not like the iron that will be used to repair the tools is free」

「Wouldn’t it be faster to just hunt pirates then?」

「I don’t like putting myself into dangerous situations you know?」

「If that’s the case, how did you manage to hunt pirates as you said?」

「They attacked the island so I got mad and did them in. I don’t regret it」

「Is that something you should be regretting?」

「Not at all」

「Damn right」

After that, we drank our coffee.

「Ah, I just remembered something. Adding a small amount of liquor into this drink would give it an even stronger aroma and the flavor would change as well」

As I said that, I filled an empty bottle with sake from the barrel I brought from home, then added two spoonfuls of it into my cup.

「Oi oi, is this really alright? I have a policy of not drinking at noon you know?」

「This sake is strong but just two spoons of it won’t be a problem. I’m also adding it to something hot so the alcohol will just evaporate」

After I said that, he sniffed it again to confirm what I said.

「Oh, this is…… It’s hard to explain but the smell has changed for the better」

After saying that, he tasted the coffee.

「Amazing. The aroma is stronger now that I can smell it even from my mouth. Adding just a bit of liquor changes it this much huh!」

「Yeah. Once I have some money, I’m thinking of also making this type of liquor on the island」

「There’s no way tea and liquor this good won’t sell right?」

「We won’t know until after the fact. This liquor has become an important source of income back in my village you know?」

I shrugged and slightly tilted my head as I said that.

「So, about work. Is there anything that needs someone who can use a bow like hunting?」

「We do have hunting jobs but you’ll just end up taking over our current hunters. You might also take too much prey that their numbers start decreasing so it would be better if you just use an axe to help out in cutting the trees and driving away monsters from the fields. It would be fine if we could sell the meat you’ll get, but this is an island, so we can only dry it to preserve it. We already have more than enough dried meat in stock though」

「Wait a minute. I don’t want to boast but I’ve been using a bow to hunt prey since I was a kid. To start using an axe at this point is a bit……」

「Then how about just helping out with the harvest. Farming is pretty fun, you know? That’s right, you can help out harvesting the coffee beans」

「This conversation isn’t going as well as I thought」

「I’m glad that you came to the island but deciding your work is a different matter. You can also take care of the livestock but we don’t have that many at the moment so it’s already enough if you just remember to give them their meals」

「Can I really not hunt?」

「I’m not prohibiting you, but since you’re too skilled, other people will lose their jobs. If you absolutely have to, we’ll have to discuss it with the others or have you guys take turns. You could also teach the others about the bow though you’ll have to start from making the bow itself」

I folded my arms and took on a serious expression as I said that.

「Fine, fine. It can’t be helped so I’ll just give up on hunting for now」

「Please do. I’m going to cut through the forest until the evening so stick with me and observe the work process until I deliver this barrel to Corundum」

I stood up to put the cups away then headed towards the forest.

I used my 【Imitation Chainsaw】 to cut down the trees, the branches were cut off, then the stumps that were sticking out of the ground got dug up.


「What’s up?」

「You do realize that you’re the only one who can do that right……?」

「Yup. That’s why you’ll use an axe to chop down the trees, a saw to cut it into smaller pieces, then either split it into firewood or process it into lumber for the carpenter. After that, you dig up the ground around the stump and cut the roots to remove it. It’s hard work so I’m also doing as much as I can to help with the land reclamation work」

「Ohー, it’s impressive that you’re doing all of that even though you became a Demon Lord」

「Just because I became a Demon Lord doesn’t mean that I’ve changed. You’ve heard the rumors about the previous Demon Lord compared to mine and how they’re saying the current one is better, right?」

「Well, yeah……」

「Anyway, we’ll continue reclaiming the land like this, then we’ll start cultivating the fields for planting crops and gradually increase our food supplies. I’m thinking of doing that kind of work for a while」

「Sounds pretty tiresome」

「We won’t be able to do anything unless we do it though. We could just move to an open area without any trees to cultivate the fields but we would have to leave here by sunrise then we’ll get there in the time between breakfast and lunch before we can actually manage to go through the forest.

Even if we build a house there, it would still take some time to build enough to accommodate everyone. There’s also the fact that this is the only place with a bay that boats can come in and out of. That’s why it would be quicker to just clear out this area and develop it」

「I see! Reclamation! Seems! Hard! Huh!」

As he said that, he removed the branches off of the tree using a nata then took a saw to cut it into smaller pieces.

「You’re good with the nata but your saw technique still needs some work」

「Shut up! I don’t need your cheeky comments. I’ve only practiced with a dagger for times when I need to fight up close! Nobody’s managed to come close though!」

「Yeah yeah」

We continued working like that till evening.

「My hand’s got blisters in weird places now」

「You were using an unfamiliar tool after all. You can just think of it as training for fighting against enemies who get close」

「Like what I’ve said before, nobody’s managed to do that」

He said that with a grin on his face. After that, he washed his hands then looked at his blisters which seemed to be painful.

「I’m going to deliver this liquor to the store now so you go ahead and rest together with everyone」


After that, I teleported to the shop’s storage room.

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Thanks for the chapter


I was wondering when the previous characters would start to trickle in. Keith is such a bro! Glad to see Caam gain some confidants he can rely on.


I’m half surprised that he didn’t go back to the town/city where he was working for the guild, and inquire about the possibility of adventurers or some of his neighbors from the crazy apartment would be interested in helping out with reclaiming Aquamarine.


I don’t know, but maybe Caam is worried he’d need to make it a paid job? Like when he was helping to build a wall back in Beryl and maybe some Japanese-salaryman conscience.


He did get the experts he needed. He has limited money, so he can’t waste it on hiring more, as he has no real need for them.
And he isn’t the type to just ask someone to work for free. And honestly asking someone to move to an island like that, without being able to pay would be rude. Not to mention that they wouldn’t have anything they could spend their money on there either and might get attacked by heroes.
He won’t ask them unless they have skills he needs and is able to promise adequate compensation compensation.

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