Chapter 68: That time when we went to the human’s continent to canvass and procure 1st part

TL: kizen who has been mentally boomed recently
ED: Filip/Gecko

It’s been two days since I went home.

We’ve decided to go to a human town but I’m starting to get a bit worried. According to the pirates, it seems like the humans of this world are pretty religious. I remember Johnson from Clinochlore saying something like that.

Come to think of it, is that guy still going after Celesso-san I wonder? Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter to me.

Anyway, since we went through all the trouble to get a ship, I thought of using that to go to the human port city that’s closest to the island.
The main reason for our trip is to sell Orca and his crew but while we’re there, I’ll try to recruit people to fill our overwhelming lack of technically skilled workers and medical personnel. We could also invite someone who’s affiliated with the religious people.

At the corner of my mind, I’m thinking of adding an establishment related to religion on our island to improve the humans’ motivation but will they actually come to an island that is known to be under the control of a Demon Lord? In the first place, I still have to worry about getting subjugated if the country or the church finds out my true identity.

I can just ignore that and make an appeal to the country by showing them that I’m not a bad Demon Lord but even if that works, I still can’t guarantee my safety when it comes to the church.

Because of that, I guess I’ll just try to invite people who don’t seem to be too involved with their faith.

「Captain, can I have a moment?」
「Yes. What is it?」
「Since you guys were previously pirates, did you have a god you believe in?」
「Yes we do. Even small villages in the outskirts have at least a priest after all. As for us pirates, we worship the god of the seas……」
「So? How many people are required to worship that god?」
「Hmmー, either an apprentice priest or a nun I guess. At least one of those two」
「Thanks. Sorry if I interrupted your work」

After I said that, he went back to doing maintenance on Orca’s ship that we acquired recently.

Does that mean that they have several gods? Well, it’s possible that they just made up one on their own though. It’s the mystery of faith or so they say. If I ask, the person himself might appear in my dream again. I haven’t seen them recently but if it’s important, they’ll probably do just that.

In the end, if it doesn’t work, I can just temporarily give up on the idea of recruiting medical staff and religious workers.

「Maou-san. The preparations are complete!」
「Okay. I understand」

After saying that, I looked up and saw that it was about 4 in the afternoon so…

「It’s a little early but let’s end it here for today. Just save up your energy for our departure tomorrow morning」
「Thanks for the hard work」
「「「「You too, boss」」」」1

Hmmー these guys seem to have already grown accustomed to this kind of life. I guess I’ll be able to trust them with even more things from now on. I’m going to sleep early so I guess I’ll go eat.

「It’s been a while. I felt like calling you so here you are. It’s been five years, hasn’t it?」
「Ahー, yes」

I was woken up from my sleep. I looked around and although I haven’t been here that often, I recognize it as the same empty white room that I’ve been in before.

「I apologize for waking you up from your sleep. I would also like to congratulate your wives for the safe delivery of your children」
「Thank you」

I bowed my head down as I said that.

「The childhood friend and the young lady who fell for you at first sight… Isn’t that like Bianー」[TL: The author really likes this DQ reference doesn’t he?]
「Stop it! Don’t say it or it will lead to war!」

I hurriedly stopped god from finishing his sentence.

「Mm! My apologies. You are heading to the nearest port city after you wake up from this dream right? This world doesn’t have another god besides me but there are plenty of made-up gods that the humans have created. However, most of the churches worship me so you don’t have to worry. You might be concerned that the church and the country might be connected but if you just hide the fact that you are a Demon Lord, it’ll sort itself out. You’ll be able to invite over a few people by just being an ordinary demonkin. I could also just tell them to send an apprentice priest to that aforementioned island by telling them that there are humans on that island」
「Aren’t you already giving them an oracle at that point?」
「There’s no problem if it’s to raise their spirits so please feel free to take advantage of it. And besides, what you were thinking about earlier today was actually correct in a way.2 Well, there’s also the town where humans and demonkin get along so there should be no problems. If the worst happens, I can just act as your shield by saying that we think you act more like a human than them and ask them to stop」3
「You unexpectedly went with the worst course of action huhー? I mean, I don’t really want to resort to that you know?」
「Well, don’t you think that clergymen who just use me as a means to fatten themselves up are just the worst? They only think of how to earn money to keep appearances. They find innocent orphans to take as an apprentice, adopt them, then forcibly use them as an outlet of their lust. It wouldn’t be a loss if they perished. They can’t even get the believers to donate to the orphanages and there are even some scum out there who put their hands on the nuns」
「Is that so? That’s rough. Wouldn’t it be fine to just talk to them in a dream like what we’re doing now?」

He looked slightly disappointed as he replied.

「I tried that in the past but they didn’t believe me since I look so different from the statues they pray to. I was unsure what would be the best way to interfere or not but it would be great if those having intercourse with orphans would die all of a sudden which would cause all of their deeds to be exposed then all of the top brass will get executed. They might just cover it all up though. Ahhー, it would be nice if at least all of those trash priests just die」
「I see. It would be nice if that happens, wouldn’t it?」

That’s not something a god should be saying though.4

「Ahー, that’s right. About the hero’s movements, they’re taking a wait-and-see approach and they only move once the rumors start blowing up so you don’t have to worry」
「Haa…… Thank you very much for such valuable information. To be honest, I didn’t really want to hear your complaints」
「Iyaー, I just thought that if it was Nagi-kun, he would do something about it」
「That’s impossible」

I feel like he was actually hinting something different but I might be imagining things.

「Too bad. For the time being, I’ll just harass them. I’ll curse them by giving them three mouth ulcers that last for a month」
「That’s quite a terrible curse, isn’t it?」
「I don’t want to hear that from someone who had someone walk non stop while they were imprisoned and let them eat moldy pudding and soup」
「I shall keep my mouth shut then」
「Ahー, I remembered something else. I thought your children were interesting so I gave them my divine protection while they were still in their mothers’ belly」
「Ahー. Thanks, I guess」
「Why do you sound like you’re not happy about that」
「Well…… It’s just that it’s hard to be grateful for something that sounds like it’s easy to slap on someone and take it away」
「As for the effect, from now on, they will not suffer from any illnesses. Even if they are seriously injured they would be placed in a form of suspended animation so they won’t waste blood making their chance of survival increase so please rest assured. This divine protection will last until five generations you know?」
「Even if you say that, it’s still……」
「Ah, our time’s up. Farewell」

A few years ago, they showed me a compilation of the best moments of my life that lasted for what felt like 48 hours but this time……
He definitely seems like he’s running away, isn’t he?5

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