Since the chapters are a bit shorter now, chapters will still be divided into two parts but I’ll post them on the same week. Might not post a chapter of this novel next week though since I’ve been sleep deprived for a while now due to IRL obligations so I want to actually rest and return to my normal sleeping schedule.

Chapter 53 Part 2: That time when I met with Spirit-san and Monster-san

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

I immediately returned to our temporary base after that then went to the reclamation area to find some of the fallen trees. Once there, I used a bit of magic to cut one into chunks then gouge out the insides to make some kind of pot.

「Oh my. Quite industrious, aren’t you?」
「That’s true, isn’t it? If it’s like this, then it would be easier to transport us」
「「Take care of us until we become bigger okay?」」
「Yeah yeah」
「Maou-sama, there’s something I’d like to consu…… WOAH! The fruit and flower just talked!」

We were seen. Well, I was planning on introducing them during their noon break so I guess it’s fine.

I decided to discuss it with the humans while they were resting after everyone had finished eating their lunch.

「Uhー, I’m not really sure whether you identify them as spirits, fairies or monsters but I became acquainted with a Dryad and an Alraune while I was in the middle of my exploration. I’m also not really sure whether these are their underlings, family, or children but it seems like they use seeds and fruits in order to increase their numbers and talk through them using parallel thought processing」

I wonder if they’ll understand the term parallel thought processing.

「Please treat me well」
「Nice to meet you~」

The fruit and flower skillfully turned into a woman’s torso and started talking. The humans were starting to make a fuss because of that so I decided to continue talking.

「Uhー, this is Palma-san and Fleur-san that I was talking about. They’ll give us advice regarding the soil and plants so if there’s anything you don’t know, please ask them」
「Uhm, are they not going to attack us?」
「I won’t be able to do anything in this body you know?」 [Palma]
「That’s right~」 [Fleur]
「It would be different if it was my main body but I can’t do anything in this one」
「That’s true you know~」
「Right. You can consider similar looking flowers and palm trees around the area the same as us so we would like you to be polite when dealing with them」
「We’ll get mad if you step on us okay?」
「Almost all of the palm trees in this island are my family so if you call out to them, I can just have them drop their fruit so you won’t have to climb up」
「That’s true」
「Well then, why don’t we try doing that right now~?」

After they said that, one child who lost to his curiosity approached a palm tree that was nearby and energetically shouted.

「One please!」
「It’s dangerous there so move away a bit okay~?」

After the child moved back 10 paces, a single fruit was dropped down.

「See? You understand that that one is also me, right?」

The potted plant by my feet started talking.

「However, I wouldn’t be able to increase my numbers if you take the rest so there should always be at least two left okay? Well, I just won’t drop any if there’s only two left I guess」
「Can I ask something Palma-san?」 [Caam]
「What is it~?」
「I’ve heard that you can get sugar from that tree if you boil the sap so I was wondering if you would be willing to cooperate in trying that out」

Hearing the word “sugar”, the humans started making a fuss.

「Did somebody say sugar?」

「Could you be more specific?」 [Palma]
「I’m talking about the sap that comes out after cutting the leaves in half」
「Ahー, you’re talking about that. I’m going to slightly weaken if you do that so I’d like to receive a reward. If I had to be specific, how about periodically supplying me with mana?」
「How exactly am I supposed to do that?」
「Nnー. Well…… seー1」「Okay, wait. Stop!」

I had to stop her since the conversation was heading somewhere dangerous. There are children here after all.

「Then, let’s just say I’d want the one who will take the sap to give me some kind of fluid containing mana」

「Maou-sama, you should immediately give her what she wants」
「You’d lose face if you don’t since you were the one who proposed it」

The humans started badgering me.

「If it’s just a fluid containing mana, would this be enough?」

As I said that, I produced a 【Water Ball】 on my fingertip then dropped it into the pot.

「A-ahhh, amazing. What’s this? It’s quickly getting soaked into meee~!」

The small female torso kept hitting her cheeks and was frolicking about.

「EH!? No way! Let me has some too!」


「Nn. Nnnnn~~~. Uhhh. A-amashing~. My leaves… Spray some onto my leaves as well~」

I sprayed some onto her leaves since it couldn’t be helped but this situation is starting to become kinda lewd, isn’t it? Looking at such a sight might not be a good thing for the children so I guess I’ll just do this either first thing in the morning or late at night.

「I’m starting to get hard for some reason」「Me too」

It’s also having a bad effect on the men. Hmmー, I pretty much didn’t even consider how the men will satisfy their sexual desire so it’s possible that mistakes would be made. I guess I should discuss that concern in the evening meeting.

While I was thinking about that, I saw that the signal fire has been lit.

「You guys can continue resting. I’ll be right back」

After saying that, I ran at full speed towards the cape. Once I arrived, I asked the one standing watch

「Where is it!?」
「Over there!」
「That certainly is a ship that passed but it doesn’t seem like it’ll turn around and head here, does it?」
「I thought so as well. I just lit the signal anyway just in case they see the smoke」
「Well, since it can’t be helped, I’ll just have you guys persevere and come here to stand watch at least once every three days. If you see a ship, start the signal fire immediately. If you do that, they might think someone’s stranded and decide to come here」
「Right. Let’s keep at it and continue raising smoke signals guys!」
「I’m sorry about this but you guys will have to wait for your proper beddings for a while」
「It’s okay for me since this is heaven compared to the dungeon where we were staying before」
「I feel bad for the children though since I just want to ensure theirs at least. We might have to ask the sailors to sell what they’re using at the worst」
「Maou-sama is really nice, isn’t he?」
「I have two children after all. Well, let’s all just do our best. Until then, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to save up things that can be used for trading. I just leave it to you guys to stand watch until evening」

Once evening came, we had our usual meat and fish seasoned with some wild grass for dinner. I should also try to do something about this lack in variety.

After everyone was finished eating dinner, I started talking.

「Uhmー, I have something I want to discuss. It’s a bit complicated so the children should play with Tanya and Sonia for the meantime okay~?」

What good, obedient children they are.

「Ahemー. Let’s begin now that the children are no longer here. I noticed the men getting aroused seeing what happened to, Palma-san and Fleur-san this afternoon which is fine since it’s a very natural physiological reaction」

Most of the men lowered their heads in shame. Well, even I would be embarrassed if someone noticed that.

「Anyway, in order to prevent future accidents, as long as both parties consent and you guys keep it within range of common sense, I have no particular problems with you guys pairing up. I didn’t prohibit that to begin with though」

The humans started getting noisy.

「Okay okay, calm down. Even though we have a small population, we still need to maintain order. The problems that would come up from letting you guys do that is making sure the children don’t see and preventing conflicts caused by both parties not consenting. For the former……well, I guess they’ll learn about it eventually though I want you guys to still be careful. The problem is the latter. If you force the other party or coerce them, some kind of punishment will be given. I still haven’t thought of what punishment to give but I don’t want it to reach the extent of handing out death sentences」

The humans were quietly listening to me speak so I continued.

「This doesn’t just apply to the men you know? There are cases where women force men after all. For instance, women who fancy slightly slender, adorable men might not be able to control themselves and attack the said men. Well, even so, I still want to believe in everyone’s conscience.

Also, I just want to remind you that our livelihood in this island is still not stable. You may still do the deed but if you think there’s a possibility of you guys forming a child, please refrain from doing it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t give birth but I would feel bad for the children that will be born considering our situation right now. I want you guys to start planning for a child once our situation prospers a bit more. That’s all.

Ah, as for where you can do it, please discuss it among yourselves whether you’ll use the vacant houses in the forest or by the cape. I understand that there are also some who enjoy getting seen and I also understand that there are people who want to watch. However, I’d like you to keep in mind that there are some who wouldn’t want to see other people doing the act as well. Also, a lot of people would probably complain of not being able to sleep for various reasons if you’re too loud so please make sure to keep it down as much as possible」

Un, it would be really troublesome if they’re too loud after all.

「Oh and don’t do it while you’re deep inside the forest okay? You won’t be able to perform your regular duties if you get injured from being attacked by monsters or wild animals after all. Also, don’t lay a hand on the children okay? If you do, I might just accidentally cut off something that will prevent you from having any kind of relationships. Ever. Anyway, that’s all from me」

I said the last part in a low voice in order to threaten them.

After I finished speaking, they all started conversing with each other. There were a few couples who were already holding hands while the other men were still busy discussing something with one another. Well, we still have a few extra vacant houses so those can probably accommodate a few couples per day.

It was a good thing I noticed that problem before something bad happened. Still, what should do if someone gets sick or something because they had multiple partners I wonder? Hmmー. It would have left a bad taste if I just ignored that situation and somebody ends up committing a crime though~. And there’s also the fact that there are more men than women here. I just hope that the men don’t end up deciding to pair up with each other due to desperation. They wouldn’t do something atrocious like laying their hands on the children, right?

Well anyway, I’ll start trying to make salt and palm sugar tomorrow. I can leave that task to the women so once I’ve established the proper method, I guess I could help out with the reclamation.

~Idle Talk~
Attracted to the beautiful spirit and monster?

「Hey, you know that fruit that Maou-sama brought back? That was one of those Dryads right?」
「Right. Also, that flower was probably an Alraune. How come they’re here on this island?」
「How would I know? Demon Lords have lived here for generations, right? They probably get subjugated by the hero whenever they try to do something shady because of that. That cycle has probably repeated countless of times so the mana generated from those fight might have affected the surrounding area」
「Those two must have already lived a long life then」
「That’s probably true. This place is a lot better than that dungeon but I’m not really sure what to do with a Demon Lord, a beautiful monster, and a spirit-sama here」
「Right. Anyway, that Fleur sure was beautiful, wasn’t she? I wonder if she would keep me company if I encounter her main body」
「Oi, don’t tell me you still believe those stories」
「But still, I was told by my grandpa when I was still a child that they are monsters who take the form of a beautiful woman in order to lure men you know?」
「What a terrible grandfather you have for telling his young grandson that kind of stories」
「But, you can see how beautiful that small flower is right?」
「Then why don’t you try asking her if you think she’s such a fine woman. She might just accompany without necessarily sucking you dry right?」
「Hehehe, you might be right」

(…… Good grief. These human men sure are vulgar. I wonder how they would react if I loudly tell them that I can hear them)
(Don’t. You probably would have taken up their offer if not for that water made from magic right? You just can’t especially since our bodies are this small)
(……that’s true. I guess we’ll just have put up with Caam-kun’s mana filled water)
(And besides, it would be terrible if they dried out and die, right~?)
(Yeah. Well, it doesn’t really matter since I still have a lot in stock. It doesn’t have to be someone on this island so I can just find someone from the mainland if worse comes to worst)
(As for me, I can use the birds to spread my seed or use that one child that was taken by the humans who saved the exploited slaves of the previous Demon Lord because they thought it was pretty so I would be fine even if this island sinks) 2
(Still, the best one at this is that Matango, right?)
(Yep~. She was able to fill up an entire mountain with her spores right? I heard that she even has parts of her spread all over the main continent. Even I can’t do that) 3
(Me too)
(Anyway, now that I’ve tasted it, I’m starting to want to have Caam-kun to spray my roots some more with that mana filled water even if I know it’s going to rot)
(Ah, I get what you mean. Caam-kun was a pretty good find, wasn’t he~?)

AN: Have you heard of the wolves names somewhere? Well, they are pretty famous names after all. They are names that humans give to baby girls. If it sounds bad then I will change them.

Ahー, hearing those names made me start wanting to have a red Suzuran made of glass for myself……
Eh? You think of a red Suzuran whenever you hear the name Tanya, right? [TL: Still don’t get that reference…]

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