Chapter 68: That time when we went to the human’s continent to canvass and procure 1st part

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

「Ahー, this is the worst way to wake up. My head hurts…… Well, I am glad to know that the children have divine protection though. I guess I should say a little prayer」

As I said that, I didn’t know how they pray in this world so I just faced my bed then bowed twice, clapped twice, then bowed one more time like what they do in shrines.

「Ahー, such good weather today. It’s a fine day to set sail. I feel like there’s no wind though」

After breakfast before we departed, I told the old men to just talk to me through Fleur-san. As for the humans……

「Don’t overdo things and end up getting hurt」

I told them to keep that in mind and of course, take breaks whenever necessary.
After that, with a potted plant in hand, I boarded the ship.

Hmmー, there’s nothing as far as the eyes can see so I have nothing to do during this voyage. Oohー, they’re fishing on the deck. How niceー. Should I try it out as well?

「Do you have spare rods?」
「Yes we do. I’ll go and get our spare rod so please use this」

After he said that, he handed me the fishing rod he was using then went off somewhere. There’s probably a storage room here or something.

「How’s the catch?」
「We were able to catch Maou-sama you know?」
「Ha ha! What the heck are you talking about? We’ve only caught plenty of smaller fish till now」

Ahー, that’s a relief. They were a bit reserved because of the incident the other day but it seems like it was only a temporary thing.
The silk-making technology in this world is nonexistent so we’re only using a string that has low tensile strength since there are no nylon lines. Because of that, I decided to use magic to reinforce the fishing lines.

It’s nice to just let the line hang like this and relax.

「It’s amazing how we can hear the captain’s bellow all the way over here when he’s at the back」
「Haaーー. The sound of sea birds is somewhat soothingー」
「And Maou-san over here is too carefreeー」

The captain was really lively like a fish that has found water. He might have just yelled in excitement since it’s been a while. Pirates really do belong on the sea as expected.
After a while, as I was relaxing, another sailor came over in a panic.

「Maou-san! Orca and his gang are throwing a fit in their room! The door is……!」
「Haaー. They just had to do that while I was relaxing. I guess I’ll go scare them a little. Please lead the way」
「Ahー, yes. Please take it easy on them……」

The sailor who was guiding me didn’t make any eye contact with me the whole time. It’s fine, okay? I’m just going to threaten him after all.

The room in question is a narrow one in the innermost part of the ship. It’s the room with a keyhole outside where all the women were locked up. Well, you reap what you sow I guess.

Once we got there, I didn’t know what exactly was going on inside but it seems like someone was throwing themselves at the door.

Because of that, I continued letting them hit it ten more times in order to grasp the rhythm they’re using. After the eleventh time, I carefully unlocked the door and turned the doorknob which caused them to come tumbling out of the room when they tried to ram it again. Once I confirmed that we got the perpetrator who was actually Orca, I immediately closed it again before anybody else could attempt to get out.

「I was told that you guys were rampaging so I came here and although there was only one culprit, I have to punish all of you to prevent the others from getting any ideas. Skipping a meal or increasing the meat in your soup, which one do you prefer?」

I made sure to say that as loudly as I can so that Orca’s comrades inside could hear me.

「Which one do you think is better? Tap the floor two times in succession if you want to have your meals taken away. If you prefer to have more meat in your meal, tap once」

He opened his mouth but only air was coming out since he had no vocal cords so I just went with that so he could respond.

「I don’t really like violence so I hope you can decide quickly」

I could hear the other pirates inside stomping their foot on the floor once then waiting for a while before stomping it again. It seems like they really want meat.

「See? Since you didn’t decide quickly, your comrades inside are acting as if to say that they want to eat meat from your body. Which one is your dominant arm? I’ll at least spare that and just cut off the other one from the shoulder. We’ll just put that into the soup. I’m nice for not going with your dominant arm right? So, which is it?」

I asked him that while having the same smile on my face as the time I cut off their vocal cords which caused him to turn pale and start vigorously shaking his head. The pirates inside fell silent then he frantically tapped the floor twice.

「I see. You prefer skipping a meal huh? Well, it’s a collective responsibility after all so the mistake of one is the mistake of all. Remember that the next time you feel like trying something. Don’t worry though, we’ll still give you some salt soup. I’m going to open the door now so don’t get any weird ideas okay?」

After saying that, I opened the door then threw him back with the rest of the pirates.
The one guarding the door to the room looked like he couldn’t believe what just happened so I went in next to his ear and whispered.

「That was just a threat」

That way, the people locked inside couldn’t hear what I said.

「Anyway, as for the bread…… Since it’s their first offense, they’ll only be skipping out on it once」
「Yes. I will inform the kitchen staff about it!」
「Well then, I’ll leave the rest to you」

He started responding briskly again……

「Haaー. Fishing’s nice, isn’t itー?」
「What happened to those guys?」

When I got back to the deck, I went back fishing as if nothing happened. After five minutes or so, the sailor next to me must have gotten curious since he finally asked.

「They’ll be skipping their next meal. They’ll still get some salt soup though. The body would weaken if they don’t take any fluids after all. Ooh! I caught one!」

As I said that, I raised the fishing pole. I was met with a brightly colored fish that was struggling violently at the end of the line.

「Haha! That one’s poisonous you knowー?」
「So I can eat it but you guys can’t, huh?」

I reluctantly released the colorful fish back to the sea.

While the cook was preparing dinner, I asked him if I could handle the cooking of the small fish instead. He seemed to be controlling the use of ingredients but since I was only going to use a small amount of flour, a couple of eggs, salt, sugar, and the seaweed that also got caught, I got his approval.

He even told me that I can do whatever I want as long as it’s only that much. Just how much ingredients does he think I usually use up?

After making water and ice using magic, I soaked the fish into a flour and egg mixture, wrapped them in seaweed then fried them in oil to complete the small fish isobeage. I didn’t have a lot of oil since I only used the olive oil I had so I just kinda sautéed it but the cook who was next to me still seemed to have liked it.[TL: Just google Isobeage. It’s usually made with fish paste I think]

「Since the fish are so small, you can just eat it whole. If it was a bigger one though, you have to open it up, take out the internal organs, season it, then dip it in egg and breadcrumbs before you fry it」

As I said that, I also got a fork, put a bit of salt in it, and tasted my cooking. The cook was writing down what I said but I don’t think he has to though since it’s nothing special.

After dinner, I went to the captain’s quarters.

「Captain. I have something I want to ask. Do you have time?」
「What is it?」

He opened the door as he said that. Looking at his room, I saw a compass, a nautical chart, and a ruler on top of his desk.

「How many days does it take to reach the nearest town from the island? Also, please tell me the name of the port town we’re heading to」
「Let’s see. If it’s from the island and we don’t encounter any problems, it would take about seven days at most. Since a day has already passed, we’ll be there in six days. As for the port town, it’s called Corundum」

The captain pointed at the nautical chart and with his compass, he showed me our approximate location after a day of sailing then easily gave me the duration of our trip.
Sorry captain, but all I know about that kind of thing is from a movie I’ve seen so I could only somewhat understand.

「How would you describe that town?」
「Hmm…… It’s a fairly large port town where all sorts of goods and people gather I guess」
「How about the lower class district?」

The captain started wrinkling his eyebrows and looked at the upper right part of the room. He’s probably trying to remember what it was like.

「There are plenty of vagrants and orphans there. The public order is also bad」
「Thank you very much for the information. I might have other things I want to ask so I’ll come again but only when things don’t seem to be busy」
「Yes. thank you as well for your consideration」
「At any rate, you sure were lively today, weren’t you? It’s like you were a fish that was back in the water you know?」

After a bit more small talk, I went back to my room.

As usual, I had nothing to do on the ship.

The efficiency would plummet if an amateur starts messing about so the things I can do are limited. Laze around, go fishing on the deck, cook the fish the sailors caught, visit Orca and his group when they start making a fuss. That’s all I can do during this trip. As for today, I’m lazing around waiting for fish to bite.

Behind me, everyone else is busy. That’s because the captain ordered the sailors to lower the sails so that we can get efficiently propelled by the tailwind. While they were doing that though, they still were taking turns fishing next to me so I always had someone to relax with.

「Maou-san, how are you feeling? Are you feeling seasick?」
「I’m alright. It seems like I’m pretty resilient when it comes to that. Doesn’t seem like I have any talent for fishing though」
「What a shame. I’ve heard that the ones who easily get seasick never get used to it no matter how much time passes after all」[TL: I’m not really sure who this is and if they are just pulling on his leg so to speak]

After spending the time peacefully for five days, we finally arrived at the port town Corundum.

The ship was docked at the harbor then everyone gathered on the deck.

「Well then, I’ll go ahead and do what I have to do so feel free to rest while we’re in this town. Captain, about what we talked about last night……」

After saying that, the captain gave me a bag filled with money.

「This bag has enough to provide everyone here 10 silver coins each. You can use that in the taverns to buy some drinks. You may even go and spend it at the red light district so enjoy yourselves as much as you want but please make sure you don’t become the cause of the delay in our departure」

As I said that, the sailors started whispering among themselves.

「Please don’t cause any problems and be on your best behavior. I won’t take any responsibility if you get caught. If someone picks a fight with you, please just ignore them like how you would a stray dog barking at you. Endure it even if they provoke you. If they start bringing out the pointy stuff, then just shout as loudly as you can to get the attention of the people maintaining the peace in the town.

I would be troubled if you cause problems after all. Your pride? Please leave that thing here on the ship. Remember, you guys are no longer pirates, you are sailors from my island. Ahー, you should be careful with women who might have any illnesses as well. With that said, I’ll leave this with the captain so please get your share from him」

I returned the bag to the captain after I said that.

「I’ll leave it to your discretion on how you’ll distribute this」

I said that loudly so everyone could hear.
If he acts selfishly and doesn’t distribute it evenly, he’ll be resented and everyone would complain. If that happens, I’ll just have to make him step down as captain.

With that settled, I put some money into my rucksack then entered the town.

~Idle Talk~

The sailor guarding Orca

A: 「Whenever Maou-san threatens someone, it’s oddly convincing and gives me the creeps」
B: 「Yep. I don’t know what’s up with that smile but you can’t tell whether he’s serious, joking, or if he’s just making a threat」
C: 「I thought that he was serious about putting an arm in the soup」
B: 「I don’t even want to eat something made from a pot that was used to boil hands no matter how much it’s washed」
A:「Still, isn’t Maou-san’s cooking really delicious?」
C: 「Ahー, that’s certainly true」
B: 「Those small fish were delicious but the sweets he makes from time to time are delicious as well」
A: 「With that much skill, I don’t think I’ll be able to tell whether or not I’m eating someone’s arm」
B: 「What if…… without us realizing it……」
C: 「Oi, don’t even joke about that」
A: 「Well, no matter what you say, he’s still the same Maou-san」
B: 「I guess we haven’t really seen him go through with those things, huh?」
C: 「Yeah. He said things about killing them but in the end, they were all captured alive. I guess what the fox-eared old man said about him being kind was true」
B:「Must be. I mean, he was even kind to us tooー」
A:「Yep. We’re in a situation that’s better than being worked to death. We also get to eat 3 times and we even get plenty of rest」
C: 「That’s rightー. I’m just glad I didn’t get killed at that time」
A & B: 「Yup」

They thought that Caam’s threats were good but they didn’t know that he was only forcing himself to do that.

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