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Chapter 76: That time when I was comforted by the hero

ED: Filip/Gecko


「Well then everyone, I’ll be away again for a while so I’ll leave things here to you」

After saying that, I got on the ship then we set off.


「Captain, do you have time?」

「Yes. What is it that you need?」

「It’s about the island’s surroundings. How is it?」

「It’s pretty much just like how Maou-san said it was. There’s a shoal surrounding the island so the only ones that can get close are small rowboats…… It would probably be impossible for a large fleet to force through the bay. When it comes to monitoring the shoreline, we already have Palma-san so we’ll know right away if some uninvited ships or rowboats are approaching」


「Thank you. It’s great that there aren’t a lot of places where a large number of ships can dock on the island. After the incident with the heroes the other day, I was thinking of what we’re going to do if we get attacked by a larger force in the future. There might be a time when they attack indiscriminately and even hurt the civilians after all. I have been thinking of how to defend against that and the most realistic solution I have right now is to form an alliance with the aquatic demonkin. I think it’s better if we immediately sink them when that happens but what’s your opinion on that as a sailor?」


「If we’re going to do that, I think it’s better if we establish some kind of communication with the people on board first. It would be a disaster if it was just a merchant ship after all. I think it might not be a good idea to sink anyone and everyone who doesn’t anchor in the designated spot or acts suspiciously」

「We’ll have to completely rely on Palma-san and the aquatic demonkin in that case. I wonder how we’ll make it so that the visitors can easily make contact before they get close to the shore?」

「We can just ask them to anchor outside of the bay and perform an inspection if they lower a ship to come to the island. Once we’re definitely sure that they’re an enemy, at that moment, we’ll attack. How about that?」

「……I see. I’ll consider that when I decide. Thank you」

「It was nothing. I was just giving out my opinion」


Hmmー, I guess I should check on Rock-kun if he’s still brooding from our conversation last time. Well, I’m going for my own sake though.

Once I reached his room, I knocked on the door.




I received a slightly energetic reply.


「I wanted to see how you’re doing. Are you still troubled?」

「Well, I guess」

「……I see. It’s also my fault so I feel a bit guilty for making you feel that way. How about trying to look at it from a different perspective. Just think of it as you successfully graduating from high school and entering an excellent company but you were suddenly transferred overseas. Form great workplace relationships, marry a beautiful blonde woman who can speak the language and have children」

「Haha, that’s quite a funny joke. If it’s not a company that exploits people, I’ll think about it」

「……just keep that in the back of your mind. At any rate, you’re always welcome to stay with us……well, that’s only if the island I’m staying on continues to exist」

「I’ll keep that in mind but first I’ll have to report to the king. If I don’t do that, they’ll think I’m dead and another hero will most likely be sent」

「I see. No matter what you tell them, I won’t hold it against you so don’t worry」

「I understand. I wish I could be as decisive as you Nagi-san」

「Well……I’m already dead in our previous world after all. I already lost all lingering attachments I had of Earth from the time I was born so I am able to live my second life like this. I’m still an old man that’s over thirty inside though. Ah, I do regret not being able to deal with the lewd stuff in my pc though」

「Haha, me too」1


We both laughed and he looked like he’s recovered a bit.

Even though it wasn’t much, he was once again able to laugh at my jokes.


「Ahー, that’s right. This is just what I’ve heard but they’ve been summoning people for a long time now so there might be an old person in the same situation as you. I think it’ll be a good idea for you to find such a person and consult with them. They might really have gotten married and had kids you know?」


After saying that, I left the room.


I guess I should try asking his comrades to give him their support. Because of that, I went to the other men’s room and knocked on the door.


「Pardon the intrusion but I have something I want to discuss. Would that be alright?」

「I don’t mind」「Sure」

「I also want Sofia-san to hear this so can I ask you to call her?」


They agreed and went over to Sofia-san’s room to get her.

Once the four of them were gathered in the room, I started talking.


「This is about the hero, about Rock-kun. As Rock’s comrades, I want to be honest with you. The two of us come from the same country」


As I said that, the three of them started causing a fuss.


「Rock was summoned to this world. You are aware of the hero summoning right?」


The three of them nodded.


「Rock went through that procedure while I reincarnated. To simplify things, you can say that I grew up in the same world as Rock but when I died, I was born again in this world. We discussed that the night of your attack. I was already dead before I came here but Rock-kun was different, right? What do you think is the difference?」

「One died while the other didn’t?」

「You’re only half correct. Since I died, my family must have already come to terms with that and accepted it. As for him, he disappeared all of a sudden. Since his family has no idea what happened to him, they might be waiting at home worried. That’s the difference between our situations」

「So what are you trying to say?」

「Rock was forced to come to this world so I think his family might be worrying about him. Now, has any of you heard of a hero who successfully returned to their original world? Have you heard even a rumor about that?」

「I don’t think we’ve heard anything like that」

「That’s right」

「So in other words, the heroes were forcefully brought here even though it’s unclear whether or not they’ll be able to go back. It might have been harsh but I made that possibility clear to him. They were basically kidnapped from another world, weren’t they?」


They all remained silent.


「Rock might never be able to go home so I want you to keep that in mind and listen to my selfish request. Once you get back and finish your report, Rock will probably search for heroes that were summoned before him to find answers on his own. If possible, I want you to accompany him」

「I don’t mind but why do you care so much?」

「Back in our world, I was already an adult but he’s still considered a child. That’s why no matter how naive it may seem because of the difference in values in this world compared to the other, it should be natural for adults to help out children right? That’s why I am asking you to give him your support. Please」


I bowed after saying that.


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