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Last month, sub-par, the person who translated the first 7 chapters of this novel informed us that they were going to delete their blog and use it for other projects. They said we can host their translated chapters if we wanted to so we’re doing just that. We’ve only made minor changes to make things consistent with our translations(which kinda makes some of the tl notes kinda useless but whatever) and fix some grammatical errors but it’s pretty much the same as the original.

Sorry for disappointing you if you thought these were new chapters… <(_ _)>

Oh dear me.

For a brief while the onlookers gazed, as if they were appreciating fine art, at the scene of the gold-haired bishounen holding the silver-haired girl in his arms.

But in reality I, the person in question, was…

(Aaaaahh! What now, what now?! If I push his arms off me then I’ll blow up the prince! Right now there’s no way I can use anything but 100% of my poweeeeer!)

…In a complete panic.

“You’re shaking… You don’t have to be so nervous, my charming pure white princess.”


“Come, take my hand… I’ll turn that tension into sweet heart-throbbing.”

(What is this seven-year-old sayiiiiing!? Spitting out that kind of embarrassing words with an eloquent smile on his face like it was nothiiiing!!!)

The panic of screwing things up got taken over by the shame and amusement from his embarrassing remarks. I was about to burst into laughter so I quickly moved my face away from him and held it in.

“Ah, you’re a shy one. How lovely.”

(Sssstoooooooppp iiiiiittt! I’ll laugh! I’ll really laaaaugh! I’ll commit lese majeste! What is this seven-year-old, is he for real? He really wants to make me laugh!)

Because I was looking downwards and desperately holding in my laughter, my body trembled bit by bit. My face was probably flushed too from holding it in.

“My prince… Our time is…”

Behind, one of the knights attending him came back to their senses and spoke to the prince.

“You’re right, I’m reluctant to part with her though.”

The prince reluctantly separated from me, and at that moment smoothly ran his fingers through a wisp of my hair. As if he was regretful about parting with me until the very end… I don’t need a display like that!

Well, he might seem cool to some. But for the (mentally) 20+-year-old adult me, I couldn’t see it as anything but a child trying his hardest to act like an adult. And so the whole time I could only keep my head down with all my might so as not to show him a rude expression because of his actions.

Thinking that everyone probably found his actions off-putting like me, I took a sly glance at the surroundings when the prince let me go. Wait, weren’t all of the girls looking at the prince with dreamy looks on their faces?

(It can’t beeeee! I’m the one who’s weird?)

I was slightly shocked and unsteadily took a step backwards, when Tytte held me steady.

“Are you alright? Ojousama?”

“Y-yes…I’m fine. More importantly, I accidentally did something rude to the prince. Oh no, I just hope that I didn’t hurt his feelings.”

“Is that so? It looked like a sweet moment between a sparkling couple to me, though… Before I knew it I ended up getting charmed myself.”

Tytte had a look on her face as entranced as all the other girls.

(Un-be-liev-a-ble… and I thought at least Tytte would be like me.)


Around me, who had received a double shock, voices of amazement cried out. Wondering what’s up, I looked towards the pedestal and there, the prince was shining with light.

Or more accurately, the light was coming from the crystal in front of the prince, but it was so bright that it looked like he was emitting the light.

As expected of a prince, the intensity of his light and colors were incomparable to those of the other children’s, which I saw before.

The spectacle made it truly feel like he was one chosen by god. Since his looks were already perfect he matched the scene perfectly, and even I ended up looking fascinatedly and thinking that he’s cool.

After a moment, the prince turned around and came down from the pedestal. This time, so as not to be in his way, I’ve had Tytte evacuate me to a corner.

The prince looked around himself as if looking for something so I immediately hid behind Tytte.

My main fear was that he had something to say about the mistake I made. But after a few seconds, the prince didn’t do anything and left along with his attendants. The strained atmosphere that had controlled the room calmed down.

“Well, let’s continue. Marie-sama, to the front.”


The moment I relaxed, my name got called and I reflexively replied with a shaky voice. I heard giggling voices, but I had no time to worry about that as I hurried to the pedestal.

(After the prince, huh~… But I kind of don’t wanna do it after that kind of an amazing display. If I get a shoddy light, I’ll cry.)

I hang my head down, but still reach for the crystal.

And in an instant, my surroundings are blanketed in a white, pure enough to blind me.

“It’s been a while, girl from a different world.”

I heard a voice in the pure white world.

(This voice, it’s from that time! As I thought, it was god.)

“None other. How do thee like it? Thy new world?”

I was amazed that we could hold a conversation despite me not speaking aloud, but… It’s god, was my convenient explanation that I immediately accepted.

I looked around me once again, and I could feel the sensation of someone existing in front of me in this world of pure white, white that spanned all over.

“Yes! It’s sort of like the worlds in the games that I used to like, so it’s fun.”

“I see, I see. I’m glad that I granted thy wish.”

“My wish? Did I make a wish like ‘I wanna be in a world of swords and sorcery~’?”

Did I wish for that? I wondered and dug through the memories of my past life, but while I did remember thinking that the game worlds are nice, I didn’t remember wishing for one.

“No, this was my own decision. Since it seemed like in thy previous life thee liked this kind of a world.”

“Thank you very much. What was my wish then?”

It was a little rude to ask about my own wish, but since I really did not remember I decided to just try asking meekly.

“Thee said thee wished to be reborn in a healthy body that absolutely won’t be defeated by anything.”

That line brought forth the memory of the thought I had when I was on the verge of drawing my last breath. It felt like I did indeed wish for something like that.

“However, since this is a world of swords and sorcery, rampant monsters, and perils that are told about in heroic tales, I really busted my back making a body that absolutely won’t be defeated by anything.”


Color vanished from my face and cold sweat began to drip down my back.

“For example, since I didn’t know just what would happen to thy body, to make thee undefeatable by everything I adjusted thy basic attributes all the way to the highest level in this world. With that, offensive strength, defensive strength, agility, all values relating to thy body became unmatched by anything.”

“Eh, ah…yes…thank you very much.”

“However, since magic exists in this world and thee might happen to be defeated by it, I also made thy magical power unmatched by anything. As the total amount of usable magical power defines which ranks of magic one can cast in this world, thy can as a result use magic of every rank.”

“Eh, ah…yes…thank you very much.”1

“No no, despite that I felt a little worried, so I took the occasion to grant thee a passive skill that nullifies all physical magic attacks against thee. With that, I think I made thee a perfectly invincible body that absolutely won’t be defeated whether it be a dragon, a demon king, or a natural disaster.”

“Eh, ah…yes…thank you very much.”

All of my brain was focused on the way-too-shocking news, and even when I tried my hardest I could only keep on giving absentminded responses.

“Umu, umu, I see, I see. Well then, I have a great life from now on. I grant my blessing to thy chosen path.”

They said, and the voice became more distant.

I could do nothing but be the very picture of dumbfounded as I stood there, stock still.

Then I quickly came back from the world of pure white, and the all-too-shocking information made my mind follow suit, so I completely lost consciousness.

Oh dear me, it seems like my body became undefeatable and completely invincible, no matter what the enemy is.

TL notes:


I love this chapter. It is excellent.


I made the decision that if you’re reading this story then you have an idea of what a bishounen is and that’s better than me trying to come up with something

The god speaks basically regular polite language except for the archaic second person pronoun, which I chose “thee” for. Have at thee.

Physical magic is more like physics magic and not “I throw a rock at you making you take physical damage” magic. Manipulation of natural laws magic.

I would’ve normally translated “umu umu” to “hmm hmm” but thinking of the god as nero from fate/ is too funny for me


After new year’s eve I spent one day having a hangover, one day cleaning, then two days having my landlord make visits. It was supposed to be just one day but then schedules happened.


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