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I decided to create a schedule for posting chapters because random releases makes me feel lazier to translate and it hinders me from properly managing my time. Chapter/s will be posted every Tuesday, 1:00 AM JST because according to wordpress, that’s my most popular day and time. I’m using JST just because I can…

I will post at least one chapter a week. Other chapters posted that day/week will depend on various factors like time, chapter length, how easy it is to translate and most important of all, my motivation. Let’s see how long I can follow this schedule…

Anyway here’s chapter 10. Enjoy~

Chapter 10: That time when I was called by god

I was floating around in a white room.
This is the same sensation as 6 years ago…

But now there are two old men……………wait, two!?

「Nice to meet you」

It’s a disappointingly frank voice and a dignified voice of a middle-aged person.

It seems like I’ve drank too much…… Let’s just go back to sleep……
I pretended not to see the gods in the room and tried to lie back down.

「Isn’t that a bit cruel? Has it not been six years?」
It seems like I’m not actually hallucinating. I skillfully got up even with this floating feeling.
「Did I die again? Was it because I suffocated in my own vomit this time because of drinking too much? It’s scary how I always die because of suffocation」

Now that I look closely, my current appearance is from my previous life.

「It’s okay. You did not die. I am the god of this world.」
He’s an awfully good-looking middle-aged gentleman. It feels like he’s a bartender, a coffee shop owner or even a butler. His slicked back hair is a perfect mix of black and white that it actually looks grey. I want to be like this old man when I grow old.
「The god of that celestial body that you resided in your previous life asked ‘How’s that kid?’ when he came here so… I made an exception and called you over」

He’s a bit stiff. Are all gods impetuous like this?

「……I can roughly understand the situation. I heard the Earth’s god’s official stance but what was the actual reason?」
「I came because it became interesting, er…… I mean because I received a telepathic message」

The god from earth just casually revealed it like it was something unimportant. The gentleman god looks like he’s really trying his best to not make eye contact. Or rather, he’s forcibly averting his eyes.

Ah……it’s useless… He looks like cool and is a good-looking middle-aged gentleman but they are both the same on the inside. Someone I drink with = someone who has a good character that I always drink with = we are close.

He tricked me when he said, “We occasionally go out to drink”, the first time we met. I thought it was inconsistent but I just didn’t say it , damn it! They aren’t birds of a feather but this guy is definitely an accomplice! That’s what I think about his as I was staring at his gentlemanly appearance.

「I am truly sorry about this. There are plenty of summoned people from other worlds but a reincarnated person who died because of mochi doesn’t exist so you became an object for our observations」
「Since you’re leading such an interesting life, you decided to look to pass the time?」

While he was saying that, he was doing all that he can in order to avoid my gaze. I changed my mind. This guy is the same as that frank old man.
And he also just casually informed me about the existence of summoned people.

「This is a digest of a funny scene. Please enjoy it later」
「Okayー, I’ll watch it later…is what I’d like to say but let’s watch it here. I brought along some sake that I made. Let’s watch this video while drinking this right now」

When the god of this world snapped his fingers, a round table and three chairs appeared. Does this mean I should also sit down? As I was thinking about it, it was already too late since they were already sitting.

They started pouring each other’s drink.

「This one is his childhood friend, Suzuran」
「Isn’t she cute?」

「That girl will become like this 」
「There is no future for her breasts, huh」

It became a pleasant mood when they started drinking and it seems like they activated some sort of dream world-like skill.

「This Miiru girl is also cute right? And she already has breasts」
「Well, they will remain as childhood friends until this one chooses. Which one he will conquer would be up to him」

I felt like they just said something ominous……

Ahー That thing also happened.ー I was about such thing while being embarrassed seeing what was displayed but it’s no use crying over spilt milk so, whatever. This sake is delicious.

「This one is Caam-kun’s first kiss」

I was tilting my head as the two started to drink.

「How bold. Or should I say, forceful?」

What happened after they went in the room and what became of their relationship was accurately portrayed on the screen. The kiss was also displayed.
God was grinning and the gentleman was gently smiling while they were looking at me.
Are you guys my parents!

After that, the events that happened up to the end of the year festival was accurately displayed. Of course, there was also the transferring of sake mouth to mouth and vomiting act of Speck and the others.

「That will be all for now」
「Then! I’ll gratefully receive thisー」

Is that something like a drama series? It felt like those long stupid videos shown in weddings. It felt like a whole day has passed. Well, it was a video containing my experiences during these last two to three and a half years… Do gods have this much free time?

The gods have been drinking sake for a while but they aren’t showing signs of being drunk. As I kept on being quiet since I assumed that they’re ignoring me, my body suddenly glowed and then my drunkenness immediately subsided.

「I’ll praise you for not using the knowledge from your previous world to rapidly improve the culture level in this world. It would have caused wars and destruction if it was suddenly raised」

The frank old man suddenly started talking seriously so I straightened my self and seriously listen.

「Was it okay to make a gun-like magic?」
「Because it was made using an image for an attack magic so please rest assured that it’s within range of what is allowed for such magic. You have received favorable treatment when you reincarnated so you have your memories of your previous life. It’s just that when it’s revealed that you can use that kind of magic, the magicians employed by both the human and demon countries would aim for you. At worst, they would torture you in order to get that information.
This world has not seen that kind of magic that is equal to an arrow. Well, if you find yourself in a magic battle, you could just kill everyone before you get caught and there won’t be any problems. 」

This god just casually said something scary.

「Then, is that voice that flows in my head a part of your preferential treatment?」
「That’s right. The others won’t know when their skills improved because they don’t get that voice. They don’t really improve that much in the first place. After that, your skill immediately starts to compensate. To put it simply, when your skill level goes up, your body immediately interprets it and your abilities instantly rises. You experienced that the moment poison resistance went up and you suddenly sobered up.」
「To make it easier to understand, think about it like the bonus stats in games. An announcement like,『Offensive Attribute・Fire: 1』, has already flowed into your head before, right? Just think of how easier it would be if you add +10 or +20 to its original power value after that announcement」

An RPG term suddenly came out.

「It’s like the equipment and occupation bonuses in those amusements of that world right?」
「It’s extremely detailed, isn’t it?」
「It’s because the god of that area 1 kept of boasting that “The culture here is super amazing” so I introduced it here and used that as a reference. 」
「So you just simply joined in. It’s you own world but, is that okay?」
「Well, it’s not like anything bad happened to both sides 2 so it is okay. Supposing that something did go wrong, I would just cause a great deal of intervention like summoning a hero or creating a demon lord. This was just brought in as an experiment」
「……You just casually said something cruel, huh」
「Well, please forgive me because I am giving you preferential treatment」
「I will answer anything that you did not understand」

「I don’t understand the conditions for a skill level up. There are times when the timing for a skill level to go up that would make me say “Why now!”. 」
「It’s just needs a large amount of experience. You continued to drink that poison juice when you acquired poison resistance 1 but since you already acquired the 1st level, it had no choice but to advance to the next level when you exceeded experience required. If you think about it, it’s the same as a high level trying to raise his level in the outskirts of the starting town and so, please try to gain even more experience. Incidentally, although the skill provides the correction, by slowly increasing the poison you ingest you’ll be more resilient to poisons even without the skill so you can’t say it’s pointless.」
「That was an awfully Earth-like explanation. It’s good though since the examples were easy to understand」
「I greatly enjoyed the D***** Q**** Series」
「Ah…… Yes… I liked the 3rd one」3
「By the way, you are Bianca」「Stop or it will be war!」
「And I’m Flora」「Aaaaーーー」

It’s getting dangerous.

「Anyway, speaking of skills, is it alright for me to experience it right now?」
「I think it should be fine」
「It’s because I still haven’t acquired recovery magic」
「I will just teach you the trick. It should feel like your magic power is compensating for the body part that you lost or damaged. Muscles, tendons and bones will be fixed more efficiently the better you can imagine those parts. It’s fine not to think about complicated things. The surrounding muscle fibers would compensate it to some degree. It’s also the same for your bones as both can regenerate by themselves.」
「If a bone breaks, is it the same thing as attaching it and fixing it in place so that it won’t move?」
「It’s something like that」
「Let’s try it out immediately」
「Please make sure you don’t die…… I’m still expecting an interesting life from you」

Oi you vulgar gentlemen, what the hell are you saying.

「Are you finished talkingー?」

This guy never changes…

「Then, I will return your consciousness」
「One more thing, how can I increase my magic powers?」
「It would increase if you just simply use it. It would increase even if you only use it once a day. It will increase even more the more that you use it. It’s like that so if you just use your magic daily, it would gradually increase」
「So it’s like that. I understand. Just a little is fine so I will be using it everyday」
「Wait a minute, I also have something for you」
I try to make a frankly unpleasant face.

「It was pretty much because of my recommendation that you are getting preferential treatment but you didn’t become arrogant and conceited as time passed. Recommending you turned into a slightly better idea because of that. You should never become negligent」

The difference when he’s dignified and when he’s not is somewhat extreme but I guess he pretty much worries about me. I can’t be ungrateful. And also, he’s right next to you so the person himself heard what you said so I’m sending him a subtle eye contact.

「I understand. I will keep that in mind」
「Umu, that’s all from me. By the way, when are you going to do it with Suzuran-chan?」4

I take back my previous statement…… This damn old goat…

「It’s alright, Caam. I will not be leaving any records of that time. I’ll also try my best to not look. I swear to god」
「Are gods joke characters?」

He laughed while saying, “It’s that kind of place”. The god from Earth was rolling on the floor laughing. Was this something you just wanted to do?
These guys, they don’t have any shred of dignity as a god except for being easy to get along with that it becomes somewhat stupid……

Just when I thought I heard something like, “I’m sending you back, okay?”, I woke up.
There aren’t any particular abnormalities and nothing has changed.
I also retained my memories.
It just made me feel really weak.
I immediately produced an obsidian knife and made a deep cut on my finger. I was rather reluctant at first but it didn’t really hurt. It seems like it being too sharp was good.

It was bleeding a lot more than I expected but I calm myself down and apply pressure to it.
『Image・Stop wounds from bleeding・Close wounds・Execute』
It stopped bleeding after a few seconds and the wound started to close a second after that. 「He’s doing it right now. 」「Let me see. Oh, it’s true.」There is a huge possibility that they are saying that right now but I won’t mind it. As soon as you forget about those gods, they will appear immediately after.

【Recovery Magic: 1】acquired.

The voice resounded on my head. Now that I think about it, the voice doesn’t belong to the god of this world. That’s good. I decided to greet my parents as I was thinking about that.

I acquired 【MP Increase: 1】due to god’s will since I heard a dignified voice saying, “Consider this as a gift”.
God, I thank you very much.
Would it be enough if I try to intentionally create an amusing scene for now? I tried thinking about that.

TN: I’m taking suggestions on how to translate ‘魔力上昇’ (maryoku joushou). I just made it into ‘MP increase’ for now. And should I also change ‘magic power’ into ‘mana’?

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