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Chapter 29: That time when I felt like I was somewhat cursed

We ran out of ingredients because of that huge mud ball I made yesterday so I am now assigned to assist with the firing of the bricks. The craftsmen are the ones who are actually in charge of monitoring the temperature and stuff so all I’m doing is chopping the firewood. I shouldn’t really get involved in that kind of meticulous task anyway since I’m an amateur and all. Although, if it’s just something simple like throwing the firewood on to the fire then, it’ll probably be okay.

【Skill・Physical Augmentation: 3】acquired.

After continuously swinging the axe for three days, I guess it’s only natural that it would go up.

During lunchtime, the boss said,

「Kon, for some reason, I feel like you’ve suddenly become muscular lately」
「It’s only natural since I’ve been swinging an axe a lot you knowー」

I just said to try and gloss it over.
Even if I’m just using the skill at 3%, it seems like it’s level would still go up and my muscles would also increase a bit.

Once work was over, I did my usual routine of buying stuff for dinner and passed the bathhouse on my way home.

「Found you, you bucket wielding dark blue son of a bitch! Don’t move from there, you bastard!」
「Over here, quick!」
「So you’re here!」
「We’re going to get you this time!」

A few of them came from a different path but a four-person group who were looking for me appeared. These guys are the drunkards that I met the other day, right?

I’ll ignore them for now and just pass by them while act like I’m thinking,

『Hmm, I wonder who are these guys talking about. Is there someone who looks like that behind me I wonder?』

「Wait. Don’t run away!」

Ahー I should have known that something like that wouldn’t work. It didn’t take that long for all of them to gather around me once more. Too bad that it’s not 8 o’clock right now.1

「Ha? Whatever could it be? Were you not able to find that person with dark blue-like skin?」
「We’ve been looking for someone with red eyes and dark blue skin in this area for a while now and we couldn’t find anyone but you. If it’s in this area, you’re the only one who fits that description, you bastard. Don’t you remember? How dare you embarrass me the other day with that strange skill of yours」

I pretend to think hard about it.

「Ahー those drunk guys the other day, right? Just when I thought I would be getting involved with drunkards, he suddenly fell down so I just took that chance to run away. If you got injured because of that then, I apologize. And thank you very much for that valuable information as well」2

I grinned after I said that to rile them up for a bit. If they let their blood rush to their heads then I’ll take that chance to run away again.

「You, don’t you know who we are! We’re the rank 5 party 『Dragon’s Fang』! We need to save face over here you should expect some payback 」

Hmmー, what a very chuuni-esque name. Well, I guess that’s fine since it’s easier to remember. Still, there’s always a party somewhere with that name, huh.

「Ahー, then would we be even if I just fall down? There’s nothing behind me right?」

I checked whether there was something behind me then proceeded to fall over but they didn’t take it that well.

「You bastard! Stop joking around!」

What else do they want from me?

「Should we beat you black and blue for the time being? He he he. We didn’t drink sake for a while just for this」

Uwaー what a vulgar laugh. They must have a lot of free time if they stopped drinking just so they can go and look for me. Wait, how do they even deal with acts of violence in the town? They don’t have their swords equipped right now though.

「Ahー whatever. So you guys want to deal with this like that, huhー」

After saying that, I immediately started my preparations.

『Image・Dry and fine sand appearing in my hand・Execute』

After I confirmed the feeling of sand filling my right hand which was free, I immediately throw it while trying to hit their faces like a child who’s throwing beans during setsubun. Once I determined that they got hit, I ran away at full speed. Honestly, I didn’t really want to use sand since I just got out of the bath but I’ll just wash it after I get home I guess.

「Uwa! You bastard! Suddenly doing such a cowardly move!」
「Blegh! Some got in my mouth」
「He’s coming! Be careful」

It seems like I hit right in the eyes so they didn’t see me run away. Yupー a peaceful resolution really is the best. Thinking of such things, I entered the apartment while hearing they kept yelling out some things.

As I entered the apartment, I happened to pass by Hengst-san.

「I heard people yelling some pretty terrible things. “Get back here! You coward!” or something like that. Was there a fight, I wonder?」
「Ahー I got caught while I was on my way back from the baths earlier, so I threw sand in their eyes and ran away」
「Those types are really persistent so you shouldn’t put it off since it’ll just be a problem for you later on. You should just deal with them in one go. It’s all good as long as you don’t kill them」

You just casually said something terrifying there. Oi.

「Well, I’ll just think about next time」
「Take care, okayー」

It’s annoying how uselessly beautiful his voice is. I guess I should report this to the guard tomorrow.

Today is my allotted day off so I’ll go to the guard’s office after I finished doing the laundry.

I went to the landlady’s room and knocked.

「This is Caam from room number 2. Is anybody home?」
「Just a minute」

After saying that, I had to wait for around three minutes before I heard the sound of the door being unlocked.

「What is it?」
「I just wanted to ask where the town guard’s office is. Do you know where is their nearest office is located?」
「Hmmー, the nearest one is by the gate」

Is it fine to go to that place, I wonder?

「Ahー, so it’s by the gate. Thank you very much」

After I said that, she closed the door. Seeing the door get shut in front of my eyes had an unexpected effect on my heart. After that, I also heard the sound of the door being immediately locked. Un, I’m going to cry now.

Taking the usual path, I take my time checking the stalls on the way to the gate. I guess I’ll buy something sweet before I go home later. There was a small door right next to the gate.

「I heard that there’s a guard station located here butー」

Just as I said that the door opened.

「Oh, you don’t have work today?」

It was the gatekeeper who I got acquainted with, or at least I’d like to think we’re acquainted.

「Well then, I’ll hear you out so sit down」
「A bunch of guys tried to pick a fight with me yesterday. I was wondering how I should deal with them so I came here to ask for advice. We didn’t have anything like this back in my village」
「Hmmー, you can just shout for help I guess. If you can’t escape, as long as you don’t kill them, you can fight back. If you were able to call for help then I’m pretty sure that someone would eventually come to your aid. I mean, the residents of this town tend to have a strong bond with their neighbors so they would immediately come if something happens. If you aren’t able to call for help then you’ll have to deal with it yourself since nobody would come. You should try buying some time though since somebody might come just as you’re about to be killed」
「It’s unexpectedly vague isn’t it?」
「Well, I guess…… Those kinds of people turn up in places where there are a lot of adventurers. I got into a huge mess back when I was in a large town near the royal capital and the people there were acting like it was just a daily occurrence so nobody came to help. Large towns are scary」
「I pretty much know who they are though. Should I describe them?」
「Sure, go ahead. I’ll write it in my notes」
「They’re a rank 5 party that goes by the name “Dragon’s Fang”. They have 4 members and all of them are men. There was a muscular beastkin with a beard and an aquatic type demonkin who’s nimble and thin. I’m not really sure about the third one but I think we’re a bit similar so I guess he is of medium build but the last one was wearing a robe so he’s probably a magician. I guess that’s all of it」
「So they’re affiliated with the guild huh. I’ve already filed the report. Try to be careful when you’re going out. And thanks for the coming to report」
「Still, those guys are idiots, aren’t they? For them to voluntarily give away their name…」
「They probably thought you’d get surprised and apologize once you hear their name and rank. They really are idiots, aren’t they?」

While holding his quill pen, he leaned on his chair and spread both of his arms wide.

「Well, it’s nice since that makes it easier to identify them」

While we were chatting for a bit, the number of people at the gate suddenly increased so I just decided to go home.

The crepes were tasty. They used a lot of custard cream and filled it with seasonal fruits boiled in sugar water. It’s not that different from the crepes in my previous life but, as expected, they don’t have any fresh cream and chocolate in this word so there obviously wouldn’t be any chocolate sprinkles or chocolate sauce.

It’s been a long time since I last ate crepes. I haven’t eaten any ever since I came here so I feel like it tasted even more delicious. Ahー, I guess should I make sweets when I get home? I suddenly felt like it.

I found a stall selling oranges on my way home so I bought 5. I wasn’t sure if I have enough sugar left so I also bought some. When I finally got back, I immediately went to the kitchen and thoroughly wash the oranges. After that, I cut them into thin round slices and put them in a pot with water to boil.

Once it started bubbling, I discard the hot water and repeated that process for 2 to 3 more times. Since it would have been a waste to just throw it away, I took the first brew, added some sugar and drank it. It’s just a simple herb tea. I guess the orange peel can be also be considered as a herb since they are used in orange peel tea.

Next, I filled the pot again with water, added sugar and stirred it until it dissolved. Then I added the orange slices and let it simmer in low heat until all of the water has evaporated. I still have let it dry it after this. I can’t just throw it into a microwave since they don’t exist here so I tried using warm air I produced from my hands using magic dry it.

It was taking too long so I just placed it in the oven and adjusted the firewood so that it would only let off a low heat. The orangey and sugary smell was so good that I wanted to reach out and eat it right away but I just decided to be patient.

I take it out after a while. It’s still a bit damp so I spread it out over a clean cloth so that it would absorb the remaining moisture. While waiting for that, I started making chamomile tea using tea leaves I brought from home when an unknown person entered the kitchen.

She’s a bit shorter than I am, has silver colored hair tied in a ponytail, beautiful dark-colored skin, and pointy ears. She’s wearing a baggy shirt but I can tell that she has a nice figure. She’s probably a…no, I’m absolutely sure that she’s a dark elf.

「Hello, I’m Caam from room number 2. I haven’t had the chance to meet you so I wasn’t able to introduce myself. Nice to meet you」
「Fraîche3 from room number 5」

I felt like that’s all she had to say and didn’t want anything to do with me anymore so I didn’t say anything else after that. I thought she would quickly do what she came to do and leave but, even though she has finished drinking her water, she hasn’t left the kitchen yet. I wonder why. She’s also somewhat fidgety.

I wonder if it’s already dried enough. While thinking that, I picked up a piece and put it in my mouth. Un, it’s pretty good.

「Did you make those sweets?」
「Eh? Ah, yup. That’s right」
「I got to eat the one you made a few days ago and it was tasty. Thanks」
「Ahー, no need for thanks. Like I said in the note, I only made that since I felt like it. Just like what I’m doing right now.」
「Is it okay if I have some?」

Ahー, so she wants to eat some. She has a surprisingly cute side to her as well huh.

「Go ahead. I just planned to leave half of it here anyways so just take some from those」

Saying that I place half of it in my own wooden bowl and left half of it in one of the bowls left in the kitchen for shared use. After leaving another note, I was about to return to my room when,

「Hmmmー what a nice smell. So it’s oranges this timeー」

While saying that, Hengst entered the room so I decided to go back to the kitchen to engage in idle chatter with him. He obviously couldn’t use the chairs there since they were built to be used by humanoid races so he just folded his legs to sit down and reached his hand out to eat.

「It’s delicious, isn’t it? A man who’s good at cooking is pretty rare, right?」
「There are men cooking in restaurants, right? They’re not really that rare you know?」
「Well, you can also make sweets so you’re pretty amazing, Caam-kun. Don’t you think so too, Fraîche-san?」
「Men usually aim to become strong but if he can cook even though he’s weak then it’s sufficient」
「What a harsh way of putting it. Well, it’s just something like a hobby for me you know? I had to learn it since there’s nobody here who would cook for me」
「If it’s a hobby then you should try to improve it. That way, it’ll be fine even if you don’t take a husband4 and wife as long as you can eat. Geez, that’s why this weak man is…」

They kept on eating the dried oranges while saying that. It seems like those treats are going to be popular as well.

「It’s cheaper if you make it yourself you know」
「My oh my, how thrifty. Good for you. You’re still a weakling though」
「Well, isn’t Hengst-san a playboy? You’ll make a move on any every girl you meet, won’t you?」
「Not just anyone, I’ll only call out to maidens. It doesn’t matter how many as long as their still a maiden」
「What he just said was somewhat really rude to women, wasn’t it?」
「Seriously the worst. Reflect on your actions you stupid donkey」

She gave him a pretty intense glare. You look scary you know?

「Hmmー Please don’t get jealous because I’m not speaking words of love only to youー」

This horse’s spirit pretty tough to break. Fraîche-san decided to continue ignoring him.

「As a fellow man, even I think you’re the worst. Well, it’s every man’s dream to have a harem but as for me, I only want to love one person」
「We come from different races so our values would differ. This is just a normal thing for us」
「Is that so? Well, please be careful you don’t get stabbed by some woman」
「If I get stabbed from the front, I’m not generous enough to just give them a hug」
「Haa, well, just take care of yourself」

This horse is wearing me out.

「And please leave some of that for the others」

With that said, I was about to immediately head back to my room when.

「Come to think of it, don’t you have troublesome guys after you? The shouting I heard yesterday had something to do with you, right?」

He said while putting a dried orange in his mouth. I replied,

「Well, I guess」
「Your opponents are a four-person rank 5 party right? If you like, as thanks for these, I’ll help you take care of them」
「The word sure gets out fast huh. Thanks but it’s alright」

I said that while grinning.

「Even though you’re a weak bastard5, you still think you can win against four people? And the word didn’t have to get out fast since I could hear them from here」
「So you have a pretty good hearing then. Weak as I may be, I still have my own way of fighting. It all depends on how you make use of that cowardice. As long as you have the will to survive then you’d be able to do something about it one way or another」

Saying that with a smile, I produced an obsidian knife in my hand and throw it towards a fly that was hovering by the wall. I hit it and it got stuck on the wall. The correction offered by the throwing skill is seriously the best. I wasn’t expecting it to hit though.

「Certainly, I was getting ahead of myself when I called you weak. Caam, I apologize」

Oh? I got promoted from bastard. That feels a bit nice.

「So? Where did you take that knife out from?」

The horse said that while nibbling on dried oranges. I returned to my seat and demonstrated various magic. They got excited about that and we no longer had that strained atmosphere we had earlier.

Still, why has it suddenly been decided that I’ll be the one to make lunch? The landlady came in halfway so I ended up making enough for four people. You really can do many things with pasta. Well, I guess that’s just how it is. While thinking about that, we finished eating lunch. They evaluated the dish very highly.

It doesn’t seem like the landlady discovered the small hole I made on the wall.

It’s been a while since I had the time to laze around my room until dinner. I was about to do my usual training but just decided to stop for today. It’s my rest day after all. Taking breaks is also important.

After dinner, I went to the baths and came across those guys again.
I didn’t change the time, the path I took and how I looked since then because that would have been quite bothersome. And besides, now I can do whatever as long as I don’t kill them so, although reluctantly, I decided to just deal with these guys.

「You bastard! Are you an idiot! Using the same time and the same path to come here. We’ll get you this—-」

『BANG!』 a deafening sound and a blinding light interrupted their speech.

While the four of them were in agony, they yelled out

「You coward!」
「Everyone be careful」
「My eyes!」

They probably can’t hear each other though. I obviously protected my eyes and filled my ears with clay using magic to act like earplugs beforehand so I’m alright.

I immediately activated physical augmentation at 10% and started dealing with them one by one. I hit the first one with a flying knee. You could hear a cracking sound as he landed and his legs were bent in all sorts of weird directions.

The second one was still crouching and holding his ears so, without holding back, I gave him an axe kick to the back of his head.

The third one was also holding his hands on his eyes as he kept on shouting some things. I ignored his ramblings and just hit his chin with a fist-sized stone I produced in my hand using magic to shut him up.

The fourth one also had his hands on his eyes while rolling about on the ground so I just went ahead and buried my heel on his face. I think I probably crushed his nose.
I also think that they probably can’t hear me as well but I’ll still say this anyways.

「If you’re attacking somebody, it’s better if you beat them up first before you do your speech, you know? You’ll look like an idiot if you keep on rambling on like that. Just treat this as a very expensive lesson for you」

After saying that, I restored physical augmentation back to 3% and made sure that I’m not experiencing any kind of muscular pain… Un. I guess everything’s alright. Nothing hurts.

Because of the sudden loud sound that came out of nowhere, the residents living in the area started to come out so I had to explain to them the situation.
A plump oba-san said,

「Aren’t you guys the same ones as yesterday? You were up against four people, are you alright?」
「Well, I just dealt with them like this」

I said that while pointing at four people who are groaning and unable to get up.

「They’re not dead so it’s okay, right? Do you know how long would the guards take to arrive?」
「I don’t think it would take that long. I mean, it was a pretty loud sound and I’m sure that somebody has called for them by now」

While we were conversing, a few people came out from the mob and surrounded the four people so that they won’t be able to run away. After that, a few guards arrived and took away those guys. They also took me with them. Well, that’s only natural I guess. I still need to explain the situation after all.

「We’re not the ones at fault! That guy just suddenly threw sand in our eyes and attacked us!」

They kept on asserting that in a loud voice so the guardsmen gagged them with some cloth so that they would be quiet.

「Those guys were drunk a few days ago and started to pick a fight with me. I didn’t mean to injure them but one of them tripped on my foot and fell over so I used that chance to run away. Then, they tried ambushing me yesterday so I threw sand into their eyes to ran away. I even reporting them to the guards today. I was told 『It’s fine to defend yourself as long as you don’t kill them』 I didn’t really want to get involved with them but I thought it would just get even more troublesome if I just leave them be so when they tried attacking me again today, I fought back.」
「Ahー, don’t worry about it. We’ve already received two reports about a four-person group who tried picking a fight with a dark blue skinned person in that area. And also, you, you say you came to the report them today?」
「Yes. I’m sure that I came by to report it today. I even saw the guy writing something he even told me that they’ll also inform the guild.」
「That may be the case but the party Dragon’s Fang has already done something like this in another town and that got them deported. Because of that, we won’t be deporting them this time. We’re sending them to the front lines instead」
「What do you mean by front lines?」
「Don’t you know? There’s a fight for the border with the humans right now. Because of that, we’re sending them any excess war potential we get」
「Ahー, but… I pretty much broke them though……」
「That’s alright. We’ll just ask a person who can use healing techniques to forcibly heal them. They’ll have to pay for it themselves, of course.」
「Ahー is that so? By the way, what will happen to me?」
「There won’t be any particular actions against you since you backed away when they tried picking a fight with you a few times. You just had to drive them away since they were being persistent so you’re not in the wrong. However, if someone from the other party ended up dead then both of you be punished together and off to the front lines you’ll go」
「Okay, I’ll be careful from now on」

After that, I asked about the rules of this town and then decided to go home. I was carrying my bucket with me the whole time.

「Welcome back. That was terrible, wasn’t it?」
「I’m sorry for all the trouble. 」
「It’s okay. I wasn’t really inconvenienced in any way. Well, at the rate it was going, they would have probably barged in here and start destroying things so at least it didn’t come to that. So? Did you get charged with anything?」
「They said I wasn’t at fault so they let me go. They told me that I would have been sent to the front lines if I accidentally killed one of them though」

hahaha, I laughed as I said that.

「I’ll be troubled if that happens, you know? I mean, if you suddenly get sent to the front lines, who would pay your rent?」
「Ahー, that’s right. Don’t worry, I’ll try not to die as much as possible. I’ll also make sure I won’t get sent to the front lines」
「You do that, okay?」

With that said, the landlady returned to her room. I went to the kitchen and started sighing.

「Haaaー so she was even more concerned about the rent than my well being…」

Because of that, I put even more sugar than usual into my chamomile tea, drank it and decided to go back to my room to sleep.

As I was leaving the kitchen, Fraîche-san came and asked about the situation.

「I see」

When I told her I beat them, she just said. and left. She didn’t ask about the loud noise but I guess she was more or less worried about me.

Haー it sure was a tiresome day. I’m sure that this is all because of those guys. They just wouldn’t quit.


AN: The name of the magic he used is 『Sand』[TL: No shit!]
It was pointed out to me that the assignment of rooms is a bit difficult to understand so I’ll write it here to make it clear.
The landlady’s staying in Room number 0(aka. a room without a number) so Hengst is actually staying in room number 1 and Caam is staying at room number 2.
Because of that, no, the protagonist isn’t staying at room number 3.

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