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Chapter 51: That time when a lot of people saw me practicing the K*m*h*m*h*

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

Right now, I’m standing in front of a pile of bread, dried meat, and a large pot of cold soup by my feet. There are fruits, sake, utensils, and towels as well.

In front was a beautiful sea with a wide gulf and a slightly extended cape while there were 25 buildings that probably housed the previous Demon Lord’s slaves behind. It can be probably be used as shelter against the rain and wind but I can’t really tell since I still haven’t seen the insides yet.

I’m still not sure how I should treat the slaves in this world. I can only imagine how it feels to be given just the bare minimum meals and regarded as inferior so I brought all these food with me because I wanted to give them proper meals that would fill their stomach at least.

「You sure are nice, aren’t you? You would usually just use the slaves until they drop」
「I think the work efficiency would fall if I do that though」
「That’s what I mean when I say kind you know?」

The Demon Lord’s subordinate said that to me as we arrived at the island.

Before we came here though, I kept going back and forth from our house to my parent’s house in order to practice the transfer magic. I also tried out how much luggage that magic can carry.

I found out that as long as it’s within a two-meter radius from the center of the magic circle anything can be transported. As for the height limit, I was able to transport something that’s as tall as me with both my hands raised so I guess around 2.5 meters. Anything that can fit inside that cylindrical area could be transported. If it exceeds that, it will get cut off and left behind.

I haven’t tested it with animals and other demonkin but a part of their body would be left behind so I can’t just do it willy-nilly. That’s why I deemed it dangerous to transfer with someone unless they stick really close to me. I still haven’t tried expanding the range of the magic circle yet but I’ll just try to apply what I’ve already learned for now.

As for how I filled the magic circle with stuff, I had Latte stand nearby as I activated it and let her cram as much food into it as possible.

At any rate, the Demon Lord’s subordinate sure is late. After we arrived on the island, he said.

「I’ll bring the slaves so wait here」

I have been waiting in this spot for almost 30 minutes since he said that.
I expected him to say something like “I’ll kill you if you don’t hurry” or “You’ll get lashed if you don’t hurry” to them but there’s not even a sign of them coming via a transfer magic circle.

「I’m bored」

This is an uninhabited island so there’s not much I can do. I can only do simple things like:

1. Muscle training
2. Magic Practice
3. K*m*h*m*ha practice

Can’t I do number 3 right now then!? I did this back when I was still a kid but right now is the perfect time for it since I’m currently alone in this vast island. I don’t know when I can do this again if I miss this chance.

I closed my eyes, took several deep breaths, then planted my feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. After that, I put my hands together then formed it into a cup then placed my cupped hands by the side of my waist as I concentrate the mana in my body. Once I gathered enough mana, I pushed my cupped hands forward then released it.

「K*ーーM*ーーH*ーーM*ーー HAAーーー!!!!」

As I shouted that with all my might, light magic shot out like a flash. I also produced wind using magic to move my hair and clothes as the light stretches towards the horizon.

「Fuu. I might have perfected it this time」
「What have you perfected? Anyway, that sure was an interesting chant, wasn’t it?」

Crap. He appeared behind me before I noticed it.

「H-hey, i-it’s n-nothing. J-just p-playing around」

I just smiled as I said that while approaching the Demon Lord’s subordinate. Behind him were around 50 human slaves with collars on their neck and both hands and feet bound by loose chains to allow movement to a certain extent.

This is the worst. It wasn’t just the Demon Lord’s subordinate but even the slaves saw it. There was also a gate like a distorted space behind them. That’s probably something like a transfer gate. I didn’t hear the sound of it activating but I wouldn’t have noticed it either way with how loud I screamed.

「These will become your property. The slaves know the continent’s common language so you should at least greet them. Go ahead」

After saying that, I had to greet the slightly dirty slaves with dead fish-like eyes.

「Ahー, okay. Uhmー, I’m Caam who recently became a Demon Lord and this island has now become my territory. A Demon Lord’s dignity? I don’t know of such things. Subordinates? I don’t have any. Slaves? I don’t need those! First thing I ask of you is for all to wipe your bodies clean. You can use the previous resident’s houses behind you. The men and women should split up into different groups and use a cloth that will be distributed to clean yourselves up. If you have family members with you, you guys should form your own group」

There might even be children here. This is the worst. Even though they should be playing energetically…… I should bring some candy with me later.

Hearing what I said caused the slaves to make a slight ruckus as I started handing out a large number of towels one by one. Then, I produced a warm 【water ball】 and told them to use it to wet the towels to wipe their bodies.

While they were doing that, I used earth magic to create a fire pit to heat up the soup I brought. I made a small table to place the food and the rest of the tableware needed for the meal as well. I also brought utensils with me when transferring here because I can’t really just let them scoop up the soup with their bare hands. And besides, what kind of sick torture method is that?

There were some who looked like they wanted to eat seeing what I was doing but I won’t distribute it until everybody is finished cleaning up so I just smiled without saying anything.

「You seem to be a really kind Demon Lord aren’t youー?」

He grinned as he sarcastically said that.

「I can’t treat them like objects after all」

After saying that, I saw the slaves who were done cleaning themselves form a neat line so I told them to sit down and make themselves comfortable.

「Okay, everyone is done now, right? I’m going to distribute the meal now. I wasn’t told how many slaves so I brought a lot of it. You can still ask for seconds even after it has been distributed to everyone so please take your time eating. You can go ahead and eat it after you receive it. You may also eat it alongside your acquaintances if you have any. Well then, we’ll start from you please」

With that said, I started giving them a plate with bread, dried meat, and some fruit, as well as a cup filled with warm soup.

The humans started eating after that but I could feel their unease. They’re not conversing at all. I wonder if they were not allowed to speak or were they told not to speak when eating.

「Uhm, why isn’t anybody talking? It’s fine to make your meals more enjoyable you know?」

They started talking one by one but one of them came and asked me something.

「Uhm, is it okay if I ask something?」
「I don’t mind. And besides, I’m not really sure how to treat you guys. I don’t want to treat slaves roughly after all. Like I said earlier, I have no use for slaves. You guys are my partners in reclaiming this island」

After I said that, they embraced each other as they shed tears of joy.
Ahー, ahー, how dangerous! You guys might step on the soup you left by your feet you know!

「You may think differently but aren’t you quite skillful in handling your slaves?」
「They stopped being slaves the moment they were put under my custody you know? Even if you say that these guys are my slaves, it’s fine if I don’t treat them as such right?」
「Yeah yeah. I’ll leave the rest to you then. Later」

After saying that, he activated his own transfer magic then went back home.

「Want more bread? Considering that there might be others who want seconds as well, just make do with a single piece for now okay? Soup? I’m still not sure how much will be left so just have half a cup for the time being. Dried meat? Ahー, you can only have one for now as well. Fruits? Children take priority okay?」

I continued doing that until all of the food I brought was gone. After having eaten, they had a satisfied look of their faces. I can clearly see their eyes which looked like that of a dead fish up until now have regained their glimmer.

「Although you’re still in the middle of your after-meal break, I would have to interrupt it because I want to get started discussing the detailed work plan for tomorrow. I’ll just have you rest properly for today. Please go back to the houses you used to wipe your bodies earlier and sleep. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide you with your beddings. I haven’t even had the time to inspect if there are monsters nearby. I think it’ll be fine as long as you don’t go too deep into the forest but as much as I would want to declare that it’s safe, I can only hope that that is true. Also, these remaining barrels contain sake in them. This belongs to everyone. Don’t fight amongst yourselves when distributing it. Now then, I will be removing your shackles so please stand in line」

After I used that key that was left to me to remove their shackles as well as unfasten the collar on their necks and they once again jumped for joy.

「Ahー, that’s right. I don’t mind if you escape but this island is pretty much uninhabited and apparently, there’s a cargo ship that passes by here once every three days so you’ll have to wait for that. Even if you run inside the forest, there might be monsters and wild animals there so I think your safest option is to just stay inside the house and sleep」

After I said that, I started looking around the vicinity.

I first started by looking inside of the houses. I saw a simple looking cooking area which consists of a fire pit and a water jug as well as simple bed that was made up of stones stacked together and covered with mud to fill up the cracks. The roof was just made up of piled up tree barks and leaves until it became thick.

It will protect them from the wind and rain but since the water in the water jug has probably been sitting there for a while, I formed the contents into a waterball to throw to the sea and replaced it with clean water.

Hmmー, from what I can see from here, there seems to be a shoal just as you enter the bay. How is that even possible with this topography? This is quite a mysterious island, isn’t it?

After that, I went to visit the site of the previous resident’s castle. Taking a 10-minute walk along a side path from the housing area was a fairly spacious reclaimed land.
The trees were already cut, the roots dug up, and the leveling of the ground was already completed. It’s a shame that there doesn’t seem to be a single tool left though. The hero probably took those with him after subjugating my predecessor.

It took me about 300 paces to cross one side it was probably around 300 meters. It’s even wider inner castle part of Osaka Castle, isn’t it? Ah, this is similar to T*kugawa’s isn’t it?

There were several houses here as well. They could probably fit fifty to a hundred fifty people. Those guys were probably the ones in charge of reclaiming this area. I don’t even want to think about how much those guys were exploited.

A well has already been dug up and when I tried listening to the rock that I tried throwing in it, it seems like it has water in it as well. I’m not really sure if it’s potable though. I’m not sure if fresh water comes this close to the sea but it might be necessary to clean the well as well.

I’ll bring the necessary things with me tomorrow. I want us to be self-sufficient when it comes to food at least. I entered the forest and tried sensing the presence of animals and searching for footprints.

There were lots of traces of excrements and footprints so I have also confirmed the existence of animals. There might even be deer, wild boars, and bears here. It would be bad if the humans don’t stay wary of them. Well, I guess I should hunt something for their dinner.

After walking inside the forest for a while, I saw something black that was lumbering around. It’s a bear. It was staring at me before I knew it.

Ah, the bear probably doesn’t want to show it’s back to me. I wonder what I should do. I don’t think I’ll be able to bring home such a large prey.

Ah, it stood up. I’m not really sure if it’s doing that to intimidate me but since it’s dangerous, I guess I need to get rid of it. I shot its head with a slightly malleable stone bullet which caused it’s head to get blown off. I guess I should just leave it here for now and call the humans.

As I was going back, I saw a deer so I shot a stone bullet to its head as well. Let’s also recover it later.

Arriving at the houses, I went over to where the men were residing and told them

「I killed a deer and a bear so I want to ask your help to carry them」

However, they were already drinking sake and all of the men in the house was already wasted.

「Ah, Maou-sama. Thank you very much for the sake」

They said that while raising their cups to greet me. These guys are hopeless.
All of the men were already wasted. It can’t be helped so I guess I’ll just ask the women. Once I reached the women’s side, I knocked on their door. After receiving a reply, I decided to go in.

「Uhmー, I took down a deer and a bear back in the forest and I can’t bring them back all by myself so I was going to ask for help. However, the men are all drunk from drinking sake and the only ones not drunk are the women and children so……」

They were scared and looked like they have given up in life but after they discussed something amongst themselves in a low voice, they finally replied.

「Good grief, those men. I guess it can’t be helped」
「I will also help okay?」

They were no longer exhibiting the same fear they had earlier so I gathered 10 of them and went back to the forest. After cutting up the meat into smaller pieces, I handed it for them to carry.

「Do you also eat its entrails?」I asked them.
「Properly washing and boiling it gets rid of the bad smell you know?」

Because of that, I decided to just leave the preparations to them.

「I’m sorry okay? Even though today was supposed to be for resting……」
「What are you talking about! It’s more than enough for you to not treat us as slaves」
「Just when I thought it has been a while since I ate dried meat, this time, I even get some fresh meat! Isn’t this a lot better than my life before I became a slave?」

Ahahaha, they all laughed heartily.
Un, how do I put it? Women who are around this age are quite strong in various ways, aren’t they?

We didn’t have a bucket for the entrails so we took a tree branch to hang the intestines and went back. As for the liver, we covered it with a largish leaf to bring it back.

Although I said I was going to bring the necessary tools tomorrow, I had to go back and buy cookware.

「Oh my, that was quick. 」Seeing me, Latte said that teasingly.

It would be bothersome to grill the meat for that number of people so I just bought some salt from the general store and several iron plates from the weapon shop so that they can do it themselves.

I also bought some wheat flour and other ingredients to make bread. The men will just have to ask the women group for some help in making dinner.

I want them to be self-sufficient as soon as possible. I want to save money for my family after all. I’ll just have to make the men who are currently drinking work hard tomorrow I guess.

Incidentally, when I gave some candy to the frightened children, they all embraced me.

~Idle Talk~

The slaves before coming to the island

At the basement where the slaves were being kept.

「Well then, as I discussed yesterday, I will now be handing you over to your new owner which is the new Demon Lord ruling an uninhabited island. Now, go quicklyー. There will be a whipping to those who don’t hurry you know~」

He hit the stone floor with a whip as he said that.

「I will be creating a transfer gate to make things easier okay~?」

(This is the worst. If we’re going to just be abused by a Demon Lord then it would be better to just get locked up in this dungeon)
(I don’t want to die you know?)
(I wonder what will happen to us…… I want to be able to protect my child at least)
(Aah…… Are we going to be used every evening I wonder? I don’t have the courage to kill myself at all. What should I do……?)

Once everyone had finished lining up, the demonkin that was the subordinate of the Demon Lord chanted some kind of spell.

「Okay, I’ve connected to the other side so let’s go」

After saying that, the empty space in front suddenly transformed into the sea.

Once they entered the strange door, they saw a dark blue-skinned demonkin doing something. Is that guy the Demon Lord? They asked. However, what caught their eye was the food that was right next to him. They wondered if those were for them.


After doing some kind of strange post and reciting a strange chant, light shot out from his hands.

「Fuu. I might have perfected it this time」

He started talking to himself in a really satisfied tone. That was probably displaying his strength to us but nobody understood what just happened.

After the Demon Lord’s subordinate started talking to him, he just said a few words and turned his head in shame.

What a strange Demon Lord.

Then, they learned that that Demon Lord was called Caam. He told them he doesn’t need slaves, gave them towels and asked them to clean themselves up. The slaves decided to just follow for the time being but they smelled the delicious scent of soup.

It has been a while since they smelled that so their stomach rumbled loudly as they gulped their saliva. It seemed like they would get to eat that food after they were done cleaning themselves.

While they were eating in silence, they were told that it’s fine to enjoy their meal. After they ate, the Demon Lord began to remove their shackles and collars.

What is with this Demon Lord? Isn’t he completely different from the rumors?

「It’s true. He’s really different from the rumors, right?」
「Isn’t this Demon Lord just a special case? From all the rumors I’ve heard, their slaves were abused till they’re half dead and need to be saved by the hero you know?」

The slaves continued talking about the Demon Lord while drinking sake. As they got into it the person himself came back. It seemed like he was able to bring down a bear and a deer but because they were hammered, they didn’t notice and just used that opportunity to thank him.

They had bear and deer meat that evening.

Since they were in such a nice situation, they thought that they should at least work a bit harder.

After dinner, the women who saw the Demon Lord give the children some sweets and they concluded.

「Isn’t he actually just a really nice guy?」

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