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Chapter 12: That time when I bought a weapon

Something rare happened in Suzuran’s room the very next day after giving her the hand-made hair ornament with the suzuran pattern. Suzuran didn’t overslept. Moreover, she firmly attached it to her hair after combing it over. I feel a bit embarrassed.

「Looks good? I wonder」

She was fiddling with her forelocks while being conscious about the hairpin.

「Although it’s said by the person who made it, it think suits you and it’s cute」

Since we’re about the same height, I didn’t get to see her upturned eyes but, well, I really can’t complain.

We arrived at school but even though we went up a grade, our classroom was still the same. Well, there is only one class composed of fifteen boys and girls so there’s nothing we can do about it. There are also those who are older than us but they are a few in numbers compared to us.

While I was checking out our class, Fig-sensei arrived. And on the hallway, there was a lizard-like lizardman on standby.

「Although you went up a grade your activities won’t change so be at ease. However, outdoor lessons and subjugation drills will be added. I will introduce the teacher who will be leading that class right now. Go ahead, Moore-sensei(モーア)」

「The name’s Moore. Once every 30 days, we will leave this village and practice hunting monsters. I will be taking the lead but we are definitely no longer just training nor are we engaging in actual combat at that time so keep that in mind. And because of that, everyone should have their own weapon. It’s okay if you borrow it from your parents, get them to buy one for you or even if buy it yourself. If you don’t have any particular preferences, you can also borrow the school’s equipment so it won’t be too late for you to decide what suits you best.
And also, since you guys went up a grade, I’ll be taking over Fig-sensei’s combat training class. You should choose your weapon at that time. That’s all. 」

What’s this? I thought that there weren’t other people who are only 30% human-like other than my father. He somehow looks the same as that guy in Calibur and I’m really conscious with how I call him later. {TN: I’m not sure if I translated this right but I think that the MC thinks me might call him by the name of the character of that game instead of Moore-sensei}

「So it’s like that. I will only be teaching language and arithmetic classes. Well then, Moore-sensei’s class will be starting immediately so please head outside. 」

With that said, everyone went outside.

「We will just have to make do with these equipment. If you can’t find anything you want to use, just get a one-handed sword for the meantime」

There are swords with a dulled edge and spears and axes with cushions attached on the tip within those equipments. Incidentally, the weapon I wanted to use isn’t in the pile. By the way, the thing I wanted to use is a sword shovel. {TN: I guess it’s actually supposed to be something like an entrenching tool or a tactical shovel but let’s just call it a sword shovel}

It’s an all-purpose ancillary weapon used in wars. It can be used like an axe or a spear. It can also be used as a blunt weapon or at worst, you could just throw it at the enemy. It has an overall length of 1~1.5 meters, has a weight of 1~2 kilos and it’s tough but cheap. Even if you use it for farming and, as long as you properly clean it, it can also be used as a frying pan. In a way, it truly is an all-purpose weapon.

It’s not here right now so I think that it’s probably in the storage room. Well, I could just use a short spear which resembles a part of that. I held it with both hands as I placed it near my waist but I was told by the teacher that my stance was wrong. I told him that I just picked this because the weapon I wanted to use wasn’t here and since this was similar to that and he just replied: “I see…”. It seems like it was too deep that he didn’t get it. A machete would also be fine but it wasn’t there as well.

Everyone was able to pick their own weapon after that. There were a lot of them where their choices would make you say, “Ahー he/she picked that after all”, based on their racial characteristics.

The goblin Wurst chose a long sword and a small round shield.
The half-orc half-elf Schinken picked up his usual bow and arrow.
The kobold Speck got a dagger and a small round shield
Suzuran who is from the Kijin race chose a short spear.
Miiru the dhampir picked a rapier and a main gauche.
And Kuchinashi the ghoul chose a short spear and large round shield.

It was the female team that was rather unexpected. They picked those? Although it suits them, it’s different from the delicate image I had.

With Suzuran, well… A Naginata suits her so it can’t be helped. Even though it was surprising for Miiru to pick two swords but I was already expecting her to choose a rapier. Kuchinashi’s had a crowded formation in mind when she chose her equipment. I wonder if Zombies and Ghouls think that crowds = justice?

The training that day just consisted of getting familiar with the different kinds of weapons. The lesson was over after that.

「Then, everyone has until next week to prepare. Those who forget will have to pick a weapon to use from these. Well, weapons are expensive so you can just start by getting used with the equipment here. You don’t have to worry because equipment that doesn’t have dull blades will be prepared during the subjugation training. Dismissed!」

Now that classes are over, I guess I should go and sell those glass beads and knit mats at the general store, huh. My wood carvings? Those were used as firewood during winter you know?

「Hmmー it’s beautiful. This is glass, isn’t it? And are these mats are made from scrap cloths? If so then nobody would mind getting it dirty I guess」

After he said all those things, I was able to eventually sell all of them for 5 silver coins.
By the way, the currency used in this world are the coin type. There are fluctuations in price depending on the region but the value of currency is pretty much the same.

Copper coin
Large copper coins = 10 copper coins
A silver coin = 10 large copper coins
A large silver coin = 10 silver coins
A gold coin = 10 large silver coins
A large gold coin = 10 gold coins

A piece of bread can be bought using 1 copper coin so I guess it’s equivalent a hundred yen in Japan. I’m not really sure.

Next, I immediately went to the second-hand store and purchased a sword shovel. It’s handle is made of iron instead of wood and it’s core was hollowed out before it was sold. *Golden elephant-san is also drawn on it which is apparently not something unusual. If I had to say something about it then isn’t it a bit too long? The interior is hollow so it isn’t heavy at all though.
{*TN: I’m not sure which golden elephant so you can just google 金色の象さん}

I also bought a crowbar. It’s got a reasonable length and is a little heavy. It’s similar to an iron rod, has a high durability and although it could be used in one hand, it’s better if you use both hands to wield it. The one I bought was 60cm long. Longer ones were also available but it was difficult to handle and it wasn’t practical since it was heavy so I didn’t choose that. Incidentally, I actually spent 15 minutes deciding whether I should buy the 60cm or the 90cm one. I also bought some hemp string.

I could have bought all of those for two silver and three large copper coins but I also wanted a machete which was used for farming however, it was surprisingly expensive so I’ll just decided to get it next time.

By the way, I tried making a shovel using magic but it disappears every time I try digging. Refining the magical power consumption of something like a magically created weapon seems to differ depending on whether I’m using it or leaving it as it is. Even if it’s just an insignificant amount, I can equip it as long as I constantly pour magic power into it but I don’t know how long it will last so I personally think it’s better if I just use the real thing.

No matter if I use it to stab something, throw it or shoot it with magic, the Obsidian knife disappears surprisingly fast so the range makes no difference whether it appears in my hand or if I shoot it. Weapons made with magic, with the exception of emergency situations, are really not worth it will all its limitations. Well, it’s fine since I could at least use it to use up my magic power.

Well then, I should make some changes to this. I need to sharpen both sides of the shovel so that I can use it as an axe. Sparks are going to scatter therefore I shouldn’t do this in my room so I went to the forest.

During winter, the ivy used in holding the chair together withered so it became useless. I’ll just put it away for now and fix it later. Let’s sharpen this first. Since it’s really hard, I made the small and flat stone spin using magic to make something like a grinder to sharpen it. Since I was afraid of chipping the blade, I used a wide sharpening angle instead of a sharp angle.{TN: I’m not sure but if he was using a whetstone, instead of pushing motion, he used more of a wiping motion I guess… I don’t know}

As a test, I tried using it on a nearby tree and it cut about 3cm deep into it.
If it was somebody’s arm or leg, it would have done a fatal wound and there won’t be any particular problems even if it doesn’t properly connect.

I didn’t really do anything special to the crowbar aside from wrapping the hemp string around the handle part.

Next, I changed the stones I usually throw in to suitable throwing knives. The knife spins when I throw it because it’s handle-heavy and it has already come to a point where 4 out of 5 knives I throw would hit.

Afterwards, I tried shooting an obsidian kunai-like objects made from magic at a speed{TN: rate?} which I think is considered as a standard in this world. It flew to where I aimed it at and got stuck. It’s convenient since I don’t need to collect it since it disappeares after about a minute. I tried doing the same thing but with an ice knife but it shattered on impact instead of sticking. It might be just because the tree was too hard but I can’t tell since I haven’t tested it by throwing it at a piece of meat. If so, then I don’t have a choice but to not add a spin and shoot it as is. I also tried using a super A grade sniper rifle and an ice bullet and I don’t think it’s impossible to do.

I should suspend hunting for prey in the mean time since it’s going to be spring soon and children would start coming near the forest. And also because I think that overhunting would probably disrupt the ecosystem. I’ll try asking Arc-san next time.

Thus, I got myself a weapon.

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