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Chapter 70: That time when we went to the human’s continent to canvass and procure Last Part

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

Since we’re in a port town, there should be a place where the merchants unload their cargo so I’ll try to walk around to find it.

After looking around for a while, I found a place with several people transporting goods from a large ship to a warehouse. I decided to enter the warehouse and approached the humans who looked like they were taking a break.

「Excuse me. Can I ask you something?」
「Hm? Sureー」

A nice young man with thick arms, wearing a tank top and with a towel wrapped around his head replied to me.

「Is the merchant who owns this warehouse here?」
「Yeah. This warehouse is owned by Nils-san. He’s over there」

He pointed towards a person at the back as he said that.

「Ahー, okay okay. I’ve seen him before. Thank you very much」
「No problemー」

I had a smirk on my face as I approached to greet him.

「Good morning Nils-san. There is something I want to talk to you about. Do you have time?」

As I said that, Nils turned around and he probably remembered who I was since he looked surprised.

「Ahー. The demonkin from that time. What’s the matter?」

Good thing he didn’t accidentally call me “Demon Lord”. He probably knew that it would be a bad idea to do that and was considerate of me.

「I apologize for not giving you my name back then. My name is Caam」
「Don’t worry about it since I also failed to do the same. I’m Nils. Pleased to make your acquaintance. So? What brings you here?」
「I happened to obtain a ship for myself so I brought it here to resupply. I thought that if I went to a merchant warehouse around here, I would get the supplies cheaper than if I bought it at a store but who would have thought that I would meet the merchant from that time」
「I see. That’s quite the scary coincidence, isn’t it? However, negotiation might be necessary depending on what you need. I might also not have what you require but I’ll introduce you to someone I know if it comes to that」
「Okay. Thank you very much. That should be fine」
「Well then, shall we begin our negotiations? Follow me」

After saying that, I was led to a place that looked like an office/break room at the corner of the warehouse.
I looked around and made sure no one was listening in before we started our conversation.

「Thanks for not calling me out back there」
「Don’t worry about it. It would have caused chaos if I just called you 『Maou-san』 after all. I’ll brew us some tea first」

We drank the tea then waited for the other to finish before we began our negotiations.

「Now then, since we know each other from that time, let stop probing each other and just get straight to the point」
「I’m not good at haggling so I would prefer that. I guess I should start with what I need then. First, I need clothes for the islanders so I’ll get 300 sets of hemp shirts and pants then 100 pairs of shoes made of the commonly used leather. I’ll also get 30 sets of children’s clothing and 10 pairs of children’s shoes」

Nils was taking note of what I said so I continued.

「As for wheat…… I’m sorry if this is common knowledge since I’m uneducated but how many people can consume a sack of wheat?」
「Let’s see…… You put one cup into a mold to make bread so one sack makes around 200 loaves I guess……」

Assuming that one cup is 150 grams, 200 loaves should be 30 kilograms. Well, that should be a good enough estimation I guess. If I remember correctly, one sack was 3 large copper coins. Would having 200 sacks of wheat be enough for us until we can harvest our crops?

「Does it still go for the same price as the last time I bought some from you? Does the price fluctuate?」
「For someone claiming to be uneducated, you seem to be quite familiar with some odd terminologies. The inner villages of this continent had a lot of bounty in their recent harvest so it’s gone down a bit」
「I see. In that case, I’ll take 200 sacks so that we’ll have enough to eat until the next harvest. The potatoes we bought last time will be ready to harvest soon but I’m not sure if it will be enough for us so I’ll also get 50 sacks of that. I’ll purchase some beddings as well, about 60 sets. All that’s left is the liquor. I don’t know the price of a barrel but it’s to raise everyone’s spirit so I’ll get 10 barrels」
「Buying something you don’t know the price of huh? That’s quite a risky purchase, isn’t it?」
「Well, that’s where the negotiations come in」
「Haha. That’s quite frightening. Well, I guess you’re actually kind since you’re a Demon Lord who came all the way here to purchase indulgences」

Like that, I continued naming items we needed then asked him to calculate the total.
Nils-san started fiddling around with his abacus then showed it to me.

「It should be around this much」
「The liquor is pretty expensive as expected. Since it’s just a luxury item, I’ll reduce the amount by a bit. Also, do you know how many drinks you can get from a single barrel?」
「Hmm, if it’s the fruit wines, one barrel is equivalent to about 300 bottles」

Three hundred bottles…… Those are probably those irregular 700ml bottles like the cheap stuff at supermarkets.…… Well, I guess that amount should be roughly correct.

「Hmm, I’ll just get six barrels then」
「Yes yes. Are you fine with the rest?」
「Let’s see……」

I took a look at the items listed, tried to figure out what the cost per item was in my head then verified that it was pretty much a fair price.

「I can’t reduce the foodstuff, clothing, and daily necessities but our budget is a bit tight so it would be better if I just reduce the amount of the other items」

I started taking out items from the list that we don’t really need and those that we can just buy some other time. I had him recalculate the total each time until it was within our budget.

「Now, I think this is where we should start the negotiations but as an apology for coming unannounced and rummaging through your inventory, I’ll take it at that price. Just think of it as an inconvenience fee」
「Hmmー, this price certainly won’t end up in a loss for me. I also think it’s a lot cheaper than buying it at the stores but is that really okay?」
「It’s fine. I’ve recently caught some pirates so I have some coin to spare」
「Ohー, how scary. It’s a scary coincidence, isn’t it?」
「Well, I’ve invited someone from the church to the island and hired a doctor so the total amount I got slightly decreased but pretty much everything has been settled though so it should be fine. It’s all good since our profits and expenditures have more or less evened out. After this, we’re going to increase our production of potatoes and wheat so the number of things we can purchase would gradually increase. We would eventually be self-sufficient on the island then we’ll start thinking of exporting goods by then」
「Hmmー, are you really as uneducated in these matters as you say you are? Usually, only the most skilled merchants think ahead like that you know? Also, what does 『self-sufficient』mean?」
「Well, it just means that we’ll be able to make our own food. We’ll keep losing money if we keep buying it from another source after all. Also, if we have excess supplies, we can sell them. When that happens, it means that we’ve achieved over a 100% self-sufficiency」
「Hmm, it certainly is as you say」
「Well, it’s the same as the rule of supply and demand. When there’s plenty of supply, the cost goes down」
「There’s another term I don’t know」
「You said that the price of wheat went down since you have too much of it because of the harvest, right? It’s the same as that」

Nils-an nodded so it seems like he understood what I was trying to say.

「I won’t make a profit if the price goes down after all so I purposely don’t get a lot or just not sell any until the prices go back to normal」

It’s just like how diamonds were handled the same way back in my previous life.

「Yup, that’s exactly what I’m talking about」

After that, we finalized the negotiations and I decided to move on to the next topic.

「Now then, shall we talk about something else?」
「Go ahead」
「I’d like to show you this tea-like thing that I found on the island……」

As I said that, I presented the coffee to him. I brewed it by putting it in a cloth then letting hot water I made from magic pass through it into the empty teacups.

「It’s bitter but you can add sugar or any kind of animal milk to it. I think adding cows milk would be the best though」
「Alright but let me try it as is first」

Nils-san took a sip after he said that and his face immediately distorted.

「It really is bitter even though it had a nice aroma while you were making it」
「Well, the islanders had differing opinions about it. Some liked it while others didn’t」
「Mu, I haven’t tasted something this bitter before. This is……」
「What do you think? It should sell right?」
「That should be the case」
「We’re still in the testing stage so we haven’t cultivated some land on the island to grow this fruit. Well, once our food self-sufficiency rate goes up and we have a surplus of wheat, we’ll be able to recruit more islanders then I think we’ll be able to proceed with the land development but it’s still possible that everything doesn’t go according to plan. Even if we hire people with the money we have, since it’s not possible to earn income on the island yet, we can’t just rely on that. That’s why please just consider it as a future product for now. We also have this」

As I said that, I handed him the thread that I got from that large cocoon I found.

「What’s this?」
「I’m not really sure myself」
「Hmmー, it’s a thread, isn’t it?」
「Yes. You know about silk thread right?」
「I found a cocoon that looks like that of the moth used in silk production so let it boil in hot water then extracted the thread. I’m not actually certain what monster that cocoon came from but I think it should be some kind of moth or butterfly. I need to let it grow before I can be sure so that’s why I said I don’t know. However, if there’s a demand for it, we could start the thread production back on the island. It would depend on the season though」
「You certainly can’t say for sure but if you don’t weave it into cloth at least once, you won’t be able to tell how it feels」
「Then I shall leave this thread with you. Please find someone among your connections who can turn it into a small cloth」

There was no one in Beryl Village who knew how to weave after all so it’s impossible to manufacture it there.

「I understand. I will do just that. What should I do with the end product though?」
「You pass by the island from time to time right?」
「It’s only every now and then though」
「That should be fine. Ah… While we’re at it, I’d like to ask you one more thing. I want some livestock so that we can have a stable supply of meat. However, it would be impossible to transport them on a ship unless it has the proper facilities, wouldn’t it? I think that the ship I used to get here can manage it if it’s just the smaller livestock though. Because of that, I’ll take 10 pigs since it’s easy to increase their numbers and six sheep for their wool and meat. Since cows and horses would be difficult to manage, I’ll just purchase them next time. How much should I pay in advance?」

I honestly want to transport them via transfer magic but I’m afraid of them going wild and the thing would end up in a bloody mess. It would be fine if it’s just a tail but if they start going wild and the head is sticking out by the time the transfer completes, I would scream.1

「Hmmー, I don’t deal with livestock but I’ll ask a friend of mine to do something about it」

Nils-san fiddled around with his abacus then showed me the price.

「Thank you very much. I’ll give you half for the meantime so please prepare the contract」
「Alright but wouldn’t it be better to carry the children?」

He was already starting to write up the contract as he said that. People who can work while talking sure are amazing.

「Ahー, I didn’t even consider their young」
「What will it be? Shall I cancel the contract?」
「No, you might not be able to secure them in time since we’re going back to the island tomorrow so just leave it」
「I see. Piglets and lambs are relatively easy to get but there certainly are times when they become difficult」
「Let’s just go with that if they are available the next time I visit」
「I understand. I will let my merchant friend know」
「Please verify if all the details are correct」

While I was finishing up my coffee, he asked me to do that so I looked over it and verified that there were no mistakes.

「Yes, it’s all good」
「Then let’s end this negotiation here」

Nils-san dropped wax on the document, pressed his stamp over it, then gave it to me.

「Alright. I’ll pay the fee so please have someone escort you to our ship」
「No no no, it’s fine」

I guided Nils-san to our ship. Once we were there I smacked the sailors who were still asleep.

「We’re going to be loading some cargo so please clean the deck. Those who are free should help to carry it on board. After the cleaning group is done, they should help out as well. I’ll leave it to the captain to watch over the ship」
「We’ll be the ones to bring the cargo on board so please have someone oversee them」
「I trust you so it’s not really necessary but if you say so, I’ll do as you ask. Please get in touch with me once again after they’re done loading the cargo. Until then, I’ll take care of some other job I have to do」

I handed the money to Nils-san then he gave me the contract with some words of assurance.

「Shall we go back then?」

I escorted him back inside then went to the ship.
When I got back, some of the items that were brought on board were already sorted.

「Woahー. Caam-san, did you buy alcohol too!?」
「Yeahー! I can drink again!」
「Oohー, you guys sure are motivated. I’ll leave it with you guys to bring them in then」
「There are only six barrels after all so it’s not like we need everyone to carry them. Well, you guys will have to go back and forth to get them so I’m not exactly jealous. Anyway, let’s get the beddings and clothes on board, shall we?」

The rest of the sailors were grinning while telling the others to do their best. I guess they don’t want to carry the barrels because they’re heavy.

I used 【Physical Enhancement】 to increase my strength by 10% then took the initiative to carry the heavier luggage and put them on the racks. The sailors who were carrying the smaller wine barrels seemed like they hurt their waist so I had them get taught the trick to carry them while I carried the rest on my own.

「There’s a trick for carrying empty ones as well but……」

……or so I was told but once I carried one of the barrels, cheers went up from inside the warehouse all the way to the ship.

「Ni-chan! That’s pretty amazing for such thin arms!」
「Why don’t you work for us? The pay’s nice you know?」
「Come to the bar tonight! Let’s drink!」

They kept saying stuff like that.
Since it couldn’t be helped, I just went ahead and carried the rest of the barrels.

「Nils-san. It’s done」
「Alright. I’ll be right there」

Nils-san received the documents from the clerk and confirmed that there were no missing or excess items loaded.

「Alright, that’s all of them. Thank you for your purchase. Please come again」

After saying that, he politely bowed his head. It was such a merchant-like bow.

「You don’t have to thank me. I should be the one thanking you instead for letting me buy your products even though I came unannounced」

I also gave him a polite bow. My previous life’s memories are the best!

「You don’t act like someone developing an uninhabited island at all. How about studying a bit more and working for me?」
「I’d have to refuse since a relaxing life on the island fits me better」
「Oh my, I was given the cold shoulder. Well then, till we meet again」
「Yes. Thank you very much」

「Well then, shall we have a late lunch? There’s still some money from the reward we received yesterday so please follow me even if you’ve already used up the money I gave you」

As I said that, the people who were sitting on the deck suddenly became lively.

「Caam-san’s the best! I was going to just eat hard bread today but I’ll goー. I’ll come with youー」

It seems like they’re in good condition if they can say that much.

「Please think about the consequences before you use it all up thenー」
「What if I suddenly pass away? All of that money would just end up being wasted if I don’t use it!」
「Hmmー, I guess that’s one way to think of itー」

That’s kinda like an Edoite mentality.

「Right? It’s possible right!?」
「Yeah but I personally can’t imitate that way of thinking so I’ll just continue to save up」
「What are you holding back for, now that we’re here?」
「Wouldn’t you regret it if you don’t have enough money to buy something you truly need though? And besides, didn’t we come here to make this better for everyone else back at the island?」
「Anyway, let’s go. We’re going to take turns standing watch so don’t feel bad that you’re left behind. I’ll give you some spending money once I get back after all」
「Follow me. I know a good place」

With that, we left in order to have our lunch.

When I came back to the ship, there was a new and improved Antonio waiting for me there.
His unkempt blond hair had been washed and neatly tied at the back of his head. His stubble was shaved along the cheeks leaving his sideburns that were trimmed to go along his chin. He was also wearing new clothes.

「You’ve helped me a lot. You have my thanks」
「Woah. I didn’t recognize you for a moment there. Iyaー, you look a lot different, don’t youー? You’ll have an easier time finding a woman like this, am I right?」

I looked at the sailors as I said that. Even with my previous world’s standards, he’s like a stern but cool-looking middle-aged man. I hate to admit it as a man but I also think he looks cool.

「Let’s go get a drink tonight and find you a beautiful woman!」
「So cool. I want to look like this when I get older」
「That’s right」
「Please teach me how to look like that」
「I just went to a fashionable shop and just asked for some clothes that suited me. After that, it became like this. Once my clothes were settled, I had the shopkeeper clean up my beard then she lightly washed my hair and tied it up. She even said something about the foundation being good」
「Please don’t put your hands on multiple women on the island okay?」

They talked about the island and the characteristics of the humans living there after that. They also talked about the pirates and the women they held captive as well as countermeasures to prevent attacks in the future.

Then, we went to the bar I was invited to when I was carrying the barrels. At first, they were just getting to know each other as they drank but then the usually quiet first mate slowly started to enjoy himself because of the alcohol.

「You know, the captain has changed a lot thanks to Caam-san. In the old day, he would just forcefully entrust things to his subordinates after all. I don’t think he has told this to Caam-san but when he was drunk he told us that he was thankful for being changed」
「I see. That’s good, isn’t it? Everyone is now doing their best as sailors after all. Well, some still go back to their roots from time to time but the first mate hasn’t changed much, has he?」
「That’s right. Back then till now, he’s still like this. Maybe even in the future」2
「You’re quite the poet, aren’t you?」
「That’s right」

I went out to the deck to smell the fresh morning air and hear the crying of the sea birds but it was impossible today.
After what happened yesterday, aside from me, the rest of the crew went out to drink with Antonio and came back dead drunk. They all fell asleep at the deck.
It was a lot better this time since it wasn’t dirty but……

「Captainー. Please wake upー!」

I was going to hit it again but I remembered that that’s what I did yesterday so this time I did it gently.

「The nun from the church will be arriving soon so please start preparing for departure」

After seeing my smile as I said that, he immediately started preparing for departure.
I guess it’s understandable for the first mate to have that kind of personality if you have a captain like this. If the two of them were rowdy, things would really get out of control after all. Well, as for what happened last night, it seems like they just went wild since it had been a long time since they had alcohol and women.

After a while, I saw a woman wearing a religious habit walking on the street so I went out to greet her.

「「Good morning」」

We laughed at our simultaneous greeting then I carried her really small amount of luggage and guided her to the ship.

「There are only men on the ship so you might feel uncomfortable about it but please bear with it for now」
「No, I’m fine with it. However, I am worried that the order would get disrupted by my presence. Everyone else is a man so wouldn’t they feel uncomfortable having a woman on board?」

She’s worried more about the welfare of the others rather than herself, huh? Clergymen sure are amazing.

「I think it’s fine but I don’t know about everybody else. We’ve been in town for a while though so they should have already played around enough」
「I see. Well then, I wouldn’t want to be a bother so should I eat my meals at a separate location and time from everyone else?」
「Hmm, I think it’s unnecessary. On the contrary, I think they would probably be enthusiastic since they would want to show the opposite sex their good side. Men are simple beings after all」
「……I shall be having my meals together with everyone then」
「Got it. Please bear with it for at least six days. Now then, let me show you your room」

I guided Adrea-san to one of the few private rooms on the ship.

「This will be Adrea-san’s room. This is a private room that can be locked from the inside so please rest assured. Also, there might be some mischievous people who plan to steal your underwear or stuff so please lock your room whenever you go out」

As I said that, I gave her the key.

「……I’ve heard about it from the priest but do all men really do that?」
「I don’t think everyone does it but there are some that have wicked thoughts. Please scream if anything happens. That way, someone will immediately come to your aid」
「I understand. It would be best if nothing happens but if something does, I’ll make sure to scream so I’ll be counting on you at that time」

Her smile as she said that made my heart flutter a bit.

「Y-yes. Please let me know if you need hot water to wipe your body with」
「Even though clean water is such a precious resource on board? At least that’s what I’ve heard」
「Ahー, I’ll be the one producing the water with my magic」
I made a 【warm water ball】 on my fingertip to show her.
「Chantless magic…… The water is warm as well. Compound magic? Are you perhaps a great magician!?」
「No no no, I’m nothing like that. Anyway, please let me know if you have any problems. If it’s something I can resolve, I will do what I can to fix it」
「Thank you very much for everything. I want to thank you for donating for the children as well」
「It was nothing. I just think that children should be happy. It would be impossible to do it for every single child in the world but I want to do it in places within my reach at the very least」
「If you were a priest, do you think you would save more people who had lost their way?」
「I don’t think I’m suited for that role. I’m just someone who turned the tables on some bad pirates and turned them over to the guards in town and received the reward after all. If that were the case, I would have to advocate the church’s teachings and guide others to the correct path but there’s no way I am able to do that」

After saying that, I left the room without hearing her reply.

「Caam-san, we’re ready to set sail」
「Let’s depart then. I’ll leave it to you」
「Alright you guys! We’re going back home! Raise the anchor!
「「「「Yes sir!」」」」

Hmmー that was a pretty short trip but also quite long, wasn’t it?

~Idle Talk~
The flustered Antonio

「Let’s do something about the clothes first. Let go out to the street and find a clothing shop」

「This place seems good. Let’s go in」
「O-okay. I’m not really sure if someone like me can enter a store like this though」
「It’s fine. The shopkeeper doesn’t care about that. Helloー. Is anyone hereー?」

After that was said, a beautiful woman came out from the back.

「Please help us find clothes that will suit the old man behind me」
「Oi, is that really okay?」
「Okay~. What type of clothes do you like?」
「I-I don’t really……」
「Alright. I can just pick one out for you then」

After saying that, she walked around the store and brought back a shirt and a pair of pants.

「Hmmー. I want to go for an austere look so we should add more black or brown colors to the outfit. And besides, I don’t think bright colors would suit him」
「That’s true」

I continued doing as I was told as the woman in front of me kept pressing the clothes on my chest as she groaned indecisively.

「Let’s go with this」

With that said, I was told to put the clothes on.

「Oh my. That looks good, doesn’t it? Let’s fix up your beard and clean up your hair. For the beard…… Let’s keep it connected to your sideburns」

She laid me down as she said that and started shaving my beard.

「Alright, now go wash your hair」

I did as I was told and washed my hair at the back of the store. After wiping it dry with a cloth, I went back.

「Now finally, let’s bring all of your hair towards your back then tie it with a string…… It’s done! Oh my. Quite a nice man, aren’t you? I would have definitely ask you for a date if I wasn’t married you know?」
「Woah. It’s true. Even though I’m a man, I think you look cool. With this, you no longer look like an old man. You look refined and cool」
「R-really? I can’t really tell since I’ve never done my hair and worn clothes like this」
「You need to be confident about yourself. I’m telling you, you look cool. It might have not gone well till now but you need to take this opportunity and increase your self-confidence. If you’re drinking quietly at a bar, I’m sure that women would definitely be coming for you」
「Okay. We’ll take this then. Having some spare clothes would also be nice so please give us the one he tried earlier」
「Right away」
「I don’t have much you know?」
「Caam-san will take care of it. Ah, this is the price」
「Thank you for your purchase~」

「Was it really that good?」
「Please be more confident」
「Somehow, I think some women are looking here」
「They’re looking at you because they think you’re cool. Anyway, we can already see the ship from here so let’s go report to Caam-san first」

I’m cool?

「You’ve helped me a lot. You have my thanks」
「Woah. I didn’t recognize you for a moment there you know? Iyaー, you look a lot different, don’t youー? You’ll have an easier time finding a woman like this, am I right?」

It seems like it’s true. The demonkin in front of me said so and the other guys are also telling me that I can attract women. It’s the first time this has happened to me.
It doesn’t feel half bad to be honest.

TL: IDK if it’s just me but I feel like I’ve made Antonio kinda posh for a drunkard doctor… Probably the sailor he was with too…
ED: MC aura, Caam found unpolished gems. Basically they seem crappy, but once they are supposed to join the main character, BAM, they be awesome. Not sure how good looking the nun is, but she should be at least decent. Well, maybe the crepe she (probably) ate made the difference ^ ^.

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