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Sorry for the delay. We had a power outage here that lasted for 2 days so I wasn’t able to finish translating this chapter on time.

I’ll just say this now but the MC’s father, Hail, uses ‘naa’ a lot in the beginning of his lines which means something like ‘hey’. I think that it’s kind of weird to always say ‘hey’ every other line so I just kept on using ‘naa’. I also changed ‘small round shield’ to ‘buckler’.

Chapter 14: That time when I made homemade herb tea

Since the vegetation have started to growing nicely, I went to my training area and did some weeding, repair and maintenance. I also restarted my usual activities like picking poisonous plants and hunting for wild rabbits. According to Arc-san, it seems like rabbits are animals that breed throughout the year so it would be fine as long as I don’t hunt the rabbit’s young. Because if that, it will be all right even if I hunt two daily.

So that I could discover a new type of poisonous plant, I went to the riverbank and nibbling on the leaves of random plants. After getting my poison resistance to level 2, I’ve started feeling that the poisonous plant that I’ve been using until now has became crunchy and a bit rubbery when I chew it.

By chance, I was able to come by a plant that gave me a cool and refreshing feeling similar to mint……wait, now that I look at it closely, isn’t this actually mint? I took some of the mint plant and brought it back because I was thinking of growing it there. I also mapped the location of the original plant in my head as I was returning.

After returning to my training area, I produced some stones and obsidian knives in order to practice my throwing.

「I wonder if it would be better if I add more weight to it?」

I also thought about making a hand axe version of my obsidian knife before I started practicing. To be honest, I think that the efficiency of firing a large icicle-shaped obsidian would have been enough but it’s a man’s romance kind of thing. I also don’t want to be imprudent since those guys might be watching me.

I finished my training earlier today and went home. I bought some wood, nails and broken glass using the remaining funds from the things I made during winter and started to make planters. *In order to preserve the wood, I burned it until it’s lightly charred before shaping it into a square. I thought that it was too troublesome to add feet to it so I just decided to just use the soil underneath to make those protrusions similar to those wooden clogs. {TN: He used a Japanese traditional method for preserving wood. Read more here and here if you’re interested}

I also made drainage holes using a knife and after putting in some soil I got from the field nearby, the planter was finished. I sprinkled it with some water made with magic afterwards in order to confirm if the drainage actually works. Mint is considered as a herb but they’re easy to raise since they’re similar to weeds. They also spread really fast. I wonder if the part that I took earlier would grow back by tomorrow?

「Hey, what’s that box filled with soil in front of the entrance?」Father asked that question at dinner.
「Ahー I found a plant with a nice scent so I thought about raising it. I won’t be a bother so it’s okay, right?」
「Well, I don’t mind. I only asked because I was curious. Speaking of things that I’m curious about, how was the shovel as a weapon? I heard some rumors about it from Moore and the other guys from the village」
「Well, it’s okay. I practiced with it the other day and it is how it looks」
「Is that so? 」

Our trivial father and son conversation continued as we were having our meal.

「Hey, Caam. Could we have a match later?」

What’s with the way this father is forcibly trying to communicate with his adolescent child with such a short conversation? It’s making me feel awkward!…… Oh right, I’m his son.

「If a shovel’s fine then…」

I replied while being a bit shy.

I decided to randomly make a glass bead before going to bed.
That’s because making these glass bead started to become a habit of mine.

「Naa Sleet, I’m starting to doubt if our son’s actually smart or dumb. I’m taking about him suddenly deciding to cultivate some grass」
「Isn’t that fine? He was raised healthy so I don’t really mind. It seems like he made some money by selling the things he made during winter. I think that he’s a clever child」
「That’s exactly why. Even though I would have given him money if he just told me something about needing a weapon, he went and bought it by himself. Even though he could have relied on me a bit more…」
「Isn’t that a good thing? It’s probably because he’s a really clever child」
「You sure are thinking about this nonchalantly as usual. Well, there are no problem in being independent as it is. The question is how he feels about that thing with Suzuran-chan」
「It looks like it’s going well though. It seems like he gave her a hair ornament made from glass the other day」
「Oh, so he has already started to make a move. But still, it seems like they haven’t moved forward with their relationship yet」
「Those glass beads are circulating in the village’s market right now. It seems like he made it」
「Really! *Those things that are used to tie up those pouches that I frequently see these days? Are you sure your thinking about the right person? Our child?」
「That’s right. Since it seems like he hasn’t committed any crimes nor has he made any mistakes so let’s just look over it for now」
{*TN: I’m not sure about this. I think he was talking about these but with glass beads put in that part encircled in red}

「Well then, I’ll go looking for herb-like things in the forest today…」

My monologue arbitrarily leaked out.

This time, my feet has led me into an an unexplored area. I was told that this was dangerous but just a bit is okay, right?

Because of that, I was able to see various things like a pond, a bunch of uselessly old large trees and a shallow looking cave.

The shallow cave had a height of 2 meters and has a depth of about 10 meters that was only artificially excavated. There were also traces of fire being used inside. Since I don’t think there’s anything inside, I’ll take it and utilize it for something later.

As I continued my useless exploration, I encountered a deer on the other side of a thicket. It was surprised when it saw me so it immediately ran away.

「Phew… Since I was only wanted to explore today, it narrowly escaped death」

I tried saying a cool line but… it was really embarrassing. I will never do it again.

I proceeded my search in a clockwise direction and, if my training area was around the 6 o’clock mark, I discovered some lavender and chamomile around the 3 o’clock direction. Since it was okay to cut the lavender, I cut off some branches and placed them inside a water ball. As for the chamomile, because it will produce more seeds if I transplant it, I dug it up with the soil and put it in a cloth bag.

It’s somewhat surreal that I was walking while a water ball was floating over my head. Right now, it’s treated as an offensive magic if it’s shot out as it is. As I was thinking about those random things, I approached the place where the mint was located. I crudely plucked off some of it and tossed it together with the lavender inside the water ball above my head.

As I was returning to the village, I was cautioned by the middle-aged werewolf.

「You might hit someone with that water ball around here」

As expected. Even though I’m just making it float, it’s definitely still treated as an attack magic.

「I’m sorry. I can’t help it since the herbs might wither so please overlook it for now.」

When I said that,

「Well, since it’s Caam then it’s probably fine」

He consented pretty quickly. It seems like I’m really trusted. Except for times when it’s absolutely necessary, I should probably show some restraint.

I immediately planted the mint in one of the planters. I made some holes with my finger inside another planter and inserted the lavender in those. I just planted the chamomile on the ground for now. My discovery of chamomile this time was completely unexpected so I wasn’t able to make another planter in advance.

After school, I made a new planter and waited a few more days before I transferred the chamomile.

「Alright, it hasn’t withered yet. And it seems like the roots have stretched out firmly as well」

It’s nice raising plants, isn’t it? In my previous life, I also raised some Shiso in my veranda to use for cooking. The plants from the mint family are really resilient, aren’t they!

「Caam, are you free right now?」

I was suddenly called out and when I turned around, I saw my father who was completely armed standing there.


「……you look really scary. Is this about the match you said the other day?」
「That’s right. Bring your weapon」

Since I thought that it would probably be impossible to ask him to reconsider, I took my shovel and crowbar from the storeroom. This might be a test to see if the shovel and the crowbar, which are used for field work and construction respectively, can really be used as a weapon. If it’s deemed useless then I’m sure that I would be forced to change my weapon. Probably something more normal-looking.

「I brought it. I don’t have any armor though」
「It’s fine. It’s not like we’ll be going at it with the intent to kill nor are we going decide this with the first one to drop their weapon. It’s only going to hurt a little.」

Crap. He’s serious. It seems like he really doesn’t want me to fight monsters with a shovel.

「Don’t use magic and don’t throw anything. I would be making adjustments during the fight so you should just come at me seriously.」

It seems like my father is a surprisingly extreme demon…

「T-then, Please take care of me. 」

For now, I just let out a greeting as a sign of respect.

As I was preparing my shovel that’s used for digging on my left hand, my father, who has a long sword and a buckler, instantly shortened our distance. Then, he swept his sword horizontally from right to left. Flustered, I immediately put both of my hands on the shovel and placed it on my left side as I took a defensive stance and the sound of loud clashing of metal was heard. Father suddenly changed direction and swung his sword downwards.

*Gan!* I also managed to block the second hit but I’d be in trouble if it stays as it is.
To gain some distance from my father, I swung the shovel with both hands. He was able to stop it with his shield but I succeeded in getting some space.

I used that space to immediately move to attack. While holding the shovel in a guts pose with my right hand, I swung it downwards and gave his shield a smiting blow. Then, I used the handle to push him away. With the space that opened up, I aimed at his wrist using the triangle handle grip to try and make him drop his weapon but that action seemed to have been read because he immediately backed away and that attack missed in the end.

Since there was an opportunity, I decided to ask something while immediately fixing my stance and taking some distance.

「Father, you said that we would avoid inflicting serious injury right? Wasn’t the attack just now was so strong that if I had lost my weapon, my head would have been split open?」

While we were talking, I started fixing my stance where the blade of the shovel was pushed forward.

「Since you’re my son, I thought that you would avoid it but to think that you would actually stop it」

He looked like he was delighted as he said that. So this is him holding back. Former adventurers sure are amazing.

「What would have happened if it actually hit?」
「The sword would have probably stuck halfway in」

He said that while grinning. Damn you.

「Since it’s dangerous shouldn’t we stop soon?」

I tried to suggest that with a light feeling.

「Even though we’ve only just begun? We’re just getting started!」

As he said that, he shortened our distance and hit me with his shield. Since it was obvious that he was going to start assaulting me with slashes so I used the handle grip of the shovel to flick his shield and the shovel’s blade clashed with his sword. I tried kicking his groin but he just repelled it with his shield.

「That’s rather underhanded. The school doesn’t teach this kinds of things, right?」
「I need to be greedy in order to survive. To avoid dying, I would do anything even if it’s underhanded. In fact, I would also like to use magic as well. If you want fair and square, then have a match with someone who has a chivalric spirit. The only reason that I’m keeping my promise right now is because you are my father」

I tried complaining for a bit.

「I see. That’s right. Then I’ll also change the way I do things」

Even though my father was doing his evil laugh, he didn’t take his eyes off me.
He started to attack straight away after that short pause but it was a frontal attack this time so I wasn’t able to deliver an effective strike. Honestly, it was frustrating. Even when I tried switching it up by holding the crowbar in my left hand to act as some sort of shield while holding the shovel like a javelin, it still didn’t work.

Our match lasted for about an hour but…

「You’re really lacking when it comes to experience but you’ll get used to it soon enough. You’re still growing so don’t mind it that much 」

He stroked my head and our practice ended. Even though I will soon be 36 years old inside, tears still came out.

「Naa Ichii, the shovel was quite strong……」

While drinking sake, he complaining to his friend.

「It’s lighter than an axe but heavier than a sword, you can stab it like a spear and it’s surprisingly easy to handle. Moreover, that kid also sharpened his shovel. It’s scaryー」

*gulp gulp* He continued drinking more sake.

「I made fun of it but that was just a joke. He swung it around like a sword but the impact was as heavy as an axe, you know? My left arm is still numb. The blade of my sword was chipped and my shield is really messed up. It’s the worst」

He kept on complaining even more.

「Furthermore, he’s willing to do even underhanded things to win since he’s afraid to die. He even told me to ‘leave fighting fair and square to knights’. I don’t know what would have happened if he also used magic. I was still able to keep my dignity as his old man today but to be honest, I feel like I won’t be able to do that soon」
「Well, that’s good, right! That means he’s strong. He said he’ll fight dirty to survive? Well, if he said such things then that guy isn’t likely to die. I’ll treat you today so go home, okay? You’re drinking too much」

That was what happened while the adults were drinking.
Meanwhile, in Caam’s room.

「Ahー I couldn’t get a hit in. Ah, damn itー」

He was feeling unmotivated and lazy as he complained alone in his room. This is where young ones would have punched the wall or something but as expected, he couldn’t do it considering his mental age.

So that he could change his mood, he picked up some mint, lightly grinded it in his fingers and placed it in a cup. Then, he poured in hot water using magic and made some fresh herb tea. Without knowing of his father’s inner thoughts and troubles, he decided to go to sleep.

TN: I’m not sure if it’s just with this novel but fight scenes are hard to translate……

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