If you want a summary about what happened to me, I basically had to go abroad on a business trip all of a sudden, got back, had some pc and internet problems, started fixing my messed up life, move to a different place, then also managed to forgot how to translate. Seriously, I still understand it and but I just keep blanking out on even the simplest lines… It might be because I haven’t properly translated.

Anyway, I’m finally back now. Things will still be slow but it will gradually get better as I get back into the translation rhythm so to speak.

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Chapter 59 Part 2: That time when I brought the shipwright to the village to train

TL: kizen
ED: Filip/Gecko

「Welcome back」「Welcome ba~ck」
「Oh my, are you teaching Miel magic? Caam is really good at teaching after all. Lily, how about getting Otou-san to teach you?」
「No! Don’t like magic!」
「Then, how about having him help you with your spear training?」
「It’s unfair if it’s only Miel after all. Right?」

She tilted her head and let the fringe of her hair flow down as she asked me that. I’ve thought this for a while now but I really can’t refuse her when she asks me like this. She’s so cute after all!

「I see. I’ll bring my shovel and crowbar then」

It might be too dangerous to bring my machete though. I guess I’ll just use a stick instead.

With that in mind, I went to our storeroom and brought out my shovel and crowbar which were in a rough state. After that, I took a stick and put it in my breast pocket as a stand-in for a knife. We’re only going for one round though. Lily took her spear without the blade and lightly swung it around like some kind of warm-up.

「Otou-san, ready?」
「Hm? Ah, I’m probably fine」
「’kay. Let’s start」

Hmmー, so she also wields a spear similar to Suzuran…… It’ll be bad if she swings that with all her strength. I won’t be able to block it after all, especially with my stick of a knife.

At Suzuran’s signal, Lily lunged forward and thrust her spear directly towards my face. Faster than I could think about how dangerous that attack was, I dodged it by doing an exaggerated back step. If this was a cross spear it would be more dangerous than a spear, so I shouldn’t have taken such an exaggerated step back to avoid it. I should keep that in mind since I might meet someone with that weapon someday.

「Huh~. Otou-san, you were just loafing around but you still avoided it. I was told by Okaa-san, Obaa-chan, and Ojii-chan to thrust as hard as I can if I see the opponent is unaware, but as expected of Otou-san」

You can’t be negligent huh…… As expected of a woman from Suzuran’s family. Also, I wonder if their entire family is present during her training. Just how much do you guys love your grandchildren? I also love them a lot though!

「H-haha, I’ve been training myself after all. Otou-san was surprised though」
「Un, when we were talking with Latte-ogibosan, she told us that since Otou-san has become a Demon Lord, his children should be strong as well. Miel is also training because of that, but Otou-san is the best at magic here, so there’s nobody to teach him until you come back」1
「I seeー. Otou-san doesn’t mind though. Just because I became a Demon Lord doesn’t mean that my children have to be strong you know? Geez Latte, what were you thinking when you said that?」

While saying that, I stabbed my shovel into the ground and used it as a cane. The moment she saw me put my weight on the shovel and look away, she once again tried to hit my face so I just left my shovel where it was and took my distance once again.

「I’ve been told by everyone to attack without holding back if there’s an opening you know?」
「Un, you’ve been taught well. You’re not letting the thought of fairness and cowardice dissuade you after all. It was a good decision to capitalize on Otou-san’s mistake just now」

After saying that, she picked up my shovel and threw it someplace I can’t reach. Pretty thorough, isn’t she?

Since I had no choice, I pulled out my crowbar. To defend against the relentless thrust that came afterwards, I used the crowbar to deflect the spear, got closer to her once I saw an opening, then tripped her feet. After restricting her access to her weapon, I pulled out the stick that was a stand-in for a knife from my breast pocket and lightly pressed it against her neck.

「Your footwork is certainly nice but you should try to aim for places that are easier to hit and harder to avoid. You should also try to practice until you can skillfully use feints for next time okay?」

She started crying after I said that. I wonder if I actually went too far. I made sure that she won’t hit her head when she flew off though so……what exactly is the cause?

「How frustratingー! I couldn’t even get a hit inー」

Lily shouted that and then started to cry even louder.

「Sorry, sorry. Still, even if this is just training, I don’t plan to get hit. I can’t purposely lose just because you’re my child after all. Otou-san really hates pain after all」

After wiping her tears, I hugged her while patting her head to calm her down. She’s still immature I guess. They’ll be 5 next year so they’re going to start school huh…… Come to think of it, I also experienced rapid growth by the time I was 4 or 5 years old. They might still be a bit childish right now, but who knows how they’ll be next year.

After we ended our training, we went back home to have lunch.

「I love Otou-san’s meals」「Me too」
「Is that so? That’s good」
「Okaa-san can only cook meat after all」

When I looked at Suzuran’s direction, she was shaken and just froze while she was stabbing the meat on her plate with her fork.

「But Otou-san loves Okaa-san’s meat dishes you know?? I have to prepare vegetables myself though」

I tried to give a follow-up.

「Suzuran certainly is lively when it comes to that, isn’t she~? She sometimes cooks an entire chicken whole after all」
「It’s really difficult to do that you know? If you’re not skilled enough, you’re going to burn the exterior while the inside’s still raw. Because of that, Mama Suzuran is actually really good at cooking. That’s why you two shouldn’t say such thing okay? It’s still just meat though」2
「That’s true. Even I can’t do that after allー」

Latte came back while we were eating lunch so our entire family was able to eat it together. Once we were done, we rested for a while then Lily asked me to train again so I decided to accompany her after we saw Latte off.

「Miel! Help me out!」

After avoiding and deflecting all of her attacks, she snapped and asked Miel to help her. I was shown the wonderful coordinated play of my children. They took advantage of their numbers and were properly timing their attacks. While I was out of balance from dodging the fireball that Miel shot to my face, I was tripped by Lily with her wooden pole and when I was down on the ground, she pointed it against my throat.

「Iyaー I give, I give」

When I said that, they celebrated with a huge smile on their faces.
As expected, I can’t really use any of my magic against my children. Movement restraining ones might be fine though.

「Well then, should I also use magic this time?」

They started whining after I said that as I got up and dusted off my clothes.

「I mean, if I don’t use magic, I’ll just fall over and get beaten every time. That’s why I think it should be fine if I make a few adjustments」
「Don’t worry since I’m not going to hurt you. It won’t be my fault if you two suddenly decided to go all in and do a suicide attack though……」

As I said that, I moved 20 paces away to take my distance and reequipped my shovel. I made sure I was at a distance I was certain that the spear wouldn’t hit me. And if she really wants to, she has to get closer.

「We can start any time you want」

I wonder if they were being vigilant. They weren’t approaching at all.

「I want to make a plan with Miel first」
「……just this time okay? An enemy won’t wait after all」

After saying that, I stabbed my shovel into the ground and smiled as I watched the two of them discussing their plans. While I was doing that, Suzuran brought me some tea to drink while I waited.

「How are those two?」
「Hmmー they’re pretty in sync, aren’t they? I’m sure you saw it earlier but they managed to beat me」
「Caam wasn’t being serious though」
「I can’t exactly go all out against my children, can I?」
「But you’re going to use magic after this right?」
「I won’t be using any magic that can cause injuries you know? I’ll probably only use water ball and earth wall or something」
「Well, take a bath afterwards, okay?」

After saying that, she grabbed my collar and suddenly kissed me.
It’s been a while since she’s done something like this.

「Stop it. The children are watching you know?」
「I don’t care. It’s been a while and I saw you being cool just now so I couldn’t help it」

After saying that, she went back. The kids probably heard our conversation since I heard them saying something like, 「We need to be careful of the water and wall」.

That’s unfair miss, you just made me give them a hint to what I’m going to do……

「Okaa-san and Otou-san are lovey-dovey~」
「Mama isn’t included again. Poor mama……」

These kids sure are blunt even though I’m embarrassed over here.

A while after that conversation, the kids were ready so we began the second round.
This time, they attacked me at the same time with Miel launching a 【Fireball】 at me while Lily lunged in with a thrust.

『Hmmー, I guess they’re still children.***』

While thinking that, I used a 【Waterball】 to cancel out the fireball then made an 【Earth wall】 that’s a meter tall and 3 meters wide. This probably isn’t enough but you can’t exactly take your time building stuff in the middle of battle. She can still jump over it but it’s just tall enough that if she isn’t careful in her landing, she might lose her balance. And even if she successfully clears it, there’s still going to be a distance between us. It’s not pretty but you shouldn’t expect anything like that in battle.

In the end, it didn’t actually kill Lily’s momentum though. She just jumped over it, skillfully used her knees to avoid losing balance then continued charging forward.
Because of that, I placed 【Mucus】 by the area around her feet. It won’t be effective if she just prepares for it but it will be great if she falls down from this.

Miel is still continuing to throw fireballs at me but I saw Lily’s gaze shift above for an instant so I’m guessing there should be at least one of those fireballs above or behind me. Judging from her gaze, it’s probably not directly above me so I just left a slightly bigger 【Waterball】 floating behind my head while I focus on Lily who’s right in front of me.

I heard the sound of fire being put out from behind me so it seems like my guess was right. I saw the look of surprise on Lily’s face for a moment but she still continued her attack.

She was charging straight at me light a wild boar so the moment she stepped on the ground using her dominant foot, I made that area sink down about 10 centimeters. Pair that with the mucus that should have gotten stuck on her feet caused her to fall down and roll towards me where I was waiting with my knife which I used to lightly hit her head.

「Miel! You’re on your own now you know? What are you going to do? Are you just going to keep shooting magic at me? That’s fine, let’s see how long you’ll last」

The taunting seems to be effective since Miel started shooting consecutive fireballs at me.

Because of that, I created another water ball, retained it in my hand, then used it to catch all of the fireballs at me. After a while, he collapsed so I wonder if his mana ran out.

「Alright, let’s end it there. Since this 【Waterball】 is now hot enough, I’ll go and put it in the bath so just lie down over there and rest」

「How did it go?」
「Hmー. It was no good. He used his strongest attack at the start so he was not able to hold out for long」
「I see」

I had to clean the tub first so I made another waterball on my other hand and washed it off. After that was done, I plugged the drain then placed the water that had been heated by Miel’s fireballs into it.

「What was that?」
「The water I used to catch Miel’s fireballs」
「It’s a little tepid, isn’t it?」
「I know but I told Miel that it’s hot so just keep it a secret okay?」

After adding a bit of hot water to get it to the right temperature, I went and had an afternoon bath with my children.

「I mean, I just became a Demon Lord after all. Plus, Lily is still a child so that’s not something you should worry about you know?」

As we were soaking in the hot water, I continued consoling Lily who was crying once again while holding on to Miel who was still feeling sluggish from using up all his mana so that he won’t drown. Women are really delicate creatures, aren’t they? I guess it wasn’t really a good idea to use Suzuran as a reference point for women since she’s probably the only one who’s that bold.

「You guys managed to beat me when I wasn’t using magic right? That’s really impressive how you did that even though you two still haven’t attended school you know?」
「Yeah! Really」

I wonder if that cheered her up. She was crying before but she now she’s just a bit pouty as she submerged her entire body in the water.

After having our bath, we were resting at our living room and Miel was just limply sitting on my lap completely exhausted.
Seeing that, Lily approached me and said. 「Me too」 so I patted her head.

「You know? Okaa-san told me something」
「Yeah? What did she say?」
「She told me that Otou-san’s lap belongs to her so me sitting here is a secret okay?」
「Got it」

Suzuran, what the heck are you telling them? Did she establish that during that one time she was drunk where she sat on my lap, grabbed me by the neck and kissed me? Is she being territorial or something?

Well anyway, I wonder how long I’ll be able to take baths together with my daughter. It would certainly be impossible to keep doing that until she finishes school, wouldn’t it?
As for my son, I’m also not sure.

A demonkin’s childhood period is really short, isn’t it? I’m not sure how different it is for long-lived races though.

While I was taking an afternoon nap with the children, I was awoken by a Suzuran with her hand over my mouth and she forcefully dragged me into our room, where we cooped up in our bed and tried not to make any noise.

~While having dinner~

「Ahー Okaa-san looks like she’s in a good mood」「Un, she looks happy」

She looks the same as usual but the air around her has certainly changed. Also, to my surprise, it seems like our children can tell the difference.

Latte kept glancing in my direction so I’ll probably have to spend about an hour trying to stay quiet in the middle of the night.

Incidentally, both of them have their safe days today. Well, I’m not always at home so I guess it can’t be helped.

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On the off chance that this isn’t just a rant, I’ll write an answer to the question. Caam is quite good at magic, be it power or versatility. A water ball he summons can be large or small, cold or hot, depending on the purpose. The same thing with the earth wall, either a flimsy cardboard-like joke, or a seriously thick wall that will crush any puny invader it falls upon. While the combat with his kids is rather dangerous, the fault lies with their moms, who let and even encourage those two to fight seriously(or perhaps that’s their common… Read more »


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