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Chapter 22: That time when everything has somehow turned out well

By the time winter came, they have already started reinforcing the insides of the wells I dug up with stones and fences for the completed fields were being made. The watch tower was finished and we got someone to stand as a look out. We also made the members of the vigilante corps patrol the town in shifts.

Everything went well with the watchtower and patrols because we were able to get the people who weren’t doing anything to help out by saying that everybody else is doing it as well. What’s more, it didn’t even have to cost us anything.

As our fields increased even more, they started saying,

「It doesn’t matter whether they’re originally from the town or from the village, you better start getting someone to manage it」

With that said, the freshly recruited villagers have already started socializing with the other people in the village. The would-be minor offenses bunch haven’t been causing us any problems for now so that’s good as well.

And thus, while the snow was falling, the end of the year festival was held. This one hasn’t caused any particular problems as well.

「Hey, Caam. You were asked to participate with the village meeting right?」
「Ah, yeah. I was asked to attend for some reason. It’s a terrible story you know?」
「Still, it’s somewhat amazing that the things you said could have affected the village」
「Un un」

Everyone here has learned from their previous experiences since they’re no longer drinking without restraint.

Well, I was just applying common knowledge from my previous life in this world. I also did it when I created the well digging magic.

「The problem is that the village chief was being way too hasty that it would have been a disaster if, for some reason, we had to stop increasing the number of fields」
「Was it a problematic to increase the number of the fields?」

Wurst and Speck looked like they were really interested as they waited for my reply. What are you expecting from me?

「Well, it’s just that increasing them would only makes managing things even more bothersome. If we extend our fields, we would have to increase the number of patrols as well as the watchtowers. The canals don’t reach that far so we won’t be able to supply water there. There’s also the fact that having to walk that far to reach the fields is just a pain so we also have to construct houses near the fields. We’ll also have to increase the number of wells if we did that.
What if the people living near the fields need to do some shopping at the butcher’s or other shops at the center of the village? People would just say, “Then, why don’t we add another butcher’s shop. We could also add another tavern as well”. However, if we did that then the things we would have to add will gradually pile up and eventually the isolated parts of the village would multiply. They would almost be like another community, I guess.」
「O, oh」
「Well, when it comes to extending the fields, I think it’s better if we just build five to ten houses that will be placed in a single area, dig a well and gather a group that will stay there and be the one to manage that area. But still, if we did that then it will cause us plenty of troubles the next time we decide to extend our fields」

I’m not drunk but as I continue drinking, the things that I’m talking about is starting to turn into complaints.

「The area around here consists of plains so there are no large mountains and rivers. As far as I know, we don’t experience heavy rains as well so flood control isn’t necessary and building a dam small enough for irrigation is enough. Even the dam isn’t really necessary, just roads that can be accessed by carriages is enough」
「Another problem is the damage caused by insects and repeated cultivation. To revitalize the exhausted fields, we’ll have to plant clovers while adding animal excrement and humus to the soil. We can also use the clovers as feed for the cattle. We won’t be able to use the fields when we plant those so we can do beekeeping for the mean time. I’m only going to copy what I’ve seen so I wonder if I’ll be able to make those frames correctly. Buckwheat would be nice too. Ergot in wheat is scary so it would be better to produce buckwheat. Having rice would have been perfect but I haven’t seen any paddy fields around this area. Rice is really resilient so you don’t need…」

「Okay! We understand that’s why you should just drink for today! Drink quickly! Drink a lot! You’re already tired, you know! You don’t have to think about those things, okay? We’re sorry that we interrupted your story but why don’t we just drink for today?」
「Th-that’s right. There’s no need for you to think about such things even now, you know?」
「They’re right. That’s why you should drink. I’ll go and get even more bar snacks」

It guess I was really tired since I’ve been worrying about a lot of things lately. Regaining my composure, I thought it was strange that all of the noise around us was gone. When I looked around, I noticed that everyone was looking at us. It seems like while I was letting out my complaints, everyone else stopped what they were doing and started listening in.

「Come to think of it, Speck. How was it with Tryapka-san? It seems like you hated it at first」
「Hmmー got used to her. She’s not a bad person. She has that overbearing side to her though」
「I mean, didn’t you look a bit dreary after the harvest festival? Was it that unpleasant?」
「That was…… Well, she was a bit forceful so I was overwhelmed. That doesn’t mean I hated it, you know?………Un」
「I see. Well, that’s fine as long as you didn’t dislike it. If ever you need help with anything, feel free to ask us okay?」

Forceful, huh…… I can sort of imagine. Her appearance is that of a maid(She also has some clothes allows easier movement) but aside from that, there’s an assailant
1 aspect to her as well. I can tell since I still have my memories from the previous life. Thank god Granade-san2 isn’t like that as well.

The usual female group has added Tryapka-san as well but there are no particular changes within their group. Or rather, I just learned that she’s only three years older than us.

『Me? When I finished school, I decided to work here as a janitor that’s why I’m not much different from everybody else』

Was what she said with a smile. I really can’t tell the age of the demonkin in this world based on their appearance. The humans definitely age normally, right? I’ve been here for seven years but still haven’t seen any.

Like the last time, when they started getting drunk, the female group came over our table and sat next to the person they’re going out with.
Of course, larger portions of meat was pilled up in front of me.

And as expected, the conversation ended up being about me.

「Caam participated in the adult’s meeting and increased the number of wells among other things right?」
「Well, I would not have been able to do it if I was alone」
「The magic for plowing the fields is amazing you know?」
「I’m pretty sure that once they grasp the trick and they can use earth magic then anyone can do it」
「Chicken coop expansion. Ducks, tasty? If tasty, want to make pond in garden」
「I haven’t eaten anything other than chickens, you know? Although I’ve heard that it has a slightly different taste. Rather than grilling it, wouldn’t it be better to boil it in a soup?」

When talking about ducks, all I can think about is Kamo nanban. And while we were in the midst of our conversation, Tryapka-san was constantly stroking and patting Speck’s head. This person is just as indifferent as always.

「Isn’t it just fine that the number of villagers increased and the adults happy! The problems haven’t occurred yet as well」
「That’s right. There are thieves and slightly uncontrollable persons within the new villagers but they’re still properly behaving for now」
「It’s just scary at first but everyone is a nice person, you know?」
「It’s only because the people who came here were from the slums and low-class districts who were having trouble finding work, right? They probably couldn’t afford to be complacent. The people from the village are kind so I wonder if that’ll cause them to open up their hearts」
「Well, even if problems do arise, that no longer has anything to do with me」

Drinking until we were drunk, I noticed that Suzuran wasn’t impatient this time. It didn’t seem like she was being greedy today so that thing most probably won’t be happening. The other pairs were quite in a hurry to leave though.

Because of that, we didn’t have anything in particular to talk about so we just leisurely continued to drink until morning.

Incidentally, we ran out of karaage while we were drinking.  Because of that, Suzuran hurriedly went out in the middle of the night to strangle a chicken. I didn’t think that I would be forced to help out in the end though.

TL: Should I actually change the MC’s name from Caam to Calm just like how God(the author) intended it to be? Vote here.

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Thanks for the chapter… Caam is great. no need to change it I guess

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Thanks for the chapter.

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