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Chapter 69: That time when we went to the human’s continent to canvass and procure Part 2

After waiting for a while, the nun who welcomed me earlier came in and said.

「I have heard about it from the priest. I am Adrea. I am pleased to make your acquaintance」
「Likewise. The name’s Caam」

We greeted each other then she immediately went down to business.

「I apologize for being abrupt but I want to talk about our schedule. What should I do?」
「We came to this port city via ship to procure goods among other stuff so we will be departing two days from now in the morning. Would that be alright?」
「It should be fine. I’ve lived a simple life and I only have a few personal belongings after all. I already have all of my clothes in a bag so there should be no problems」

I don’t think that’s something you should say so proudly…… What kind of woman has all of her belongings in just one bag?

「I see. Well, let me know if you have something important that needs to be prepared. If it’s something that only a woman can get, let me know as well so that I can give you the money to buy it」
「Hmm… Are you worried that I won’t have enough underwear? I also don’t have a lot of habits but they don’t need to have embroideries such as this. A simple one is more than enough. We have plenty of spares in this church so should I bring another smaller bag full of them?」 1
「Sure. I can’t buy you the underwear though. I’ll be providing you with the money so would you be okay with buying it yourself?」
「I understand. From looking at the document, I see that it takes six days by boat to reach the island so I will prepare a bit more. As for the type of underwear, flashy articles are too excessive for a body such as mine so something cheap would be enough. I know a place that sells a pair for 2 large copper coins so if you can give me enough for three pairs, that would be perfect」
「I see. Well then, I’ll give you the money now. Let’s meet again in two days at the port」

As I said that, I gave her two silver coins then went to the box for donations to the orphanage and dropped in two large silver coins.

As I did that,

「Uhm……that’s too much!」

I heard her call me out but I just ignored her.

「Hmm. I need to find a doctor next」

Should I ask someone again?

The area deeper into the lower class district had an unpleasant smell so it seems like this place turns more and more into the slums the deeper I go. I wonder if there’s even a doctor in a place like this. It doesn’t seem like it will be a problem if there’s none after all.

After walking for a while, I noticed several people glaring at me. I just ignored them and continued walking but someone finally came over and picked a fight with me.

「Oi. What’s a stupid looking demonkin like you doing in a place like this. If you wanna get through this place, you better leave your luー」

Without even letting him finish what he was saying, I immediately hit his chin with my palm. It would be more efficient if they just attack me from the get-go rather than try to threaten me.

Because of what I did, his friends all came out at the same time with blades that were in such sorry shape. It was at least better than nothing I guess. It seemed like they were trying to look for the right timing to attack but since I don’t care about that, I took out an【Obsidian Halberd】 using magic then hit the ground using the ishizuki2 to give them a warning. I don’t intend to do anything to them but I should probably intimidate them a bit.

「I won’t go easy on you if you try to attack. Anyway, if you answer my question, I’ll give you some money」

As I said that, I took out a silver coin from my pocket and showed it to them.

「Hehe. Sorry about that my dear sir. What do you have to ask……?」

Their attitude completely changed after what I did. Well, I guess that’s alright.

「There doesn’t seem to be plenty of people around these parts so it’s fine if there aren’t any but do you guys know where I can find a doctor?」
「Do you have a dangerous job for him?」

The man asked me that in a low voice. Why did you interpret it that way? Are the demonkins really that scary to you?

「A clinic that has no patients is pointless, right? That’s why I’m trying to invite such a capable person to come with me instead of them wasting away here」
「Well, I’m not sure about that. Even though there aren’t a lot of people, they are still needed here you know?」
「If people don’t come here, they won’t get to eat. And besides, what’s the difference between a doctor that has stopped practicing and a doctor that has left? I apologize for being frank but……Will anyone in the lower class district even go to the doctor when they get sick?」
「Well, that’s true but…… You never know. Someone might go there you know?」

They guided me to the clinic while we were having that exchange.

「It’s over here」
「Thanks. Here’s the reward, as promised. Share it with everyone and get yourselves a nice drink」

I tossed the silver coin to them.

「Alright! Let’s go and drink!」

They had the same reaction as the kids earlier…… They’re just larger children I guessー.

「Good day. Is anybody here?」

There was nobody there when I opened the door so I tried calling them out.
After a while, a man that had unkempt hair and stubby beard with a sake bottle in hand came from the inner part of the building. Even though he’s a doctor, he has no trace of cleanliness at all.

「A customer?」

His breath smells of sake. I don’t know if he’s capable of making rational decisions but I’ll try to negotiate.

「No I’m not」
「Then leave」

As he said that, he was about to go back inside so I immediately followed up.

「I am here to recruit you」
「Recruit me? Well, I guess I can listen to what you have to say」

It looks like he’s a bit interested so it seems like I’ve hooked him in.

「As I was trying to say, I require a doctor for our island. This might sound rude but I picked this place upon the recommendation of a couple of hoodlums in this area since I had no one to ask」
「Tsk…… Being recommended by those goons is all that I’m good for these days huh? Come back tomorrow morning. I’ll think about it until then」
「I see. It would help if you could make your decision as soon as possible. That way, if you refuse, I will have the time to search someplace else. Considering the number of islanders we have, I don’t think having a second doctor is necessary so I don’t really want to go out and find another one before the day ends. I apologize if I’m pressuring you」
「Is that all? Then leave. I’ll think about it after I’ve cleared my head」
「Understood. Before I leave, can I ask if you have any family?」
「Does it look like I have any?」
「I was thinking of paying you in advance so that they’ll be able to afford their living expenses for a while but……」
「My parents are already dead and I don’t have a wife. I don’t have a wife so I don’t have a kid. Got that?」
「I apologize if my question offended you」
「Hmph! If there’s nothing else then leave」
「I’ll be taking my leave」

Hmmー. I’m not sure what he’ll end up deciding but I guess I’ll just have to believe.

Now then, it’s already too late to have lunch so I guess I should head to the port.

I wonder if I should just wait by the boat or go to the guard station myself. Hmm…… What to do……

While I was thinking about that, I walked towards the harbor and as I reached our ship, a soldier wearing leather armor called out to me.

「Are you Caam, the one who wants to hand over some pirates?」
「Yes. That’s correct」
「I’ve heard all about it from the guys at the gate. Can you lead me to the ship?」
「Sure. This way please」

I pointed at the ship we were in front of.

「We’re here」

It resembles a regular shipping vessel so they probably won’t find out that it was formerly owned by pirates.

「I see. I will call for reinforcements so please give me a moment」

The soldier ran off somewhere after he said that.

「I’m back~」
「Huh? What happened Maou-san?」
「The soldiers who’ll be picking up Orca and his crew are on their way here. That’s why you guys should stop calling me 『Maou-san』. Now repeat after me. 『Caam-san』」
「Eh? Ah. C-Caamu-san」
「That’s still a bit stiff!」
「Hmmー, good enough I guess. So, why are you guys here?」
「We want to go to the red light district but since it’s still closed right now, we’re taking care of the ship and standing watch while we wait for the night. As for the others, they’re in the drinking group」
「Ahー, I guess the sake on the island has run out huh? Well, I’ll buy some tomorrow so don’t worry about that」
「Is Caam-san here?」
「Yes~. Coming」

It seems like the soldiers hurriedly came back.

「Is it alright if we board the ship now?」

I gave the crew a look reminding them what I said earlier then I nodded my head and replied.

「Sure. Go ahead」

「Now then…… Will it be fine for all of us to accompany you to where the pirates are being held?」
「It should be fine. It’s over here」

I led the soldiers to the storage room. Once we were there, I spoke to the pirates inside.

「Listen up. I’ll be handing you to the authorities now. Don’t struggle okay? I have the soldiers here with me after all. It would be dangerous for you if you try anything weird you know?」

I turned the key, opened the door, then let the soldiers do their thing. The pirates still struggled while they were being taken away but they were pretty docile in the end.

「Are these all of them?」
「Yes. These guys are the only ones on the boat」
「Hmm…… You were able to capture all of them uninjured huh? They are also unable to speak for some reason……」
「That’s true. They seemed like they weren’t feeling well when they attacked us. That’s why they don’t have injuries」
「Could you tell me why they are unable to speak?」
「They were being loud so we slit their neck then closed up the wound. Was that bad a bad thing?」
「A bit but…… Well, I guess it’s fine since it’s better if they can’t kick up a fuss. Also, why is Orca tied up like that?」
「He started going wild so that’s just to put him in his place」
「Haa…… Is that so?」

That was a pretty long sigh.3

「The description matches and the flag looks genuine so they seem to be the real deal. The reward for Orca’s capture is five gold coins. Criminal slaves go for 1 large silver coins each so since he has forty-three men, you’ll get 80% of that」
「So all in all, it’s 8 gold, 4 large silver, and 4 silver coins huh? Criminal slaves are surprisingly cheap. I guess bounty hunters can’t earn their keep unless they go for the bigger fishes. I don’t plan on being one though」
「……you didn’t even use an abacus but you calculated that quite quickly」
「That’s not really a big deal you know?」


If we convert the one large silver we’ll get for each of them into silver coins, since there are forty-three of them, we’ll get a total of 430 silvers. Since I’m going to get 80%, I’ll lose two silvers for each one. Multiply that with their total number and subtract the product from the total amount, I’ll end up with 344 silvers. Calculating that shouldn’t be a problem even for someone in the middle grades of grade school.

The first digit in 344 is the number of gold coins, the second one large silvers, and the third is for silver coins. All that’s left is to add the reward for turning Orca in then I’m done. Well, I guess the general populace’s education is pretty low so it’s understandable why he’s surprised. It seems like everyone’s at least capable of basic arithmetic though.

「Well, most of them just go to the coal mines so that’s why they’re cheap」

Human lives are pretty cheap in this world huh? Well, I guess that’s just them reaping what they’ve sown. While I was thinking about that, another soldier behind the one I was talking to started whispering something to him. After the message was relayed, they began talking with me again.

「I had my subordinates calculate it and it’s exactly as you said.」
「However, I apologize as we are unable to give you the total amount today. We’ll have it ready by tomorrow morning so please go to the gate close to the residential district and take this with you. There’s a large guard station in that area」

They sure are well-mannered soldiers. It’s kinda weirdー.

「I understand」

I received the document, read it thoroughly, and checked for any mistakes. I also rubbed the ink with my finger to make sure that it won’t wipe off and reveal something different or other fishy details like that.

「I’ll be there tomorrow morning then. Thanks for your hard work」
「That was quite a thorough inspection. Did something happen in the past?」
「Oh, I’m sorry but I just wanted to make sure everything was right」
「I see. I agree that it’s necessary to be prudent when it comes to these things. Well then. We’ll be taking our leave」


「Phewー. I’m really tired」
「Caam-san. You really are amazing, aren’t you?」
「You said the same thing a long time ago, didn’t you?」
「That was different since that was about your strength. This time, I’m talking about how smart, cautious, and brave you are」
「You won’t get discovered if you do it confidently after all」
「You’re good at cooking, strong, sensible, and courageous. I would have fallen for you if I was a woman you know?」
「Ahー. Thanks… I guess…… I should probably watch my back when I sleep tonight」
「N-no! Wait! That was just a figure of speech!」
「I know. Well then, I’ll be in my cabin if you need me. Once the drinking group comes back, you can go ahead and eat dinner without me. Also, please get someone who’s still relatively sober from their group to report to me. Well, I guess I can just come out since I’ll know when they’re back from just hearing them」

As I was relaxing on the bed in my room, I heard someone outside.

「Mahoーsan. Maou-san. Mao-saaan. Maou-san~. We’re back you know~」
That drunken slur was immediately followed by a knock on the door. When I opened it, I was greeted by a sailor who fell forward because he fell asleep.
「So this one’s the least drunk out of all of them huh……?」
While muttering that, I put a silver coin in my pocket then went out to the deck to check things out. There were several men out there shouldering each other and singing loudly while contaminating the deck with their vomit. After that, they all split up with some continuing to drink straight from the bottle, some going to sleep on the floor with empty bottles as their pillows, and the eccentric few climbing up the mast to start howling. 5
「He really was the least drunk……」

I loosened the clothes of the sailors lying down then shifted them sideways so they won’t choke on their vomit and die. While praying that I won’t find anyone dead when I get back, I went out to have my dinner.

As I walked around, I found out that there were nightly establishments that serve both demonkin and humans. I tried to reject their invitation by telling them that I have a wife and kids but they didn’t give up so I told them that I didn’t bring my wallet. After they heard that, they immediately changed their attitudes and started shouting profanities and curses at me.

『This is just the worst…… 』

Well anyway, the food in the shop I randomly chose was delicious but being heckled by a woman I happened to meet on the way home ended my day in a bad taste.

~Idle Talk~
A nun’s small but big luxury

「Father, that demonkin, the one called Caam. He just put two large silver coins in the donation box meant to be used for the orphanage」
「I see. We should let the children eat their fill today then」
「Understood. I also need to prepare for my trip so I’ll go buy ingredients a bit earlier than usual. I received a personal donation for my trip as well. What should I do with that?」
「That is something Caam-san gave you, Adrea. Use it in however way you see fit」
「Understood. It’s too much for me so I will donate half of it to the church」
「That’s fine. To tell you the truth, I have received a gold coin as a donation for your job」

I braced myself as I was about to fall from hearing that news.

「But…… Why did it only say three large silver coins on the document?」
「It seems like he was being considerate and only wrote that amount. Because of that, we will only have to send half the written amount to the capital. With this, we will now be able to repair the roof and reinforce the walls. Normally, I would pray to god for this blessing but today, I would like to thank the kind and conscientious demonkin, Caam」
「I agree. Well then, I shall go and do the shopping」
「Take care」

Muu. I guess I’ll just buy five pairs of underwear while I’m at it. After that, I’ll go to the main street and spend the rest on some sweets. This is the first time I’ve had money that I can freely use after all. Even the head priest told me I could spend it as I like so it’s fine to let loose a little, right?

I’ve been wanting to try this 『Crepe』 that I’ve heard about for a while now you know?

It’s fluffy and has plenty of sweet seasonal fruits……is it really fine for me to have such an extravagant thing? I should just use the leftover money to buy some candy for the children then go home. I have to leave this town in two days after all.

Still, I’m sure I would get resented if I don’t buy my fellow nuns something. Ah, I didn’t tell them I was going to buy them something though. What to do……? Should I just give them these remaining five large copper coins instead?

God, please help me. What should I do?

While writing the idle talk, the nun ended up being adorable.
Because of that, I started wanting to write a story about her.

Should I do a spin-off or something? It might also be a good idea to add it to the Maou Muji side stories.
I’ll try to write it when I feel like it.

TL: I’m going to translate the side stories since there are some interesting ones but I’m not really sure what chapter number I should put for a few of them that were just written on a whim and have no chapter related to them in the main story… I skimmed through the side story chapters and I don’t think the author wrote one about Adrea…

P.S. I’ve always thought “Idle Talk” wasn’t really a good translation but what do you guys think? Should I just change this to “Omake” or something?

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Sergei Rattšek

Omake seems fine, or you just literally label them as side-stories.


Well, for me, “Idle Talk” is pretty clear. “Omake” will make me tilt my head in confusion. 😀

I wonder why Adrea is so hell-bent on underwear. Is it the only part of clothing that is not regulated by the church uniform rules? And why is she discusses it so calmly with Caam, he’s obviously a young man. I’d blush. 😀

Thanks for the chapter, and may demon lord’s blessing be with you and your Internet connection!


If you can’t find a chapter related to some side stories just name them as ss1 ss2 ss3, etc. Also I personally think that idle talk is fine.


personally im fine with it being “idle talk”


Just keep “Idle Talk” as it is, not need to change.
Thanks for the treat, and stay safe.


I think idle talk is fine.


Many translators translate it as “Side Story”, since that’s pretty much the intention, even though the literal translation doesn’t seem to come out that way. I prefer that.



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