Chapter 36: That time when Latte came to my room

AN: This happens on the next day of the previous chapter.


So it’s morning already…… Like yesterday, I was turned into a hug pillow by Suzuran while she was asleep. As expected, I just can’t stay in bed like I did yesterday so although I feel bad for making her get up on my usual waking time, I immediately woke her up.

「Wake up. Wake upー」

I nudged her with my elbow. Of course, I also hit her breast with my upper arm while doing that but I couldn’t really feel anything while doing that.


She probably remembers the sensation of being woken up since she got up relatively quickly. Her eyes have gotten a bit swollen so I couldn’t really tell at first but once I confirmed that she was already awake, I went to the kitchen to make breakfast and her bento since she was going to change.

I was going to make some karaage for her but we weren’t able to go out shopping for ingredients yesterday so she has to just bear with bacon for now.

I just made the same toasted bacon and cheese sandwiches as yesterday for breakfast and just normal bacon and cheese sandwiches for our bento. Of course, I made sure to put in a lot of bacon for Suzuran’s. Well, I just purposely cut the remaining bacon into thick pieces to make it seem that way though.

*knock knock knock*

I knocked just in case then called out.

「I’m coming in, okay?」

It seems like she’s embarrassed getting seen when it’s bright so I just knocked just in case.

「I’m sorry about this but it’s toasted sandwiches again for today. And here’s your bento. I’ll do your hair for you after we eat so let’s eat now before it gets cold」

「「Thanks for the meal」」

We started talking as we ate.

「What are you going to do for today?」
「I’ll check out Caam’s workplace for a bit then go home」
「Got it. Then, shall we head there together?」

While bobbing her head up and down, she continued munching on the toasted sandwiches.

After eating, I quickly tidied up the tableware then went back to my room to do her hair.

「This time, I’m going to do the other hairstyle I like that I told you about yesterday」

Her reply sounded like she was feeling good getting her hair brushed.

After combing her hair back, I just tied it to a ponytail using a string at a slightly higher angle than usual. I don’t have a Hachigane for a complete look though.

That ended unexpectedly quickly. I’ve already decided on it ahead of time so that’s probably why. Because I thought it would have been sad not to use it, I also attached the suzuran hairpin to the string. Un, fits right in.

「Well then, it’s a bit early but I guess we should go. Here, I’ll hold your luggage for you」

We left the room and was about to go out when Celesso-san called out to us in front of the kitchen.

「Caam-kun, Suzuran-chan. I know that you might get caught in the morning rush but can I have a bit of your time?」

Suzuran just quietly came along.

「Sorry about yesterday okay?」
「Well, I was surprised, but it was mostly because of what Suzuran did. And besides, I was the one who wanted to clear up that matter as soon as possible anyway」
「Ara, is that so?」
「That would have weighed down on my mind after all. I didn’t want so I thought that it would be best if it was made clear. That’s the cause of everything that has happened this time」
「Well, the result ended up like this so no matter what happens, I just have to accept it」
「Ara, how manly of you. Is Suzuran-chan really okay with this?」
「Yes. I also experienced something like love at first sight so I can really understand how Latte-san feels. It seems like there are other people in this world who have multiple wives so as long as Caam doesn’t cheat, I’ll allow him that. I also already apologized to Caam for just deciding by myself last night and he has already forgiven me」
「Hmmー, then it’s fine. I was worried about you because you’re still young but since you’re handling it properly, I don’t see any problems. Sorry for calling you out at such a busy time okay?」
「No, it’s okay」
「Well then, see you. Suzuran-chan, you take care of yourself on the way home okay?」
「I’m off」「Later」


「Oh? Caam, did you bring someone with you today? Is he a new worker?」 (Gatekeeper-san)
「She is the girlfriend I told you about earlier」 (Caam)
「Eh? Ah, sorry」 (Gatekeeper-san)
「It’s okay. Everybody always makes that mistake. Even more so because of the hairstyle she has today」 (Caam)
「Still, I’m still sorry」 (Gatekeeper)
「Don’t mind it」 (Suzuran)
「My bad. It’s because I styled your hair that way」 (Caam)
「I said it’s okay」(Suzuran)
「She’s quite tall but if you look closely, you can tell she’s a girl since she’s cute. Cool looking girls are nice as well…」 (Gatekeeper)
「Thank you very much」 (Suzuran)

She became a bit shy after that. Is it because she was called cute after all? Will she start wearing a cuter hairstyle from now on?

「Then, I take it that you’re going home already?」 (Gatekeeper)
「Yes」 (Suzuran)
「I promised to come home once every 30 days but she was the one who came over this time so that really helped me out. Well then, we’ll be going since I’m going to be late」 (Caam)

Well, because of what happened, I think I’m even more tired this time compared to when I went back home.

「Ou. Sorry for holding you up. And also, you’ll have to treat me to a drink later for making me feel envious, okay?」 (Gatekeeper)
「Please spare me from that」 (Caam)

After saying that, we headed towards my workplace.

「Good morningー」 (Caam)
「Ou, early as usual. Is that girl your girlfriend? She’s pretty tall. Her chest is small as well」 (Boss)

Ah, she got a bit sullen.

「Do you just prefer those kinds of girls?」 (Boss)
「We’re childhood friends so I guess it was something that just happened since we’re pretty much together all the time. Our houses are close to each other as well」
「You don’t say… And so, ojou-chan, your name is?」 (Boss)
「Suzuran desu」
「Is that right! I heard from Kon that you’re supposed to be stronger than him so I thought that you would be some kind of manly girl but you’re actually pretty cute. How enviable, make sure you take care of her okay!」

He said that while laughing as he hit my back. Boss, that hurts. And Suzuran, you’re too quick to recover!

「Kon?」 (Suzuran)
「Ah, that’s my nickname. You see, my skin is indigo or dark blue(Kon’iro) right? That’s the reason why they call me “Kon”. The boss over here is the one who gives everyone their nicknames. That’s also the reason why I don’t know everybody’s real name」 (Caam)
「Well, it’s easy to tell who they are from their appearance right? Oh, perfect timing, Kitsune, Tsuno, and, Macho has arrived」 (Boss)
「It’s true. I can immediately tell who’s who」 (Suzuran)
「Right!? It’s nice how easy it is to remember」 (Boss)
「……certainly」 (Suzuran?)

While we were talking about that, those three approached us.

「What’s up」「M-morning」「Sup」
「Oh? Is this that girlfriend of yours that you keep talking about? How enviable」 (Kitsune)
「H-how heroic」 (Macho)
「Wellー, she just looks that way because of her hairstyle today. She’s cute if you undo it」 (Caam)
「Really? I want to see that」 (Kitsune)
「Are we okay time-wise?」 (Caam)
「It’s fine if it’s just a bit」 (Boss)
「Then…is it okay?」 (Caam)
「Just do it like again this afterwards」 (Suzuran)

I took off the hairpin and untied the string. Then, I had her gently shake her head to make her hair flow down to return to her usual style. It’s amazing how there’s not even a single crease in her hair after that.

「Oooohー, she certainly is cute」 (Boss)
「That’s right」 (Kitsune)
「C-cute」 (Macho)
I don’t think Macho-san stuttered this time because of how he normally is.

「Yesterday, she looked like this」

I quickly parted her hair from the back, bring it to the front and just held it in place by her neck to show them.

「Isn’t the one from yesterday better!」 (Boss)
「R-right」 (Macho)
「I liked the one she had earlier thoughー」 (Kitsune?)

Huhー, their opinions differ. Well, whatever. I received a comb from Suzuran and once again set her hair to the same hairstyle she had earlier.

「Hmmー, the impression she gives sure does change depending on what hairstyle she has」 (Boss)

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement to that.

「Oi, is she really that strong? Try letting her grip Macho’s hand so that we can see」 (Boss)

With that said, Macho-san reached out his hand although a bit embarrassed. That’s unexpectedly cute, Macho-san.

「His hand is too big so I can’t grip it. Won’t be able to put my strength into it if it’s like this. Would only be able to grip with just 3 fingers」 (Suzuran)
「Ou. Then a finger is fine. Just do it」 (Boss)
「Ngh……ah……」 (Macho)

Ah, this guy’s already finished.

「Okay, stop. Stop! S T O P I Tー. No matter how you look at it, he’s already in pain right!?」 (Caam)
「But……he’s not saying it hurts or telling me to stop yet」 (Suzuran)

He’s just enduring it you know! You should at least notice that. It’s no use, he may look unfazed but his wrist is already bending so that must really hurt.

「T-then, let’s just see how strong she really is. I’ll leave it to you to get us something we can use as a reference」 (Boss)

I took a brick that broke in half while being baked and gave it to Suzuran.

「Just do as you like with that」
「Got it」

After saying that, since she also couldn’t show her full strength as is, she broke the brick in half like it was a cookie. She split it again in half until it was just around an eighth of the whole brick then started gripping it. Opening her hand a little, something like damp soil that was squished was left and the rest of the brick that became dust started trickling from her palm.

「O…oi, Macho, can you do something like that?」 (Boss)

Macho-san quietly picked up the remainder of the brick, formed it into an easy to grip shape. Even that took a bit of force to do. Once it got a bit bigger and easier for him to grip,


He shouted that while gripping it with all of his strength but, although the corners got a bit rounded, it was still in pretty much the same shape.

「It’s impossible」 (Macho)
「……thought so. Iyaー, even though she’s cute, she’s also really strong」 (Boss)

hahaha…… They all had a dead look in their eyes while letting out a dry laugh.

「I think so as well. Thanks for that, Suzuran. Here, you can wash your hands with this」 (Caam)

While saying that, I produced a waterball and she washed her hands in it.

「Well then, I’ll be taking my leave. I’ll leave Caam to you」 (Suzuran)
「S-sure! Take care on your way home」 (Boss)

She’d probably be alright though …they said that in a small voice. She probably heard it but just pretended not to.

「Caam. You can just give me those brass knuckles next time as a souvenir. I’ll pay for it so…」
「Got itー. Take care on your way home, okay?」
「Alright! Let’s start our work for today as well!」

I feel like Boss and the others have decided by themselves to pretend that that didn’t happen.


During our noon break at the usual diner.

「Kon…… Sorry for dragging you to the red-light district the other day. Did you guys have a fight because of that?」 (Kitsune)
「Hm? Ahー, don’t worry about it. Especially since I’ve already cleared that up with Suzuran」 (Caam)
「It seems like there’s something up. Spill it outー」 (Boss?)
「You see, I didn’t want to make her feel like I was betraying her by hiding the fact that a girl has come to like me so I just honestly told her about what happened at the red-light district」 (Caam)
「「What happened then?」」
「Remember that white-haired girl the other day? She said she wanted to meet her」 (Caam)
「Was everything okay?」 (Boss)
「Both of us received a punch from her in the stomach……but at least that’s the only thing we got」 (Caam)
「Kon……that’s not what you would call ‘okay’ you know?」 (Boss)
「Uhm……sorry bout that」 (Kitsune)
「S-sorry」 (Macho
「…sorry」 (Tsuno)
「I was able to endure it but that girl vomited so we ended up causing trouble at the shop」 (Caam)
「It totally didn’t end well, did it?」 (Boss)

The other three nodded.

「A women’s quarrel is quite brutal, isn’t it?」 (Kitsune)
「It wasn’t anything like that you know? Because of that meeting, Suzuran ended up allowing it」 (Caam)
「Allow? What did she allow?」 (Kitsune)
「Her sleeping with me」 (Caam)

Uwa. Kitsune-san, that’s disgusting. Well, I also did the same though.

「Why did it end up that way……」 (Kitsune)
「According to Suzuran, it was because she thought they were the same and also because there are other people who have multiple wives as well. That’s why it ended up like that 」 (Caam)
「Well, even I know someone who has two wives but still…」 (Boss)
「I also thought it was strange why that happened. Ahー, she also added some conditions like not sleeping with anyone else aside from me and they have to have the same opportunity to sleep with me which is once or twice every 30 days. If she doesn’t abide by that, she’ll get hit…or so she says」 (Caam)
「S-scary」 (Macho)
「Yeahー, she’s really scary, right? Well, Suzuran’s father is scary as well so I at least want to be spared from a combination like that」 (Caam)
「Why are you still here? Shouldn’t you be running away by nowー!」 (Kitsune)
「Huh? Then what’s that girl going to do about working on that shop?」 (Boss)
「『Would you allow me if I said I’ll quit this job? Then, I quit!』 …was what happened so she’s no longer working there. Everyone was looking at us at that time so it was quite embarrassing for me. Well, even though she already quit, she still didn’t get to go home that day. It seems like she no longer had to take any guests after that though」 (Caam)
「It sure turned into something amazing. Well, but still…sorry about that」 (Boss?)
「Don’t worry about it. What’s done is done so there’s nothing we can do about it」 (Caam)
「So, what happened after that?」 (Boss)
「Let’s just say it was something that led me to say 『You don’t mean…right now!?』 」 (Caam)
「Not just that, tell us everything that happened from yesterday evening to this morningー」 (Kitsune)
「When we got back to my room, she started crying and kept on apologizing to me」 (Caam)
「Is that really all? You just ended it at that even though it has almost been 30 days since you last met? Hm?」 (Kitsune)
「That’s the end of it!」 (Caam)
「That’s a lie. It’s already impossible for a young man to endure it for 30 days so I’m sure of it. Furthermore, if you miss this chance, you’ll have to wait for 60 days in total. That’s would be too hard for you」 (Kitsune)
「U-uhm…… that’s not true you know?」 (Caam)
「Suzuran-chan didn’t seem annoyed so something must have happened. Spill it」 (Boss)

Macho-san, you’re starting to creep me out.

「To be honest……uhm… after that was settled……the three of us did it together」 (Caam)
「It’s decided. You’re treating us today!」 (Boss)
「Wait a minute! Why!? At least tell me the reason!」 (Caam)

Everyone stood up and headed for the exit.

「That just happened since Latte-san decided to join in and Suzuran just allowed it for some reason though……Don’t leave. Please listen to me. Uwaaaaaaaaa!」

They’re so horrible. It’s making me want to cry.

They completely used that as a topic against me during work in the afternoon. The story has spread to the guys who I’m not that close with so even they were glaring at me. A man’s jealousy is really unsightly.

Well, with that said, it seems like I can still joke around with everyone so at least there’s that. If things had stayed the same, I would have quit my work for certain.

On my way home, I bought ingredients until my wallet turned lighter. When I returned to my room, somebody suddenly knocked on my door.

When I opened it, Latte-san forcefully came in, jumped at me and rubbed her head on my chest.

「Welcome ba~ckー. Thanks for working hard at work~. If you have anything that needs washing then just leave it to me」

……I wanted to deliberately make an expression of someone who has a painful headache at first but my head is actually hurting.

「Why is Latte-san here? Ah, and it’s fine since I just let my laundry pile up so I can do it all at once」
「Then, do you want me to make something~? I’m pretty good at cooking you knowー?」
「Haa……I can make it myself though. Well, for now, I’ll just leave it to you. The ingredients are over there so feel free to use them」
「How co~ld. You can be even less formal you knowー」
「I can cook enough that I can even make sweets but make it yourself if you want. Ingredients over there so as long as you don’t use it up, you can do what you want with it」

My wording got a bit weird there. Well, whatever.

「Yey~, you started speaking casually. I’m gladー. Next is for you to stop attaching “san” to my name. Please call me Latte-chan. Go ahead!」

Eh? You want me to change it now? Seriously? She’s starting to irritate me. Well, I’ll just look for something that I’ll like about her so I won’t get mad. If I don’t do that, it’s like I’m betraying Suzuran who allowed her to be with me.

「Then, Latte, make dinner」
「Un, okay~」

After doing something in the kitchen, she came back with macaroni gratin. It didn’t contain macaroni inside though.

Fry bacon, spinach, potatoes and onions in butter and let it simmer in milk. Thicken it with wheat flour, add the pasta and top it off with grated cheese and panko1 then put it in the oven to bake. At least that’s what I think she did.

「Un, it’s good. Iyaー, I was really surprised. I didn’t really think you can actually cook so I was nervous since I thought you would just bring back some kind of charred meat. But looking at it right now, I honestly want to hit myself for thinking that」
「Caam-kun, how mean of you to say that. I’ve been living by myself for a long time now so even if I didn’t want to, I had to learn how to do it you know?」
「Eh? You’ve lived by yourself for a long time? How long?」
「Hmー, 10 end of the year festivals have passed I guess」


I dropped my fork into the iron bowl containing my portion of gratin.

「……can I know how old are you right now?」
「Geezー, you started talking formally again~. And also, it’s bad to ask a woman’s age you know~?」
「How old are you?」

Twice! She’s twice as old as me! I thought she would just be a few years older but I wouldn’t have thought it would actually be over 10 years.

「To be honest, I thought you would only be just a few years older than me」
「How old is Caam-kunー?」
「I’ll be 10 soon」
「Heeー, I thought you would be older than that. I mean, the way you think is not child-like at all」

Well, I’m forty years old inside after all.

「Then, how old did you think I was?」
「Same age as me or just a few years younger I guessー. Ah, don’t get put off by me because of our age gap okay?」
「Well, you don’t have worry about such a thing, ah……don’t worry about it. It’s hard to know a demonkin’s real age just from their appearance after all. Conversely, there are also people who have lived for over 500 years but still look like a child. Like the headmaster from my village for example」

After changing the way I spoke, we continued our conversation.

「Thenー, depending on the appearance, you would be okay with the age gap, right?」
「Uhー, un. It’s alright」
「Then, it seems like Celesso-san is okay as wellー」
「I mean, Celesso-san would be」


A loud sound of the wall being strongly hit from the neighboring room interrupted our conversation.

「Would be?」
「N-never mind desu」
「Ah, un」

Ahー, I get it. You’d get into trouble if you said it, wouldn’t you? I understand.

「Thanks for the meal」
「You’re welcome~」
「I’ll go and wash the dishes」
「I’ll leave it to you okay~?」

After saying that, I headed to the kitchen to wash the dishes. A Celesso-san who had a different air to her than usual seemed to have followed me there.

「You’re getting along pretty well, aren’t you?」
「I have to look for things that I’ll like about her after all. I didn’t dislike her from the start you know?」
「You’re really kind, aren’t you?」
「Well, I wanted to have only Suzuran as my partner but since she was able to win over Suzuran, I’d feel like I was betraying her if I don’t do that」
「Isn’t that a good thing? From just one person thinking about you, that number increased to two」
「As I thought, the Succubi’s way of thinking and mine will never match. I only want to love one person after all. I can’t understand the reason why you would want to add more to that」
「Ara. Then how about you just think of it like this. Just say that one is the legal wife while the other is the concubine. It’s pretty common among royalty you know?」
「I’m not royalty though so I can’t relate」

As I finished washing the dishes and started wiping my hands with a towel, she asked.

「Then, what if your wife says that it’s fine to cheat on her?」
「I still won’t do it」
「How stubborn. It doesn’t matter if your women increase by one or by ten, you should love them all the same」

I sat on the edge of the sink, folded my arms and carefully thought about it before I said.

「That may be what the head thinks but the heart might not feel the same way yet. I still need a little more time」
「Between like and hate……you’d pick like, right?」
「Of course. Well……I still haven’t found a part of her I don’t like though so there’s that. Well, I’ll just try not to hate her but if that becomes impossible to do then I’ll just consult it with you」
「I just hope that it doesn’t come to that. She’s pretty much like family to me after all.
「Yeah, I’m also hoping for that as well……She’s also like a sister……is not something I should be saying, is it?」
「I don’t really understand you at times. There are times when you’re childish but there are also times when you’re calm and collected like an adult」
「Didn’t you hear earlier? I’m just turning 10 this year you know?」
「That may be true I guess……Ah-, that’s right. Tell Latte what would happen if ever she reveals my age while I’m not around, okay?」
「Yeah, got it……」

With that said, she left the kitchen.
Celesso-san will always be Celesso-san. She’s worried about her but, well, it’s not that easy to move away from the mentality of someone from my previous life. Even here, rather than polygamy or polyandry, having one partner is the norm right? It can’t be helped that I’m having these kinds of thoughts.
After thinking about it for a bit, I left the kitchen and went back to my room while sighing. When I got there, I caught Latte sniffing my laundry.


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*Inhale* *Exhale* x32

「Ahhh, Caam-kun’s scent…… Haaa…haaa…」

In her hands, what she had was my underwear. Seeing that, I quietly closed the door and knocked at the neighboring room.

「It’s Caam」
「……whatever could it be?」
「I felt like my spirit was instantly about to break so I came to consult……」
「How quick!」

She opened the door and came out while looking at me with scorning eyes and said.

「……what’s the matter?」

I explained.

「Please try opening my door quietly」
「What is it? Good grief」

While complaining, Celesso-san opened it.

「Haa… Haa… Caam-kun. Ahhh! Caam-kun, Caam-kun’s scent! I can’t help myself~!」

She quietly closed the door and disappointingly shook her head.

「There’s nothing I can do about that…… Err… There definitely isn’t」

The atmosphere earlier has completely disappeared and Celesso-san went back to her usual self.

「I understand. I’ll just manage somehow. Thanks for trying」
「Sorry okay?」
「No……it’s alright. I just wanted to see if there was anything you could do to help. And also, the cause of this was because I didn’t do the laundry yesterday so…」

I don’t want to go back to my room yet…

*sniff sniff* 「The scent over here is stronger I guessー. Aaーa, I should have come by Caam-kun’s room after he came back from his bath. That way, I would have enjoyed freshly worn underwear today. Did I messed up my timing, I wonderー. I would have to give up smelling his sweaty, after-work scent thoughー」

While saying that, she continued rummaging through my laundry basket even more so I just decided to take a seat and continue watching her.

After 5 minutes,

「Hnー. Caam-kun sure is lateー. He should have already been ba……ck by…now. S-since when have you been there?」
「Ever since the part where you were enjoying the smell of my underwear while saying, 『Ahh, Caam-kun’s scent』」
「That means you were here from the start, right?」
「Yeah, that’s right. Do you have something to say for yourself?」
「Please take off the underwear you’re wearing right now and give it to me!」
「That’s wrong isn’t it!? Aren’t you supposed to apologize!? Don’t just say what immediately comes to mind and think about it for a little. Do you understand?」

While saying that, with a smile, I gently pinched her cheeks and lightly stretched it.

「Haim shorieee」
「Okay, good girl」
「………I already apologized so your underwear, please! I’m going to use it tonight! If that’s no good then I’ll also take off what I’m wearing right now so we can trade!」
「You still decide to say after thinking about it!? Because of that, I wouldn’t want to give it to you even more. And also, please return the underwear you secretly put into your pocket」
「Ah……was I found out?」
「I told you I’ve been here from the start right? What are you even thinking! Your skirt pocket is already small enough as it is even under normal circumstances so I can easily identify that it’s there since it’s bulging out……geez」
「You went back to your usual way of speaking you knowー」
「I’m scolding you right now so of course it would go back. Now, hurry up and put it back in the basket」

She returned it while being incredibly disappointed. She’s like a dog who’s walking slowly knowing that it’s being scolded.

After that, we had tea while chatting. I really wanted to enter the bath so because of that, I politely asked her to go home.

I gave her a pat down before I let her leave so as I did that, she started making weird noises. I just ignored that and continued checking her. This time, I found my underwear hidden on her sleeve. Are you related to the C*ty Hunter? 3

When I asked, it seems like she swiped it while I was in the kitchen making tea.
I didn’t think she would still do this but I guess I was naive.

Well, I’ll just walk her until we reach the bathhouse then we’ll go our separate ways. I’m really tired mentally so I’m going to take my time soaking in the bath.

When I got back, I immediately entered the bed and decided to go to sleep.
After all that’s happened, I’ve confirmed that I don’t get bored whenever she’s with me. I’ll just do my best to think of that as something I like about her.


~Idle Talk~

Earlier that day.

*knock knock knock*

Somebody was knocking on the door.

「It’s Latte. I came because you told me to yesterdayー」
「Pardon the intrusion~」


「So, what did you want to talk aboutー?」
「It’s about that thing yesterday. You, do you really swear to only love Caam from now on?」
「I do」

The light atmosphere she had earlier completely disappeared and Latte started replying seriously.

「It’s admirable how you responded immediately……I told you yesterday that I think Caam-kun truly wants to love nobody else but Suzuran-chan, right?」
「However, Suzuran-chan thought that you two were the same in how you fell for Caam-kun so you were allowed to love him. Did I remember that correctly?」
「You are more or less from the Succubus tribe so you know that our concept of chastity is different from other races right?」
「I know」
「So in other words, you got in between the two of them as if saying, 『Let me join in too!』 even while knowing that. Do you understand what you did?」
「It would be different if you got secretly involved with Caam-kun behind Suzuran-chan’s back but since you went through Caam-kun to get in touch with Suzuran-chan, I hope you realize that you’ll forever be in second place. This situation is different from people in high positions who have a legal wife and several concubines after all. This might seem like I’m betraying the two of them but even if Caam-kun and Suzuran-chan has already accepted it, I still haven’t so just keep that in mind」
「Understood. I’ll keep that in mind」
「Then it’s fine. Caam-kun will be back soon so just relax until then」
「Got it」

With all of that said, she poured tea into their cups then they spent the whole time in awkward silence. Only after hearing a sound coming from the neighboring room did they start talking once again.

「Take care. Good luck to you」

Was what she told her as she saw her off.

「’Ka~y. I’m off」

After she said that, Latte left.

『Welcome back~』

Hearing that next door, she shook her head as if saying, 「Good grief…」, poured another helping of tea and stuffed her face with sweets made by Caam.

「She’s cute but quite a problematic girl. If she was my real daughter then I would seriously be troubled」

With that, she continued to complain.

AN: It seems like Succubi more or less have some sort of code that they follow.

It feels like the Latte, who was already weird from the start, has become even weirder. Since it’s amusing, I’ll proceed in that direction.

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What’s with this feeling of unfairness
i say it’s sexism that a man sniffing female underwear is an enemy of humanity while a woman sniffing underwear is erotic


not…really? I mean, that’s the way it is in stories but in real life it’s actually pretty fair on underwear sniffing. It all comes down to if your an actual couple. All the girls I’ve known are ok with their boyfriend sniffing them or their panties, some consider it just part of a sexual relationship. I’m also sure, most of us would have a problem with a girl we weren’t attracted to stealing our underwear and sniffing them in front of us…


Why am I starting to get the feeling that Caam is going to be exiled to an island with his “harem” while being told it’s a great honor to be a Demon King of his own territory?


I think it is more likely that he exiles himself after people notice how strong he is, to get away from all the attention.

Slave Knight Gael

I still don’t like how the Author handled this into becoming a harem. Its just so forced and not well earned, I mean literally the characters even admitted it themselves. You know its bad when the Protagonist has to bend his belief and persuade himself to love another Woman he has no feelings for when he just wants to be Loyal. Suzuran is at fault too with this whole scenario.




*「Yeah, that’s right. Do you have something to say for yourself?」
「Please take off the underwear you’re wearing right now and give it to me!」*
haha i like this girl XD


Thanks for the chapter!


Latte is quite cute. Like a horny jk

Dicky Satria

hmm… so does that mean Celesso is kinda like a guardian to Latte ?
how old is she !?


Thanks for the treat.


Thanks for the chapter, she is more….ummmm

Such a forced harem

Enjoying this isekai novel… But holy crap is this the worst eritten romantic develpment i’ve read in ages xD
At least we only have to remember the hooker is only around once a month 😀

Cake 🎂

Latte plz stawp


For city hunter the main character is Ryo Saeba.
A total perv who will do job for free for women..
He also master at stealing women underwear. Master of marksmanship, driving, making gun, he can notice sniper from any distance and can know someone taking photo of him..
I rec the manga and anime.

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