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MaouMuji Chapter 50.5: Childbirth

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

Sixty days before the end of the year festival, I was finally able to persuade Latte with my tears to stop working.

「Geezー. I still wanted to work harder a bit more though~」

She said that while puffing her cheeks.

Morning ten days before the end of the year festival, I saw Latte looking like she’s in pain and dripping in cold sweat. I thought it was a sign of her going into labor so I ran towards the midwife Oba-san’s place.

After I told her the symptoms, she said,「Let’s go to your house!」then went ahead while leaving all of her equipment that she prepared in advance for me to carry. When I caught up, she was breathing heavily as she shouted.

「Caam! The hot water! This is already your second time so you should know what to do!」

I couldn’t help but just say “yes!” this time again as expected. After that, I just continued to respond to Latte’s demands until she went into active labor.

「Nnー, Massage the area around my waistー」
「Un. That’s it. Thanksー」

I wonder if it’s actually that painful that she has no leeway to give her usual peppy reply.

「aAArghー」 She groaned even louder.
「I feel horrible. There’s this concentrated pain by the side of my stomach. It feels I’m getting pricked by a needle」
「I see. Sorry, I can’t really comprehend how painful it actually is」
「Nhー. It’s a similar feeling I had when I still had that time of the month. Put your hand on my belly~ Massage it~」

I put my hand on her belly then gently rubbed it.

「Ughーー Aaarghー」
「Are you alright?」

I asked worriedly but then the midwife came in and threw me out. She really incredible in a lot of ways as expected.

「Son, it’s your second wife that’s giving birth this time but are you still able to keep calm?」
「A little I guess…… But still, even if you say that it’s my second time, it’s still Latte’s first childbirth so I’m a bit worried」
「Is that so……?」
「But still, I’m really glad that father and mother, as well as Ichii-san and Licorice-san, has treated Latte like she was your own daughter」
「I see……」
「Well of course. She loves you together with Suzuran after all. Also, seeing her makes me feel like Suzuran got herself an older sister」
「Umu, she makes my wife happy as well because it seems like we have a daughter of our own. Well, she’s pretty close to our age though」
「Father, Ichii-san. Thank you very much. Even though I’m completely worthless, you still let me take another wife aside from Suzuran」
「Oi oi. I told you, you shouldn’t mind it. I told you that I know some guys with multiple wives right? Well, I guess I didn’t think that you’d be one of them though. At any rate, you are Suzuran’s most precious husband so don’t sell yourself short」
「Thank you very much」
「Hey! You guys are noisy!」 *bang!*

She’s still as scary as ever……

After a while, we were startled hearing a shrill voice coming from inside of the room. I was about to storm inside but father grabbed my shoulder and told me to calm down.

「Mother was like that too you know? That’s why don’t worry. The only thing you can do for her now is to be kind to her after she gives birth」

Just like when Suzuran went into labor, the midwife came out with the baby shortly.

「It’s a healthy boy. It looks like he inherited traits from both parents seeing that he has a beautiful ash grey hair」
「I can’t thank you enough」
「It’s fine so go ahead and take him」

I still can’t say anything else but that as expected.

As I entered the room, I once again noticed the pole that was used to hold on to. However, it still looks normal this time. It’s only Suzuran who made the pole end up in that state I guess.

「Ahー, Papa. I did my best you know?」
「Congratulations. You now have a baby boy」
「I already heard it from the midwife. His ash grey hair is the combination of mine and Latte’s you know? It even looks silver depending on how the sun shines on it」

After saying that, I gently laid our son beside Latte.

「It’s trueー. So pretty~」

She had a smile that’s as bright as the sun before but now it has a much milder feel to it like setting sun. Do women change like this as well? I’m a man so I don’t know but it seems like Latte has become a mom as well.

Three days after that we had the time to settle down, Latte asked me.

「What should we name this child~? Are you going to name him something that has to do with my name like Lily-chan?」
「Let’s see…… How about 『Miel』?」
「Fufu, it’s a girl’s name. Is there a reason for that after all?」
「There is. Latte’s name means 『Milk』 in the language of a country that’s far away after all」
「Eh~. Really~」
「There are a lot of countries where things are called differently you know? Anyway, 『Miel』 means honey over there. It’s tasty when you add that to warm milk right? That’s why I thought that name would be compatible with yours」
「Fufun~. A mother and child having good compatibility is kinda indecent isn’t it~? Well, it’s fine if that’s your reasoning. There are only a few people who know that that word means honey right? If so then I think it’s a lovely name」

Latte agreed with that name with a really gentle smile.

As I was staring at Latte who was smiling while nursing, she asked.

「Does Papa want to drink?」

I wonder if the rest of the husband group gets asked this question as well. It was a really attractive proposal but I somehow managed to refuse.

One night several days later, I gathered the three idiots at the bar in order to ask.

「First of all, congratulations for Miel-kun’s safe birth」
「Thanks. So…… Let’s get down to business. While Suzuran and Latte were giving their child some miruku(milk), they asked me 『Want to drink?』. I honestly didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t help but be curious if you’ve been asked that as well so I made sure to gather just us men to ask ……Speak honestly. Were you guys asked that by your wives as well?」
「Ah, yeah」
「Un, she asked me you knowー?」

It seems like everyone was asked that. Did they also entertain that proposal? I’m really curious, to be honest.

「Did you drink it?」
「Yeah. It was a bit embarrassing though」
「I was interested in the taste so I just drank a bit」
「Nnー, I was forcibly made to drink it」

Speck seems pitiful……

「I seeー. I guess I should also try just to know the taste. I don’t really remember anything from when I was a baby after allー」
「That’s true」
「Ahー that’s right, At this rate, it seems like all of our children will start attending school in the same year. Let’s make it so that both parent and child get along with each other okay?」

After that, we had a light drink then went home before midnight.

A baby crying at night it awful. I want to decrease the load on my wives as much as possible so I make sure to deal with it however, I can’t breastfeed as expected. Refrigeration technology doesn’t exist and there are no milk powders in this world so I can’t just put it in a container to use for those times. I could just make some ice with magic to preserve it but I’m worried about how clean the container actually is so I just did not bring up that idea.

After they give the children their milk, I told them,「I’ll take care of the rest so you can go back to sleep. Thanks」. Then, once I finish checking the kid’s diapers, I go back to sleep.

I’m in charge of cooking and laundry as well. There were small signs of them having the maternity blues but I made sure to consult with both of them and reassured them that 『A child is not just raised by their mother but instead by both of the parents』 so that they can get over it.

Because I did that, it didn’t take that long for their anxiety to pass.

I thought that it was about time for us to feed them baby food soon so I made some porridge in a milk pan and started giving it to them bit by bit. Because of that, Suzuran tried giving her daughter some salty dried meat that has been chewed into paste so I had to stop her. I gave her a thorough explanation about why that was a bad idea but she became unexpectedly sad so I had to follow up with that as well.

Rather than from time to time, either one of my parents and in-laws would come to see Lily and Miel pretty much every day. I’m really thankful that they treat both of them equally, it’s just that, that sternly terrifying Ichii-san kept saying「It’s grandpa you know~」in a voice that I’ve never heard from him before. I just decided to remove that from my memory to preserve his dignity.


The children were now energetically crawling about and grasping at things as they learned to stand up one year after they were born. Their field of activity has now expanded so we’re at a period where we can’t take our eyes off of them.

Half a year after they were born we were already giving them porridge instead of milk. For some reason, Latte really liked that dish to the point where she would eat up Miel’s leftovers. She even asks for seconds so I started making bit more.

As for Suzuran, she was trying to feed Lily some salt-dried meat that she chewed on until it became paste so I once again gave it my all to stop her. She told me that she wants her to eat meat no matter what so I boiled some chicken tenders, shredded it, then added it to the porridge.

They could only say simple words back then but now that they’re one, they can already say short phrases and we could more or less understand what they’re trying to say.
They should start weaning soon so I started giving them pureed apples and milk cookies that are not that sweet. The wives of the three idiots also requested for those so I made some for them as well.

It would have been troublesome to do it every time they would ask so I gathered them all in our house to teach them. Out of all of them, Mir was the only one who burned her cooking because of her clumsiness. As expected of a deplorable beauty, she never fails to meet my expectations. It couldn’t be helped so the next day I called Schinken and taught him instead. He was even better than Kuchinashi but he was no match for Tryapka-san as expected. He’s probably the versatile type who’s able to do whatever you teach him.

While saying that it was for a woman’s pride, Mir asked me to teach her again but she only improved a bit so I just told her to ask Schinken to teach her so that she won’t ask me again. Even though he’s the husband, he turns into a wife at home. Even if Suzuran, Latte, and Schinken don’t mind it, I do okay?

「Ara, I knew that you were good with your fingers but I didn’t know you could make sweets as well. It would have been better if you were born as a girl」

Even my mother, who doesn’t look like a grandmother at all with how young she looks, is saying that. I wonder if she wanted a daughter.

By the way, the words they could say before were「Papa」「Mama」「Granpa」「Granma」. One time while I was holding Lily she said, 「Meat~」. When we both looked at Suzuran, she just averted her gaze. Just how much do you plan to educate her when it comes to meat?

Once they got a bit bigger, we let them play with the chicks and ducklings that Suzuran was raising in our backyard. Latte also lets them play with the livestock at her workplace whenever she takes them there. Their resistance will deteriorate if we become overprotective after all. We make sure that they thoroughly wash their hands after playing though.

Miel doesn’t like touching the large animals so I wonder if he’s afraid of them. In Lily’s case, she’s pretty bold considering that the animals she plays with are all looking troubled because she hits them. Sorry about that, animals.

Incidentally, Miel likes the rabbit that we’re raising to eat so much that if we leave him alone, he’ll chase after it to hug it. That’s why I think he’s only afraid of large animals.
It really is happiness to be able to raise the children healthily. It would be nice if this happiness continues forever.2

~Idle Talk~
The wives’ afternoon tea party

「Hey, how are your husbands doing? Wurst hasn’t really been doing that much to help me you know?」
「As for Schinken, it seems like mother and father in law told him 『You’re a gentleman so you should make sure to lighten the burden on the woman』so he’s been busy with a lot of things. Mother also said some things to him so he now helps in looking after our child in the middle of the night」
「Speck is even more of a mother than me. If I had to say why, it’s because he notices even the smallest of things. I’m really thankful for it though」
「Caam is really trying his best」
「I seeー. You told us that he was making meals for the children’s sake from the time she was still inside your belly after all. You just have to give the child milk when she’s crying at night and he takes care of the rest. He even does the cooking and laundry and the weaning food he makes is pretty fancy as wellー. He even lets us consult with him on some things. He prioritizes us and our children even though he’s tired, doesn’t he~?」
「It’s just that, he gets really mad whenever I try to give our child some dried meat」

Suzuran-chan nodded and mumbled a few words then drank her tea.
「Well of course. Giving a baby such a salty thing……」「Such a hard thing……」( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)「It’s a bit……」

Everyone did not agree with her sentiments.

「However, I would like it if even Wurst follows their example. Caam made these cookies for the children right? He would gently comfort me but he won’t do the cooking and laundry at all. I’m envious of the two of you, you know?」
「That’s true isn’t it? Who would have thought he would be this faithful. If Suzuran wasn’t around, I would have taken him for my own」3
「Yeah. He was really diligent when we were still going to school so there were rumors going around about him being slightly eccentric but…… Where did he learn how to do all of those things I wonder? Did he get that knowledge from the town?」
「You might be on to something you know~? I’ve heard from my senpai that she was taught by him how to make simple cookies with just egg whites as a gift after you guys moved in you know~?」
「Has he made something like this before going to town?」
「Thought so」
「He really is a mystery isn’t he?」
As they continued talking, everyone stuffed their cheeks with the cookies Caam-kun made while drinking tea.

~Idle Talk 2~
A tea party several days later at the bar

「Oi, Caam. It’ll make me feel embarrassed if you’re too nice to your wives you know?」
「You even made these cookies for the children……」
「We won’t be able to measure up to that you know?」
「Huh? I’m just being normally kind as I give my wives the maximum amount of care and making stuff with the children in mind okay!?」
「That’s the problem though」「You’re the only one who thinks that’s just natural」
「Eh? Isn’t that a good thing?」 [TL: This one is probably Speck]
「Aren’t you guys way too harsh even though I’m trying my best?」
「Because of that, it’s Caam’s treat today」
「Oh come on!」

TL: It didn’t really add a lot of details, didn’t it?   ED: Yeah, but it’s something we all wanted 🙂

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