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Chapter 70: That time when we went to the human’s continent to canvass and procure Last Part

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

Even in my cabin, I was able to wake up at the usual time.

After listening to the cry of the seabirds and breathing in the refreshing sea breeze, I went up the deck where I found a lot of pirates rolling around. The deck floor was also covered in a certain sour-smelling dirty liquid.

I just pretended that I didn’t see that and went to the dining room with a terrace where I had a light breakfast with some sweet tea as I leisurely passed the refreshing morning.

After that, I went to the guard station I was told to go yesterday. I was immediately accommodated when I presented the document but they paid me in large silver coins.
The pile of large silver coins formed a mountain…… There were probably around 80 coins there.

「Uhm. It’s going to be difficult for me to carry all of these so do you not have gold coins?」
「I apologize but we don’t have the larger currencies on hand here so please just find a way to store it」
「Hmmー. I understand. Well, I guess it’s fine since I’m immediately going back to our ship after this but can I get someone to escort me back? This is still a significant amount of money after all」
「Unfortunately, we are unable to provide that. I truly apologize for that」
「I see. Well…… Our ship is only about five hundred paces away so it should be fine」

I looked at our ship and estimated the distance as I said that.

「I might be put in danger if anything happens…… Are you fine with that?」
「Uhm, if possible, we hope that wouldn’t happen but……」
「This is a lot of money you know?」
「Your ship is just over there right? I’ll watch out for you while standing at the entrance, that way it won’t interfere with my work. It’s already difficult enough as it is to look keep the pirate group in check after all」
「I understand. I’ll do my best!」1

As I said that, I took the large silver coins, packed them in my rucksack, then hugged it tightly in front of my chest as I ran back to the ship.

「Captainー. Captainー」

I was trying to wake up the captain who was lying down on the deck but he wouldn’t get up so I decided to give him a light kick.

「This is the reward that we got for turning in the pirates yesterday. Please put it away in the storage room. I’ll use some of it for negotiations so I’ll take a few」

I took ten coins then left to head to the slum-like area in the lower class district where the doctor I met yesterday resides.

Once I was there, I knocked on the door as you normally would but since nobody came out, I knocked even harder. There was still no answer even though I did that so I just decided to let myself in.

「Excuse meー. I’m the demonkin that came here yesterday」
「Who’s so damn noisy? Can’t you let me sleep in peace? Ah, it’s you」

He immediately changed his tone once he realized it was me. I wonder if I can expect a favorable reply?

「I am here to hear your reply」
「Ah, I’ve decided to come with you. But, I have some conditions」

That was unexpected. I didn’t think he would agree after all.

「……what is it?」
「I haven’t been able to pay the rent for this place lately so can you pay it for me?」
「……I see. How much rent do you owe?」

As I said that, he raised his right hand with five fingers extended.

「Is it five gold coins? If so, then that’s impossible. This wasn’t part of the agreement so……」
「No. That’s not it. It’s 5 large silvers」
「If that’s the case then I should be able to pay it. Anyway, since we don’t have a lot of people on the island, we don’t trade using money yet. Because of that, you’ll be working without pay for a while」
「I don’t mind」

I took out 8 large silver coins from my wallet.

「Let’s just say that five of those coins are for your employment fee. Use the remaining three to buy the necessary tools and medicine you’ll need for work. It’s fine to use it all up so please make sure you are properly prepared」
「Is it not enough? Do you also have debt with the medicine wholesaler?」
「That’s not it. There’s no one to buy medicine here in the first place so I don’t sell them」
「If that’s the case then you have no debt with them. That’s good」

I took out three more silver coins.

「Please use this to fix your appearance. You don’t look like a doctor after all. Cut your hair, get a clean shave, and buy clean clothes at the very least. I wouldn’t mind if you’re maintaining a beard but that’s just stubble, isn’t it?」
「……got it」
「Next will be about our schedule. Like what I said yesterday, we will be departing tomorrow morning so please complete your preparations and have your tools on board before then. Let me know if you require assistance so that I can arrange for a few of the sailors to come and help you out. What will you be doing after this?」
「I’m going to buy some sanitizing equipment and tools as well as a couple of boxes of bottled medicines. I can’t carry all of those on my own so please have someone lend me a hand」
「I see. I’ll arrange for some sailors to come here so please be ready to move out by then. Would five men be enough?」
「Y-yeah. That should be more than enough. Maybe too much even」
「Well then, I guess I should finally introduce myself. I am Caam. I look forward to working with you from now on」
「The name’s Antonio. I’ll be in your care」
「Alright. I’ll leave you be to finish up your preparations」

After that, I hurriedly returned to the ship and doused the sailors with a 【Water Ball】to wake them up since they were still lying on the deck due to being hungover.

「I found a doctor. He’ll be bringing his tools as well as a couple of boxes of bottled medicine along so I will need five people to go over there and help him carry it. Don’t you worry though because I’m not telling you to work for free. How about two silver a day? I think that should more than what people who do proper work earn in a day but how about it?」
「I’ll go」
「Me too」

I was able to immediately get volunteers but they looked unsteady because of their hangover.

「Can you really do it? You still look unsteady. You’re going to be carrying bottles of medicine and medical equipment so it would end up being a waste if you drop them. Do you understand?」


It seems like they’re not going to get themselves together if I don’t give them some pep talk.

「Get in line」
「Just do it. Get in line」

Because of the unusual situation they were in, the five sailors just did as they were told.
Once they were lined up, I lightly threw a【Water ball】 at them.

「Did that wake you up? Let me make myself clear. I need you to make sure that you do this task properly. You guys can read maps, right? I don’t think there’s going to be a problem since it’s just a simple diagram but here’s a map to the doctor’s house in this town and ten silver coins for everyone. Now, do you guys think you can do that?」
「「「「「Yes sir!」」」」」
「You’re still too quiet. Once more」
「「「「「Sir, yes sir!」」」」」
「Alright. Operation start! Go, go, go!」

As I said that, they all rushed out of the ship while they were still soaked. I guess that’s fine since they’ll be dry by the time they get to that place.

「WIth this, I’ve managed to get the staff we need. All that’s left is the supplies for the island」


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Oh, Caam, you are way too generous with handing out money…

Well, maybe, that’ll earn him reputation of a kind ruler. 😀
And soon he will have not only everyday necessities on his island, but even healthcare and religion services! Err, apart from onsen, coffee beans, tea and other luxuries. `:)

Thank you again for the chapter!




Thanks for the treat.


Hm, im a bit curious of Caam’s current budget. Sure,, he got a large sum from the pirate bounty but he used a considerate amount even before that.
How wealthy even is he? ^^”

Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/


If I remember correctly, Caam has some money of his own, but for the island he wants to use only what’s on the island and funds related to it.
I didn’t take notice of the exact values, and I think the author is sometimes unclear about the exact numbers.


There is also the pirate loot from Edward (the captain of the first pirate ship that attacked the island). I presume Caam is using that to fund some of this stuff.

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