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Chapter 18: That time when I went to town for the first time (Final Part)

「Hey, Suzuran. What should we」
「Aa, I had somehow expected that」

Before returning to the inn, I saw a store that’s selling karaage so I guess we’ll try to go there.

「Let’s eat here. I came across this place when I was exploring earlier. They sell something called karaage which is chicken meat deep-fried in oil」

Or so it seems but I haven’t eaten it before so I’m not really sure.

「That’s fine」

With that said, we entered the store. The store was actually pretty crowded inside but wasn’t to a point where we couldn’t find ourselves a seat. Good thing I ate a bit before lunch.

「Welcome. Have you decided what you’ll have yet?」

I don’t know what her race was but a well-built oba-chan came and took our order.

「I’ll have the karaage lunch set and…」
「I’ll have that too」

The oba-chan replied, “Got it”, before returning to the kitchen.

Not even ten minutes has passed and our karaage lunch set was brought to our table.

「Thanks for waiting! Since the little missy here’s a bit too thin, I added one more piece as an extra」

Was what the oba-chan said as she placed our food on the table. Well, it’s true that you can tell she’s female from the length of her hair and her voice. However, if she cuts her hair is on the shorter, there’s no way you wouldn’t see her as just a beautiful androgynous guy.

On our table, there’s a fork, a plate with a slightly larger portion of karaage, shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes in mayonnaise, regular sized white bread and water. As expected. There’s still no rice. Too bad. Well, I guess it can’t be helped.


After we said that, Suzuran immediately put the karaage in her mouth. Just when I thought I saw her opening her eyes wide a bit, she started hastily eating it. Isn’t it hot?

I also started eating mine. After getting rid of the smell with herbs, it’s seasoned with flour and salt. Is this that *salt fried chicken thing? Whether you frequently bought it or made it your self, you would encounter that soy sauce flavor a lot. That method is good for me, however it doesn’t seem like the use of soy sauce has been widely introduced yet. {*TN: Or salt-baked chicken}

Suzuran raised her hand and said,

「Three more helpings of karaage」

She immediately finished eating her first plate and made an additional order. Her clear voice resounded inside the noisy store.

「Got itー」

The oba-chan replied as she went to the kitchen so it seems like they heard her.

「Aren’t you eating too much? You still have your cabbage and tomatoes left. Make sure to eat those too」
「Giving it up」

With that said, she transferred all of her untouched vegetables to my plate. The vegetables on those three additional orders will probably come my way as well.

「Here you go, three additional orders. What’s this, is the little missy the one who’s eating all of these? I wonder why you’re so thin if you eat this much. How envious」

Ha ha ha, while saying that, she laughed as she went back. Seriously, where is all that meat going to?

「Another plate of karaage」

Even though she still hasn’t finished the other two, she ordered even more.
The remaining contents of the two plates disappeared as her next order came.

「What’s this, it’s the little missy again? You should eat all of your vegetables too, you know? Didn’t I see you give all of your vegetables to your boyfriend over here?」

So they see me as her boyfriend, huh… Well, that makes it seem like I’m loved so it doesn’t feel that bad.

Letting out a slightly short breath, she looked like she was thinking about something. While she may have had a slightly alluring expression, there’s a high probability that she’s pondering about whether or not to order another helping.

The face of someone contemplating about one of life’s mysteries… To karaage or not to karaage…

「Since I’m the one who’s paying, you can order more if you still want to eat」

When I said that, she immediately declared,

「Two more plates of karaage!」

It seems like it was very delicious.

The oba-chan came back, karaage in hand, with an astounded look and Suzuran immediately started eating. As one would expect, we were receiving gazes from our surroundings. I’m already full with just these vegetables., someone please save me.

「That would be 4 large silver and 6 coppers. I was worried when I saw the little missy’s way of eating」{TN: 1 copper= ¥ 100, so he spent around ¥400,600 or around $3,600 worth of karaage…}

「I also didn’t expect that she’ll eat that much. And thank you very much for that extra piece of karaage」

I compliantly paid while I said that with a dry laugh.

「It was just a mere drop in the bucket though」

was what she replied while laughing.

That amount was enough for a family of four to reserve a cheap restaurant for themselves. What kind of stomach does she have? I can’t complain since I said I’ll pay for it but I think it’s still a mystery where those karaage she ate went.

On a later date at Suzuran’s house, a chicken coop was built and I saw Suzuran was happily taking care of the chickens.

「Ah, so you started raising them after all」

I couldn’t help but let that comment leak out.

After we went out of the restaurant, we loitered around accessory and baked sweets shops. It doesn’t seem like Suzuran likes any accessories and sweets in particular. I was the one eating sweets instead.

After walking for a while,

「Follow since have place I want to go」

That’s what she said so I followed her but this is really suspicious. A place with a lot of brothels has come into view. The sun’s still up you knowー.

「Uhmm…Suzuran-san? No matter how you look at it, the place that you want to go to is a lover’s inn. Does this mean we’re going there?」{TN: I don’t know how to translate aibiki yado(逢引宿)}
「That’s right. Made reservations during yesterday’s walk with Mir and Kuchinashi」

Schinken! So this was the meaning behind your unpleasant facial expression! Wurst and Speck not being in the inn during lunch was probably because of this! I was set up! I was an idiot for trying to read the mood. Mir’s invitation to the crepe stall was probably just a decoy!

「Even though it’s still noon?」
「Doesn’t matter」
「Ahー, Uhー. Should I pay the cancellation fee?」
「You can’t」

She dragged me off to force me to go. So powerful… Aren’t you quite desperate?

Since it can’t be helped, I decided to resolve myself in various ways. It was probably the three idiots and the rest of our class who conspired to make this happen.

Entering the room, there was a wide bed, clean sheets and towels and a bucket full of water. While having a look of an animal that has seen its prey, Suzuran closed the door and locked it with the key. Untying the string of her jinbei, she slowly came closer to me.
Her eyes were glittering that, to be honest, I was starting to get scared of Suzuran .

「It’s okay since won’t succeed today」
「I don’t know what you mean by that but happy to receive your consideration. Well then」

Well, I think it’s probably ‘that’ thing.

After I said that, she pushed me down and immediately mounted me around my waist area. I tried resisting but couldn’t shake her off since she was stronger than me. Then, she strengthened her hold even more and kissed me. My wrists hurt. Of course, our kiss tasted like a combination of karaage and castella cake.

Doesn’t this seem like our roles are reversed?

Ehem, Anyways……Right now, the sun’s just about to set. The evening sun is dazzling. If we returned to the inn right now, we’ll still make it in time for dinner. It’s not like I didn’t have any experience on my previous life but that was too intense. Where the hell’s the rodeo?

Compared to me who was slightly drained, Suzuran was glowing. As we were walking while linking arms, I was called out.

Onii-san, our place’s clean and cheap, you knowー」

But, with a weak smile, I declined. She probably sensed something as she saw Suzuran in high spirits next to me so she stopped calling out to me. The others who were about to call me did the same. They probably thought it was two guys when they tried inviting us to the brothel but when Suzuran glared at them, they quieted down.

It was already time to eat when we arrived at the inn but, since it’s taking me my all just to move around after that, I only felt like eating something light. It might be just my classmates being considerate of us but it was just me and Suzuran on our table.
Compared to my feeble movements, Suzuran was eating her dinner normally. Are you the embodiment of physical strength!

The guys were grinning but, since I had a slightly drained look and wasn’t really touching my food, their grin changed to a slight look of concern. And the girls group’s gaze changed into an anxious look. I’ll probably be interrogated tonight. As I was thinking about that, I ate my sandwich while washing it down with water.

When I returned to our room, Wurst asked while grinning.

「How was it?」

I weakly replied

「Huh? You guys set me up, right?」

Their apologetic looks meant I was probably right.

「I thought it would break…… I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination. I’m going to sleep already」

I lied down first and when I looked at the guys, they were grasping their nether regions.

Meanwhile, on the girls’ room, squealing sounds could be heard.

We left the inn the next morning. On our way, we encountered two goblin monsters but, since Schinken defeated them easily, we were able to return safely.

The next day after we returned I was thoroughly questioned by Ichii-san as I came to pick Suzuran up since she overslept so I honestly told him what happened.
I thought he was going to hit me but that didn’t happen. He got angry at first but then, he solemnly said,

「I see… Sorry ’bout that」

The question of whether or not he’ll forgive me was resolved by the fact that her own daughter sexually assaulted her male childhood friend.

「Well, since I like Suzuran so this was bound to happen someday that’s why it’s alright with me」

When I said that, I was glared at for a bit. It’s definitely better for me if I refrain from saying unnecessary things.

Oh well. With this, it feels like I’ve gotten the parent’s recognition. However, since there aren’t a lot of places we’ll be together in private, it’s probably better to think that we’ll have only a few chances to do that. To be honest, I’m not sure if I should feel relieved or disappointed.

Author’s note: I tried to write something R18 for the first time. For those interested, please look up 「I became the demon lord and my territory was an uninhabited island (nocturne)」.
Please evaluate its contents to some degree. It will be nice if I can make various improvements with this.

Click Here to Read the Nocturne Version of this Chapter.

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