Chapter 60: That time when I received complaints from the aquatic demonkin

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

Five days later

The sunken ship’s wreckage was used to build the gazebo surrounding the well. As for the large posts that were different in length, they were used as the supporting beams for the slanted roof that was erected in the industrial district which was the area near the quarry.

It ended up being a lot simpler than I thought. Well, we didn’t have enough processed wood so I guess it can’t be helped.

「I’m sorry for making so many requests but please make a charcoal-making hut right next to the wood processing area. It doesn’t have to be on the same scale as the one back in the village, the same size as the gazebo will do」

After giving me that energetic reply, he immediately raised up the four pillars and covered it with a roof. It kinda looked like those tents you often see in barbeques.

「That was quick」
「This much is nothing you know! It’s even easier now since we can now use magic to dig. That’s an even bigger deal if you ask me」
「Thank you very much. With this, the efficiency of turning scrap wood and tree stumps into charcoal will increase!」
「Thanks to the charcoal-making method Caam learned in town, the amount of firewood we used decreased. Furthermore, fire burning from those new charcoal lasts longer and provides even greater heat. Everyone was surprised at first but nowadays, they’re already acting as if they’ve been using those for a long time」
「Is that so? I didn’t think that was the case back when I was in town. That’s good then. I’m also trying to teach the humans here how to make the same thing. I thought it would have been a waste to not make use of the roots of the trees we cut down when we were developing the land so I just chucked them into a simple charcoal kiln. Because of that though, right now, it’s one of the main resources we can use to trade」
「Making use of everything is a great idea! It reminds me of that circular blade you made to use for cutting trees. That thing made trees fall down in an instant」
「Well, I’ve always thought of magic as something to be used to make things easier after all. Just like the one that cuts wheat faster. That’s why I want to teach everyone that magic can be used for something else besides battles」
「I guess it really does make things easier」

While we were having that conversation, I was trying to avoid saying that those things were actually just machines and tools from my previous life. I also had to avoid pointing out that there’s no need for magic in my previous life due to how much science and technology has advanced. I’m actually just recreating those advancements using magic.

Anyway, Root-san has gradually gotten more talkative these past five days. That makes him easier to get along with.

Ten days later

Some kind of hut covered in cloth was built around the well and all sorts of workshops were erected close to the quarry. Even though we didn’t have a lot of people to operate it, in order to make the foundation of the buildings out of stone, we made a few people run the quarry. They were only gathering stones that were about the same size though. We were using the tools that were left behind, of course.

Instead of a roof, we used the ship’s sails and in one of the shaded areas that’s far from the dust, we left a barrel with clean water from the well and some coconuts for the worker’s refreshments. The well water’s safe but it doesn’t seem like the humans had drunk it yet. I can’t really blame them since it’s tougher for me to say that’s it’s a hundred percent safe now that my poison resistance has gone even higher.

Well, if they get a tummy ache, we’ll just give them some crushed charcoal that has been kneaded into animal fat. Good thing that we’re done building a charcoal-making hut nearby and furnaces have been set up so the roots can now be turned into charcoal. We can even create that activated charcoal thing that can be used for medical purposes.

「Well then, please make sure you don’t injure your backs okay?」
「Gotcha! We just have to gather stone of about the same size, carry them to the processing area and flatten them up so that they can be stacked right?」
「That’s right. I’ll let you figure out how to do that but please make sure you don’t overdo it. And don’t try to carry everything in one go okay?」

Stones are heavier than they look after all. They’re way too heavy even. I should ask Root-san to make a large two-wheeled wagon for them. It won’t be easy to make one to use for stone though.

After that, I went around setting down Palma-san and Fleur-san’s offshoots to scout for anything amiss. In order to do that, I looked for a small Fleur-san then replanted her in small flowerpots. If I plant them all over the place, they’ll be able to contact me if there are any emergencies.

If I also plant that biological weapon of a mint that I brought with me, once those bloom, maybe we’ll start seeing the bees flying everywhere.

While I was thinking that, a panicked human came running to me while saying.

「There are Demonkin in the middle of the sea!」
「Ha? Ah…… I’ll be right there!」

At that moment, I didn’t know what he was talking about but I just headed to the beach to check it out.

「Are you the master of this island?」

They look even more of an aquatic demonkin than my mother. They have lots of scales all over and they’re even holding a harpoon. They have a bunch of flexible looking muscles which probably makes it easier to swim in the water.

「Yeah, more or less……」
「Can you do something about that sunken ship by the bay?」
「Eh……? Uhm, can you tell me why?」
「I don’t know why but my people have been complaining about a metallic scent drifting from it」
「That ship is loaded with money that came from the continent so it’s probably that. I really do want to pull it out but it’s in difficult since not only is it heavy, it’s also underwater. That’s why it’s still there. I thought it would be fine since it isn’t iron so it won’t rust but I guess copper does give off a certain scent. I truly apologize for that」

I gave him a sincere apology.

「Hou…… It seems like this time’s Demon Lord is humble, huh. The last one was arrogant and would say unreasonable things like asking everyone to be his servant and how he’ll destroy any tribe that opposes him. That’s why that guy was quickly beaten by the hero.
「Ah…… He was really an idiot, wasn’t he? At any rate, regarding that ship, we don’t have any workers that can work underwater. We are well aware that we are the cause of this incident but if I may, I would like to ask for your assistance in order to resolve this」

I tried to humbly request for their cooperation. It’s important to have good relations with your neighbors after all.

「Fumu. I can’t hate humble guys like you. Or rather, I prefer you to that domineering idiot. But even so, we’ll cooperate with you under a few conditions」
「If we are able to do those conditions, thenー」
「What? Oh, we won’t ask you to send all of your food so you don’t have to worry. Our tribe is able to live in lands like this but we don’t have any experience growing things from the land. According to the group that we sent to the land, they were somehow able to gain the know-how, but it wasn’t to the level of the artisans from the land. Even if we know about it, we don’t know the process to do it. We’ve never eaten wheat and animal meat after all. That’s why we would like to ask for some provisions」
「I understand. I don’t know how much you need but since we’re the ones inconveniencing you, we don’t mind complying with those conditions. Pleased to be working with you」
「Umu. It’s good that the new demon lord is someone reasonable. If it’s alright with you, let’s continue working with each other from now on」
「Of course, I was about to ask that myself」

Was I able to convey that I’m not an enemy somehow? They’re not exactly an ally but it would already be a huge relief if they’re not an enemy. The fewer enemies you have, the better.

「Anyway, because of that, we’re going to collect the money and goods inside the ship. I’ll leave the management of those things to the captain. Also, please prepare some bread and meat」
「「Aye!」」「「Got it」」
「I have a question!」

A pirate raised his hand as he said that.

「Go ahead」
「Is it really alright to entrust it to the captain?」
「What do you have to say? Will it be alright to entrust it to you?」

I passed the question to the captain himself.

「Yes. I’ve been informed about it a while back so I think it will be alright」
「It’s as he says」
「No…… That not really why I asked……」
「Nn? Well, he has been on his best behavior up until now so it should be fine, right? I’ll also go with you so if anything happens, I’ll just tie him to a rock and let him sink」

Hearing that, the captain’s body shook and the other sailors had shown a surprised look on their faces. Did I say something weird? I’ve been telling him that he’ll die a painful death if he tries something so that should have been obvious. Was it because I just casually inserted that in the conversation?

While the trio of unpopular old men oversaw the transportation of loot at the beach, I was with the pirates on the slanted deck of the sunken ship.

「It’s at the lowest area of this ship」

The captain said that while standing at the edge of the deck.
It’s amazing how he could still stand at the edge of the deck even though it’s slanted. He probably could have a sword fight on top of the mast, couldn’t he?

「Hmm, let’s just make a hole then. We’re at the sea so please be careful」

Taking into account the demonkin residing in the ocean/sea, I used my 【chainsaw】 magic while making sure to make to cause as few vibrations as possible. It’s fine if we need to dive for a bit since we don’t have to worry about the water pressure. I tied my feet with a rope to a stone in the end to stabilize myself while I was cutting the hole.

There was still an air pocket in there so I didn’t have to worry about suffocating while cutting through the walls. I was worried that I would get sucked in with the water once I finished cutting through but that didn’t happen.
With that finished, I went back up to the surface.

「I’ve made the hole but where exactly is the loot?」
「It’s in a sturdy-looking box. You will be able to tell if you see it」

After hearing that, the sahagins went to work and moved everything back to the beach.
Shall we inspect the contents?

「These are all the boxes in that room. Because of that, the scent problem in the water will get resolved over time」
「Thank you very much. Like we’ve agreed upon, we’ll give you some bread and meat so please call over the rest of your tribe to get it」
「What! Is that really alright!?」
「 Well, probably…… Your tribe doesn’t have 200 members, right?」
「You don’t have to worry. It’s just a small group of forty demonkin. I’ll call them now」

Hmー. There were 10 who participated in the clean up so the rest must be women and children.

Was he done calling them I wonder? The rest of the sahagin gradually started to gather by the beach. At that time, I saw something that I didn’t expect to see.
What’s that……? Huh……? Is that a variant or something……?

Everything below the neck is pretty much like a naked human being. However, the head is one that totally belongs to a fish. No matter how you look at them, they’re like that fish with a human body that I saw somewhere. No wait…… The one I saw only had human legs I think. If I had to describe them, they closely resemble that cod that dances a lot.12

At least that one wearing pants though.

Shall I give them speedos or loincloths or something? Also, I’m starting to get irritated at their uselessly hunky figure. Which modeling agency are you guys trying to get in to for crying out loud? I wonder if those muscles are actually so that they could swim better underwater……

Are they actually half-humans? That’s nice I guess. Well, I really shouldn’t think too much about it.

The islanders were getting noisy seeing that group but when I looked at them, they all stopped and looked away. Don’t shift your gaze away when I’m trying to ask for help! I’m also troubled you know!?

Oh, so there are mermaids with the fish lower half as well. The first one that came out of the water was a real beauty. The one beside her is probably her husband. The two of them are also not wearing anything on their upper half though!

Uh oh, there isn’t a good place to look. Should I secretly hand them some cloth to cover themselves? The men are having trouble after all. Well, I guess that’s natural with her appearance. If we’re talking about the upper body alone, she’s a beautiful woman with long, thin, light blue hair that reached all the way to her waist. She’s like that girl in the little mermaid.3

「Uhmー, excuse me. Can I talk to you for a moment?」

I interrupted her meal to talk to her.

「Yes? What is it?」

Even her voice was wonderful. Ahー, if she’s like this then I wouldn’t find it weird if she’s the cause of ships sinking. Or rather, I won’t even mind if she does that when she looks like this. Oh, and I’m sure she’s a good singer as well.

「In human culture, it’s shameful to be nude in public. Moreover, you’re also really beautiful. Because of that, can I ask you to cover up your chest area with this cloth while you’re on land?」

I passed her the cloth while making as little eye contact as possible.

「Oh my, is that so? I wasn’t aware of that」

After saying that, she wrapped the cloth around her chest. However, it wasn’t enough to conceal her cleavage. Rather, I think the cloth just emphasized it even more because of the knot at the center. It became even more erotic. The impact of her protrusions trying to come out is also intense.

「That’s good enough. Please look at the human males over there. They’re looking at you with lecherous eyes you know?」
「Oh my, that’s troubling. I already have a husband and child after all」

She said that with both hands on her cheeks. It doesn’t matter whether it’s beauty or cuteness, she’s perfect. Well, not that perfect.

「That’s why I asked you to please cover yourself. If there are others who have a similar appearance to yours, please let them know that as well」

They could use seagrass or seashells or something.

「Thank you」

I got exposed to her valley because she bowed politely!

「No need for that. It’s just that being nude is poison for the human eyes so to speak」
「I am poisonous?」
「Hmー, how do I put this…… What I mean to say is that you’re so beautiful that it might cause others to overflow with desire for you」

Why is she a natural air-head as well!?

「Phew. It’s good that I’m not poisonous, isn’t it?」

No, you’re plenty poisonous. It’s the same level of toxicity as a pufferfish. When it comes to the danger level, it’s the same as sharks, jellyfish, and cone snails.
The man who I think is her husband has just been talking with other women for a while now but if he didn’t exist, I’m sure that all of the island’s men would come rushing for you by now.

Also, why am I the one being glared at by the male islander!4

「Hey! Don’t you have one for me too?」

The man was also stupidly good looking……

「The men are fine just like that. Well, I guess the human women would probably be looking at you as well though since you’re pretty good looking yourself」
「Then shouldn’t I also get a cloth? It’s bothering me that only my wife gets one」

What the hell are you on about?

「Well, you see, making males wear cloths over their chest gives off a different meaning. Women need to cover up both the groin area and chest but only the groin needs to be covered for men」
「It that really so? I guess my lower half is fine as is then」
「That’s seems to be right」

Both of them showed me a refreshing smile as they resumed eating their bread and meat. It’s somehow pissing me off.
I wonder if they’re implying that their kind can hide that organ on the lower half of their body.
Well, I guess I really can’t confirm that unless I marry a fish woman or something.
While I was thinking about all of that, the male islanders kept on sending hostile stares at me, which continued until dinner.
Who would have thought that even those unpopular old men will also start glaring at me!

~Idle talk~

The amazing beauty

A: 「Oi, look at that beautiful woman. She’s pretty much naked, isn’t she!?」
B:「Let me see! Where!? Where!!!」
A 「Over there by the water’s edge」
B: 「It’s true! Amazing.」
A: 「It seems like she has a husband though. She has a fish’s lower half as well」
B: 「She’s one of those mermaid’s right? But if the upper half looks like that, I’ll be able to manage somehow!」
A: 「Ah, well I guess that’s true. The upper half alone is more than enough」
Kitsune: 「I agree」
B: 「Look, the Demon Lord is approaching her with a cloth in his hand」
A: 「No way. Don’t tell me he’s going to ask her to hide them!」
B: 「He’s doing just that…… Shit!」
Kitsune: 「However, her valley is even more prominent now that they are restrained. I personally prefer it that way. There are times where it’s more erotic when it’s hidden right?」
A: 「Don’t ask me, I can’t relate」B: 「What are you talking about you burly looking old man?」
Pirate A: 「Ahー I get you」
Kitsune: 「Ah, a fellow connoisseur. Let’s exchange drinks later」5
Dog(eared old man): 「I would have definitely made moves on her if she didn’t have a husband」
Cat(eared old man): 「You guys live in different environments, give it up. At least go for the ones who can live on land」
After the cat-eared old man said that, they all looked at the one with the fish head and said in unison.
「「「「「Even if the lower half is sexy as hell, I won’t go for that」」」」」
Human girl A: 「He’s quite toned so I might be alright with him as long as his head is covered with a cloth bag I guess」
Human girl B: 「That might be too much for me」
The men: 「「「「「WHAT!?」」」」」
B: 「Oi! If there were one of those guys that’s a girl with a body that’s your type, would you do it if their head is covered with a cloth bag?」
A: 「There’s a saying that even if you have a nice body, that won’t conceal your ugly face. As long as I know that she looks like that, it would continue to be impossible for me. Also, look, the women are listening to us so let’s just stop this」
Kitsune: 「Umu」6

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