I’ve recently gave in and decided to join the bandwagon to play a certain trending BR game. Too bad I can’t get decent framerate without having to settle for low poly graphics. It’s pretty funny getting confused because some parts of the terrain did not render though.

It’s pretty fun and all except when you get in a squad where nobody speaks English and you have to face the dilemma of who you’re going with since they both went on completely different directions until you all eventually just get wiped out. Just gg go next I guess. I just want to get carried tbh…

Chapter 49 Part 2: That time when we talked while calling it an interrogation

TL: kizen
ED: Filip

Several days later

There were a lot more carriages arriving than usual and everyone in the fort was already starting preparations for when the snow starts falling. Keith and I also received an order to return to Tephroite from Cravatte-sama.

「Good thing it wasn’t just a letter this time」
「Yeah…… It would probably have said something interesting if it was just a letter though. But still, we’re not really with the army so it would have been weird for us to stay here even longer」

We finished up our preparations to leave after that. I didn’t have an opportunity to use the oil and cigarettes I brought back in Tephroite so I decided to just leave those on the shelves in the barracks. I also decided to leave the remaining distilled liquor to the soldiers.

We didn’t have anything to guard on the way back so our caravan went on a leisurely pace back to Tephroite. However, camping was hard with these kinds of temperatures.

Once we got there, we immediately went to Cravatte-sama’s mansion.

「Hey, it’s been a while. Now, about your pay, there was also the previous incident with Caam-kun so he will receive an additional 6 gold coins. I just saw this in the reports but it seems like the humans attacked the fort just as the demon lord’s army came. I’m not sure if that was a lucky coincidence or not but good work this past 40 days you two」
「「Thank you very much」」
「I also heard that you used wind magic to defend against the enemy arrows, wiped out half of the enemy’s army with a stone wall, and dealt with the siege towers while Keith was giving our troops cover fire with his bow from the top of the tower. Rest assured because all of your achievements were properly included in the report this time」

We were going to continue checking if there were any disparities with the report but the fox-eared maid stopped us by saying,

「Sir, it’s about time」
「Ahー, I see. Well then, the money has already been deposited so just verify it with the guild okay? It would be bad carrying such an amount with you after all」

Then, we were each given something that was wrapped in high-quality paper and sealed with sealing wax as we left the mansion.

「They seem to be having a hard time」
「Yeah, it looks like things are going to get even busier. Caam, what will you be doing after this?」
「After I get back to Aegirine, I’m going to go home to my village for the New Year’s Festival」
「I see. As for me, I’ll be going to the inn I’m staying at here in Tephroite. Take care in going back」

After that, we went to the guild to confirm our pay then told each other, 「Let’s meet again somewhere」, as we parted ways.

I immediately searched for a carriage but I was told that I had to wait till the next day for one that’s heading to Aegirine so I had to stay in an inn.

It’s been a while since I’ve entered a bath and ate something other than hard baked bread. I could have just dug a hole and filled it with hot water using magic while I was in front line base but there was never a time I was alone so had to be content with just wiping my body with a cloth.

I wanted to enter a bath so much that I was in tears. As a Japanese person, I even took a bath even during a hot summer’s day in my previous life after all.

Baths are the best!
Delicious meals are the best!

「Well, then. Till we meet againー」
「Ou! You were also a huge help!」

After saying that, I parted with the merchant carriage I escorted. Once I was done with the formalities and entered the gate, a familiar face showed up from the guard office.

「If it isn’t Caam!」
「Long time no see. I’m not dead yet okay?」

I said that in a joking manner but he suddenly hugged me and hit my back. It hurt to be honest.

「Alright! Let’s go drink! My treat!」
「But my luggage……」
「Don’t worry about that!」
「What about your work?」
「Ughー. My stomach hurtsー. Please let me leave early today!」
「It can’t be helped then! Quickly go home and rest!」

What’s with the sudden act? Moreover, isn’t this guy the same superior officer that cautioned us the last time?  He’s quite the nice guy.

「I still have some people I’d like to greet so just a bit」

After saying that, we went to our usual bar.
There, I was asked what happened so I gave him a brief explanation.

「I’ve always thought of this but why are you just acting as a laborer in town?」
「I’ve said before but I just want to live a safe and peaceful life alright? The lower the possibility of death, the better. Safety is the best」

I didn’t give him the full details but he still treated me to two beers before I went back to my apartment.

「I’m backー. Landlady, the key please~」
「Welcome back. I only have the spare key though since Latte decided to stay in your room on her own」
「She just decided to live there on her own you know? She’s usually out shopping at this time though so you’ll need a key」
「Ah, okay……」

Hmmー, so she’s staying there. I wonder if I should be worried.

「You look manlier than before. It seems like you have gained some experience in killing. Congratulations」

As usual, I still don’t know what the landlady is thinking. After telling me that Latte is staying in my room, she unlocked the door using the master key for me. Wait, why did Latte even ask for a key when I gave her a duplicate before I left?

The moment I opened the door, I was greeted by a nice scent that you wouldn’t expect from a man’s room. Is it because of her cosmetics? She’s been living here so the scent must have accumulated over time.

Is it also in the pillows and futon? I’ll try smelling it.

Wait, it’s not what you think. This here is just me trying to appreciate the scents like what I heard they do in Koudou okay?

There’s a faint fragrant scent that’s a mix of perfume and her body odor. There are also lines from her sweat. Has the smell of my bed changed because I haven’t used it for more than 30 days?

『This isn’t the same as Latte sniffing my underwear you know!?』 While telling myself that, I sorted out my luggage.

Thinking that I should greet everyone, I decided to wait in the kitchen for a while. Just as I got there, Latte came back.

The moment she saw me, she immediately dropped her things then dived towards me.

「Caam-kun! Caam-kun, Caam-kuーn!」

She hugged me and rubbed her face on me. Ah, it’s been a while since I felt this.

「I’m back」

While saying that, I gently patted her head.

「Welcome back. Uhm, you see, I’m sorry for using your room without asking you okay? I was lonely」
「Well, for now, just calm down. We have plenty of time after all. Anyway, let’s pick up your things」

After we picked up her things, we left them in my room then went back to the kitchen to catch up on a lot of things.

I started telling her what happened. Halfway through, Celesso-san arrived and joined in. After that, we waited for everyone to come back then we went to a nearby bar to celebrate me coming back alive.

「Well then, as the landlady, I’ll take the lead. Congratulations to Caam for losing his virginity. Kanpai!」

Who was it that left Kiska-san in charge? Look at what you’ve done. Everyone is looking at us right now.

「Wait a minute. As expected, that’s no good! Fine, I’ll do it. Uhー, ahem. Does everyone have a cup of sake in hand? I’m going to start okayー? Well then! Here’s to Caam safely coming back! Kanpai!」

With Torene leading this time, everyone simultaneously emptied their cups. Now then, the human over there, you know what you did, don’t you!

「So? You came back alive but did you get injured?」
「My spirit was shattered a bit but I managed to recover somehow」
「The cure was definitely women, right? Asking women to cure that always works without fail after all」

Oi, stop it you stupid horse. Latte is sitting next to you, you know?

「My oh my~. Since you are not responding, does that mean that it’s true~?」

Celesso-san, you too. Please stop. Please stop grinning as well.

「Please stop it. Why are we talking about that all of a sudden?」
「You were gone for more than 30 days without us hearing from you so that’s to be expected right? So? What do you have to say for yourself?」

Only once the look on their faces changed into a serious one did I realize that their simple query had turned into an interrogation. It can’t be helped so instead of hiding it, I told them about how my heart became weak from my first time killing and how I bought a prostitute but just stroked her tail.

「Hmmー, is that really alright?」
「I’m not convinced」
「He did avail their services but he didn’t do the act you know?」
「But he still bought one」

They started arguing about that. Listening to their conversation, it seems like they made bets on whether or not I would buy a prostitute.

If buying=sleeping together then we don’t need to hear more details. It would be settled by answering whether or not one was bought. What I did falls under a grey area though so it seems like they can’t come up with a decision.

You shouldn’t bet on such things you know?

However, it seems like instead of money, they are betting on the sweets I make. Everyone was desperately pleading their case. I was really surprised that even Folly-san was participating.

「It’s fine if we call it a draw right? I’m going to make a lot after all」
「Wait, it won’t be interesting that way!」
「Please look somewhere else if you want amusement」

It seems like Celesso-san has gotten a bit fired up now that her favorite thing is involved.

As if that topic had nothing to do with her, the landlady was quietly sipping her drink in peace. It’s amazing how indifferent you are to this you know?

Once the gambling talks have calmed down, they persistently asked me what happened so I had to keep talking until the date had already changed.

「Even though Caam-kun bought one, in the end, he didn’t sleep with her. Good boy, good boy」

Latte was pretty drunk so she couldn’t walk on her own on the way back so I had to carry her on my back. While I was doing that, she kept stroking my head.

For some reason, realizing that I’m now once again experiencing this ordinary life has brought me to tears. I started sobbing so Latte patted my head even more while saying,

「There, there」. 

Even when we went to bed, she continued hugging my head and patting it until I fell asleep.

I feel like she’s taking advantage of the situation to smell me but I just decided to ignore it.

「Ahー, good morning」

Latte already finished making breakfast. However, since I overslept, it has already become completely cold.

「Don’t worry. It’s not like you could help it. It’s been a while since you slept on your own bed after all」
「It no longer smells like it’s mine though」

After saying that, I washed my face then decided to eat breakfast while still wearing pajamas.

「You can just take it slow for a while, right~? Don’t tell me you’re going to start working again today」
「I guess it would be unreasonable if I do that. That’s right, I should go and give my greetings to the boss and the others. I’ll also inform them that I still won’t be back for a while while I’m there since I’m thinking of going back to the village tomorrow. I’ll just have the others wait a bit more for the sweets」
「That’s right, you need to let them know immediately that you’re already back. But, if you make them wait even longer, they might start to riot. Especially Celesso-san and Torene-san」
「Hmm, then I guess my plans for today are set」
「Ahー. Don’t wash the pajamas you’re wearing right now okay?」
「Eh? Why?」
「Because it has Caam-kun’s scent!」
「You already kept on sniffing me in bed yesterday right?」
「Smelling it from the person itself and on close is a completely different experience! Caam-kun is diligent so I’m sure you already washed your clothes before you came back!」

I’ve decided that I’m going to wash it! I produced a hot 【Waterball】 in front of her, took off my pajamas, then threw them in there. That makes it so that even if she snatches them away, there won’t be that much scent left in them.

「Ahーーー!」She said with her hand stretched out in despair. I took off my clothes but I didn’t say I was going to give them to you!

After that, I reported my survival to the boss. When I told him I’m not going to be back for a while because I’m going to go back to my village, he said:

「You obviously just came back! Take it easy for a while! Everyone says you should come back when you’re in top shape」

I thought he was going to ask what happened in the battlefield like what I’ve been doing these past few days but our conversation ended with that.

Now that that’s done, I should make sweets next. It’s been a while so I made more than usual.

After they finished baking, I took the chiffon cake out of the pan and placed it together with the pudding on plates. It’s bothersome so I’ll let them add the caramel sauce later.

A while after that, while Latte and I were eating dinner in our room, we heard a dispute coming from the kitchen.

「Wait! Let’s divide it evenly!」
「I want to eat a lot of pudding so give me a bigger piece. I’ll trade it for my chiffon cake」
「Please wait! You should leave some for the guys as well. If we don’t tread carefully, it might cause a civil war after all. Especially Folly since that guy seems to have a sweet tooth!」
「That’s right! We had a shortage of supply until now so we should divide it evenly!」
「But it’s pudding!」

「……I made a lot more than usual though」2
「They’re really obstinate when it comes to sweets, aren’t they~? The same thing happened when Folly-san bought baked sweets the other day」
「I see…… I honestly don’t care either way. Now then, let’s finish this up quickly so that we can pack our luggage for my homecoming. That way, we can take our time setting off tomorrow」

How strange. I could have sworn I saw a wonderful PaiSlash the last time I went home.3

However, she’s wearing thick clothes this time so there’s no sign of that at all. Moreover, even the frilly short skirt has now changed into thick pants. It seems like there is no such thing as stockings in this world even though underclothes exist. Why… Just, why?

If they had those then this world would bow down under the might of the black stocking PaiSlash combo. Until last year, I thought it was only the village that didn’t have stockings, but not even the town has them. It severely decreased my motivation.

Well, I guess I should just give up. 

「Well then, shall we head for the village?」

It’s currently just the right time when the sun has already started rising and the coldness has started to get a bit bearable.

Even if we leave right now, we would still reach the village just before it gets dark. Since we’re in a hurry, it’s inevitable that we start sweating so we just made sure that our walking speed won’t cause our bodies to become cold. Once we reached the gazebo, noon had already passed for quite some time.

「I’m backー」「Thanks for having me~」
「Oh, it’s Latte-chan. Welcome. Ara, you’re unharmed as I thought」

Mother, why did you greet Latte first before your own son?

「I managed somehow. I heard it from Latte but why was everyone not worried for me?」
「That’s rightー, you haven’t met with Suzuran-chan in a while so she’s starting to get restless and a bit irritable recently」

「Ahー, got it. I don’t want to get hit so I’ll just put down my luggage then immediately go out to meet her」

「As for me~, I will stay here to make dinner with mother-in-law~. Take your time okay~」
「Yeah yeah, I’m off」

Latte is already surprisingly close with my family without me noticing it. Well, I think anybody can get along with my mother with her personality.

I knocked on the door and waited for the for it to open.

「Ye~s? Oh my, if it isn’t Caam-kun. Welcome back. It seems like you’re safe just as we thought」
「Well, I heard the same thing from my mother but why does it seem like everyone was assuming that I would come back safely?」
「Well, it’s Caam-kun after all」

As we got slightly into our conversation in the entryway, Suzuran, who had a terrifying look on her face, got closer to me. She grabbed my lapels, pulled me closer, and gave me a kiss that lasted for more than a minute. Of course, there was also tongue involved.

「Ara~, it’s improper to do that in the entryway you know? If you’re going to do that then go do it in your room」

I didn’t think that she was telling her off as she said that.

This time, Suzuran started forcibly dragging me to her room. Ichii-san was in the living room but he just gave me a sympathetic look.

「Pardon the intrusion」 was the only thing I could say that before I was dragged off.

Once we reached her room, I was thrown on the bed then she continued where she left off. After a while, she then started licking my cheeks then down to my neck. Even her breathing has started to get rough. I thought it would be bad if this continued so I tried tearing her off but she straddled me and firmly pinned down my hands. She’s ruthless when it comes to matters concerning these kinds of situations and physical strength.

I can’t really headbutt her to get away and with the current situation, nobody will come to help even if I scream so I just gave up.

It can’t be helped so I just relaxed my arm to show her that I’m not resisting. It didn’t seem like she’ll take off my clothes like I expected so we just continued making out.

I’m not really sure if she was satisfied but after a while, her grip on my arm started to loosen. She was still on top of me though.

「I’m back」
「Welcome home」

After saying that, she stuck a bit of her tongue out to lick her sticky lips. It makes my heart race every time she does that but it has even more destructive power right now because of her slightly flushed face.

「Have you calmed down?」
「For now. That will have to do for now until we sleep together tonight」
「Right here?」
「There are no available vacant houses so…… we won’t do anything today so just sleep over」
「Ahー, can I go home and eat first? It’s been a while so it would be nice if I got to eat together with my family」
「……okay. But don’t bring Latte」
「I know. You don’t have to remind me」
「……then it’s fine」

With that, she got off of me and dragged me to the living room.

「Ah, good evening」
「Ou, so you’re alright」
「Well, more or less」

I’m not really sure if he’s talking about me coming back from the battlefield or from Suzuran’s room though.

「Don’t just put it off like that. You’re perfectly healthy and it doesn’t look like you were even injured. That’s already amazing considering you came back from the frontlines you know?」

It seems like he was talking about the battlefield.

「Ahー, we were just defending the fort near the frontlines after all. I didn’t even consider writing a letter at that time so I’m sorry」
「Don’t mind it. We weren’t really worried so that would just have been a waste of time」
「Well, I really don’t know how I managed to come out of the frontlines. There was even a huge battle with the humans reached the fort before I went home」
「O-Ou. A castle siege huh? It seems like it ended pretty quickly」

I continued telling him what happened after that. I ended up telling my father-in-law everything before my parents…… Well anyway, after we had that conversation, I temporarily went back home to have dinner.

「I’m backー」
「So you came back safely after all」
「Well, yeah」

I’ve heard that line a thousand times already so I just gave them a half-hearted reply.

「For now, why don’t we celebrate our son coming back safely!」

After my father happily declared that, we started eating dinner.

「Hou. The demon lord army, huh」
「That’s right! I was really surprised when I saw that even Granade was there」

We slowly ate our meal as we drank sake.

「She’s that tall, one-eyed girl right?」
「That’s right. She suddenly called out to me while I was there. The world sure is a small place, isn’t it? I don’t know how wide it is though」
「It’s pretty common to recognize somebody in the battlefield after all. It’s not that common for them to be in the demon lord’s army though. Humans were invading his territory after all so that’s probably why he came」

We continued having our meal while talking about what happened on the battlefield. It would have been unpleasant to talk about the bloody details so I skip out on that detail.
It was already the second time Latte heard that story so she just kept smiling while listening to us.

When I told them that I’m going to sleep over at Suzuran’s house, Latte said.
「Un, I understand. I’ll just borrow Caam-kun’s room」
「It seems like we now have a daughter」

My parents laughed as said that while sending me away. What’s with these parents? Aren’t you guys way too lenient?

After knocking of Suzuran’s house’s door, I was surprised at how quickly it opened and I was dragged inside. I thought my arm would come off.

「Good evening. Thanks for having me. Sorry for intruding」

I was pulled strongly so I could only offer that kind of rapid-fire greeting.

After getting dragged to her room, I was ordered to immediately change into my sleepwear and get in bed so I just complied. It’s scary since her eyes are bloodshot and she’s breathing roughly after all.

She didn’t attack me like I was expecting but I was turned into a hug pillow instead. No matter what I did, she clung to me the entire time. It doesn’t seem like she was worried for me but she probably got lonely.

「Hey Suzuran, I have something I want to say」
「You see, For the first time, something other than an animal or a monster……… Well, they were humans though… I ended up killing 30 humans during my first time. My spirit took an immense hit because of that」

Suzuran didn’t utter a word and just silently listened.

「Although I felt bad since I already have the two of you, I ended up buying a prostitute. Don’t misunderstand, I didn’t sleep with her. I bought a beastkin girl like speck and just stroked her tail for the entire time. I just wanted to confess that to you」
「Father and mother told me that it’s possible that Caam would buy a prostitute in the front lines. That’s why I was told to resolve myself for that time. I felt a pain in my chest at that time but father said that it can’t be helped since there are many things that cause people to get worked up in the battlefield. I heard that even father did the same thing」

What the hell are these parents telling their child?

「But Caam just stroked her tail, that’s all. If that’s the case then I forgive you. It’s the same as petting a dog or cat right? However, I would like it if you don’t do it again that much」
「Un, I understand. I don’t know what will happen next time but I’ll make sure that I don’t do it again」

She kept hugging me even after our conversation ended.

By the way, I started to worry when her hug got a bit tighter as I was telling her about buying a prostitute. Good thing my body wasn’t split into two.

~Idle Talk 1~
A mother who can calmly ask the difficult questions

「Hey, Latte-chan. Have you asked what my son did to handle his lower body affairs while he was in the front lines?」

Hearing that, Hail-san spat out the sake he was drinking and started coughing.

「Uhhh…… Yes. I already asked」
「Do you not think anything about that?」
「Yes. His spirit got broken since it was the first time he killed something other than monsters and animals. Because of that, he bought a fox-eared beastman prostitute. He only stroked her tail the entire time though」
「Araー. That kid is really quite earnest, isn’t he? Right? Darling?」
「Y-yeah, that’s right. Well, maybe it would be better to say he’s faithful rather than earnest」
「It would be nice if darling would follow his example as well」
「Wait, that only happened before we met!」
「Well, that’s fine. What does Latte-chan think about it?」
「Hmmー. He only touched her tail so I guess it’s fine. It’s just like petting a dog after all」
「This might be terribly rude but as a former prostitute, what did you think about what he did?」
「Let’s seeー. I think that it could have easily been considered as an insult to the woman. I guess that would depend on the pride of the prostitute in question thoughー. As for me~…… No, never mind」

That was close. I almost said it.

~Idle Talk 2~
Dog and Fox

Only the faint sound of writing could be heard in the quiet office.

「You remember Caam-kun who came here the other day right?」

The maid who was jotting down notes by my side didn’t reply.

「I heard that when he bought a prostitute in the battlefield, instead of lying with her, he just stroked her tail. What do you think about that?」

When asked that, the fox-eared maid with the icy glare didn’t reply.

「Moreover, I heard that it was a fox-eared girl that she bought」
「……is that so?」

She replied with just the least amount of words to end the conversation. She’s always like this during the daytime.

「Can I touch it?」


I heard you click your tongue you know? She’s so uncute while she’s working.

「Let’s just continue this conversation later this evening please」
「Yes yes. I know that beastmen only let their beloved person touch their tail but I wonder if it’s different for prostitutes」
「I don’t know. I don’t mind if we’re talking about someone from the same tribe but please stop putting us together with that prostitute. It’s unpleasant」

Really not cute at all. She’s really spoiled at night though. I really don’t get her.

「It’s fine if it’s at night, right?」

She didn’t reply but when I looked at her face, it was bright red. I really don’t get her at all.

It seems like the ice becomes lukewarm during the night.

AN: As usual, our protagonist just honestly confessed his crimes.
He probably just thought that if Suzuran does find out then she could simply tear his body in half.

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