The author probably got complaints about how rushed the last chapter was. I’m lazy to confirm by skimming through 200+ comment pages in syosetu but he did say that there were requests to give more details so that’s why this chapter exists.

MaouMuji Chapter 50.5: Childbirth

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

It has been ninety days since the end of the year festival, and I guess it’s about time for the weather to start warming up soon. Suzuran came to town as per our usual arrangement and while we were in bed, she told me.

「That thing that comes every month didn’t come this time. I probably have a child in my belly」

Because of that, we decided to be prudent and just let Suzuran stay at home while I come and visit. I told the boss of Suzuran’s possible pregnancy so I asked if I could go back to the village for a short while. When they heard that, I was taken to the bar and we had a grand celebration.

「So that’s why the two of you been flirting this whole time. You finally going to have a child huh! You did it when you went back for the end of the year festival right? Why did it take this long!」
「Wellー, we didn’t have money and we don’t have our own house yet and I didn’t want us to just be barely scraping along without any savings. That’s why we had to wait for a while」
「Y-you also had to add Latte-san into that consideration」
「……ahー, that’s true, isn’t it? My stomach sure had a hard time during that time~. It only took a single punch there from Suzuran before she forgave me then they bonded after making a promise between women. Hmー, it would be more appropriate to call it a pact I guess. Well, whatever.

Then, there’s also the fact that one of our friends from the same generation back in the village had a kid with her partner. She was one of Suzuran’s friends as you would expect. Because of that, she and her other friends started wanting one too. It might have been enhanced by me going to the frontlines but her pestering reached the critical point by the time the end of the year festival came. Eventually, I yielded to her demands and that ended up making Suzuran a happy wifeーーー Yay!」

That sullen atmosphere was immediately turned around. After saying that, I drank the entire cup of beer in one go.

「How enviableー. I also want one of my own~」
「Kitsune, don’t you have a girl you frequently visit in Sweet Memory? What happened to that?」
「There’s no hope in that in the first placeー. She only wants to wring me out you know?」

After saying that, he also drank his beer in one go.

「So, how is Suzuran-chan right now?」
「I was told 『I’m going to hit your face if you’re not here in the village by the time I gave birth』」
「That’s pretty scary」
「I feel like I might really die this time」
「That’s probably true」

It’s unusual for me but I was already contented with getting to feel drunk to this extent so I went back to my apartment. There, I found Latte waiting for me.

「Welcome back~ You know, I’ve been thinking that I also want a child of my own soon… Is that alright~?」
「Hmー. Why are you asking something like that all of a sudden?」
「It would be rude if I had a child before Suzuran-chan right? Now that Suzuran-chan has missed her time of the month, she should be pregnant right? That’s why. We can’t~?」

It’s unfair if you tilt your head like that okay…… Well, I pretty much already knew that’s what she was aiming for though.

「Yeah yeah, just not today since I’m drunk, okay? Also, you’ll probably go wild so we can’t do it here. Because of that, you should make arrangements to reserve an inn at the red light district and let me know when so that I can leave that day open. I’ll pay for accommodation fees」
「Hmm~. It probably won’t be a safe day for me in about 5 days~. I also want to do it a day before and after that so I want you to leave open a total of 3 days」
「Wait a minute, let me just make things clear, are we going to go there after work? Also, are we staying there overnight?」
「Kyaー! Can we really stay overnight~? Caam-kun is unexpectedly amazing, isn’t he~? I thought that you could only do twice every round but to think that it was actually still not enough……!? Iya~n」
「I’d be good with the same arrangement as the end of the year festival you know?」
「I’d be happy if you accompanied me for three days straight after work」
「Okay, I got it」

Fifty days after that, Latte came to me and said.

「My time of the month has been quite delayed and I kinda feel terrible as well. My stomach feels queasy~」

She’s probably experiencing morning sickness. I have never seen Suzuran like that though. She just kept on eating meat like usual. Well, I guess that might just be because they both have their individual differences when it comes to pregnancy.

Latte told me she wanted to go to the village so a few days before our departure, she started vacating her room above a bar in the lower-class district that she has been residing in and temporarily place her luggage in my room. She says that it’s because she wants to live together with Suzuran.

I wondered if that’s really alright at first but it doesn’t seem like I have anything I need to worry about. They even had a secret agreement once again without me noticing it. I’m sure I won’t get to hear any more from her than this.

「I’m only going to bring the necessary things this time so I’ll leave it to you to bring back the rest a little at the time」
「Got it. Well, looking at the all of Latte’s things, I think that it will only take me 3 roundtrips to bring them all」
「I left a few on my underwear so I’ll let you use them if you get lonely okay?」
「Yeah yeah. Thank you very much」
「Muー how insincere~ You’re absolutely not going to use it right~」
「I might use it you knowー?」
「Yeah right. Well then, let’s go~」
「Now that I think about it, have you told Celesso-san about this?」
「I already did while Caam-kun was working~」
「How about your close friends at your previous work?」
「I told them over tea during one of their days off~」
「That’s good then」
「What about Caam-kun? I’m sure that you’ll receive complaints from Torene-san when you come back for not leaving any sweets while you’re away」
「It’s fine if she still has complaints while she’s eating but I’m pretty sure she’ll just remain silent」
「That’s true isn’t it~? It would be bad taste if they still complain even though you went out of your way to make them~」

After that exchange, we started to depart with a lot more luggage than usual.
PaiSlash are the best.

I’m almost done transporting all of Latte’s stuff to Beryl so all that’s left is to clear up my own things. That said, I don’t usually buy anything aside from the necessities so that didn’t really pose any problems.

I feel bad for Suzuran, Latte, and the others but I can’t go home yet because ten days worth of rent would just get wasted. Thinking that now should be the right time, I finished up saying my goodbyes to my workmates. I also started saying my goodbyes to the residents of Clinochlore but that didn’t end smoothly like expected.

「Give me cake before you go home」
「Uhm…… Pudding, please」
「I’m good with whatever sweets you make」
「Since it will be the last time, I’m going to use all of the ingredients I have okay? Just so you know, it’ll get dried up over time and I’m not even sure how long it will last」

With that, I started making a large number of sweets for them the next day. I made a lot for them to stock up so I’ll just pray that they won’t get an upset stomach…… Particularly with the pudding.

「Well then, thank you for taking care of me until now」
「Feel free to come over whenever you have the time. Just think of it like visiting your seniors」

After saying that, instead of immediately going back to her room like usual, the landlady accompanied me to the entrance to see me off.

Wait, was she actually someone who’s pretty old? Just how much older is she!

「It seems like you made some cakes for us to eat when you’re no longer here……this is troublesome isn’t it? I don’t know what time that girl’s work starts after all」

As expected~. Since I told them that pudding gets so easily spoiled, it was already gone by the morning of the next day. I don’t know what those three were thinking eating all of them like that. I also heard Celesso-san’s voice coming from the kitchen so she probably joined in as well. They had a pudding party in the middle of the night so all four of them are lying down on the kitchen floor holding their stomachs in pain.

After that, I left Clinochlore.

Ahー, there’s the gatekeeper next. He’s known about this for a while now but I’m not really sure what to say.

「I’ll be staying at our village from now on」
「Ou! Let’s have a drink whenever you’re here okay? Later」

That was unexpectedly easy.

Five days after I came back to the village, I started working as a counselor for the village chief as well as a kind of handyman for the village.

Once I got home from work that day, I found Suzuran sleepily staring at the evening sun by the window. She had a smile on her face and looking at her other hand, she was rubbing her belly.

Noticing me, we had the usual.

「Welcome back」
「I’m back.」

I felt the urge to rub her belly as well so we both did that leisurely. When Latte came home from work, she said.

「Ahー, how unfair~. Touch mine too~」

Because of that, I also rubbed hers too.

As for Latte’s job, she was in charge of feeding the animals and milking the cows.

『I’ll keep at it until my belly gets a bit bigger okay~』

I’m not really sure if that’s just because it’s different in this world or if it’s because the women are strong but I wish she’d take on a safer job at least. I’m sure working as a receptionist would suit her well. There’s no guild in this village though.

They took turns cooking dinner before I came back but now that I’m here, I try to do it wherever possible. As for the days when I come home late, Latte makes it in my stead. The reason for that is simple. If we leave it to Suzuran, she’ll only make meat dishes. Because of that, we restrict the meat dishes we make. After Suzuran has finished setting the table, we started eating.

「「「Let’s eat」」」

For today, I boiled vegetables rich in beta-carotene and chicken tenders to turn into a salad. As for the dressing, I just used lemon juice, salt, and pepper to break down the fats. I found some beans in this world for the first time so I decided to cook it together with chicken meat without the fat and tomatoes seasoned in salt.

I was really surprised when I asked what they’ve been eating before I came back so I made sure to improve their eating habits. Of course, this is for the sake of the children. I mean, they told me that the majority of their meals just consisted of chicken meat after all.

For the sake of the child in their bellies, I added various nutritious ingredients as well as reduce the salt content of their meals a bit. However, since Suzuran hates vegetables, she would not eat anything but meat. She reluctantly ate the tomato and bean dish but she refused to even touch the salad.

「Suzuran, Just because I’m serving you vegetables doesn’t mean I hate you. I don’t really mind the lifestyle you’ve gotten used to of just eating meat and bread up until now. However, you have a child growing in your belly right now so I’d really appreciate it if you ate it」

She sent me a terrifying glare but I can’t yield here.

「This food will help the child in your belly grow. Suzuran might not want it but the child needs these kinds of food. Whatever you eat goes all throughout your body so that goes to the baby as well. That’s why, please eat it, okay?」

After I said that, Suzuran looked really displeased as she started eating the vegetable salad with a sour look on her face but then her expression changed into a happy one when ate a lot of the chicken meat from the tomato dish to remove the taste. Isn’t clearly showing your preferences a bit too much?

As for Latte, she was eating her bread by steeping it into the stew. Well, I guess eating it that way also makes it delicious. I mean, even I used to steep my sliced bread into corn soup.

After our meal, I served them some caffeine-less barley tea. For some reason, warm drinks are popular here so that really helps since I don’t have to worry about their bodies getting cold.

I’m a man so I don’t have a lot of knowledge about them but I’ll do as much as I can if it’s for the kids.

「Caam-kun, today’s meal was bland as well. Can’t you add a bit more flavor to it?」
「It would be bad for the child in your bellies if we use to much salt. That’s why please just endure it for the sake of the children」
「Unー. Okay」

Suzuran is already satisfied getting to eat meat even if it has a thin taste however, it seems like Latte is unsatisfied.

It’s about time to start the harvest but Suzuran is close to giving birth as well. Suzuran’s belly got even bigger and she now frequently feels the baby moving. Because of that, I try to stay as close to the village as possible so that I can immediately come back if something happens.

This time, I went with Wurst to the bar.

「Shall we try making one barrel of wine that’s so sour it’s undrinkable?」

While we were discussing that, the fox-eared old man who was out of breath entered and shouted.

「Caam! Suzuran-san is going into labor!」
「Haa!? But she wasn’t having labor pains this morning you know? This is bad Wurst!1 Thanks old man!」

After saying that, I used body strengthening and ran with all of my strength. However, even if that magic strengthens the body, it doesn’t affect the heart and lungs. This is starting to look bad as expected.

When I bust in through the door, I saw my parents and in-laws restlessly moving about. Even though Latte’s belly was also quite big, the stout cat-eared midwife showed no indication of doing anything herself and just kept giving out instructions.

「Caam! Hot water!」

The angry roar of the midwife reverberated. I’m not sure how long they’ve been waiting for that so I just went ahead and filled the tank in the bathroom and take the necessary amount from there. That way, we can also add water to it if we need to reduce the temperature.

「Caam! Stay by Suzuran’s side, massage her back, and say something to reassure her! That’s the only thing men can do during childbirth after all!」

I sat by her side and started massaging her back.

「What is it?」
「After this… Give me plenty of meat……okay? Also, headpats」

*Haaa haaaa* She was breathing heavily while covered in large beads of sweat.

「Okay. I got it so just go to the most comfortable position for you and think of things that can help you relax」
「Birds. Pigs Deer. Sheep. Cows. Wild boars. Rabbits. I’ve heard that you can eat snakes, frogs, and bats as well」

Why are those all animals with edible meat!? Just how much do you want to eat those? While I was thinking that, I started stroking her head.

「You can eat snake and frog meat so I’ll try making it for you after this……」
「I got it so just make sure you’re comfortable」

She could now keep up with the conversation so she has most likely calmed down.


Together with that groan, she grasped my hand with all her strength. Her grip was really tight that I thought my hand would break. It was already a miracle that my hand did not break with how strong Suzuran is but a bruise appeared on my wrist after a while.

Ah, even though I know nothing about it, I’m sure it won’t be long now. While I was thinking that, the midwife pulled me away from Suzuran.

「From now on, the men are not allowed in here! If any of you come in, I’m going to douse you in hot water!」

*Bang!* She shut the door. That oba-chan is really scary.

「Son, you were also driven away by that person huh? You should thank her later okay?」
「Oh yeah, it seems like Suzuran’s going into labor. Well, there’s nothing for us men to do from here on out」
「That’s true. When I was in Caam position, I just kept pacing around because I had nothing to do」
「Me too」
「You’re pretty calm aren’t you son?」
「Well, panicking here wouldn’t do any good after all. I can only believe and wait」
「I see. It’s embarrassing that my son is calmer than I am」
「That’s right Hail, you should follow my example」
「Right. You mean I should imitate you nervously shaking knees?」
「That’s better than aimlessly loitering around the door right?」

At that moment, the door suddenly slammed open.

「You guys are so noisy! If you’re going to panic, do it a bit more quietly!」

*bang* She once again vigorously slammed the door.
That midwife sure is scary.

If I had to guess, an hour has probably passed. We couldn’t hear anything but a distant groan-like scream up until now but it was immediately followed was a cry that came from a baby. However, the door hasn’t been opened yet. Is it because of the placenta?

A while after that, the midwife came out holding a baby covered in a clean towel.

「It’s a cute girl who resembles her mother. Look at that horn!」

She said that while showing the baby to me. After that, we were finally let back into the room and the first thing that caught my eye was a crushed pole. I wonder if that was prepared to help her endure the pain. And by crushed, I don’t just mean there’s a neat hand mark on it, I mean that it’s literally crushed. If I continued what I was doing earlier, my arm would probably look like that right now.

While I was looking at the crushed pole, the midwife gave the baby back to Suzuran then gave me a pat on the back.

「Go ahead. You can get closer」
「Thank you very much」

After saying that, I approached Suzuran.

「I’ll leave her name to you. For the time being, why don’t you carry her?」

I haven’t received anything as important as this so while I was holding my child who still can’t hold her own head up, tears started falling. While I was quietly sobbing, Suzuran lightly hit my thigh and said.

「Get your self together, Otou-san

That made me come to the realization that I’m already a father so I sobbed even more.
While I was crying, Licorice-san took the baby from me and left the room. When I lied down by Suzuran’s side, she asked me.

「Where’s the meat?」
「Sorry. Suzan will have to wait a bit longer okay?」

She said that while smiling. She has an even gentler expression than usual which made me think that Suzuran has now truly become a mother.

「Caam, It seems like milk still comes out even with small breasts」

I let out a muffled laugh when she said that as she was breastfeeding the baby.

「I was really worried about that for a long time now. Why are you laughing?」
「No, it’s nothing. It’s good that it comes out right?」
「Un, So, what should we call this child?」
「Let’s see. What do you think about 『Lily』?」

I took it from Lily of the Valley which is what Suzuran’s name means.

「Sounds good」
「Right? Actually, that name has something to do with Suzuran’s」
「How come?」
「That’s what Suzuran means in the language of a country that’s far away」

Lily of the Valley is too long so I’ll just settle for 『Lily』 like the other flower.

「Hmmー. So we both have the same name」
「There are a lot of Demonkins with the same name right?」
「That’s true…… Hey, Caam」
「Do you want to drink? The other side is not being used」

She tilted her head while asking me that. That’s not really fair now, is it?

「……that’s a really attractive proposal but I’ll have to decline. I don’t want to use up Lily’s share」
「Just let me know when」
「Yes yes」

After saying that, she held up Lily and started patting her back to make her burp. The way she did it made her look like a mother who’s completely used to this.

She was a really strong, taciturn girl when we were kids but now she somehow managed to turn into such a reliable mother. Well, I guess I’ve turned into a father as well.


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