It’s late but… Happy Holidays! \(^O^)/

I wanted to do a special release like other groups for the holidays at first but, because I can barely even keep up with my current schedule(exhibit A: this chapter), I decided against it. Maybe next year or when I get better at translating and managing my time.

Now regarding this chapter, it would basically help understanding this chapter a lot if you know the game Cho aniki because most of the jokes from the first half are from that game.

Chapter 15: That time when I acquired physical augmentation magic

The season has changed into summer so I was thinking that it’s about time I change my daily habits. I was wondering if I could use physical reinforcement at first but then I remembered that magic is all about imagination.

I sat on the chair made from a tree and some vines in my training area and thought about what image to use. In games, it increases both offensive and defensive ability.

(Muscle, muscle, muscle, pump up, aniki, protein, red meat, white meat, high protein, m*n’s beam, wait, that’s a completely different kind of light magic. Nice cut! Nice bulk! Double biceps, side chest, aniki, Cho Aniki! No, rather than white meat, it should be red meat! It shouldn’t just focus on explosive power! It’s supple muscles……)

I didn’t want to imagine a smiling muscular aniki and a refreshing handsome men with well-defined muscles so I revised the image I had.

『Image・suitable slow and fast twitch muscle・on the whole body・Execute』

「Oohh, my whole body feels somewhat tougher」

While I wasn’t fat before, I only know the feeling of someone who has an average physique so I was quite surprised with this. I immediately stood up from the chair, picked up a nearby stone and threw it at full strength.

*Crack!* Together with that sound, the tree that was only slightly dented but the stone shattered. The broken pieces flew all over leaving a small trace of it on the tree.

「This is quite amazing. I was able to pull it off the first time but that might me because I was the one doing it. I can’t continuously use this though, as expected」

『Girls will betray you but muscles will always stay』
I feel like I’ve heard someone say that line before.
But, the same time, I also heard someone say, 『No pain, no gain』
I’ll make sure that I don’t use this together with bullet that much.

【Skill・Physical Augmentation: 1】acquired.

As expectedー.

While I’m at it, why don’t I try to see if I can produce a beam-like thing using light magic. Since I’m already here anyway, might as well try and do that! In my previous life, I was a huge fan of that world-famous martial arts anime so you can’t expect me not to do that!

『Image・really bright flash・shot out from the palm of my hand・Execute』


As I said that, I pushed out my cupped wrists I prepared behind me before the magic activated.

However, it wasn’t the same as how I thought it would be. What came out instead was a powerful beam like in those flashlights used whenever there is fog or smoke. When it shone on the object ahead, it just strongly illuminated it. Neither flames nor explosion, it just ended without doing anything. Or rather, I embarrassed of myself who did his best to let out that voice.
But still, that was my childhood dream to do something like this!

Well, those flashy things don’t suit me anyway. I don’t know how those holy attribute attacks you frequently see in games like ‘Ki’ or ‘Holy Ray‘ work and a ‘so*** ray‘ wouldn’t worth it because of its overwhelming size. Well, I’ll just put up with my imitation stun grenade for now, hahaha…… I can use this in blinding opponents but, I should use it?
{TN: I don’t know what game ki is from…}

【Skill・Offensive Attribute・Light: 2】acquired.

「Ehー It increased with just that?」

While saying those words, I continued doing even more jokes. With body augmentation activated and a huge smile on my face, I took up a body builder’s pose and activated the light magic on my head while playing around. After playing around to my heart’s content, I cancelled my magic. Having done that, I suddenly experienced muscle pain. My whole body was in pain. I was smiling a lot earlier because of my excitement so my facial muscles were also sore. I could move my lips but it was painful to let out my voice.

Like that, I was dragging my whole body along as I went home. I continued that unnatural movement as I ate dinner.

「You look like you’re forcing yourself. Is everything alright?」

While trying not to move my lips as much as possible, I replied.

「Ahm fayn」{TN: I tried……}
「You haven’t been talking for a while now and when you do, it’s only brief lines. You can tell us if you have any problems. Even though we might look unreliable, we’re still your parents. You can come and ask us for advice」
「I understand. Iph I haf someting to shay, I’ll shay it」

While saying such things, I drank tea so that I can recover from my exhaustion. I made it by plucked off some leaves from the lavender and chamomile plants which have been growing steadily and put them in a cup with hot water and a lot of sugar. I hope this works, for my sake… I also decided to suspend making glass beads and my muscle training for today.

Muscles won’t be formed in one day…… isn’t that such a nice phrase? It’s a really nice phrase…

The next day, I could already move a bit so I didn’t have a day-off of school but not being able to move like a rock was tough.

I tried practicing for a few days after that and discovered that I’ll receive a stronger recoil the longer it’s activated. The kickback will also depend on the muscle I use. I can transform into something like a macho man with bulging muscles for two hours but if I use this to fight, I think I’ll get bedridden for about a week after.

A sunglasses person with a 120% ability? No, no, no, I’ll die if I use it like that, you know. {TN: Probably this guy}

Because of that, I increased the amount of slow twitch muscles. I slowly increased the time I did my daily muscle training and trained my self in order to be able to apply a moderate version of physical augmentation. If I just raised my physical strength up by about 3~5%, then I will be able to manage that much.

With shovel in hand, I moderately applied physical augmentation and swung it at a tree at full strength. Compared to last time, it was a heavier blow and the cut it made was quite deep. It seems like it increased its performance overall.

If used purely for throwing then my range would increase. If I’m only throwing at a short distance then its power would increase. The damage would also increase if I increased the weight of what I’m throwing. This is definitely strong. I would have liked to have a strength like Suzuran but that might be just a racial thing. I really can’t imagine her lopping off a goblin’s head when she swing her spear horizontally. I guess if you hit it at full strength then it would be blown off like a water balloon… I don’t want to see it though…

Anyway, in order to increase the dishes we’ll have for dinner, I’m currently loitering around in the forest.

(Isn’t that a wild boar?)

At a slightly open spot close to the riverbank, something fat that’s as big as a large-sized dog moved. Ah, it noticed me. Is it trying to intimidate me?

It turned its body towards my direction. The hairs on its back were standing on end and it seems like it was raking the ground with its forefoot . This is bad. I could take it down using modern-day weapon magic but I would definitely get bombarded with questions if I do that. I have to do my best not to leave any evidence.

While I was thinking about such things, that thing charging at me with its full power, isn’t it! Scary!

Since it couldn’t be helped, when the wild boar was only about 10 meters from me, I closed my eyes while at the same time activating 『Flash』. It got hit point-blank with the loud sound and flash that it fainted. I immediately closed in on it while taking out my shovel and, while it was still asleep, hit it on the head a few times. Besides that, I also activated physical augmentation and used the shovel to slit its throat and immediately deactivated it afterwards. If it’s only this much then I won’t experience any muscle aches!

I kept on observing it first at a safe distance in order to make sure it’s no longer moving. Then I picked up some vines nearby and tied up both its front and rear legs. I also found a long pole, tied the boar to the quarter of it and dragged it on the other end. I somehow managed to successfully drag it to the village.

Again, I was discovered by the werewolf old man. But this time I was thanked rather than scolded.

「Oioi, you should go and sell that to the meat shop. If you do that then wouldn’t we be able to eat delicious meat in the bar?」
「Well, I’ll sell it after taking a part of it for our house」

While I was trying to end our harmless exchange, he asked.

「Then, should I show you how to dismantle it?」

When I heard that, I recalled what happened during the harvest festival and replied.

「I think that father can do it so I will ask him to teach me. Father and son communication is important, right?」

Hahaha……while lightly laughing, I returned home.

When I arrived home,

「Araー A wild boar? Today’s going to be a feastー」

is what my mother said. I didn’t hear her ask how did I defeat it. I heard that from father.

「How did you defeat it? 」

Father, your eyes aren’t smiling you know? He must have asked that because of its number of wounds.

「After barely avoiding its charge, I hit its head like this a few times at full strength. Then, I cut its throat like this!」

I was reenacting how I moved as I was saying that.

「If that’s what you say then it’s fine. Just try to avoid dangerous situations, okay?」

With that, I received lessons in dismantling wild boars so I had to watch. I was learning as I observed.

The part that was for our house’s consumption was quite large. I took the internal organs that could only be eaten when fresh and sold the rest to the butcher. From the proceeds I received, I only took 20%. I gave the rest to my father.

「You killed it so it’s your money」
「It’s for the dismantling cost」

It doesn’t seem like he’s going to accept it. Is that how he operated back when he was still an adventurer? I wonder if he would accept it if I split the money in half.

It seems like it became crowded at the bar the next day because of the meat dish.

Incidentally, our house’s share of meat was only completely covered in salt. The meat didn’t disappear from our dining table for quite a while.
I sure wish there was pepper or even herbs to season the meat…

AN: Stun grenades work on animals, right?

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Lol, it would be funny if his Kame Hame Ha actually destroyed trees


Well, Kame Hame Ha is not a light attributed attack but a pure energy type attack.
So the closest to that would be imagining a plasma beam from one hand or maybe simply imagining one’s a magic energy / mana to gather and shoot out from one’s hand in a concentrated beam like blast.


But it would be transparent… maybe

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The amount of times I got disappointed this week lmfao.
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King of the End

Thanks for the chapter. Stun grenades, better known as a flashbang, works not only by emitting bright light but also a high-pitched sound in order to disorient a person. If it works on humans imagine how effective it would be on an animal.

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