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Chapter 71: That time when I did some chores

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

It’s the afternoon of the sixth day after we left the port town and we’re about to reach the island.

As the ship entered the bay, the islanders all came out and greeted us. Once this island flourishes a bit more and we’re getting more ship traffic, it’s unfortunate but this kind of sight would eventually disappear, wouldn’t it?

「We’re back. Did anything notable happen while we were away?」
「No not really. Well, one of the women who was held captive by the pirates had a panic attack but she has calmed down now」
「I think that will keep happening for a while but we’ll just have to keep at it since those kinds of things take time. What about the others?」
「I’ve been told that they’ve finished building a simple warehouse at the plaza. You were out shopping so Root-san and the others made sure to finish it」
「With this we can now keep our goods from getting wet. Well then, let’s move the heavier items to the vacant houses by the shore and the lighter ones to the plaza. We’ll be unloading the cargo so please assist us」

Even without getting closer, I could see that there was a newly added large pillar on the place where we eat our meals. Above it was the sail on Edward’s previous ship that was pulled by ropes and tied to stakes driven into the ground which made it look like a huge beach umbrella providing a shade for the people who were eating .
There was also an increase in the number of tables and chairs so it can now accommodate more people and we can also eat there even during rainy days. I should go thank them later.

「Well then, Antonio-san, Adrea-san, please rest under that covered area in the meantime」
「Oi oi, I can help out too you know?」
「As long as it’s not something heavy, I am able to help out as well」
「Alright then but let’s finish up the introductions first. Oiー! Gather everyone pleaseー」

The islanders gathered in a row after I said that.

「Please go ahead and introduce yourself first, Antonio-san」
「Sureー. I’m Antonio. I was hired as a Doctor on this island. I may have a bad mouth but I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to those things. If you get injured or feel sick, don’t force yourself and come to me」
「Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Adrea and I am a nun sent from the church. I am still inexperienced but I will do my best to help you in whatever way I can so if you have any troubles, please consult it with me right away. Please don’t be afraid to come and visit us okay?」

「Alright, now that that’s over, let’s take out our cargo」
『Alright, unload the cargo』

I used wind magic to transmit my voice to the ship to let the sailors start unloading the cargo to smaller boats then rowing them onshore. After they reached the shore, the islanders split up into groups then transported the clothes, daily necessities, and the bedding to the plaza.
The flour, potatoes, and liquor were just put inside one of the empty houses in the meantime.
I want us to move our main base away from the shore but we can’t do that yet unless a few more houses get built.

「Ahー, those two bags are my personal belongings so please just leave them there. Also, you can just leave two barrels of liquor at the ship」
「You would be more motivated if you had alcohol right? You’ll be working as a merchant ship for the meantime so just consider that as your wage」
「Yes yes. Please don’t celebrate until you unload all of the cargo okayー?」

I just realized that I forgot to recruit a merchant in that town. Should I get two, one to trade to each side or just hire a demonkin and have them study the human’s side……? All of the sailors we have are humans so it might be better if I just hire a human one as well……

But before all of that, we’re going to be shipping coffee so I need to figure out how to produce it. We also need to find a way to brew coffee efficiently and rent a store in that port town we were just in so that we’ll have a place where we can introduce the product to the people.

Can we just build a shack at the southern side of the island and have some humans live there……? I guess that’s going to be impossible. I wonder if negotiating with the harpies to have them bring the red fruit to us in exchange for meat will work.
Also, even if I can make the drip part, we don’t have any filters. Do I just lay out some cotton at the bottom to filter it or would a cloth be better……?
We don’t necessarily have to filter out the beans though. If I remember correctly, there was a certain country that drank their coffee with the coffee beans left in it. Should I just go with that? I think it was called Turkish coffee or something like that.

While I was thinking about that, something caught my ear.

「The barrels are heavy so it’s fine to just leave it to Maou-san. He’s so strong that he can carry those things by himself after all」
「Hm? Ah, that’s right. I guess I should bring one with me while I’m at it」

As I said that, I carried a barrel by myself which caused cheers to rise again. I certainly think that it’s amazing to see someone carrying something this heavy but they don’t have to make such a ruckus, do they? Ahー, this one doesn’t even come to my waist.

「Eh? Huh?」

Antonio-san just stood there with his mouth gaping open in his surprise while Adrea-san was looking around for everyone’s reactions as if she didn’t really understand what was happening.

「Um, Caam-san. Just what in the world does this mean!?」

The agitated Adrea-san started pressing me for answers.

「Ahー. Um, I’m sorry. I’ve been deceiving you up until now」

I apologized for lying to them but

「No way! I can’t believe it! Such a kind person is……!」

Adrea-san fell to her knees and looked like the world was about to end.

「Calm downー. Oi」

On the contrary, Antonio-san was taking it lightly. Because of that, I began to explain the situation to Adrea-san.

「If I told you, would you have come to the island?」
「That is……」
「Well, isn’t it fine if that Demon Lord is a kind and gentle one? I mean, I didn’t want to become a Demon Lord in the first place. I was just called out by the subordinate of one of the strongest Demon Lord and had the Demon Lord’s seal magically engraved on to me turning me into one of them. Since the previous Demon Lord residing here was killed, I was brought in to replace him…… That’s all there is to it. I was just living peacefully in our village before this you know? My wife just had a child after all. Well, since I’m already here, I’ll just do whatever I can. Well, I’m pretty much struggling right now though」
「Is that really how you become a Demon Lord……?」
「Seems so. They just came to our house all of a sudden “You seem quite strong” you know?」
「No way. He’s that kind but he’s a Demon Lord. He made a donation to the orphanage and even paid for my travel expenses……」

Adrea-san had both of her hands on her cheeks and her eyes were swimming all over the place in her disbelief.

「Well, just let me know if you deem that you can’t take working with us anymore. We’ll just let you go home」
「Ah, alright. I’ll just get a feel for things and if it doesn’t work out for me, I’ll just work until I’ve paid off my debt then go home」
「I-I understand…… I shall do the same」
「Alright! It’s a little early but let’s finish the work for today and prepare for dinner. There’s fruit wine on the cargo so let’s drink today to celebrate」
「「「「Oohー Alcoholー!」」」」
「We don’t have to worry about wheat so let’s bake some bread!」
「There are spices and dried pasta as well!」
「Please make sure to save the seeds and seedlings okayー? We’re going to be cultivating it after all」

While the rest were cheering, I decided to go help out the women who were preparing the food. Wulf, who must have heard our voices while he was wandering around the island, came trotting out from the forest.

「Ohー, Wulf! Long time no see! Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy」

I continued stroking him so much that he began to show his belly.

「Oi oi, isn’t it bad for you to show your stomach that easilyー? Good grief, you’re really cute, you know thatー?」

Most of the humans were already used to this sight but the women who were held captive as well as Antonio-san and Adrea-san were giving me weird looks.
As for Wulf, he was barking while dexterously keeping up with me playing with his front paws.

「Um, that is……?」
「Hm? Ah. They haven’t seen each other for a while so they’re playing」
「I see. The Demon Lord has an unexpected cute side, hasn’t he?」
「Oi, are you seriously saying that right now?」

Antonio-san suddenly took a slightly rougher tone when he replied to Adrea-san.

「I think people who are affectionate and get attached to animals are kind after all」
「I see. Well, as a doctor, I don’t really want to get involved with it. I don’t hate dogs but I don’t want their fur all over my stuff」
「That’s a wolf you know?」

One of the islanders corrected them by saying that Wulf was not a dog which left them dumbfounded.

「He said it got attached to him after he saved it from bleeding out in the forest」
The two of them silently looked at each other upon hearing that. Is it really that strange to play with a wolf?

After dinner, I teleported to the hot spring to enjoy a bath after a long time away. I noticed that there were feathers floating on the water so I just pushed them off the bath.

「I guess I didn’t tell them to clean up after they use it so it ended up like this. Ahー, I forgot the soap. Damn itー」

Since it couldn’t be helped, I just warmed myself up with the hot water, got out, and wiped myself off with a towel then went back to the village by the coast where they were still drinking.

『Oh crap. Looks like Adrea-san’s also drunk. Her face looks completely red and she’s walking unsteadily』

「Oi! Mr. Demon Lordー. How dare you deceive me! Now drink!」

Antonio-san wrapped his hand around my shoulder and was forcing me to drink.

「Wait, I’ll do it so don’t spill it on my clothes please」

Everyone enjoyed themselves that night.

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