Chapter 75: That time when the hero came to the island Second Half1

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

「He’s running away! After him! Analyze!」

Shouting that, I ran while simultaneously casting 【Analysis】 to check his status.

Caam | 14 years old | Mixed race | ■■■■ person
Occupation: Island’s sweets-making craftsman/Demon Lord/Pioneer/Adventurer/Stockman*/Fish Farmer/Beekeeper/Childcare teacher/Forester/Stone Mason2

HP: 429+(VIT/2)
MP: 873+(INT×2)

STR: 237
VIT:  262
INT:  751
AGI:    351
DEX: 513
LUK: 284

Weapons: Unsanitary Shovel/Misused Crowbar/String
Armor: Hemp Shirt/Hemp Pants/Leather Boots
God of ■■■■’s protection

Faint Resistance: 1
Poison resistance: 4
Confusion Resistance: 2
Throwing: 2
Understanding of time: 1
Fear Resistance: 1
Charm Resistance: 4
Damage Resistance: 3
Danger Perception: 1
Physical Enhancement: 2
Concealment: 3

Magic Attributes:
Fire: 3
Water: 4
Wind: 4
Earth: 5
Light: 2
Dark: 1

Recovery Magic: 2
Magic Amplification: 2 3
Crafting: 3

「Oi Rock! What’s the result of the analysis? That guy’s the Demon Lord right?」
「Y-yeah. He certainly is a Demon Lord but his level is low. He also has a lot of ridiculous titles. The first one that shows up is 『Island’s Sweets-making craftsman』 followed by 『Demon Lord』 then 『Pioneer』」
「What’s with that? A Demon Lord making sweets? Don’t make me laugh」
「It’s true! It says that he’s a sweets-making craftsman first」
「That doesn’t matter! Hurry after him!」
「Shit! I can’t hit him with my bow because of his weird movement!」
「He’s not wearing any armor so he can move quicker than us! He’s about to enter the forest!」
「Even if his level is low, his magic is high! He specializes in water, wind, and earth. Moreover, he’s clever and can use recovery magic. This’ll be a long battle!」

What does 『■■■■ person』mean? It’s my first time seeing it. Moreover, I can’t read the whole thing. Well, that doesn’t matter right now. It looks like his MP, MAG, and DEX are higher than the rest of his stats. He also seems to be pretty lucky too. He’s resistant to poison, fainting, and charm and he can withstand damage too.

I haven’t seen anyone with resistances that high even among the heroes and other summoned ones. Does he get poisoned and charmed on a regular basis? I mean, even I only have pain resistance so I can tolerate a certain amount of it.

He specializes in water, wind, and earth magic as well. He also has a skill that amplifies magic.
I absolutely have no idea how to approach this. I’ve defeated one that’s called a Demon Lord on this island before but that guy was weaker than me. Even without the help of my comrades, I would have been able to manage him somehow.

Based on his stats, he seems to specialize in magic but why does he have throwing, physical enhancement, and damage resistance? What kind of training did he do to get all that? He even has an unknown god’s protection as well.4
And what kind of joke is this? Why does he have a confectioner and pioneer for his occupation apart from the Demon Lord?

His entire existence is ridiculous.

Crap! I sure made the four of them mad. Hyaー, the arrows keep coming. Scary, scary! It’s not far till I reach the forest so do your best, me!

The moment I entered the forest, I turned around, estimated the distance between us, then cast 【Flashbang】. After making sure that they were all blinded, I went deeper into the forest then immediately made an impromptu ghillie suit by covering myself in 【Mucus】 and rolling around some tall grass that I cut with 【Wind Cutter】. I intentionally left my shovel around that area, went even deeper into the forest then waited.

They should arrive soon.

「Oiー! I’ll get mad if you hurt the islanders, you got thatー! That includes the other demonkin of courseー! I’m your target rightー? You need to beat me first before you can get to themー! I want to talk it out with you if possible thoughー! If that’s fine with you then give me a replyー!」

Alright, I should hide. It’s an adult’s game of hide and seek! It would be great if they could reach the place where I left my shovel.

「Gah! My eyes and ears! Is everyone alright!?」
「My eyes! I also can’t hear anything! Are you guys alright!?」
「Guu, we need to watch out for this type of magic」
「I can’t see a thing! Oi Rock! Why didn’t you tell us that he also specialized in light magic!」

We were all deafened by that attack just now so we were all disoriented. By the time we recovered, the Demon Lord was already gone.

「Just what the heck was with that ruthless magic」
「I feel the same but let’s talk about that later. He’s getting away you know?」
「It would have ended badly if we had gotten attacked just now」
「Ah, that’s true. It’s great that everyone’s fine. Rather, it’s more troublesome now that he’s escaped to the forest」

「Oiー! I’ll get mad if you hurt the islanders you got thatー! That includes the other demonkin of courseー! I’m your target rightー! You need to beat me first before you can get to themー! I want to talk it out with you if possible thoughー! If that’s fine with you then give me a replyー!」

「……did you hear that?」
「He’s looking down on us, isn’t he?」
「He’s not a muscle head then. He’s even provoking us. This is really troublesome. The forest is pretty dense as well. It would be better if we all stick together and be cautious of our surroundings」
「That’s true」「Understood」
「He has level 3 of concealment when I analyzed him earlier so be careful」

After a while, we arrived at a weird place where the grass was randomly cut for some reason.

「What’s this?」
「Who knows. Anyway, don’t lower your guard」
「Ah, there! Isn’t that the shovel he was carrying?」

We noticed that he just left his shovel there.

「Did he drop his weapon?」
「It’s big so he might have thought he couldn’t use it in this forest. There’s no need to pay attention to that. We need to look for him. Gah!」

After letting out that short scream, Jackson fell.

「What happened!?」
「It’s my thigh! I’m going to cast recovery magic on it so stay alert of our surroundings」

As he said that, he put his hand over his thigh then a pale light shined around his hand which caused the wound to close up and get healed.


When I looked back, this time, there was blood pouring out of his left shoulder. He tried to cast recovery magic on it again but nothing was happening. Maybe it’s because he couldn’t concentrate due to the pain.


Now there was blood coming out from his right shoulder.

「Potion! We should have one!」

After saying that, Sofia took out a portion from the pouch on her waist but it was also hit, shattering the glass container and spilling the contents.

「What!? Just what in the world is happening!?」
「Calm down! We should find the Demon Lord first!」
「Where are you, you cowardly5! Come out!」

As I said that, a voice that seemed to come from all directions replied.

『Sorry. It’s scary to deal with all four of you at the same time so I can only attack while hiding. I wanted to take out the troublesome magician first and it looks like my guess was right. Also, ganging up on someone or attacking while hidden, Which of the two do you think is cowardly? If you ask me, I think they’re the same』

「Shit! Come out and fight fair and square!」

『I don’t know if I’ll ever feel like fighting fair and square since I left that sentiment back at home on a shelf covered with a wet towel to avoid it drying out. In the meantime, my goal is to talk with the hero so those who are afraid are free to leave. Until then, I’ll remain hidden from you guys’ sight』

「Damn it. What should we do?」
「He won’t be able to keep track of all of us if we split up, would he?」
「We’ll just be doing what he wants if we do that since we’ll be isolated and he can just take us out one by one. And besides, that light magic he used last time, I don’t know why but it was just like one of the weapons from my world」
「Was that guy summoned too?」
「I used analysis on him but I can’t be sure whether or not he was summoned since I couldn’t read it all」

『I don’t really care but that magician is bleeding too much and will probably die of shock. You wouldn’t want him do die, would you?』

「Damn it!」
「Wait! Mason!」

After cursing, Mason ran deeper into the forest.
Jackson wasn’t looking so good but we also have to hurry.

「W-what are we going to do?」
「I don’t want to talk to someone I can’t see. I feel bad for Jackson but let’s go after Mason. That way, we’re more likely to survive」
(Are there any potions left?)
(Find an opportunity to pour it over him)
(Got it)
「Let’s move」

We pretended to walk away for a moment then Sofia immediately turned back, took out the already opened potion bottle from her pouch, and sprinkled it all over Jackson.

「He won’t die with this, will he?」

『I would have been troubled if he did so consider that as a freebie. I just broke the potion bottle earlier to make you become impatient. As a result of that, one of your comrades ran off to somewhere』

After saying that, he broke the empty bottle Sofia was holding.

『Well then, I’ll go look for Mason-san but I’ll try to scare you guys once in a while. Tread carefully okay?』

「Oi, wait!」

He didn’t reply.


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Thanks as always. Dang, this was entertaining and flew by in a second


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