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Chapter 55: That time when we were able to obtain a source of honey

「The queen has approved of it you know~」

The next day during breakfast, the honeybee from yesterday flew back and said that in front of everyone during breakfast.

「Are they talking about his wife?」
「Ah, it’s bee-san~」
「This was an uninhabited island right?」
「Looking closely, that a honeybee right? They must be talking about the queen bee」

It’s a good thing that the misunderstanding that was building got cleared up immediately. I wouldn’t want to get depressed again after all.

「Ah, thank you for going out of your way to let me know. I have to talk with everyone here after we finish eating but I’ll start making it right after」

After instructing everyone to do the same tasks they did yesterday, I started making the said box.

「Heeー, if it’s like this then the bees would probably have an easier time. Rain won’t get inside as well」
「If they ask for it, I could even add a roof you know? I just have to set up poles around it and lay planks on top」
「I’ll just let you know how everyone reacts to that once they get here I guess~」
「Got it. So, where would be a good place to put it?」
「Nn~ a cool area that doesn’t get directly hit by the sun I guess」

After hearing that, I placed the box on the north side of my house then put up posts around it. However, I just used leaves instead of putting planks on top.

「How about here?」
「It’s fine, isn’t it?」

After that, a slightly bigger girl with the same bee abdomen attached to her waist arrived and started flying around the box, then entered it.

「She is pleased with it she says」
「Oh, that’s good」
「Okay, since it has been decided that we’ll be moving here, you should go to the place where you found our hive yesterday and bring a pot with you」
「We’ll be bringing half of the honey with us together with the new queen when we move in after all.1 Part of that destroyed nest would also serve as your reward」
「Ahー, the honey」
「That’s right. It would also act as your reward for saving us you know? Well, it’s just our reserves though. And we can’t give you the eggs and our young as well」

I’ve heard that bee larvae taste delicious but I’ll have to pass on that. It would be impolite to do that after all.

With a pot in hand, I went to the place where the hive was but all of the bees were already clumped up on a nearby tree and looked like they were saying 「Hurry up and lead us to our new home!」. Hearing all of that buzzing was really scary.

「I was told you can cut off this part」

She drew a line on the hive while saying that so I just followed it with my 【Obsidian Knife】 to cut that part off. Then, I placed it inside the pot and covered it with a lid.

「Well then, let’s go」

With that said, she took the crowd of honeybees and went ahead. Mmー, it’s eerie how the sky turns dark when they’re grouped up like that. Well, whatever. I’ll just go back on my own I guess.

If I give this to the children, we would probably get a bit closer again. I would be nice to make sweets out of this but we only have wheat flour, meat, and fish so the only thing I could make right now is mead.

I’m going to make some honey toast for them. As for the adults, some kind of fruit soaked in honey would be good enough I guess. I could just give the children the same thing as well.

Once I got back, the bees were already finished moving in.

「Okay then, I’ll go and check how the other hives are doing. Ah, these children are actually timid and don’t really sting so you can be at ease okay~?」

After saying that, she flew away. Nameless worker bee-san, thank you for your hard work.

It’s still early for lunch but I began making the honey toast to give to the children. I took the leftover bread from breakfast and cut them into thin slices, coated it in honey, then toasted it. Once that was done, I brought it to the area where the children were working.

「Hey, how about you guys take a little break? I was able to get my hands on some honey so I coated some bread with it and cooked it」

I said that as calmly as I possibly could, but deep down, I was really anxious to know whether or not I’m being hated.

「Ah…… Maou-sama, hello」

Crap, it seems like they’re still keeping their distance from me and their replies felt somewhat cold. However, I can no longer run away now that I’m here.

「Do you guys want to eat?」

While saying that, I placed some plates containing the honey toast on a nearby table but nobody tried to eat them.

「What’s the matter? It’s just honey you know?」

While saying that, I tried eating the sweet, golden brown bread and let them hear its crunchiness to show them that it’s safe but they still remained huddled up in a corner shaking. They also looked like they were about to cry so I just gave up and went away. Haaー, this makes me a bit sad……

While I was healing my psychological wounds by watching the worker bees that were busily moving around in front of their new home, I heard someone calling out to me.

「Maou-sama! A ship is heading here!」

I immediately dashed to the bay.

~Idle Talk~
The children

「I wonder if Maou-sama is really a scary person?」
「He might just be pretending to be nice you know?」
「But he gave us those honey bread earlier right?」
「Even though we don’t have a lot of bread, he still gave it to us」
「He also let us taste the sugar first and secretly gave us those cookies so that he can give us more」
「I definitely think that he’s a nice demonkin and a nice demon lord after all」
「Rightー. I think so tooー」
「He looked really sad when he left you know? Everyone, let’s go and say sorry okay?」
「That’s right~. The adults were saying that he only did that so he could get along with the wolves better after all」
「Tanya, Sonya, and Wulf are still getting along with Maou-sama so I’m sure he is not actually scary. That’s why we should go and apologize okay?」

It didn’t take long for the children’s cold attitude towards him to thaw.

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