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Chapter 69(nice): That time when we went to the human’s continent to canvass and procure Part 2

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

「I need to check out the situation of the town so first things first let’s check out the market」

I’ve heard someone say that line somewhere.1

Because of that, I walked along the market street while listening for anything related to the town’s guild, about the poor population, the lower class district, or the slums.

「Hey, you. Demonkin over there! Wanna buy some rare fish?」
「Dark-skinned Ni-chan. Want some grilled squid?」
「Oh my, it’s rare for a demonkin to come in these parts. We have fish that are in season for sale over here you know?」

I walked in the middle of the street while looking around since I was being called out by various store owners. I even found a store that was selling takoyaki. Apparently, it was introduced into this world by the hero so I bought one. While I was there, I tried asking about a couple of things.

「Head straight down this road till you reach an intersection, turn right then you’ll be at the lower-class district. If you get lost, just go to the gate to exit the town. If you start walking with that behind you while sticking to the left wall, you’ll reach the place without fail. As for the guild, it’s at the intersection. You’ll be able to tell right away from the sign hanging on the building. There’s a guard office at the gate but there’s probably another one in the harbor as well」
「Thanks, Oba-chan. Since Oba-chan’s so kind, I’ll buy another one」
「Oh my, thank you. Here you go」

Hmmー, it’s good. I want to know the recipe for this sauce. I know that there’s a lot of ingredients mixed in it, but aside from mayonnaise and tartar sauce, I can’t identify the rest. There might also be tomato ketchup or boiled tomatoes that were crushed and mixed with salt and other ingredients in it but I’m not really sure. Well, I guess I should just enjoy the tenderness and taste of the squid.

I wonder if they had a blacksmith make that iron plate with round divots in it? Well, I guess I can just find out myself. Anyway, since the market area was crowded, I think the entire town might be the same way.
I’m not sure though since I was distracted by the takoyaki and didn’t really pay much attention.

I went along the road as I was told, went past a large intersection then headed to the gate where the guard’s station was. I knocked on the small door on the side of the large gate and said.

「Excuse me. I have something I want to ask」

After a while, an earnest-looking man clad in armor came out.

「What is it you would like to ask? Well, please come in first」

The man in armor opened the door as he said that.
He led me into a small room that looked like it was used for interrogation then served me some tea.

「So? What’s the problem?」
「We caught a lot of pirates. We didn’t know how we should handle them so I came here to ask. What would be the best thing to do?」
「Hmm…… I don’t know how many pirates you’re talking about but they are criminals so you need to hand them over to us. They will be turned into criminal slaves but since purchasing and selling slaves is illegal, the profit for selling them will be given to you as a reward for turning them in. Since we’re going to be the ones dealing with everything on your behalf, we’ll be taking 20% of the profits. Would you be okay with that?」
「I understand. That should be alright. If their captain has a reward for his capture, do you guys still take 20%?」
「Those kinds of cases are also under our jurisdiction so please turn them over to us as well. However, if there’s a bounty for their head, you’ll be paid all of it」
「Alright. What would be a convenient time to do that then?」
「Let’s see… We’re going to be finishing up our work before the sun goes down so how about when the sun is three-quarters of the way down?」

So around four in the afternoon then?

「Alright. How are we supposed to do this? They’re still locked up in our ship you know?」
「I will inform the guard station located in the port so please head over there instead. I’ll let them know the reason for your visit and your characteristics beforehand. Can I ask for your name?」
「It’s Caam. Thank you for giving me some of your precious time」
「No, we should be the one thanking you for your cooperation in capturing the pirates」

After that, we politely exchanged farewells then he led me back to the entrance.
It seems like they were trained properly since I was able to finish that without any inconveniences.

With that done, I went back to the main street then headed for the guild.
I entered the guild branch with the sign that I couldn’t miss, then went to a beautiful woman seated behind the reception.

「What business do you have with us today?」
「I would like to post something on that bulletin board. How much would that cost me?」

As I said that, I pointed my thumb towards the large bulletin board by the entrance.

「The cost of using the bulletin board is one silver coin for thirty days」
「Alright. What is the size of the paper I should use?」
「We will be the ones to provide that but do you require someone to write in your stead?」
「If it’s the continent’s common language, I can write it」

The receptionist lady had an apologetic look on her face as she made a suggestion.

「If you don’t mind, although it might double the fee, I suggest you do another post written in the human language. We also charge a fee to write it for you but……」
「It’s alright. Does that mean that more people are using the humans’ language here?」
「I apologize for the inconvenience but there are generally more humans in this continent」

I guess that’s to be expected. Even though they also deal with the demonkin in this port city, it’s still located in the continent controlled by the humans.

「Well then, please take this paper and fill it up over there. We have a pen and ink prepared for you」
「Thank you very much」

I stood up and brought the writing tools with me to another table.

Hmmー, how should I write this? Well, whatever. I’ll just wing it.

•Recruiting skilled workers to the island six days away from this town. We are looking for carpenters, masons, and blacksmiths.
•We currently only have a few islanders so there’s not much option to spend it but a salary will be provided. The amount is negotiable. If you have a family, we will give you an advance payment.
•We are looking for 10 people at most. If there are a lot of applicants, an interview will be conducted. If you are interested, please gather at the guild 30 days after this has been posted.
•People who want to be independent, who are unable to get along with their current boss, people who think, “I can’t waste away in a place like this!”. We are looking for those kinds of people.
•Person to contact: dark-blue skinned Caam

Does that sound a bit shady? I guess it’s just fine.

「Here you go」

I handed the paper to the same receptionist lady who then thoroughly looked at what I just wrote.

「Looks like there are no problems with it. However, I am curious about this island that’s 6 days away from here……」
「Ah, that? I have been entrusted with the development of that uninhabited island but I only have the humans and demonkin that were pushed on to me so I had no choice but to rely on this method of getting more workers」
「I see. Then, as for the price of writing it in human language, it would be 1 large copper coin. Would that be okay?」
「Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll entrust it to you」

As I said that, I took out two silver coins and a large copper coin from my bag then placed it on the counter.

「I have received the total amount. I shall write it in the human language now」

As she said that, she rewrote it, made sure that the ink was dry, then posted the papers to the bulletin board by the entrance.

「These will remain posted until thirty days from now. With that done, I shall be taking my leave」

After that, I left the guild then turned left at the intersection to reach the lower-class district.

There was a unique atmosphere floating about the place. There were unmotivated old people sitting in the alleys and young men drinking alcohol in the streets.
Hmmー, do they not employ lower class citizens or do these people just don’t want to work?

「Hey hey, can I ask something?」

I asked the children on the street who were unsure of what to play.

「Common language. Don’t, know」

The kid who seemed to be their leader spoke up.

『I. Human language. Speak. A bit』
『What’s this, demonkin-oniichan. You should have said so in the first place. So? What do you want?』
『Where, the church?』
『Ahー, the church huh? It’s that building with the sharp roof』
『Thanks. Here. For your troubles』

As I said that, I gave them five copper coins.

『Woahー. Thanks, misterー』

They said that while waving their hands as they ran off.

『Let’s go buy some treatsー』

I could hear them say that as they got further and further away. It would be nice if the children would remain this innocentー.
With that said, I headed for the church.

Once I was there, I noticed that the building itself had various traces of being repaired. It seems like they were only able to patch up things here and there since they had no money to spare. As expected of a place that’s in the lower class district.

I could hear the voices of children coming from the back. Are they also operating as an orphanage?

The building had large double doors for an entrance. It seemed like it was due for some oiling since it made a creaking sound so loud that there was no need for a door knocker when I opened it.

As I entered the building, I was welcomed by a nun.

「Hello. It’s quite rare for a demonkin like you to visit the human’s church. However, since our god is almighty, even if our race is not in good terms with yours, he will accept anyone who comes to our church」

This isn’t a good sign. This nun is the perfect definition of a devout person after all.

「What brings you here today? Are you here to offer a prayer?」

As she asked me that, I noticed a plain-looking statue of god. However, unlike the one I met in my dream, the statue had a muscular and robust looking body and was holding a sword and shield.

Who the heck is this hunk of a deity? I can now understand why he asked me not to burst out laughing once I see his statue.

「No, I came to for a consultation」
「If that’s the case then please use the confession room」

With a gentle smile, she led me towards the confession room then left me there.

「So this is a confession room, huh? I haven’t been to one in my previous life but I guess it should be like this. It’s just a narrow box」

I muttered that as I entered the box.

After a while, I heard the sound of the door opening and someone coming in from the other side.

「What is troubling you today my lost child?」

Judging from the voice, is that an old man? I guess it wouldn’t make sense if it was just the nun that greeted me earlier that came in on the other side.

「Uhm, I’ll just get straight to it. I was suddenly given subordinates and had the development of an uninhabited island entrusted to me. There are demonkin and humans among those subordinates, and as far as I’ve heard, the humans would feel at ease if there is a place they could go to pray to god. That’s why, even if it’s a small one, I would like to construct a church on that island. After asking one of them, they told me that even small villages have a church so even if it’s just an apprentice, I think they would be happy if there was a priest or a nun on the island」

It’s probably fine if I only say that much.

「It’s wonderful to know that even though you are a demonkin, you are properly thinking of the wellbeing of the humans. I’m sure that god is watching over you because of that.
Now, as for sending a representative, you are required to make a donation to the church. We’ll send some of it to the main church at the imperial capital but we’ll also use it to repair this church and to feed the orphans so I hope that you will make a generous donation from the kindness in your heart」

Hmmー, sounds fishy. I wonder if this is really fine.

「I understand. I am thankful that you would go out of your way to teach an uneducated demonkin such as myself of those things. As for the donation, I will be paying a reasonable amount. But first, I would like to ask what kind of procedure do I have to go through before we could have a representative sent to our island?」

Information is important after all. It would be troublesome if I don’t ask these kinds of stuff now.

「If it is urgent, we can immediately make arrangements after the donation has been made. There is usually only one traveling and they only carry a small bag with them so it really is quite simple. You only need to write down the name of the village and where it is located. After that, it would be best if they could accompany you back to ensure they won’t get lost or be in harm’s way. However, if that is not possible, they would just navigate to the destination using the instructions you will write down.」

Oh, so that’s how it goes. I’m not really sure how much I should give them now. Can I use a gold coin? I guess it’s fine since I’ll get five more once I turn in Orca.

「Well then, here is my donation」

As I said that, I took one gold coin and handed it over the priest through a small gap on the wall.

「! W-w-we have certainly received a generous donation. I-I will be making sure that things get processed as soon as possible」

Huh? Was that too much? I still don’t have a sense of how to spend money in this world huh? While I was thinking that, I received a form asking for the name of the representative and the location so I filled it up.

The village’s name…… My birthplace is called Beryl so I guess I’ll just go with something close like 『Aquamarine』. I wonder if it’s fine if I just decide on it on my own. It wouldn’t be a problem if I call it that since the island’s coast is so beautiful right? It fits, right?

For its location, it’s in between the continents and is six days away from Corundum.
The representative is me, Caam. Why is it necessary to put in the race……? I’ll just write Demonkin then.

As for the amount I’ll donate…… I guess 3 large silver coins would be fine.2

「I’ve finished writing. It’s fine to do it in the common language right?」

As I said that, I gave the paper back to him.

「……I would like to ask more serious questions, would that be alright?」

He suddenly said that in a serious voice.

「As long as I can answer it」
「This island is the one where a Demon Lord that was recently slain by the hero for exploiting humans. Are you aware of that?」
「Yes. I’ve heard about that」
「I see. Caam-san, are you perhaps a Demon Lord?」
「No, I’m not. If I was then I wouldn’t have come here and I wouldn’t be inviting a representative of the church to the island」

It’s important to keep things nice and simple to avoid getting exposed.

「Finally, why did you decide to go to a church in the lower class district?」
「It might all be just a rumor but I’ve heard about the distinguished priests of the royal capital that only work to fill their pockets and satisfy their sexual desires. It might be impolite but it is for that reason that I chose such a small church on the outskirts like this. To be frank, I thought that there’s no way they would be spending lavish amounts of money in that place」
「I see…… As for your donation, it was more than enough. Thank you for your generosity. With that, this consultation is now over so please sit down and wait in one of the pews outside」
「Thank you very much」

I left the confession room but I didn’t see the priest come out. Seems like the door on the listener’s side isn’t connected to the church.

「Adrea, I have a job for you. We’ve received a request to establish a church on an uninhabited island」
「The client is the demonkin from earlier but he seems nice so you don’t have to worry. Make sure you train properly so you can be a splendid member of our church」
「……I understand. I shall go and ask for further details」

A demonkin……? Just what in the world is he thinking?

TL: The next chapter part will be posted either on Monday or Wednesday next week.

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