Chapter 43: That time when Latte came with me during the harvest festival Part 2

TL: kizen who has been hit by RL hard and is still recoving
ED: Filip

During breakfast, father said.

「It’s still early but we’re going to get started with the harvest」

The village chief told us that we don’t have enough help this year since most of the people who moved here are busy helping to build their houses. Because of that, we ended up just going with our usual operation where I use my magic to cut the wheat while the others place those in carts to carry them to a silo in the village.

Un, we have a good yield this year as well. It kinda makes me want to run through them. 1 Well, I might damage them so I can’t do it though.2

「At any rate, the arable land sure has gotten wide now」I mumbled to myself.

It seems like they got help to clear out the wastelands and gradually expand the fields while I was away. It looks like they’re using the new fields to grow tubers, tomatoes, and eggplants. Meanwhile, they raising grapes and apple seedlings in the area that’s close to the forest.

I remember when I was told that I didn’t have to attend my third year of school. The village chief told me to work for the sake of the village and that led to me plow the fields using magic. And look at how far we’ve come from that now.

While I was reminiscing about the past, we decided to head back so that we can have our lunch. As I was thinking about whether Suzuran and the others have already eaten, I was caught by the three idiots so I just decided to eat with them.

「Alrightー. Let’s eat」
「I don’t really mind but what about your partners? If I can, I want to eat with Suzuran and Latte too you know?」
「Ah. Everyone went to meet Latte-san and told us that guys aren’t allowed to come」
「That’s harsh」

Speck with a disheartened look on his face sure is cute. I meant cute in an animal kind of way.

「Because of that, we thought why don’t we gather us guys as well to have a talk likewise?」
「Un un」
「So, how everything going in town?」
「It’s only been 40 days at most since I previously came back so why the heck would you think that something would change that quickly?」
「No no. This is you we’re talking about so I’m sure that a lot of people have already asked you to do a lot of different things. There’s that incident with the high goblin and slime after all」
「That’s right」
「Nothing’s new okay! Nothing at all. I still mix the ingredients to make bricks as usual. They’ve been letting me try being in charge of the firing lately though」
「How boring」
「It’s good to have a boring life you know. I might go bald if it just changes all of a sudden」
「Why will you go bald?」
「You’ll start losing hair when you have a lot of things to worry about」
「If that’s the case then I won’t go bald, right!」

That’s right, isn’t it? You probably haven’t been troubled by anything in your whole life right? Well, weren’t you a bit troubled about being stalked by Tryapka-san a while ago though?

Eating our lunch became even better with those trivial conversations.


「Suzuran-cha~n. It’s lunch time~」
「Got it」

I headed towards Suzuran-chan who’s in charge of even more physical work than the men and was going to ask her to go together to where Caam-kun is when 3 women that she seems to be close with arrived.

「Uhm~. This people are?」

I won’t know who they are with just that though~.

「Suzuran. She won’t understand you if you put it that way. Nice to meet you, Latte-san. My name is Mir」

Ahー. So all of these people are Suzuran-chan’s friends~.

「Ah. Nice to meet you~」

After that, the remaining two also introduced themselves. Kuchinashi-chan and Tryapka-san right? I’ll make sure to remember it.

「For a while, Latte-san was all that the village has been talking about you know? This place has gotten bigger recently but it’s still not at the same level as the town yet. Even so, almost everyone already knows about it just from the rumors」

They told me that it was because of Caam-kun that the village has gotten this big.

「Ahー. I hear that a lot from Caam-kun. I’m sorry if I troubled you」
「No no. Uhm……I even heard some rumors about Caam getting seriously killed this time because of Suzuran’s scary father」

Hmm~. Her breasts are largeー. I’m jealous~.

「That’s right. That also became a hot topic at that time that even my mother was starting to get worried」

What beautiful silky silver hair she has~. And aren’t her breasts also a bit larger than mine?

「That was the same for my household you know?」
「They even talked about it in school right? It seems like the students were really interested in that topic」

Isn’t she as big as Celesso-san? Her plain clothes have gotten dirty and loose but it’s still clearly defined. Muー. Why am I being surrounded by women who are bigger than me here I wonder? I mean, I’m already big enough as it is but still…

While I was thinking that, I glanced at Suzuran-chan who was silently throwing away the vegetables of her sandwich before eating it and thought.

『Well, everyone except Suzuran though』

I was being bitter even though everyone else was making an effort to get along.

「Well then, I guess we should start working again」
「Ahーthat’s right. I ate too much so I don’t really feel like moving yet though. You always tend to overeat when you go back home」
「Isn’t that a good thing? That just goes to show how delicious your mom’s cooking is」
「……Well yeah, I guess」

After saying that, we resumed with the harvesting of the wheat.

It’s the fifth morning since I came back to the village.

Just like last year, the harvest ended pretty quickly so the villagers are now starting the preparations for the festival. We were asked by the werewolf and werecat old men to help out with the dismantling of the meat, and due to Suzuran’s suggestion, I’m currently next door doing just that.

「Iyaー. Suzuran-chan sure has more talent in this than her old man. That guy would just go to town cutting it after all」
「That’s right. Even though Suzuran-chan’s also strong, she’s pretty well mannered too. I guess that’s a girl for ya」

They were just talking there while leaving Wurst and I unattended. I wonder if they’re doing that because they think that being with a cute girl is better than staying with the guy group. Also, I don’t know if this is her first time butchering a pig but they’re certainly teaching her more kindly than they did with me. It’s really terrible, isn’t it?

As for Latte, she is out there helping with the preliminary arrangements for cooking. It’s nice that she’s starting to get used to living in the village.

After that, although the impatient old men group went in early and started to drink sake, the festival eventually started.

The village chief was supposed to make a speech but it seems like he doesn’t care anymore since he is already drunk.

The three dragonkin girls are also here so we started talking about sake.

「We’ve been trying out using various kinds of wood and fruits recently but as expected, it will take a long time before they’re completed」
「That’s trueー. The color is also gradually changing right?」
「Yes. The taste certainly changed a bit and the usual strong odor is still there」
「Well, that should have been expected right? Also, please be patient and wait for a few cycles of the seasons before you open it」
「It’s true that for a long-lived race like us, it won’t feel that long but it’s hard to wait if the sake is right in front of our eyes」

She laughed as she said that then she gulped down her sake. That was a pretty manly thing she just did…

We continued chatting after that then a drunk Schinken suddenly grabbed me and took me to the table where everyone was seated.

Right now, I’m sandwiched between Suzuran and Latte.

The two of them were already drunk and were clinging to my arms. I can’t drink and I can’t even get anything to eat like this. What the heck am I supposed to do here?

「Ohー. You’re already flirting, aren’t you?」
「I can’t get anything to drink like this though……」

After saying that, Latte took a cup and brought it closer to my lips.

「Drink carefully okay?」
「I’ll drink it but I want some snacks to go with it too…」

Hearing me say that, Suzuran took a piece of meat and put it in my mouth. Wait, that’s too big! Cut it into smaller pieces first before you shove it in my mouth.

「What the heck is this……」
「I don’t understand it either」

A-ah, I want to get healed by patting Speck’s head right now. Kinda like an emotional support animal. That’s probably impossible though since Tryapka-san has gotten a hold of him.

「So this is what happens to people with plenty of wives. I’ve decided. I won’t love anyone else other than Mir」
「Schinken, you may say that but there are also cases where you’re the one who gets liked you know?」
「Is that so? I should have been more mindful……I’m sorry」
「Anyway, I’m sure that Caam has already noticed it too but there’s a reason why Wurst and Kuchinashi are in a good mood, right?」
「Right. Wurst is kind to children so I’m sure they’re looking forward to it」

As I said that, Kuchinashi smiled while rubbing her belly.

「Kuchinashi! Are you expecting a child!?」

A surprised Mir slammed her cup on the table while asking that.

「Un. It usually would come three times by now but it hasn’t come even once so I think I probably have one in my belly right now」
「Congratulations! Here’s a toast for Kuchinashi and Wurst’s child!」

Mir got fired up by herself and started drinking up her sake.

「Iyaー. I wouldn’t be relieved just yet until she safely gives birth but congratulations. This calls for a celebration, am I right……dad?」

「I guess I’ve become a parent now. Will this be alright? Is it really alright?」

Wurst said that with cups on both of his hands and his eyes swimming about. I guess he’s starting to panic.

「Wurst-kun~. There is a first for everything and it’s understandable for you to be anxious because of that but you have friends like these that you can rely on so don’t be ashamed to rely on them okay?」

I gained a bit of freedom because Latte separated from me a bit in order to pat Wurst’s shoulder.

「That’s right! And isn’t Wurst popular with kids? You would make a great father because of that! Kuchinashi is kind as well so I’m sure your kid would end up being happy」
「Nnー, shee? Even Shhpeck is saying shome good things! Get a hold of yourshelf! Latte-shan already shaid it but ip shomething comesh up, make shure you rely on ush okay?」

She has started to slur her words because of all the sake she has drunk. Mir really is warming up to the role of the 『Deplorable Beauty』, isn’t she? I think she would eventually start saying things like 『I can’t drink anymore……』.

Because he has said a good thing, Tryapka-san grabbed Speck and started patting his head. I really haven’t seen this person talk or do anything for any matter that doesn’t involve Speck.

「I also want a child」

Hearing Suzuran say that, even I started to become anxious.

「We don’t have that many savings so I personally think that we can’t afford to have one yet. That’s why we should wait until we save up a bit more money」
「What are you saying! I don’t even have money, much less savings! We’ll just have to manage somehow」

He was so shaken that it feels like he’d collapse. Wait, is it really okay for Kuchinashi-san to be drinking sake like that? Ah, whatever. I’ll just think that it’s probably fine because she’s a demonkin.

The women group started talking about wanting to have kids after that. Once they started discussing names and such, Tryapka-san suddenly grabbed Speck and took him away. With that as a trigger, we decided to end the day here. Schinken dealt with the pretty drunk Mir while Wurst and Kuchinashi shyly held hands as they went home.

『Well then, what are we going to do?』

While I was thinking that, they said.

「Should we go to our usual place?」

Because of that, we decided to go there.

「Ahー. I’ll also bring my luggage, okay~?」

As Latte said that, she jogged in the direction of Suzuran’s house so I called out to her.

「Do you even know the way there?」
「I heard it from Suzuran-chan earlier」

With that said, we went ahead of her but we just took our time walking there.


While the two of us were drinking tea, Latte arrived. It hasn’t been that long since I finished making the pot of tea so she probably rushed over here.

After a while, I noticed that the two of them looked uneasy so I asked them why.

「What’s up with you two tonight?」
「It’s because girls have some preparations they have to do~」

Latte pulled Suzuran to the living room after she said that. It can’t be helped so I washed the teapot and our cups then was going to sit down and wait when Latte suddenly came in just wearing a semi-transparent, overly decorated underwear.

「Tada~ Look~. Take a look at this babydoll. These pink frills are cute right~? You’re getting excited right~?」

It’s a good thing I already finished my tea because I would have spat it out by now. It certainly has a lot of frills. Oh boyー. It even has laces.

「Un, it’s cute. I didn’t expect that you would bring something like that」

She usually wears frilly clothes so it doesn’t look out of place when she’s wearing it. In fact, it suits her pretty well.

「Fufu~n. Actually, I also have one for Suzuran-chan too~」
「It’s true. When she came to town the other day, I noticed that she could use some improvements with her underwear so we discussed it and I bought one for her~. Come on. Don’t be shy. Come out~」

After she said that, she pulled on the arm of the blushing Suzuran who was hiding by the corridor. I don’t think she hates it because if she did, there’s no way Latte would have been able to pull her out.

「Tada~. A camisole for Suzuran-chan. It’s black so that it will match her hair~」

Ah, un. To be honest, this perfect combination of cute and sexy is going to be dangerous for me.

Looking through the gap in the black cloth, I saw some pretty revealing string panties. The dress is a bit short so it shows her belly button and I’ll also give it extra points for not being too gaudy. It really suits Suzuran well.

I like her usual self but a bold Suzuran is good too.

「W… W-will you take me to the b-bed?」

She blushed as she said that with her head tilted and her hands clasped together in front of her chest. This must be something she practiced with Latte because she would never have said something like that otherwise.

It would have been harsh of me to let her stay embarrassed like that so I carried her in my arms and brought her to bed.

I was worried about what I’m going to do about the door but Latte opened it for us.
It’s nice seeing those frills from the back. She has well defined back muscles as well. What a beautiful back.

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