Chapter 14 – It’s magic, magic

TL: JayTheMonster
TLC: NostalgiaWitch
Editor: Filip & Gecko

It’s been 8 years since I reincarnated into this world. Hi, Mary Regalia, 8 years old. Surprisingly, I have made friends and am acquainted with a prince, too.


Well, I can’t simply walk up to the Prince and say ‘ Let’s~ play~♪’, so I’m really just friends with the other 2.


And today I came to visit one of those friends, a girl just like me.


“Magi-chan~! Let’s~ play~♪”


Magilka, who stood near the entrance to her mansion, frowned at the words I shouted while leaving my carriage with Tyutte.


“What’s with that greeting… It’s stupid, so stop.”


“Well, I’ve always wanted to say it… Ok, I won’t say it again.”


I felt embarrassed while saying that, so I agreed with her.


She led the way and brought me to a room. Today, at last, my days of begging for her to take me here has bore fruit.


“This is our study, so I’d like to ask you to keep it tidy.”


“Why, of course! It’s true what they say, a friend is a good thing to have!”


My eyes twinkled upon setting sight on the piles of books in front of me.


To be frank, I was quite the bookworm. I love reading, probably due to only reading books during my previous hospital life. Then I reincarnated and became the daughter of the Regalya family. I was shocked at the dismal amount of books in the house.


That said, I didn’t really care as much before because I didn’t have any time to read in the middle of the chaos. But recently I had a lot of spare time and I found myself wanting to read the books in my father’s study. I was extremely disappointed as instead of some good romance novels, all I found was guides of swordplay, politics, laws, the biology of monsters, and so on. Luckily, Magilka said that she had many romance novels at her house, so I jumped at the opportunity to get something good to read.


“Eh… Heroes, folklore, biographies, fairy tales… There are so many.”


“The Fudurika family, while serving the Royal family as a court magician, study the legends, traditions, and history of the world. Because of this, I have many books related to these topics, and the ones I’ve already studied are put here.”


‘Wow, that sounds tough”


While replying absentmindedly, I took a moderately thick book and peeked at its cover.


( The story of this world… So exciting~! )


Then I got engrossed in the book.




Several hours later~


“Oi… can you stop reading? It’s rather rude to visit a friend’s house and ignore them while you indulge in reading.”


“Yeah, yeah… Oh, Magilka, where’s the second volume for this?”


I closed the book, returned it to the bookcase and started looking for the second one.


“Oh… should be on this shelf, wait. Did you even hear me?!”


( Tsk… got me good there. I guess I can give you a break today. )


“Yeess, I’m just joking with you~♪”


I turn to Magilka and say that while covering my mouth with my hand as if to go ‘Ohohoho~’.


“Why you… well, fine, let’s go to the garden and have some tea.”


With a deep sigh, Magilka moved towards the garden as I followed.


Seats were prepared where you can see a beautifully trimmed rose garden, with sweets, tea, and attendants dressed similarly to Tyutte.


“Oh, this tea is delicious. Quite a deep flavour.”


“I’m glad.”


After the cup of tea, I gave my impression but this time it’s Magilka’s turn to give me an absentminded response. If I look closely, she’s reading a book.


“Isn’t it rude to read in front of a friend, even if they are enjoying tea?”


“Oh, do you now realize that I’m getting back at you for earlier?”


“… I’m sorry, I’ll be more careful.”


Realizing that she acted in such a way to make me see how I was behaving earlier, I started feeling bad for my rudeness back in the library.


( But the stories in this world are based on historical fact rather than fantasy, which is super fascinating! It’s a real fantasy story! )


As I looked down with my hands covering my face, Magilka giggled and closed her book. She wore a smile like a mischievous child, so unbecoming of a girl so intelligent and beautiful as her.


“By the way, what is that book? It’s different from the ones in the study.”


Her book was much older than the ones with the pretty covers in the library. It looked so tattered and worn out that the pages would fall out at any moment.


“Oh, this is a book of magic.”


“A b-book of magic?! Is that one of those… you know, items that let you use magic?!”


Finding out it was a book of magic I was shocked, and in my eagerness, I leaned too close to Magilka, who pulled back a little.


“Yeah, sure, right…”


“But aren’t books like that restricted to the academy only?”


“Well, the Fudurika house is a family of magicians, so we’re special.”


Magilka proudly thrust out her chest, which made her bulging chest prominent. I clicked my tongue.


( Tch… grew up needlessly )


“Hey, can I look at it?”


“Huh? Even if you look at it you won’t understand anything.”


“It’s okay, it’s okay! Just a little peek.”


To be honest, I’ve always been very interested in magic, but there was no one to teach me so I gave up.


But now I can’t help but be delighted to encounter an item that can teach me how to use magic!


“It can’t be helped.”


Reluctantly, Magilka handed me the magic book.


“It talks about 2 classes of magic and has a number of spells for beginners, but you have to understand the theory and have a good image of the final effect before you can cast it. If someone like me who has a teacher to guide me had trouble mastering it, what more a self-taught person…”


Magilka was saying something, but I wasn’t listening because of the excitement that I can actually learn magic.


Certainly, magic is a difficult subject to properly describe and convey through written text and there were many parts that don’t make sense.


However, when I closed the book, I only understood one spell called, ‘Magic Arrow’.


( In other words, it’s like a magic missile from RPGs… I guess )


“Hmm, I think I figured it out.”


“What?! There’s no way you could learn it so quick—”


When I put my hand up, I imagined the spell’s effect, as I saw in an anime once, and chanted.


<Magic Arrow>




Just as I finished the chant, a semi-transparent arrow flew from my hand and grazed Magilka’s side.


“AH! I’m sorry! Are you alright?”


“I-it can’t be… I’ve only been able to use it recently… yet you can… so fast…”


“Oh, that’s amazing, Lady Mary, to be able to use magic just like that!”


While Tyutte, who had been standing quietly next to me, excitedly congratulated me, Magilka had a pale face.


( Oh, yeah, I would be frightened too if the magic arrow grazed my side. Well, I didn’t think I would be really able to do it.)


“Oi, hey! How did you do that just now?!”


Magilka stands up from her chair and this time she’s the one leaning too close to me.


“Look, I’m sorry, please don’t be angry.”


“No, no, how did you manage to make the magic arrow fly! Normally, people wouldn’t be able to properly imagine an arrow made of such a vague thing like magic power!”


“Eh? It’s just magic power in the form of an arrow, right? It’s not hard.”


No way can I say that I’ve seen the magic arrow in anime and such. No way.


“What an unorthodox idea…. but I guess that’s accurate.”


While Magilka was astonished, I scooted back a bit and had another cup of tea.


( Huh? Did I do something bad again? Wait, did the magic damage some of the roses? Eh? Do I need to pay for that? )


Fortunately, Magilka didn’t seem to notice, so I decided to keep quiet about it.


( I learned a spell! But looking at Magilka, maybe it would be best not to use it in public. Luckily, it seems easier to control the force of the spell than my body, which is like a force of nature. Alright, let’s go practice magic alone! )


By the way, it was a bit later that I realized that it was thanks to my previous life’s memories that I was able to immediately understand the principles, effects, and forms of magic.

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Thanks for the chap


Thanks for the chapter

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Give a weeb magic, he/she’ll make a cheat out of it~


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