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Chapter 66: That time when I almost made everyone distance themselves from me on the rare occasion I did something Demon Lord-like 1

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

「Oi, it looks like that shitty bastard Edward didn’t come back from when he went to attack the Demon Lord. Isn’t this our chance to make a name for ourselves now that that idiot’s gone?」

As he said that, he took the wine from the messy table and vigorously drank it all up to fire himself up.

「Now’s the time for this Orca-sama gobble up that beardy’s mess. Let’s go boys!」

After saying that, the pirates left the bar without even paying for their drinks.

It’s been a month since I wrapped up my exploration. Houses and all sorts of buildings have gradually been propping up in our town on the island. The potatoes we planted on the fields now have lush leaves so they’ll be ready to harvest in about a month, I think.

The rabbits we received from the harpies have successfully given birth to one baby. As for the cocoon that I found, I tried boiling it and was able to successfully extract the string so I carefully wound it up and put it away for safekeeping.

I also took some ashes and mixed it in water then set it aside for a few days. Once all the ash had settled at the bottom, I poured the water into another container. After that, I added olive oil and some fragrant herbs into the liquid then boiled it again until all the excess water evaporated. I did this as a test to try and make soap.

It was really peaceful on the island so after watering the Fleur-san seeds that I received from Facil, I decided to use the chicken’s freshly laid egg to bake some cookies for the children. Just as I was about to start, the dog-eared old man rushed into my house in a panic yelling:


「Eh~? Again~? I’m trying to bake cookies right now but it will be bad if I don’t go, won’t it?」2
「What kind of stupid things are you spouting? It’s fine already so go! I’ll gather all of the humans to the center of the plaza」
「If anything happens, follow the stream connected to the pond. It will lead you towards the mountain. There is a large lake over there. I think you’ll be safe there for a while. I’ll leave the security of the humans to you」

I put down the bowl and said that to the old man with a serious look on my face then gathered my equipment and ran towards the beach.

Once I got there, I was met with the former pirates who were prepared for battle. I could see a single ship that was still pretty far away but there was a sense of tension in the air.

「Is the captain here?」
「Yes! I am here!」
「Do you recognize that flag?」
「Yes…… I think it’s probably someone called Orca」
「Hmm…… Orca, huh……? Is he as brutal as his name sounds?」
「Yes. He takes everything indiscriminately from the ships he attacks. I’ve heard that he has taken a liking to being called by that name」
「Hmmー. Well anyway, do you want to get aboard a ship once again?」
「Eh? Well, yes I do but…… I’ve already gotten used to living on land so I don’t think I should push myself to live that kind of life. I think everyone has the same opinion」
「You heard what he said but do you guys think the same way?」
「I agree. I have already gotten used to working in the fields and I’m starting to help out with the gathering of herbs and building houses」
「Me too! It’s proper work and the food I get to eat is the best. It’s too bad that there’s not a lot of sake lately though」

I tried telling the former pirates what I’ve been considering for a while now.

「Well, it’s just that I was thinking of getting a ship, purchased or otherwise. But since you guys are saying you don’t want to get on a ship ever again, I guess I’ll just sink then」
「Well actually, I’ve been wanting to get on a ship recently. I’m also really grateful for your trust」
「I have also been wanting to get back at it」
「Me too」
「Hmm, shall we take theirs then?」
「You say it like it’s that simple. How hard do you think it will be?」
「Who knows. Well, it’s fine as long as no one dies」
「……I think that only applies to you Maou-san」
「Ahー, sorry sorry. I’ll do something about it. Now then, shall we start with our preparations?」

I started using the magic I learned from the magician on that merchant ship.

「Ready up boys! We’re almost there but I’m sure there ain’t any one of you afraid, right!」
「「「「That’s right!」」」」

『Ahー, test, testー. I’ll just assume you can hear me I guess』

「Who’s there!」

『If you get any closer than this, we will consider you as an enemy. If you have business with us, please anchor your ship there and approach the beach via boat or dinghy』

「Magic huh…… It’s probably the Demon Lord」

『”The only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed.” Have you heard a saying like that? The pirates who came here before were kept as our pets to be used for labor but we’ll have a rough time with food if our population increases even more at the moment so please prepare yourself to either get killed or sold as a slave okay? That’s all』

「What the hell? So that bastard Edward didn’t die but just kept as a pet instead! What an idiot!」

After saying that, Orca laughed and the other pirates laughed together with him.

「There ain’t no reason for us to go home so set course for the island! Let’s show ’em who’s making who a slave」

「Kept as a pet…… Is that really what you think of us?」
「Hmmー, they’re not stopping, are they?」
「Please answer me. Also, Maou-sama might not think anything of it but have some sense of tension at least」
「Hmm, those guys…… It doesn’t seem like they have any intention of stopping」

With my arms crossed, I took a deep breath to make my upper body appear bigger.

「Haa, I give up. So? What’s the strategy?」
「Same as what I did with you guys. Retreat to a place where their arrows can’t reach then attack them while they’re trying to get close. Go in with the resolve to kill but if you have some leeway, try and capture them alive so that we can sell them in town as slaves. That way, we can get money for the food cost and development of the island. By the way, you guys would have ended up like them if it weren’t for our situation back then. I hope you won’t forget that. Well then, our strategy’s simple. Kill them before they kill you. That’s all」

I suddenly changed my tune and said a part of that in a low voice with a serious look on my face which caused them to go back to their usually docile demeanor and became afraid to even speak. Well, even I have to show some dignity as a Demon Lord from time to time.

After that, I started preparing the magic I was talking about before.

「Well then, how about I’ll let them experience what it’s like to climb a tall mountain~?」

I said that in a lighthearted way to ease up the tension that was caused by my previous words. It didn’t work though. They were just looking at me like they didn’t know what I was talking about.

To do that, I’ll have to mess with the atmospheric pressure. I’ll try to cover the entire inner bay area and just do something about it if it gets closer to us. Yup. Let’s go with that.

I imagined a wall of air covering the bay area then made it hollow by removing all of the air inside. It’s like removing all the air inside using a vacuum pump.

Well, it’s a wall made out of air though so I’m not expecting that much from it.

「Just ignore that warning! They retreated to a place where our arrows don’t reach so let’s run up to them instead!」
「My head is starting to hurt though」
「I’m kinda dizzy」
「What kind of weakling nonsense are you talking about! Man up!」
「I don’t feel so good……」

The pirate captain Orca also felt short of breath and aching on his head but he wasn’t sure what was going on since he hasn’t experienced that kind of feeling before. 3

「We’re going to rush in so prepare for impactー」

They had crashed their ship into the sandy beach then the pirate captain frantically ran to kill the Demon Lord and the cowardly pirates who were being kept as his pets. However, he noticed that his vision became blurry just as a sand wall appeared in front of him. He was able to stop before he hit the wall but started vomiting in front of it.

As he looked up, he saw a blue demonkin with a shovel and before he knew it, he was already on the ground unable to move.

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