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I changed the word ‘creek’ used in this and in previous chapters into ‘stream’. The kanji used meant streamlet or brook which is a small and narrow stream so it’s pretty much the same, I guess but mostly because the way the author writes it makes it sound like it’s actually something bigger… ( ̄ω ̄;)

And also, the next chapter (chapter 11.5) just contains character introductions but it’s not really necessary for now so I’ll just skip over it for now and just combine it with chapter 25.5 since that chapter is also more or less the same with just more details. It will be posted by the end of this arc to avoid spoiling stuff.

Chapter 11: That time when school reopened

It’s snowing again today…
This world has four seasons but the length of the day doesn’t change. I only noticed it during autumn but sunrise and sunset always happens at the same time all year round. It’s great that there is plenty of daylight during winter. It’s troublesome to create light using magic and if we use oil, our expenses would pile up so I’d feel sorry for my parents.

Well, I’ll just make some glass beads since it can’t be helped like usual. I’ll use black glass as a the base then attach green stripes and white spots to it then finish it off by adding transparent glass to the exterior and putting it in an annealing agent.

So that I could cheer myself up for a while, I just convinced myself that “It’s obvious that it would be like this since I’m just a beginner” when I saw the finished product.
I haven’t seen any suzuran flowers in this world yet so I just tried making it from my memory. I finished it by attaching it to a hair clip after that.

I thought about this during the end of the year festival but I haven’t really done anything like this to her so I wanted to try and do something in my own special way. I didn’t really have any income and I’ve been avoiding it until now so it would be nice if I could return her feelings with just this much.

Next, I mass-produced glass beads with what I thought was a pretty good pattern since I thought I could sell those at the village’s second-hand shop. Next would be knitted mats. These are the ones that good enough to be laid down on the floor for sitting since there seems to be a demand.

The problem is carving and sculpting… I just can’t make it look like a bear. It looks like a wild boar no matter how I look at it, and what was supposed to be a rabbit looks like a rat. To be honest, I’m probably useless when it comes to sculpting…… I don’t have a choice but to just keep at this as a hobby and just steadily improve.
First of all, let’s start with a Kokeshi which has a relatively lower difficulty. Un.

It’s snowing today as well and I’ve used up all of my pocket-money and materials. What should I do? How should I pass the time? After thinking about it for a while, I decided to do some magic image and muscle training.
By the way, I got【Craftsmanship: 1】the other day.

The village is safe right now but there’s a place nearby where monsters live so let’s just do mock battles in place for muscle training.
I’ll do my usual routine of sit-ups, pull-ups and push ups but do I also need grip strength? I kept on thinking about that while I was on my way to my training room inside the forest.

By the way, since it was snowing in the middle of the forest, I shouted, “Eternal Force Blizzard!”. Then, I shouted, “***ruptive Wave”, as I bended my knees, spread my legs apart and raised both of my hands forward while my mouth was open. I was still embarrassed even though nobody was around but then I felt despair because I remembered that god was probably watching me right now. 1

On the way home, I thought about a things that could put my magic image to use like non lethal magic, simple magic and modern weapons that could be made using magic.

The things that I came up with that I could actually use are:『Flash』『Fine Sand』『Boiling Water』and『Mucus』
『Flash』is made by trying to combine light and fire attributes and imitating the effect of a flashbang or a stun grenade so it generates a small explosion with a sudden loud noise and an intense flash of light. It’s purpose is to blind an enemy.

『Fine Sand』is quite simple. It generate particles of fine sand in my hand using earth attribute and throw it towards the face of the opponent. It’s for physically blinding them.

『Boiling Water』is made by combining water and fire attribute. It’s similar to those things they throw over castle walls in a siege battle. Opponents would die because of shock at worst but it would leave serious injuries if they survive and those injuries might cause infection and there would be a possibility that it would still end up with death. That’s why unless I think it’s really, really necessary, I will only douse my opponents with water at 70 degrees Celsius. I only tried making this so that I had something to use against heavily armored troops. I could have increased the boiling point by using salt water but I think there won’t be any problems even if the water is just at 98 degrees.

『Mucus』could be used for a lot of things if you know how to use it. I was originally just going to use this against fire magic but I also thought that this could be used to stick dry leaves and grass or even sand and soil to my body as an improvised ghillie suit. It’s currently winter right now though so I just need to paint my skin as it is.

By the way, combining boiling water and mucus turns it into a sticky and piping hot viscous fluid which is a simple but brutal way of getting rid of enemies.

I also tried coming up with a stun gun-like magic but I could only remember large objects that could generate lightning and electricity so I’m just going to keep this in reserve.

It’s a bit chilly but since snow stopped falling, I went out to my training spot in the forest to try out my magic.

I tried casting『Flash』on my feet and it looked like it was about a million candela but I don’t really get that unit of measurement so let’s just say that it’s like looking into the beam of a flashlight. You’d get dazzled and won’t be able to see for a while. There was also a loud sound similar to that of an airplane’s engine which caused me to temporarily lose my hearing and my ears were ringing for a while. It seems to be pretty effective but I’ll close my eyes the next time I use it.

『Fine Sand』’s effects were obvious……I mean, really obvious. The sand was too fine to throw far away in one direction that I got hurt myself because it got caught by the wind and got in my eye.

‘Hot’, is what I would use to describe『Boiling Water』. I made a crater next to the stream using earth magic and let the water flow in. Then, I imagined a hot spring welling up in that hole. I just tried to make an outdoor bath but it’s good that everything went well.

I was able to adjust the viscosity of『Mucus』. It went from something slippery like oil to something similar to mud like those toy slimes. I tried dropping it on the ground as a test and pebbles, sand and soil stuck to it creating an instant ghillie suit.

I heated the bath water and took a bath after returning home and since it was still slightly warm afterwards so I got found out. I became in charge of preparing the bath starting the next day. By the way, it seems like school will be restarting tomorrow.

I went to the usual meeting place but, as expected, Suzuran didn’t arrive so I decided to go and pick her up.

“It’s been a while but I actually came to wake her up.” is what I said as my greeting.
“Even though I made sure to tell her yesterdayー”, was Ricoris-san’s reply but I couldn’t say anything back and just gave a wry smile.

I did my usual knock and called out before entering but before waking her up, I take out the suzuran hairclip and a folded paper from my pocket and put it on top of her desk. After doing that, I hit her shoulders and call out to her until she was sitting up, then I leave the room. By the way, the letter’s contents was something simple. I said, “I had free time this winter so I made this. You can have it if you like it.”

I’m a coward so I was embarrassed to write something even longer.

I received the usual tea and drank it while waiting. Suzuran had her usual bed hair when she came down but this time there was a hairclip attached. Well, it can’t be helped since we’re in a hurry.

「Uhmー starting tomorrow everyone is going to go up a grade. Simple reading and writing lessons will be reduced a bit and in exchange simple body movement classes and mock battles would start to increase. Magic basics and training would remain the same」

After the teacher said that, we had trivial discussions regarding our activities during winter and joked around with my classmates. Then, school was over for the day.

I guess I’m going to be a second grader starting tomorrow.

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To those who read this chapter on the first 20 or so minutes from posting, what I meant was I changed the word ‘creak’ into ‘stream’. It reverted back into river when I pressed publish for some reason…


I just realized that won’t be able to read this comment if they’ve already read the chapter (ლ‸-)… Oh well…I really should just go to sleep before I do any more stupid things…


I know I’m replying 2 (nearly 3 maybe?) years afterwards… But I feel it is worth noting that “creak” is the sound while “creek” is the water.
Thanks for the chapters.


Well, it’s already been a couple years indeed, but don’t worry, the wrong use of “creak” is not in this chapter 😀


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Thanks for the chapter!


Thanks for the chapter


Thanks for the chapter!


Thanks for the chapter.

How come all reincarnated MCs get all blushy and nervous when it comes to the childhood friend? Is it embarrassment because of their new age or because they are embarrassed because they are mentally older?


probably both

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“This world has four seasons but the length of the day doesn’t change.” This sentence is irritating me.


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