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Chapter 64: That time when I had an in-island adventure Part 4

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

In the end, I didn’t get any sleep.

They continued to enjoy themselves until three hours before sunrise when the other villagers were starting to get up. During breakfast, even though I was sleepy, I continued to pay attention to the people around me so I was able to immediately tell.

That’s right, it was you! The onee-san from yesterday, who’s now making breakfast in front of me!

Did they get together while I wasn’t here? Well, that’s good I guess. Try to keep your voice down next time okay?

With that in mind, I ate breakfast with my body still tired.

「Oi, Caam. I didn’t know you’re already back」

The dog-eared old man sat next to me and started conversing with me.

「Ah, I came back in the middle of the night after all……」
「I see. Your exploration didn’t take that long this time, did it?
「If you’re facing away from the sun, the left and right hand side of this island is narrower after all」

As I said that, I thought he might not get it so I tried drawing a picture of the island on the ground.

「As you can see, the island has a long and thin shape, so if you want to, you can reach the beach in a day, if you started traveling early in the morning. By the way, we’re all here」

I resumed eating my meal after pointing out where our general location is on my drawing.

「This island is surprisingly big, isn’t it?」
「You need to walk for five days without sleep to go around the island after all. If we just take our time, it will still take seven days to come back here」
「Mu. Rather than just surprisingly big, isn’t it more like the island’s considerably big?」
「Well…… It’s as you can see」

It’s three times smaller than Sado Island though. Its coastline is about 200 to 250 km, right? It has a mountain too but although the shape’s a bit different, it’s similar to this island since it’s also always summer.
Well, this one doesn’t have a large landmass right next to it though. If I want it to be more similar, I would need to add a hot spring here where the residents are but I can’t exactly dig a thousand-meter water channel and we also don’t have the technology to pump it up from the ground. If we had something like that, I would immediately make one here.

「Are you going today too?」

I was having my delusions but was brought back to reality upon hearing that question.

「There’s only one side remaining but I’m tired so I’m taking a break today. I’ll just go and talk to a big-wig who’s an acquaintance of mine」
「What!? Who?」
「It’s the nobleman who governs the area surrounding Tephroite. I don’t remember if you know him but that person was the one who requested that I escort you guys to the front lines」
「……will he be that easy to meet with?」
「Hmm… Was it the noble’s district? Upper-class district? I’m not really sure but it’s the area where rich and important people live that’s surrounded by an outer wall. Anyway, I think it would be alright even if it’s an unannounced visit if I just tell the gatekeeper over there about it」
「Is that really alright with that noble?」
「I’m sure it’s fine. And besides, if I remember correctly, he’s trying to improve their town so people can easily meet with him since they’re trying to receive tips about corrupt officials and complaints from the townspeople」
「Aren’t you two alike then?」
「No, not at all. He was already a noble from the start and has education worthy of one. I’m also sure that he has plenty of connections. As for me, my connections are only limited to my friends from Beryl and the residents living in the apartment I stayed at in Aegerine」

After sipping the rest of my salted seafood soup, I returned the tableware I used then started to prepare the coffee, honey, and one of Fleur-san’s potted plants that I will bring to give as a present.

After placing the roasted and grounded coffee and the honey in jars, I began making my preparations to use the transfer magic.
I think it would probably be better if I paid the toll but I can’t really remember the gate where carriages enter and exit from so I’ll just transfer to the entrance of the noble’s district.

Before I knew it, I arrived at a familiar gate.
The gatekeeper who was in front of me had his eyes open wide and looked very surprised.
「W-wha… You! Where did you come from!」
「Ahー. It’s magic. Convenient, right? You must have been to your intended destination before though, so good thing I’ve come here previously, since I want to meet with a noble living on the other side of this wall. Now, could you please guide me to Cravatte-sama’s estate?」

I acted like nothing happened and asked that with a smile.

「A-ahh, the person on duty will show you around」

Was there a problem or something? The other guards wearing the same armor started coming out of an apartment-like building on the side but I just ignored them and had the guard on duty guide me to my destination.
I know where the place is but it’s more or less these guys’ duty to guide people so I just let them do their job.

「Has it been four years? Maybe five?」

While muttering that, we arrived at the gate and noticed that the dog-eared guard was still guarding the mansion.

「A guest for Cravatte-sama」

After that, I was led to the study by the same dog-eared maid-san who greeted me at the entrance the last time I was here. I told her that the bag I had was full of gifts I brought along with me and she told me that they’ll have to check the contents so she took it with her after she finished escorting me to the room. That should be expected I guess. They have to check for poison after all.

「The master is currently finishing up his work so please wait for a while longer. He’ll be here shortly」

She came back with tea and said that before leaving again.
After a while, there was a knock on the door. The maid opened it then Cravatte entered the room.

「It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I didn’t think you would come here though」

He said that as he sat down on the sofa opposite of where I was seated, then the maid brought him his tea.

「Iyaー, to be honest, it’s a relief that you’re here. It seems like I’m going to be crushed by a mountain of paperwork so shall we have a slightly longer talk?」

A mountain of paperwork huh? Seems tough.

「I see. I guess I can help you out. Well anyway, actually, I became a Demon Lord」
「I was given a certain sizable uninhabited island as my territory but……」
「……go ahead」

For a moment, I noticed a glint in Cravatte eyes so the topic must have piqued his interest.

「We were attacked by pirates so I sunk their ship. We wanted to make use of the materials we can salvage out of the said sunken ship so when we asked them how much loot they had in there, they said it was about 7 large gold coin’s worth. I wasn’t sure what to do with that so I came here to ask for your advice」
「What’s this? How come you’re acting so distant? You should have come over and told me that you’ve become a Demon Lord. You’ve even been ignoring all the love letters I’ve sent you」1

He had a childish grin on his face as he sipped on his tea.
I haven’t been here since spring of when I came back from the front lines huh? Well, even if I did receive another directive to go to the front lines, I would have refused them.

「When I sent my subordinates to the place you were residing before, a brusque cat-eared woman just told them that you went back to your home town. All this time and I didn’t even receive a letter from you, you know? But now I understand why. You really did have qualities of a Demon King after all. You were already amazing back then, in all sorts of ways……」
「Well, even if I received those letters, I wouldn’t want to worry my wives so I would have refused」
「Wives? Just how many do you have? You’re quite the player aren’t you Caam? Anyway, as for me, I’m happy to say that my child was just born recently」

Ohh, a noble’s firstborn child. He now has a successor, huh?

「No no no, I should be the one congratulating you. Well, that’s that. Let’s get down to business, shall we? Could you tell me more about this pirate’s loot you were talking about?」
「According to the captain, nine of the chests were stolen from merchant ships while the last one seems to be taken from another pirate crew. The one stolen from other pirates is in a gray area but I’m not sure what to do with the rest since it was stolen from merchant ships」

After thinking for a while, he sipped his tea and said.

「Don’t worry about it. It doesn’t matter even if you use it for your own」
「Is that really alright?」

I wasn’t expecting to get that kind of response.

「Don’t worry about it and spend it however you want. Just think of it as compensation for subjugating the pirates. And besides, those merchant ships have probably already given up hope of getting their stuff back」
「Hmmー. Is that really the case?」
「I don’t know. However, if you just keep worrying about spending it, all that money won’t ever circulate back into the economy. You can just take your time and use it to secure whatever it is that you need」

After saying that, he finished up the rest of his tea in one go. He’s unexpectedly enthusiastic about all of this.

「Well, that’s that. How about I postpone my battle with the mountain of documents for a bit longer and talk about what you’ve been up to?」

With that said, I told him all that happened these past few years from the time I was visited by a Demon Lord’s subordinate to my exploration trips on the island to find stuff that can be used for trading.

「Hmmー you’re still the same good-natured guy who does foolish things, I see」

He said that after I stopped talking for a bit to drink my tea.

「……well, I can’t argue with that」
「That’s right. Ah, come to think of it, didn’t you have gifts you brought with you?」

When Cravatte rang the bell that was on the table, the maid entered the room.

「Bring me the gifts Caam-kun brought over」

After he said that, the maid went out and immediately brought back the gifts I handed to her earlier.

「So this is the product of roasting the seeds you told me about earlier. It seems black and burnt at first but it has a nice smell to it. How do you prepare it?」
「You would usually put it in some kind of material that water can pass through and pour hot water through that but since we don’t have any, let’s just add water on it directly」

I put the ground coffee beans in cups, added hot water, then poured it into another cup once I deemed that the powder had been mixed in properly.

「I apologize in advance if there are still some leftover ground beans in it」
「Don’t worry about it」
「It’s bitter so you might want to add sugar or animal milk, preferably from cows」
「Fumu. My wife is breastfeeding our child at this exact moment. Should I go get her?」
「It might be fine with you but I’d rather not」

I don’t think I would mind if it was Suzuran’s or Latte’s but I would obviously be reluctant if it’s the breastmilk of another person’s wife.
While I was thinking about that, I noticed Cravatte grinning. Was that a joke?

「Muー I would get a stomach ache if the cow’s milk is not fresh. Would butter not work?」
「It won’t. Just give it up and drink it with sugar alone」

The maid brought in some sugar then he added it to the coffee until it reached his desired sweetness then drank it.
「Ugh, it’s still bitter」

I giggled a bit upon hearing him say that.

「Well I’m sorry since I’ve never drunk something like this before」

It seems like he sulked because I giggled at his reaction.
I also tried it and it seems like this time’s batch was not roasted enough.

「Umu, it smells good, doesn’t it?」

We just continued passing our time leisurely like that.

「What is it all of a sudden?」

I realized that I forgot something important. That was close.

「Until your child has been weaned, please don’t let your wife drink it. One of the components that make up this coffee gets mixed into the mother’s milk which the baby would most likely ingest」
「Is it dangerous for the child?」
「Adults would get a small boost in energy and would get rid of drowsiness but that effect is even greater in children which makes it dangerous for them. It’s like putting a bucket full of salt into a cup compared to a spoonful. The cup, in this case, is the child」
「If that’s the case then it can’t be helped. I’ll just have her put up with it for a while then」
「By the way, you might get addicted to it if you drink too much」
「Isn’t it poison then!?」
「It’s kinda like if you don’t drink it, you won’t be able to calm down or something like that. It won’t cause any harm like the contraband grass and tobacco but you’ll get fat if you put too much sugar in it」

There are those caffeine junkies after all. I heard that black and green tea have caffeine in them, but I’m not really sure if this world’s tea is the same. It tastes good though.

「I’m not sure how to treat this now that you say that」
「It got mixed reviews from the people on the island. Some like it, some don’t. As for me, I prefer barley and sweet herb tea」

「Come to think of it, where is this island located?」
「Uhー, according to the Demon Lord’s subordinate, it seems like it will take 20 days in total to get there from the village. A fifteen-day carriage ride from my village to the harbor, then another five days by ship. Well, I’m not really sure what the means though since I haven’t seen a map of this area before」

Hearing that, he started rubbing his chin and thinking about something.

「Ah, I can remedy that. It should be around here somewhere……」

After saying that, he went towards the bookshelves, brought back a dusty map and showed it to me. I don’t know how accurate it was but there were two continents on both sides with several small islands in between.

「It doesn’t show the entirety of it but Tephroite is over here and Beryl is around here. Can you see if any of the islands in the middle that looks similar to yours?」

After examining the map, I pointed at the island that’s shaped like a grain of rice.

「Probably over here」
「If I remember correctly, this is the place where new Demon Lords get sent to, then get subjugated before they can make a name for themselves. You…… you’ll die there you know?」
「I don’t treat the human slaves unreasonably. I give them three meals a day, let them take adequate breaks and provide them with proper beddings. The thought of being betrayed is scary though. At any rate, a shipping vessel containing goods for trading passes by there once every three days and it seems to be a famous location among the humans for being a place where a Demon Lord usually resides. As for my predecessor, don’t you think that the reason why he met an early demise was that he exploited his slaves to the point where dangerous rumors started spreading around? That just goes to show that if you want to know a person’s true nature, you just have to give them power」
「Umu…… Some demonkin hate humans after all. That Demon Lord was probably a part of that faction and just demonstrated his true nature once he came into power. Be careful alright? Once you’re done reclaiming the island, humans might come to steal it away. It could possibly become the trigger for war between our races even. Since it costs money to reclaim an uninhabitable island, they might think that it’s better to just take something that the Demons had worked on without having to spend any coin for it. It’s as easy as that, ain’t it?」
「Ahー. It’s bad that I didn’t even consider that happening right……? I should bear that in mind」
「There are plenty of underhanded fellows among the humans and the demonkin after all. Well, I don’t really mind as long as Caam doesn’t die though. It would be bad for me if that happens though since his majesty will find out that I didn’t inform him about the new Demon Lord reclaiming that island. In the worst case, I would even need to have an audience with him you know? This is such a pain, isn’t it?」

He drank the rest of his coffee after saying that, then took out a bottle of liquor off the shelf.

「It’s Beryl Sake. It has started to appear on the market around here you know?」2

He uncorked the bottle and poured the contents into the cup that he used to drink coffee earlier.

「My wife’s so fussy when it comes to drinking while I’m working. I told her that I can still use a pen even if I have a little but she’s still so obstinate about it. You remember the fox-eared maid that was standing behind me last time, right? She still has that stubbornness she had when she was still my maid」

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen the fox-eared maid with icy glare yet. So that’s why.

「Our relationship just became like that before I noticed it. I didn’t really like or hate her, but I just naturally started looking at her in that way……you know? She had been serving me from when I was a child after all. We’re close in age as well. Anyway, let me hear your story too」

He looks like he’s trying to say that since I told you my story, you should tell me yours.

「As for me…… We’ve been neighbors since we were born so we were always together but since I didn’t make my move no matter how long she waited, I was……attacked」

I tried turning away my gaze hoping that he wouldn’t ask for the whole story. It failed.

「Fascinating. That just makes me curious to know more. Tell me more about it」

Because of that, I had to shamefully retell the tale of the time I was assaulted.

「Haaー. Even a Demon Lord can’t win against his wife huh? Actually, it’s the same for me. I just can’t get my head around it」
「Women are just strong. That’s all there is to it」
「I guess it’s just because both are built and think differently. We just have to accept it. Anyway, this liquor is really good. It’s like women, it just gets better as the years go by. It might be a good idea to buy a barrel of it and just put it next to the fruit wine in the cellar for a while」

Cravatte drank up all of the remaining sake in his cup and was about to stand up when I realized that I forgot to tell him something important.

「Ah, one last thing. I almost forgot about this」
「Hm? What is it?」
「As you may know, I am uneducated when it comes to governance and I don’t have plenty of subordinates who can deal with numbers and negotiations so I wanted to ask if I could get your help when it comes to that. For that reason, I brought a red flower as one of my gifts. That plant is actually an offshoot of a demonkin. If you tell it your message, what you said will be relayed to me via her main body on the island. It’s not good with the cold so please set it on a sunny part of a room」
「Hou…… Uneducated huh? I don’t know if you’re joking or not but still, I’m interested in that flower you brought」
Cravatte rang the bell again, and asked the maid who came in to bring the potted plant.

「Fleur-san. Do you have a moment?」

After saying that, the flower moved and transformed into the upper half of a woman.

「What!? Wait, this isn’t the island, isn’t it!?」
「This person is a nobleman that I know. His name is Cravatte-sama. Please let me know if there’s anything he wants to tell me while we’re at the island」
「Alright. Nice to meet you」
「Ah, yes. Pleased to meet you too. This is really interesting. If you use this as a means of communication on the battlefield…… No, I shouldn’t think of it that way. This is a precious gift from you after all」3
「What? Are you going back now? If so then give this child some mana rich water okay?」

I poured a 【water ball】 onto the plant’s roots but she started panting and squirming around as usual.

「This isn’t really something you should show someone whose wife has just given birth」
「I can’t do anything about it since she seems to like the water I made with magic. The water contains plenty of mana and it seems to give off a pleasant sensation as it spreads throughout their body」
「Hou. Regular water is usually enough though, right?」
「That’s right. You can just leave this child in a sunny room like this one and just give it water when the soil is starting to look dry」
「I already told him that」
「Ha? Wait a minute. What do you even know about me!?」
「Raising your offshoots?」
「Haa, I give up. I just have to tell Caam on the island what he says here right? Now, what was this child’s number againー?」

Number? Is she giving each of them a control number or something? That’s kinda amazing.

「Well anyway, once things get busier, I’ll probably borrow some of your personnel who can do arithmetic work so I hope I can count on you when that time comes」
「Alright. I’ll make sure to find suitable men as long as you inform me in advance. Well then, let’s wrap things up. This turned out to be a really refreshing chat. For that, you have my thanks」
「No no, it was my pleasure. I apologize for coming unannounced」
「Don’t worry about it. Well, I would prefer if you would inform me through Fleur-san over here the next time though. I’ll tell my wife and my maid about her as well. I need to make sure I don’t drop this first though」
「I see. Well then, I’ll take my leave. Please let the doorman know that I already went back」
「Wait. Let me see that transfer magic」

This person is still as curious as ever. While I was thinking that I activated the transfer magic and went back home to the island.
I was able to see Cravatte getting all giddy and excited like a child before the transfer magic fully finished casting though.

「Oh, how was it?」

The dog-eared man was there to meet me.

「He’s a noble who has a lot on his plate right now so I don’t think I can rely on him that much right now but for the meantime, I was told to “just use” that money」
「I see」
「Ahー, I’m pretty tired after that. I’ll go to sleep for now so please wake me up when lunch is ready」
「Did dealing with that person really exhaust you that much?」
「He was like a child that suddenly turned into an adult after all. I’m also still tired from yesterday. Anyway, goodnight」
「I see. Ah, the Harpies brought 6 rabbits. Three male, three female」
「Gotcha. I’ll have to thank them later. I also need to ask Root-san to make a pen for the rabbits so that they don’t escapeー」

With that said, I waved him goodbye and went back to my house without caring about the looks I was getting from the villagers and took a long nap.

~Idle Talk~

Cravatte’s wife

「It’s a beautiful flower, isn’t it? Is it a present from a woman?」
「No, it’s from Caam」
「You know, the dark blue-skinned demonkin who just caressed the tail of a fox-eared prostitute instead of laying with her and the one who annihilated the majority of the human’s primary assault force at the frontlines」
「Ah, yes. I remember now. Still, receiving flowers from a man is kind of…… Is that gentleman also interested in other men? It might be best if you stop interacting that person」
「No, this flower is a demonkin and it shows its true form when you talk with it」

After saying that, he started talking with the flower, which then transformed into a naked upper half of a woman.

「Do you want to tell Caam something?」
「I haven’t seen anything like this before. It’s pretty interesting」
「What? Did you call me here for nothing?」

It seems to be in a terrible mood.

「No no no. Since you seem to be a demonkin, I thought it would be best to introduce you to everyone so you can along with them」
「That’s rightー. I’ve heard that sun-dried fish flakes or oil cakes are good for plant demonkin but I definitely prefer water made with mana. Well, regular water and fertilizer would be enough though. This child was originally from an area with a warm climate so cold places are absolutely forbidden okay?」
「I see, alright. Would it be alright if we just chat with you from time to time?」
「That person behind you is giving me a scary look so I probably shouldn’t. It’s getting even worse as time goes on. Is she jealous I wonder? You have it hard, don’t you?」
「Shall I throw that stupid branch on the floor and step on it?」
「That wouldn’t matter since this isn’t my real body anyway」

The two of them were stirring each other up. Women sure are scary.

「Alright, alright. For the time being, just put this plant on the terrace on the second floor where it’s sunny okayー?」
After that, the capable dog-eared maid took the pot and with that, the violent verbal exchange was stopped.

「You shouldn’t do that you know? That fox-eared demonkin is the wife of the owner of this mansion after all. Let’s get along okay~?」
「That would be impossible unless that other one changes her attitude」
For the time being, please let me know if you need something since I’m the one who waters the plants on the terrace」
「I think the two of us will get along just fine」
「Fufu. Thank you」

Even now that their child has been born, the wife still won’t change, will she?

After placing the flowerpot at the best spot on the terrace for sunlight to reach it, the maid thought to herself that this flower might be a good conversation partner for the child as he grows up.

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