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Chapter 28: That time when I started working without any problems

I was able to learn what I had to do at work without any problems. That said, I didn’t really have to learn anything since it was just mixing together the ingredients for making bricks though.

As for my work schedule, I decided to follow a five-day cycle where I would work for four days then take a single day off. It’s nice that I got this job through the guild since I am able to more or less choose which days I’ll go to work.

I always make sure that I’m already at the site 10 minutes before the start of operations. The starting time isn’t always the same since they don’t have clocks in this world so I have to do that in order to avoid being late.

I didn’t really need any particular skill to get through the first day since the work assigned to me was just to mix the clay. All I had to do was gather the clay using a hoe-like thing, add water and mix it. But on the next day,

「You need this much clay, this much sand, and this much lime. Just use your intuition and experience when measuring it. Mix it properly so that the finished product wouldn’t be inconsistent. Next, you add in water. Mix it until it has a uniform consistency, okay?」

With that said, I tried to somehow memorize the different viscosity levels. I tried making one at first and went to show it to the boss.

「Is it like this?」
「Well, I guess it’s good enough」

『Oh, so this is good enough』

Since I don’t really need to make any particular changes to it, except for taking short breaks and lunch break in between, I just kept on repeating that task over and over again until the work day was over.

Since I’m out of ingredients to make food, I’ll go and buy some before going home. After that, I’ll go to the nearby bathhouse, make dinner, do some training and go to sleep. Life’s really easy if you have a constant daily routine.

During my days off, I deal with the laundry that has piled up. Landlady-san saw me doing that and said,

「You’re surprisingly diligent for a man」

or so she says but I don’t have anyone else with me so I don’t have a choice but to do it myself. Naturally, I use a washboard and bucket to wash my clothes. I struggled at first but I soon got used it. It’s a pain to rinse them so I just create a water ball and place all of them inside and spin it around like a washing machine.

When they saw that scene of me doing laundry, the neighbors kept on saying things like “how skillfulー” and “Magic’s supposed to be used for monsters and enemies right?” Or so they say but It’s convenient if you use it like this, right? Humans are beings that seek to make their lives easier, you know? Well, they’re demonkin though.

After I finished doing my laundry, I decided to explore the town so that I can be acquainted with the shop owners around here. I just want to make this clear but I won’t be passing by the red-light district okay?

By the way, I also tried making pastries on my days off. I feel like castella cakes and pudding are relatively simple to make so I’ll try challenging it!

First of all, I’ll start with a simple pudding. I just need eggs, milk and sugar to make it. I don’t have those cups used for pudding though. Well, I have those ceramic cups so I’ll use those instead. I’ll just make sure to take it out of the cup before eating it.

I cracked the eggs into a bowl and beat it with a whisk. After that, I add the sugar and milk to the bowl, mix it and pour the mixture into the cups. Next, I filled a pot with water and boiled it.

Meanwhile, I started making the caramel sauce. For this part, I’ll just need sugar and water. Using firewood for that would have been a waste so I just produced a flame in my hand using fire magic instead.

Once the egg mixture was finished, I poured the caramel sauce on top of it. All that’s left is to let it cool in the refrigerator……which doesn’t exist so I just placed the cup in a container with a bit of water to cool it.

『I’m Caam from room number 2. Feel free to eat these since I made enough for all of us here. Please wash your own cup after you finish eating. If there is anyone who doesn’t like sweets, you can just give your share to somebody else』

Okay, that’s good enough!

While I was at the dining hall enjoying my pudding, a small girl arrived. I wonder whose kid she is?

「Hello. I’m Caam from room number 2. Nice to meet you. Do you want to eat pudding?」
「Ha? Don’t treat me like a kid okay? Even though I look like this, I’ve lived longer than you think」

She kept on glancing at the pudding while trying to read the letter.

「Sorry about that. I’m Caam who’s staying at room number 2. I apologize for not being able to introduce myself earlier but I just couldn’t find the opportunity to meet with you」
「Mn, thanks for introducing yourself. I’m Tolena(トレーネ1) from room number 7. I’m from the fairy race that’s why my body’s small. Thanks for the meal」

She started eating after saying that. Her eyes slightly narrowed and the corners of her mouth were starting to rise at first but face started to warp. I wonder if she’s trying to hold herself back from looking like she’s enjoying the pudding.

「That’s the room above mine right? Please take care me from now on」

So this is the girl who lives in the room above mine. Even though she looks like a kid… That horse really doesn’t discriminate, does he?

「Yeah, ditto」

After that, I immediately headed for the public bathhouse and went shopping for dinner. When I came back to the kitchen, all of the pudding was gone. Well, leaving a favorable impression would be for the best. Still, I’m curious about the three remaining residents that I haven’t met yet. I wonder if we’ll meet anytime soon.

It’s been ten days since I started working here. I usually make my own lunch at the same time as breakfast but I still go together with everyone to the diner at lunch. I would still eat the bento I prepared but if they’re out of the daily special, I still order something that would complement my meal.

『You can cook your own meals! That’s amazing』

That’s how they reacted when I first brought along my bento. I hope you guys aren’t making light of the skills of a bachelor who has lived alone for a long time.

By the way, my lunch today is an egg sandwich. I happened to find mayonnaise being sold so I immediately bought some. Its acidic level is pretty high that’s why it’s okay even if it’s stored at room temperature…or at least that’s how I remember it. The shop selling it is really eco-friendly as well since the storekeeper said,

「If you wash the bottle and bring it back the next time you buy some, it would be 2 coppers cheaper」

After I finish mixing the aggregate, I stuff it into molds, deliver them to Kitsune-san using a wheelbarrow and come back to do it all over again. If I get careless with how I do it, I would probably hurt my back. To make it easier, I just decided to use magic to mix it.
For some reason, the others started gathering around me.

「You can use magic!? Why are you working in this kind of job? Wouldn’t it be even more profitable if you do subjugation quests?」
「No, wellー I’m a coward so I don’t like scary and painful things. That’s the reason why I just looked for jobs where it’s unlikely for me to die. When I saw that there were day labor jobs in the guild, I decided to work here. It was still necessary to register at the guild to accept work though. Now that I think about it, I’m slightly regretting that I just honestly filled up the registration form」
「Oi, how much longer can you keep on mixing like that? Have you tried it out before」
「Hmmー, I just did it to an unused field back in my village but I was easily able to plow 10 of them. Taking into consideration Kitsune-san’s stamina, shouldn’t I just continue to mix the same amount I usually do?」
「Oi! Somebody assist Kitsune to keep up with Kon’s speed! Try to mix until you reach your limit. If it’s like this then our efficiency would immediately go up! Increase the number of kilns as well! Somebody inform the guys who are fixing the wall」

The boss started shouting so that everyone could hear. Oi oi, why did this just turn into something serious?

The ratio I used was still more or less the same but the amount I used gradually increased. Eventually, we ran out of one of the ingredients and I ended up with a with a four-meter diameter mud ball. I was always in a state where I’m constantly mixing something so it just ended up like that. What about its weight you ask? I’m not really sure. If you compare it with water of the same volume, wouldn’t it be even heavier?

「Bossー, what should I do with thisー」

I was scolded. He was the one who told me to rapidly mix it though… Incidentally, everyone else was starting to create a commotion.

Since there was nothing he could do about it anymore, the boss gathered as many people as he could and assigned them to help in putting the mixture into molds. As for me, I just made the mud ball float and started helping the others to mold them. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting that I’d be able to make something that big float. I’ve made water balls float before but I guess mud balls can float as well.

To make it easier to mold into shape, I cut cube sized portions from the mud ball. This somewhat feels like I’m working in some sort of food factory and what I’m doing right now is cutting a chunk from a large clump to carry it off.

Since we no longer had any more ingredients, our work ended early today. Even though we didn’t have the chance to have our lunch break, everyone was still moving around energetically.

「We’re going to fire these at the kiln tomorrow. We won’t be able to fire all of them at once so the remaining bricks will just have to be sun-dried. Well then, that’s all for today!」
「「「「Good work today!」」」」
「Alright! Doing any more will be impossible for today so let’s go out drinking! Let our empty stomach do it’s work this time!」

It’s still 3 in the afternoon though… Well, I guess that’s alright once in a while.

「Ahー, I have to stop by the guild so I’ll just meet you there. I’ve already completed 10 rank 1 quests so it’s about time for my rank to increase」
「Ou! We’ll be at the usual place so you definitely have to come, aight! 」
「Got it boss」

I walked towards the guild while eating the egg sandwich that I was supposed to have for lunch. There, I handed over the paper bearing 10 marks of completion signed by the boss to the onee-san at the receptionist’s counter.

「We have to update the rank on your card so could you take it out for a moment please?」
「Ah, okay」

Since I didn’t have any particular reason to refuse, I just handed it over to her. Come to think of it, I just came here immediately after work ended didn’t I? I’m dirty and I still reek of sweat so was it okay for me to do that?  Well, I guess it’s fine since there are also other people here returning from some kind of subjugation request and their armor is covered with blood spatters.

The rank up process went without a hitch and I successfully reached rank 2. The number 『2』 was properly displayed in the rank section of the card as well. As the receptionist gave me back my card, she said

「Congratulations on ranking up」

It’s just rank 2 you know? Oh well, it doesn’t really matter so I just replied


It would be difficult to do it after drinking so I decided to buy ingredients for tomorrow first. When I arrived at the bar near the gate where we usually go to, they were already drunk. I also couldn’t find Tsuno-san around so I wonder where he went.

「Ou! You’re late. Hurry up and start drinking already!」
「Got itー. Fruit wine please, and give me the daily special as well」
「Oi oi, you’re going to eat while drinking? Don’t you understand the taste of sake? This is why the young’uns these days don’t know how to drink」
「Well, I can’t help it. I’m really hungry. Youngsters would choose their appetite over a drink you know?」
「Would they still choose their appetite over pleasure I wonder」

After someone said that indecent thing, everyone started laughing loudly. I stopped minding them and just continued drinking.

「Hey, Konー. What happened with that matter with the red-light district? Isn’t it about time?」

Kitsune-san started leading the conversation in that direction. Do you really want to go that much?

「A-ah, I’m also curious about that matter」 Macho-san said.
「Ah, that’s right. According to the person herself, their establishment is 3~5 large coppers more expensive compared to the regular shops. The place is called ‘Sweet Memory’ and it seems like everyone working there is a part of the succubus race. Their guests don’t seem like shady people so I think the place is alright. Well, the red-light district in itself is pretty shady place though」

I said that as a joke but everyone started to get worried.

「Kon, have you been there before? Would it really be fine?」
「Huh? Ah, yeah. I even drank fruit water there you know?」
「T-then, it’s alright」
「Hmmー, the person herself said something about being sucked dry but she wasn’t talking about vitality or magic power right?」
「If that’s the case then you’d be a really important guest to them since you can use magic」
「Ahー, I was thinking that she was speaking literally but I guess there’s also that kind of meaning to that as well. Phew, that was close. Well, even if I enter the shop, I won’t partake in their services anyway so I’m safe」
「Why? If you’re a man then you’re supposed to do that. It’s better than dealing with it yourself you know」
「No wellー, that’s impossible since I’m afraid of my girlfriend. I absolutely won’t indulge in that」
「S-so you have a girlfriend huh」
「She’s thinner than I am but she’s a lot stronger. She also has really sharp senses. She once hit me lightly out of embarrassment but I almost fainted from that. I’ll die if she actually hit’s me seriously. Even under normal circumstances, she can already blow the head of a goblin off with just her spear」

While I was explaining that, I drank all of the sake that was in my cup in one go.

「I want to see that at least once! Next time you have a chance, introduce her to us. It’s fine to bring her along even if it’s in the middle of work」

Even though the boss said while under the influence of alcohol, it seems like he seriously wants to meet her. Does he want her to crush a brick barehanded in front of his eyes? If it’s Suzuran then I’m pretty sure she can do that.

Our drinking party ended once everyone had reached their limit. It’s still half past 5 so I wonder what should I do after this. I have poison resistance so I didn’t get drunk but I’d still rather not take a bath immediately after drinking. I guess I should just go home.

When I arrived home, I met the landlady again. After doing my greetings, her nose once again twitched but this time, she just frowned.

「Sake just after lunch?」She didn’t actually say that but I could somehow tell from the look on her face so I just said,

「Well, it’s just once in a while」

After that, I just had a light meal for dinner and then went to the bathhouse. The warm water felt good but, unfortunately, but I got involved with 4 drunk, slightly dirty adventurer-like men on my way back. Sure, it takes 5 minutes to reach my apartment from here but getting involved in something like this within that distance? What’s with this encounter rate?

I just continued walking while ignoring them but just as was about to pass through them, one of them was called me out. He tried grabbing me but I caught him, lightly throw him over and ran away.
Peace is the best. Violence is not the answer.

That’s all thanks to Satou-kun who taught me judo techniques when we were messing around during breaks back in my high school days. You place your own foot by the heel of the opponent’s leg and pull his body to make him fall over.2 I thought this knowledge would end up being useless but, it’s a good thing that I was able to remember that!

It started getting noisy behind me but I ignored it and just ran while making sure I wouldn’t sweat that much.

I immediately went to bed once I got home and started thinking about stuff about work. The bricks we molded today will have to be fired tomorrow. With that amount, even if we increase the number of kilns, it probably won’t be enough. Wait…we’re out of materials, right? What would happen to my job now? While thinking about that, I decided to go to sleep.

Meanwhile, the horse was singing loudly while playing his lyre next door. There’s a loud banging sound at his door. That’s the landlady perhaps. That guy’s probably drunk right now. So this is what happens if you don’t drink in moderation. I’ll keep that in mind. I probably won’t be getting drunk any time soon though.

「Shut up!」「I love you Kiska3-san! Please go out with me」

He shouted with his uselessly beautiful voice but,


After that, the door was slammed shut. I wonder if he got slapped or punched. It became quiet all of a sudden… It seems like I won’t get tired of living here for a while.

AN: When I was searching for the most used surname in Judo clubs, Satou-kun was number 1 so I just went ahead and used that. If you are actually called Satou-sama, I apologize for that.

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